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  1. Well, had to look up Colorado: "Many states have annual sales tax holidays, during which certain items the state wants to promote the purchase of (like school supplies, emergency preparedness supplies, or energy efficient appliances) can be purchased sales tax free. Colorado, however, does not currently have any scheduled sales tax holidays. " =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Me toooo! I think I got tired of trying to find a pencil sharpener that works.....yeah, Jeepers, like the ones in the old country school houses. My folks finally did find one. It's metal and sturdy; sharpens well. [wiggle butt with pencil grinding????] But I love the mechanical ones!! And yessss! I use .5 only. .7 is too fat. Course I'm not into actual drafting so I just need a very thin line for my messy writing. I always use the eraser on the end of the mech. pencil....cuz it's handy. I have ENOUGH trouble keeping track of the pencils....always rolling off the bed/chair or getting stuck in the edge or hiding somewhere. Don't need two things to keep track of. I don't work at a desk.... Some erasers are better than others. TIP: if they get gunky with lead/graphite, run them along a piece of cloth or even carpet and it will clean them up. I also reverse them in the end of the pencil sometimes. If they get too short, I stick a bit of kleenex down in the hole and put eraser back in. It raises it up somewhat to use more. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= OPINION POLL: Since we're now in the electronic devices age..... 1) Do you ever write / print anymore? For what? 2) Do you tend to PRINT or Write Cursive? MtRider ....just wondering
  2. OOTO.......hey, that's an idea. I can get a pet black snake to be my rodent eliminator! .......Now y'all GOTTA know how seriously FRUSTRATED/REPULSED I am by this rodent problem to EVEN JOKE about a pet SNAKE! ....cuz I'm with OOTO on that slither topic!!!! A pet slither is NEVER gonna happen. With my luck, the dumb thing would have babies! Last nite DH put a glue board on the counter near where that mouse was spotted. It DID get stuck in it but DH forgot to duct tape the glue board to the counter. The dratted thing was able to get itself loose. More Clorox wipes.....perhaps some actual bleach? Super-ICK*ICK*ICK*ICK! Last nite just before I shut off light to finally sleep, something 'big' and black flew at me and hit near my ear. ACK! Batted at it and it flew around and landed ......whew! Only a big ole moth. SHEEESH, go to bed already and see if that's safe from calamities big or small. Hmph...probably wanted to lick up some 7-Up off my face. Good news is that I'm [again] verrrrry carefully putting a little weight on L foot while using crutches to support. I even CAREFULLY went down to the greenhouse for the first time in days. Greenhouse is not the good news, however. Our greenhouse died. The CO strong UV SUNSHINE and the dratted strong WIND of our valley has finally broken down the plastic and it SHREDDED during the night. Thot we might repair it with more duct tape but..... no. It's ripped all the way across lengthwise. If we get a chance without wind, DH wants to roll out more plastic from the same roll and attach that. Might as well. The stuff is too old and is not UV-resistant. No use in saving it. Use it and see how far we can go into fall weather. We've still got beets, carrots, lots of collards, ........AND MY TOMATOES HAVE TINY TOMATOES. See what I've been missing with this foot! Baby cherry tomatoes. Despite this set back, the greenhouse gardening experiment....and the wicking tub experiment ...has been fun. We've learned and can do better next time. So all is not lost. I'm full of curiosity about the taters in the 2 pots and feed sacks up on our porch. The leaves are beginning to yellow. I'll still water but the die off means they're nearly finished. Potatoes are like a Christmas package....what will we find? Sure is a LOT easier than digging potatoes in this soil dirt! No investment but labor in these....they sprouted in my closet. MtRider ....still riding the choppy waters of 2020.
  3. Thanks, Little Sister. I'm afraid on this particular day, I'm going WAAAAAAAY beyond frustrated and into Dead mouse in the closet - in a trap I forgot was in there. Eeeew! WORSE.... a live mouse runnning behind the breadmaker on the counter. This is what Clorox wipes are for! DH took the flat tire off wheelchair [aka DIY knee-scooter] to village to fill with air. That's ssome better. The thigh muscles on my R leg....the one pushing and hoisting and lifting me while pampering the L one...... ....you can SEE it's more toned up than the injured side. Good grief! Ended day....sitting in bed and opened a small 12 floz of 7-up for slightly upset stomach. It let loose like Mt Vesuvius. Sprayed all over me...clothes soaked. I couldn't move. End of the day BRAIN FOG so I didn't even screw it back on quick. Just stared at the plume of soda......... No way I'm getting in shower so had to sit-on-toilet-lid to clean up. Thankfully, only a few drops on the bed which I choose to ignore at this point....nearly 1AM. MtRider ......I'm not even safe in bed! Incoming 7-Up lava flow! A Charlie Brown moment, for sure!
  4. Did anyone see the video made by the principle of a school. Called "Can't Touch That!" It's hilarious and it looks like the kids had fun making it too. MtRider
  5. Wait....you said: Wheat? Grain elevators explode with little provocation sometimes. Did it start there? MtRider
  6. Accident?........gross negligence?......sabotage?.........will they ever know? MtRider ... Not that it matters to most of the hundreds of thousands of people affected.
  7. Seeee Miki. You work SO HARD that no ordinary food processor can keep up to your ambitious self! Course it's reallllly irritating that they don't make a processor sturdy enough. Yeah, industrial strength model might be the solution. Well....I'm STILL trying to heal up this turned-over foot from the misstep in the greenhouse on July 16th. Foot HAS made progress and then....... ....WHOOOOPS...progress deleted. Drat! So for the past FOUR LABORIOUS DAYS I have <mostly> kept weight off that L foot. AND it feels better....again. It's so hard in this tiny house, not to run into things or tip over on crutches or hoist myself UP from knee-walking. Ooooof! My DIY "knee-scooter" has been veering to the right...... .....cuz the tire is going flat. [one of the reasons I retired this old wheelchair] But I use all three methods to keep from over-abusing the same muscle groups. TRYING very hard to keep OFF LEFT FOOT! If I get one more set-back, I'm buying a real knee-scooter! Hmph! What I really need is a house big enough to use my wheelchair -cuz I'm a whiz with those!! ......one WITHOUT RODENTS cuz they're baaaaack! MtRider ....hope Little Sister and family is okay....?
  8. Mt_Rider


    DH sent this to me under the title of You on Your Crutches..... [pray my L foot recovers and I can go back to usual forms of motion....sooon!!!] OOOF! Yep, that's me!
  9. Mt_Rider


    Ya gotta just LOVE this enthusiastic dog! But a dance routine during obedience class ..... https://imgur.com/gallery/GmwtBjx MtRider
  10. Glad to hear from you, Euphrasyn! I should have said: 70mph sustained winds....90mph gusts. Also...I forgot about tornadoes being spawned. Some bad news in N.Carolina. MtRider ..... for the rescue and clean-up.....for those injured....for those with home/business damage....
  11. Well, according to Doppler....H.Isaias went thru VA and beyond as a Tropical Storm....70mph winds maximum. Still strong but thankfully less than it could have been. And it wasn't dawdling along at 10 pmh traveling speed as they sometimes do. It kinda zipped across VA at 25-30 mph and is now up past NYC and entering the New England states. Not really coastal now...still capable of big gusts of wind. So be careful if anyone is up there! So how are you all who were in it's path? MtRider
  12. Ack.... for Little Sister and the vehicle...her dh....and that hurricane... tropical storm.... hurricane.... will drop down to tropical storm again [as they expect it to do by tomorrow A.M.] ...as it hits VA Beach. for LittleSister/family...Euphrasyne/family....my bro/niece.... all in VA. Even at tropical storm, it's still a STORM with unexpected things possible. 70 mph/85 gusts.... MtRider
  13. Sooooo many ways to comment on this...... MtRider
  14. I've appreciated our governor trying to special design variances for our state's counties with low population density. Low to zero COVID numbers have different rules than high number areas. It's more work than slapping on a One Size Fits All policy. But I give him credit for that!! They trace where the outbreaks happen....is it bars...or casinos....or the local college? One hair cut place has an outbreak....they close down, sanitize/quarantine and wait. They don't shut down all businesses of that type. They don't shut down EVERYONE ....but work with the activities/locations that caused an outbreak. Colorado's major population cities have had a mess, of course. For me, I'm glad to never be in those areas. MtRider
  15. Check onions for Thomson International Inc of Bakersfield, CA https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2020/s0731-salmonella-red-onions.html =-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Key points: CDC is advising consumers, restaurants, and retailers not to eat, serve, or sell any onions from Thomson International, Inc., or food made with these onions. This advice applies to red, white, yellow, and sweet onions. Although red onions have been identified as the likely source, other types of onions may be contaminated due to the way onions are grown and harvested. If you don’t know where your onions are from, don’t eat, serve, or sell them or any food prepared with them. Epidemiologic and traceback information showed that red onions are the likely source of this outbreak. The traceback information collected identified Thomson International, Inc., of Bakersfield, Calif., as a likely source of red onions in this outbreak. Additional traceback is ongoing to determine if other onions are linked to the outbreak. Since our last update on July 24, 2020, an additional 184 ill people have been reported in this outbreak, including 37 from 11 new states: Alaska, Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Texas. A total of 396 ill people have been reported from 34 states. 59 people have been hospitalized. No deaths have been reported. This investigation is ongoing. CDC will provide more information as it becomes available. /snip/ If you have onions at home, the CDC suggests that you check the package or look for a sticker on the onion indicating if it’s from Thomson International, Inc and to throw it away if so. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==- Just hobbled out to my kitchen...fortunately still had packaging for recently purchased onions. Not Thomson International. MtRider
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