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  1. ......... ........ ......... .............. Tomorrow we get a "brand inspection" done on our horses. It's a CO thing...not really brands. Just description and where they're from and where they're going. If you're transporting horses, you have to have the paperwork. Thursday a gal will come to pick them up and take them to a place that will eventually re-home them. They'll stay together. Obviously I'm of very mixed emotions on this. I'm so relieved cuz I fed tonite and Koa was working hard to get me back from the walk and up the stairs. I'm just flat wore out! DH doesn't have to work this w/e after all. Good thing - his voice is hoarse from fatigue. Haven't seen my mom in a while....mebbe Fri? If I'm ABLE. Really good news: UPS delivered package. He's a friendly guy we've known for a while. Likes Koa. I mentioned we have to find a new snowplow person and he got me a business card out of his truck of someone he knows. The guy's in the area and I called the number tonite. He'll come by Sat or Sun aft to see the driveway and tell us price. UPS guy said he's not as expensive as some. Since UPS has to use my driveway in winter.....thinking he's going to recommend someone who will do a good job. Trying to find all the horse stuff....going to donate most stuff. MUST get this 2 decades worth of accumulation down to moving size. MtRider
  2. Mt_Rider

    diy fat lamps

    Annarchy...I left our Coleman lantern behind with friends in Maui. But...just remembered that I picked up another one at a garage sale..... So use in ventilated area and the glass "should" stop the Beta .... HUH? Dunno. I've never filled or started the garage sale one....yet. Hmm, didn't know that. Thanks! As for the kindly doctor who's actually a salesman.... well, some of it is probably true. MtRider
  3. Wow, sounds like your darkness was shorter than most. Of course you're ready but it's still a pain. It's the ones that have a C-pap or something that I worry about. I would not have wanted to deal with a power outage during the 4 months DH was on O2 for the Blood Clot In Lung. We would have had to go somewhere and not just for daytime hours. And bring the "R2D2" size unit along with us. But this is not the end of the Santa Anna winds, is it? Don't they continue for a while yet? MtRider for all in danger and all w/o power....and for some sensible decision-making!!!
  4. I am feeling nearly normal today. Thankful cuz DH got called into work x3 this week....in ADDITION TO this "usual" 2 days. So....seems to me he's working full time this week. Seems to me he has worked ONLY 2 days.... one week since dropping to that schedule. And I'm using TWO canes to slow-motion walk the dog barely one-tenth of a mile. Her leash attached to my belt loop with giant carabiner. Barely able to feed this AM. The restaurant is always unsettled. Always folks getting hired and walking out. One got fired for fighting [verbal] with the CHEF. NO ONE is going to win against the CHEF....CHEF IS THE RESTAURANT. It was an idiot child who mistakenly thot he was the greatest server and outranked the CHEF. In desparation they hire folks who " aren't using that stuff anymore".... Riiiight! But....DH actually likes the job....likes the $$ more. So..... MtRider ...Just wish I was in better shape right now.
  5. Mt_Rider

    diy fat lamps

    On a slightly different topic...but didn't know where to put this: The Dietz and Colemant lanterns have a [possible?] problem????? https://www.motherearthnews.com/natural-health/radioactive-danger-of-mantle-lamps-zmaz82ndzgoe MtRider ....radioactive elements in the mantles, makes them burn brighter?
  6. Aladdin are a whole 'nother critter. I didn't know they also make round and flat wick lanterns. I only remembered the different system producing more light. The mantle like the Coleman camping lanterns. But I haven't figured out how they work....not a pressurized system? At a website was also surprised to learn that if I got one, I'd have to buy a High Altitude chimney. [above 4000'] We're nearly 9,000'. Chimney is 15" instead of standard 12". Sooooo....there is SOME trouble with our very high altitude. What does that tell me about my attempts with simple oil lamps without a chimney? Need to ponder this. http://www.aladdin-us.com/page/3550276 Another thing I didn't know...would apply to both Aladdin mantles and Coleman: [unnecessary for wick type, of course] " How can I transport my lamp with out damaging the already used Mantle? Here is a good tip! If you need to take your lamp somewhere and want to minimize the risk of breaking the mantle in the process, just coat it with hair spray before you go. When you relight it, the spray will easily burn off with no harm done to the mantle. " I think Dietz makes a "old rusty look" lantern....but it's brand new. Looks like an antique out of a barn. No thanks. Mine only Dietz is a black Jupiter big one. I have a cheapo standard size green lantern. Several family antique glass indoor lamps. And a purchased hanging glass lamp with a reflector from Lehmans...not Dietz. I did a Dress Rehearsal for black-out in September....since we used to lose power frequently. Not so much anymore but....candle and lamp light is so....peaceful! Tip: Always put a small flashlite on the floor during a blackout. So you can see down there in the dark ...where you need to step. MtRider ...ok, quit now
  7. Ugh....I'm not Officially sick but I am definitely battling to keep it at Almost Getting Sick. At the mere hint of scratchy throat, swollen throat glands, itchy eyes..... I start loading with REAL Vit C and immune system booster. Plus juice and other fluids and such. Did that later yesterday. Hot ginger/honey tea. So far, I am still in the preliminary symptoms which don't qualify as "catching something". It's still just Knocking At My Door. But I'm TIRED! I'd be tired even without microbes knocking at door. Our drastic change from lovely fall to intense Zero Degrees winter is always a bit rough....coupled with racing around doing everything that has to be done Pre-Snowfall. There's a bit more to do but....some depends on if the horses are leaving or staying. My brain and body vote loudly: Going! But ....I'm MtRider! I like them even when the brat won't give me a safe, decent ride. ......but not thru this winter. Today....it's 68* and sunny. Slight breeze which got me chilled when I strung up the new clothesline It's been up between two pillars of our 2nd story porch for couple decades. Well, two different ones, I think. I've been expecting this one to snap for the past 2 yrs and it did while DH was hanging stuff. He'd doing laundry but needed both of us to string the new line. The pulley system to bring up grocery bags, etc is right there too....so had to make sure both function in the same air space. Whoa...catfish! Bet it was fun bringing them in, Kappy!! Hope you get the heater figured out, Annarchy. I know the modern furnaces blow cold air thru the house while it's heating up....then some warm air...then blowing cold while it's cooling down to shut off. I don't dare get started on what I think of that NEW AND IMPROVED idea. We could never get this place warm with the newer [5-7 yrs old?] furnace. Must have pellet stove to be comfortable. TheCG.....will you buy indoor lamps or indoor/outdoor lantern versions? I love the Dietz ones I bought [had Lehman's gift card...expensive] but an oil lamp is such a simple mechanism, there is hardly any function to go wrong on cheap ones....except the roller to move the wick up/down. Or you could search out antique ones. MtRider ......think a nap is calling my name..
  8. Glad you checked in, Ambergris!!! We're all hoping you're getting thru this painful aftermath.....and looking toward better function when this stage is past. It's always nice to have options for pain relief!!! I wish I could have an alternative to anesthesia. Pop in - if briefly. You must be VERY worn out! Testing alarms in elder homes. They'd find me burrowed under the bed or in closet with all my bedding covering my head and EARS! Loud noise destroys my nervous system. We went from low 70s on Wednesday .....and were at ZERO last nite. Pond still mostly water. Warmed up to upper 30s today. Warm and dry for the near forecast. Was not too functional today. Ache in places....shoulder blade. But not any real PAIN. Glad I didn't slam bookshelf any harder....cuz it was not a controlled landing. Mostly a rest day. DH got to P.O. to mail off my stuff to cousin and return books I'd borrowed from MO friend YEARS ago. OOops. And I left a message at county animal control for a woman we've met...regarding horses. MtRider ....suddenly so VERY TIRED ....
  9. Here is yet a new [or Age-Old ] twist on the CA vs PG&E problem. CA Wildfires -they had over 200 wildfires start IN SPITE OF THE POWER PREEMPTIVELY SHUT OFF. Be careful out there, all you CA folks!!! In CO we are currently Crispy Critters too....but most areas did get some amount of snow in the past 2 days. Below is the link to the article. A summary statement. Then I copied some of the comments that I thot were interesting or might lend some information to their situation. [Disclaimer: I certainly don't know the CA situation so feel free to read other comments in the article] I thot the first one brought up a good point...if that's how it's happened??? I thot the last comment was tongue-in-cheek humorous. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/governor-attacks-pg-e-blackout-024355466.html?.tsrc=daily_mail&uh_test=2_15 "Faced with mounting public anger over massive blackouts, California Governor Gavin Newsom blasted PG&E Corp. for years of “greed and mismanagement” as the bankrupt utility restored power to more than half those left in the dark." Comments: Kenneth 13 hours ago Here’s the truth from my retired neighbor, a 40 pge employee. Up until the late 80’s/early 90’s, pge as well as state funded contractors, trimmed and cleared dead trees around high power load lines. Then the Sierra club lawyers (who push any environmental legislation just so they stay busy and have jobs, regardless of the practicality of their self serving needs) started pushing the state to close off vast areas of land because “it had to return to nature”, and not even pge was allowed to even enter these areas, much less trim trees. Pge even warned the state about the potential fires, and the environmentalists said “that’s all part of the cycle of nature”. Worse, logging companies were forbidden to clear cut areas, that are part of their normal pattern, of cut/replant/grow/cut cycle, again cause all this was too disruptive to poor Mother Nature. Pge even told the state in 2005/6 that if we went into a drought, the overgrown areas and dead trees were going to cause massive fires, but our government buried their heads. And looked what happened, and now newsom is blaming pge. That’s such a politician thing to do. Bill the Avenger No, it's not all their fault. Politicians and government officials were too lax in zoning for construction and forest management which increased the risks of wildfires. Newsom was Lt. Gov for 8 years and for that duration the Dems were also in control of the state, but instead of preparing for a predicable issue they focus on other things like becoming sanctuary cities and state. Taxpayer deserved more. Edward 15 hours ago In California we aren’t used to getting warnings, but we did on this, and people were expected to prepare. If people are complaining about this, wait until a major earthquake which will come with no warning and be far more disruptive. It Does Matter 15 hours ago I am not convinced that this wasn’t totally contrived by the Democrats to make people vulnerable. The Democrats probably threatened the power companies with lawsuits, making it impossible to do anything but cut power. Now the people have to run to their government to save them, just as Democrats want. Chief 15 hours ago I wonder how much money California is losing for every hour the power is off. Sure it wouldn't be more economical to, you know, properly manage your forests? Scott 15 hours ago No, the blackout is in response to CA allowing them to be sued for damages even though they are a regulated public service company. One of only a couple states that do that. Good job on shifting blame Newsom. Mike The power company is not solely responsible for the wildfires but they were singled out and paid a heavy financial price. You really can’t blame them for “managing” their risk exposure. John U 15 hours ago I hope they turn his power off. MtRider Praying we all get rain!
  10. Wondering how Ambergris is doing???? Her surgery was supposed to be on Tuesday. Had to go back and look it up....can't remember any specifics these days. Let alone I still think it's September.... MtRider
  11. Wanna hear what I did last nite AFTER the long day of heavy labor? Well I remembered, while talking to my mom on the phone, that the window where DH removed the A/C needed to be locked. So I set phone down [on speaker] and climbed onto the seat of my small, LazyBoy type chair. Usually I can reach over it to the window. Except this house 'dances' with the seasons and those windows can get stuck fast if not moved by fall. We had one stuck open 2" all winter once. Crammed with insulation, etc. Crazy house! Well yes, this needed the upper casement to lift a smidge in order to get the latch to lock. So I stepped backwards off the chair...intending to move chair out of the way and access the window fully. I forgot the dog was laying right by my chair and I stepped on her rear......causing her to go flying OUTTA THERE.....causing me to crash land with R shoulder blade SMACKING against bookshelf as I SAT on floor. Aware that my mom has heard all this from the nearby phone on speaker ..... but I give a loud yell for DH. Then I hollered out to phone: I'm OK. I think. Sheeeesh!. Yes, dog was ok but wary...as in: what happened and why was I a part of it????? After helping me up, DH pulled out the chair and I did get the window up and locked as planned. Took Tylenol early and 2 Nuprin before bed. Slept well and woke up with just a lot of expected muscle weariness from the CIRCUS DEMOLITION yesterday. I've just begun to ache again...including calves from STEEP HILL/STAIR climbing and my shoulderblade/muscles also. 'Nother Nuprin. I'm surprised and pleased that nothing is worse. AND we've been having snow...off and on. Not a lot....need ANY moisture. MtRider .....see Jeepers. You aren't the only one that takes these graceful tumbles!
  12. ABSOLUTELY! I have always said: If you must have a dirty-rotten disease, MS is one of the better ones. Not usually life-threatening. Often gets better....then mebbe worse...then better. MOST folks remain ambulatory.....that's something most don't know. I've held so well thru the decades....a lot of that is due to horseback riding. And being active and in fresh air, chiro care, herbs/nutrition, etc. Ageing has not been helpful these past 5 yrs or so. There is a lot of rough stuff but....I can't think of any other disease I'd trade it for.... So sorry your family has MD. That's really harsh. Good friend's Grson [age 11 now] has one of the versions of MD. MtRider
  13. The CIRCUS TENT is FINALLLLY DOWN...DECOMMISSIONED...NOT A SAGGING EYESORE!!! Whew...the intentional use for that thing was a few weeks. Hmph! It became a story that could not end. It was mostly down last spring but only today we got all the side tarps [which survived fairly well] and alllll of that leaky danged roof tarp outta there. A few oddments I took up to the goat house. Potting soil. 2 chairs that should join the other two in storage. Garage junk. Today was dry....it has been dry for weeks. DH got horses set up on the side with shelter....scrubbed the water tank and filled it. He broke down many old, water-damaged boxes and stuffed them into trash bags. I broke down a bucket... Foot went right thru the side. Gets so arid here, even plastic can get brittle. Shattered. Tomorrow.... .....mebbe some snow. Definitely not 75* and breezy like today. Probably in the lower single digits. We only began to frost a few days ago!!! The pond is still completely water. Sooo not ready for winter. Lost our snowplow guy too. Owwww....my fingers are so strained that I can hardly type. Wow, this is gonna hurt bad in the next 24 hrs. MtRider ...SOOOOOOOO glad the 10x20' dog kennel is back to original use...with a pallet and wood floor.
  14. Mt_Rider

    diy fat lamps

    Alright, OOTO! Sounds like you have a real health-concerned doc!! Yeah, I mostly do popcorn like Annarchy. I put a a tiny puddle on the cast iron fry pan. Add three kernels of popcorn. Turn on low heat and wait for heavy cast iron to heat. When all three have popped, I add the rest and never do turn the heat up. So olive oil would likely work. Coconut oil is slightly sweet so would be ok in cakes, etc. OTOH....if I try making Kettle Korn with salty/sugar taste, I could use coconut oil. I have popcorn just a few times per year. Yes, lard vs Crisco type products. Have both actually. We're much further away from healthy than we've ever been. Can't seem to catch up on anything anymore. MtRider
  15. So...POTS is the opposite of Orthostatic Hypotension..which I've always had. My blood pressure goes DOWN when I stand up or sit up too fast. It's supposed to raise up just a bit to account for the upright body position. I've always had nicely low BP and still do tho not quite as low. Then it drops and Have a safe trip, Annarchy!!! MtRider ....battening down hatches for a drastic drop in temperature.....WINTER COMETH!
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