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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/trump-administration-bans-imports-of-cotton-and-tomatoes-from-china-s-xinjiang-region-citing-forced-labor/ar-BB1cJgWm WILL this cause a shortage...jam up the supply chain further? Seems like that area of China produces a lot of the world's supply. MtRider ....get more undies?
  2. Mt_Rider

    Pill Bottles

    My test.....some with those types of lids....was to put cotton inside and submerge them. Test to see if contents would get wet. And the cotton was wet or damp, depending on type. MtRider
  3. sorry about the loss of your friend. Jeepers.... ....sure hope whatever cooties got you, are of the mild and quick variety. As for the southern realms getting allergies..... Handing TheCG and Annarchy and Little Sister's dh a box of Kleenex each. As for me and this strangely awful allergy year..... snow has taken care of wildfire soot/ash and DUST. .....well, cut down on dust. We have snow cover everywhere but the gravel road. So we have had DUST. But my bronchials have been ...better. Not real sure what the deal with them has been since
  4. Take all cautions, Ambergris......and everyone in states with elevating numbers. A good friend was asked to fill in as executor {sp?} of her elderly friend's will.....in case his son didn't make it. Very bad case of COVID in Nebraska I think. In his upper 40's/no comorbidity factors....been on all the ventilator and other scary procedures we've heard about and still, he's in grave danger. MtRider
  5. I've since looked again at that whole article about CA telling ambulance folks not to transport....... Quoting: Patients who are not to be transported to hospitals include those whose hearts have stopped and, despite efforts at resuscitation, have no signs of breathing, movement, a pulse or blood pressure and would be declared dead at the scene. So.... I am retracting that part of my horror in a previous post. That is different than the way I was taking it. I believe usually it does take a medical doc/coroner/etc to declare someone deceased so this does put pressure o
  6. Usually everyone here has been around long enough to remember ...we have differing opinions. It is a time of transition and with 2020 melding right into 2021, a lot of new turmoil is possible. Which means......WE ALL need to recharge our goals for getting and staying prepared ......to Go Solo - without stores [or even AMAZON??? ] if we have more odd things pop up like the whole of last year. With social media wiping out access ......there are things here at MrsS about being wary that we DO INDEED need to be about now. That tin Foil lil' guy has been use
  7. Some of the article doesn't make sense to me. Cut back on O2 use in ambulances????? Are they still using tanks? There are oxygen concentrators in all shapes and sizes. There cannot be a "shortage" since it's air. Only a shortage of better equipment that doesn't run out of O2. AND....CA expects ambulance crews to diagnose? Not only does that go waaaay beyond reasonable expectation for the ambulance crews......If that had been the case, my dh would have been dead 30 years ago. That crew certainly thot he had no chance. [...course the doctors d
  8. Sheeeeesh, Jeepers! .....don't even remind me of the R A T or even M O U S E topics unless they're wearing clothes stamped with 'Disney'. I loved the lil' cute critters in Disney book ...was it Cinderella? I still have my "Little Golden Book". Thanking God we've not seen any for months now. Changed to different traps and caught the few bold ones that waltzed right past us and dog. So nice without them!!!! And that Miki and dh and their own dogs have the place to themselves again. We have to help out but...it's nicer when they aren't sitting in our
  9. Wow, Little Sister. You've had a life full of set backs and yet God always provided a recovery. You chose to take those recoveries and go again. Obviously, lives have been changed due to God's influence in yours. MtRider
  10. Mt_Rider

    Pill Bottles

    Anyone else finding that they are not waterproof? MtRider ..... I assumed they were.
  11. ....I walked today toooooooo....... Ahem....well I sure didn't walk far. I walked down our long driveway with dog. It's probably nearly a WHOLE TENTH of a mile. Then stopped by my truck and started it....held accelerator til it didn't die. Then got dog and walked another tenth of a mile ...barely. My LEFT leg was dragging. Almost without exception, if I have trouble, it's the right one. Well, wasn't going to push that too far. Came back that tenth of a mile to truck. Then took truck on a bit of a drive to make sure it's warmed up. ....today got up to 40* so I wanted to mov
  12. MtRider ...thanks, Annarchy.
  13. This is a great topic, Dee. And additional challenge, Homesteader. Um.....not sure I've shared this before. But...it fits here so for whatever it might mean to anyone else.....or not. Back as 2011 was starting I "heard" a phrase from God [ YMMV but I "hear" sometimes in non-audible ways. However, I describe it: 'as clear as audible' . ] The phrase that year was "Brace yourself for 2011" with undertones of "lean on Me; I will help You; etc". I have to say that for me personally [tho not nationally], 2020 was a cake walk compared to my 2011. The blow
  14. Yeah, a new year but the residuals carry over with last year's issues. Nothing changes when we put up a new calendar. But...eventually things resolve and new issues and challenges appear. 'Tis life and is natural. If we can remember "This too, shall pass" I think it helps keep things in perspective. Helps somewhat. Some times are just very, very hard. Hugs to Zzellle and Miki and all who have a heavy burden(s) right now. I hear ya!! MtRider
  15. I'm with you on that!!! It would be like amputating "fingers and toes" from my "baby" ! I think with self-publish on Amazon, you can do what you want tho. I think it would sprain my brain to figure out HOW to do that tho... I went way back in RURR and found ...to my delight....some pics I had posted of my animals and such. I was able to copy them back onto this laptop. I'd saved some on my first digital camera but ..... .....DH was messing with the little memory thing and ....I think he lost it. [ Grrrr! These male creatures are always taking things apar
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