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  1. Happy Birthday Little Sister! MtRider ....I think I got the right day
  2. Tried to Duck Duck "swollen bottles" but only found our own MrsS thread This is about expiration dates, etc. https://www.healthtap.com/questions/1475003-will-expired-rubbing-alcohol-or-peroxide-become-less-effective/ This is about disposal of rubbing alcohol: https://www.wikihow.com/Dispose-of-Rubbing-Alcohol MtRider .....YMMV
  3. Joining with sorrow and prayer too. MtRider
  4. true! We use a variety of salts. MtRider
  5. Oye! I've got all kinds of variables for that sore hip: changed the mattress cuz of poking springs?... whether I'm riding once or twice per week?....whether I have big motion on Tank or I'm on a less strenuous horse gait?....still affects from my fall off the horse? ...... But your are right, Littlesister! I hadn't thot of athritis and unusually damp weather in CO. Hmmm.....now I reallllly don't know how to fix this cuz dont' know what's causing it. MtRider thanks tho. Maybe I'll do better when the sun comes back???
  6. Thunderstorming all over CO today. Yesterday there was dangerous [fatal] flash flooding as a result of last summer's Cameron Peak wildfire. https://www.coloradoan.com/story/news/2021/07/20/flash-floods-poudre-canyon-residents-urged-move-higher-ground/8036373002/ That was video taken from a doorbell camera. Those are whole trees rushing down what's normally a small stream. We're getting S L O W moving thunderstorm cell(s) this afternoon. Rain is wonderful! It's been booming and rumbling all afternoon. Rain is not torrential here, thankfully. I had a bad night with muscle spasms and sciatica....OW! Could barely walk or think this morning. Ack....I've been doing so well! I did call to get the senior van to take me riding next Thursday. We're all scrambled cuz of DH's new Tues/Thurs hours. .......tho he may quit this company and try a different one! He didn't get paid yesterday and they're saying [over and over and over ] we didn't get what you sent us...send it again....we don't have this...we don't have that.....your checking deposit numbers were wrong [from a pic of a cancelled check] He likes his clients but that office is NUTS! He already has a call back from a different Home Health Care Aid company. People are crying for workers.... His paycheck doesn't show up...he's gonna walk! MtRider ....off to do Hawaiian
  7. We have this topic spread over a number of threads but.... This is a look at the massive cargo ships....and their crews: https://www.newsbreak.com/news/2315498673710/sos-stranded-and-shattered-seafarers-threaten-global-supply-lines MtRider ....sounds like the ships are playing pinball - bouncing between countries and harbors.
  8. Hello again to everyone. THANKFUL that Euphrasyne is doing better! that all continues to go well. Yeah, a real "DH Wakeup Call" huh? I'd have to get my DD2 to take over my bills if DH was incapacitated for a while...or worse. Wellllll....another chapter in our lives this morning. DH met the folks who bought the property across the road. Just land for now. Will they build? Exchanged phone #s. Didn't get a chance to ask him more.....cuz of OTHER topic. Then he went to work....via the back gravel roads. Avoid the area of new blacktop the county is rolling out today. Usually I ride on Tuesdays....in the mornings now. But L. called yesterday to say they had camp kids on those rides today. So I skipped the riding until Sat. Turned out to be a blessing. DH just left for his new, near-to-us client who will be on Tues-Thurs. DH has been running ragged lately. Also...tho I had a pretty good nite's sleep, I'm still wiped out of energy this morning. Still fighting something. Swollen glands. ??? Getting a little better. Yes....was very good we didn't RUSH into town for a ride this morning!! The OTHER TOPIC: while I was down in basement, trying to straighten a couple things....find the next bag of dog treats [HIGHLY IMPORTANT, of course!] I made a rather horrific, disgusting discovery. No...it wasn't sewer back-up. New pipe will hopefully guarantee that won't be happening again soon. But I looked over at the SE corner of the basement area. It's the last area we haven't reclaimed from all the previous mouse/RATFINK invasions. I blinked....trying to figure out WHAT I was seeing!!! Something beyond the usual chaos.... OH! DRAT THAT RATFINK!!!!!!! If it wasn't already dead these long years, I'd blast the foul, thieving thing again! I guess we now know where all the duck food and horse grains went to. {GROAN!} I found it's storehouse and by golly it was an ambitious critter. The basement is kinda finished off....in that the flooring support boards of the upstairs have been covered with sheets of plasterboard. Not painted or taped...just raw, making the ceiling of the basement area. Three of those plasterboard ceiling pieces have fallen......UNDER THE WEIGHT OF THE STOLEN GRAIN AND DUCK FOOD PELLETS! And the rest of what RATFINKS leave behind! EEeeuuuuwwww! Oh the foulness!!! That is going to be a colossal MESS to clean up......besides being a "Superfund toxic cleanup site"! Hmmm.... how long would Hantavirus and that sort of thing remain viable? Years have passed since RATFINK filled that hidey-hole. But it dumped down alllll over everywhere. Breathing the dust would obviously be ...inadvisable. Especially for me. Wonder when the weight finally crashed all that down? Or was it the shifting of the house that finally caused the movement? Log homes shift a lot...especially with seasonal change. We're shifting temperature from the 50s at nite and 90s the past few days. [Actually hit 100* briefly today!! ] Dunno. But I'll plan to do the cleanup with N95 and specific clothes.....rubber gloves!!! YUCKO! We haven't had much mouse activity since we began the poison blocks. I still keep the Bucket O Death down there too. Hmph! But as DH said....We'd sure be more upset if we HAD gotten that area all cleared and cleaned ....and then all that MESS came crashing down. Riiight? {MtRider eyes the rest of the ceiling panels with a jaundiced eye!!} In other news....we'd gotten a notice for a Certified Letter from the owners of this property on Saturday after P.O. had closed. Oh. What. Now? We weren't sure what it could be??? They didn't send us a new rental lease in May of 2020 nor did they send one in 2021. So....all weekend we wondered: did they sell the place and we have to move? Did they increase the rent? Can you imagine getting a 30 or even 60 day notice to move out of your tiny and FULL house after two decades? Aaaagh! But no.....for some unknown reason, they sent a 2021 rental agreement in July. I have no idea why. But...no increase in rent so..... MtRider I hate rodents!!!!
  9. I was better today....maybe just tired? But still taking Don't Get Sick herbs. [Immune Boosting ] Still a bit of dryness in back of throat so I'm taking precautions. As for riding, they called today and there is a schedule conflict. I'll be skipping this ride and go Sat. Since DH is beginning the near-to-us job tomorrow, he can take a break from being in vehicles so much. He went on a hired ride with his other client today - for results of cognitive testing. It was way into the next county. So he spent most of the day riding in vehicles. Definitely thot a break tomorrow morning was a good idea. Wow...we've gotten up to the low 90s the past two days. Stay inside till sun sets and then it's down to the 50s overnite. CO is so nice to do that so we can sleep well. I REMEMBER hot Iowa nights... MtRider ......wonder if I shut the A/C off yet?
  10. Yeah....one might ask WHY we would choose to have a Husky on MAUI.....right? We didn't. We were dog sitting for the idiots who probably kept the dog in A/C! MtRider
  11. Reason #1 .... I grew up riding bareback....shorts and bare feet all summer! Wild Iowa Farm Kids! 90% of my riding all thru my life has been bareback. Reason #2 ....Multiple Sclerosis is very dangerous cuz of overheating issues. What do I care if I have scrape from a tree trunk I wasn't quick enough to move the horse away from or move my leg? Hyperthermia is DEADLY! Don't think they can EVAC me quickly from inside the mountain forest trails. [ no, we're not that remote!!] Reason # 3 ..... actually, no. I don't ever have leather chafe on my legs. I did have a significant bruise and a scrape from the saddle stitching when I fell off......inside my knee as I was squeezing desperately... trying to hold me on the horse. But the bruise would have happened even with jeans. The scrape was very minor. I know.... I've had to explain this to the folks who own the ranch and lead the rides too. I think my skin would hold me in place better than some riding apparel I've seen tourists ride in. Tights? SLIPPERY! Yesterday I saw two young girls ride off in jodhpurs. First time I've seen that. Suede leather seats would stick well. I'm taking our "DON'T GET SICK" herbs and potions today. I feel a bit 'off'. Lots of Vit C and D3 and zinc too. I was very chilled for half the day. Out in the sun this afternoon, it was in the 90's for the first time in weeks. [ shooo! Go away! Don't want HOT! ] I don't seem to have a temperature. Not nausea. No headache. Chills and lethargic. Maybe I'm just tired. Used a lot of energy on Tank yesterday and also getting so chilled with the rain. Yesterday WAS NOT in the 90's! If I haven't snapped out of this, I'll cancel riding on Tues morning. MtRider ......but....but I "never" get sick....
  12. My horse ride today went very well......ahem, except for the thunderstorm that flew in suddenly. Clouds really moving fast. Half hour before, I'd chosen to leave raincoat in car and go with the white shirt that keeps me from too much sunburn. WRONG choice. It was WET and COLD! Cowboy hat keep most of my hair dry....the bottom few inches curled! Tank top and shorts...soaked. Bare arms/legs...soaked. The thunder went away and eventually the rain. Stuck my cold..painfully cramping right hand down my pants to warm up and used my left hand for the reins. We dried out a bit before reaching the corral. When we voyage into town, I carry a bag in car with alternate clothes, etc for riding ....and a bag of alternate clothes for other activities we might do with my mom. She and DH had a good time with my dad today. He's likely on different meds cuz he was playing Bingo and had been at their Sat. church service. He was in a calm mood. Then DH dropped my mom off at her grocery store, then came to get me. I grabbed dry clothes and changed at the restrooms at the ranch. THAT felt better. Helped my mom shop and went to her place. I'd been able to get a roasted chicken, hot out of the oven at the store. She and I ate some when we got to her place. I was famished....and still cold. DH is allergic to chicken but made a turkey sandwich. Then we drove home in such rain....another band of that! DH had to be careful not to hydroplane. Apparently his first driving accident was hydroplaning so he's careful. Oh well.....we'll always take rain. MtRider .....tired tonite! Ole Tank WORKS my muscles!!!
  13. Dogs drink out of really icy cold streams............... Sounds weird to think it would harm them....give them an "ice-cream headache" mebbe? While on Maui, we put a Husky pup into our bathtub with water and ice cubes. He loved 'fishing' for the icecubes while cooling thru his feet. MtRider ....not an expert tho....
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