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  1. All younglings think that! MtRider for a quick orientation and more peaceful, relaxing times ahead.
  2. Today is the first day in 2 wks that I haven't been coughing CONSTANTLY. Still some coughing. The inhaler does open the bronchials....I didn't even know how shallow I was breathing. So I'd say I'm a little improved today. Still very limited in what I do. Put away some laundry ...DH took it down yesterday and ran thru washer/dryer. Do a few dishes. Nothing taxing. Resting. Took nap til you-know-who's big mouth went off. A more peaceful day. MtRider
  3. DH and I were counting down the weeks left of winter....aka SNOW potential. Somehow, we're a good portion thru January already. WHERE have I been? Not that I'm complaining about a chunk of winter gone w/o having to shovel, mind you. MtRider ....hate snow ....hate pain.....I can watch snow on the Internet. Oh look, pretty....not here!
  4. Wow, Miki. Kinda scary to have fairly aggressive beggars.... Be careful. Glad the tests are giving data on your Mr, Lil'Sister. Hope it will lead to better quality of life for him. Went to pick up the codeine stuff. It's not like the old days. It isn't red and isn't syrup. Colorless/water-like. I'm still coughing ....less tho..??..after using it. Then we went to doc again. I was so wiped out, I could hardly participate. DH asked some questions. Doc added an inhaler of albuterol (sp) which I have used in '99 and '11. I did that when I got home. That seems to have calmed down the cough....???? She says the cough will be the last symptom to leave. Well, the bronchitis is still there. But she checked the lungs carefully and they are clear. They always are...thankfully. So....we march on. DH got a few groceries when we picked up the inhaler script. He found some kim chee. That will cure him! It even smells good to me....and I canNOT do that hot stuff. But it smells good. Grson also has this virus. Has been miserable too. He will bounce back faster than his Grma! MtRider ....very VERY tired.
  5. Looks like the fur brothers are adjusting to a 2 dog family... That's a big thing. Poor underfed darlin'. MtRider
  6. Eewwww, TheCG. I can imagine that mess! Our house is chill enough, I can't ever get honey to pour. It crystallizes. I try to keep it on the pellet stove, for petes sake! We keep a stick of butter in cupboard on a butter tray. Early morning, we have to sliver pieces. Daytime it's just soft. MtRider
  7. FINALLY! This morning we began today checking on status of the cough syrup......AND it's still stuck in stasis. So.....FINE! We called up and got another doc appt. It's been a week tomorrow. The triage RN ran me thru some questions...make sure I wasn't turning blue with no air. Like last week. Will meet with doc tomorrow in afternoon. SHE will make sure we get action the the 'script she wanted me taking already! Hmph! ...... ........... ................. Not sure what else happened today from their side, but about 5pm I got a call from the doc office staff. Friendly gal says: "I don't know WHAT the hold-up was.....but the 'script has now been transferred to the pharmacy that HAS the product!! " An hour later, recording from new pharmacy: Your script is ready. I am so very wiped out. I'm coughing non-stop except when I have Halls. MY TONGUE IS PICKLED in cherry Halls lozenges! Sore! My diaphragm muscles are so SORE! My back aches a bit too. I haven't been outside since....Thurs, Jan 9th to walk dog or ANYTHING. Except the doc appt last week. I'm now about to start Week 3 of this SIEGE. Praying codeine cough syrup will act fast to knock out WHATEVER this thing is in throat. It's never been a "sore throat" tho. Thankfully, I haven't had other symptoms since the first couple days of fever chills. Test for pertussis came back negative. DH really only turned the corner on his version of this yesterday at work. He began to feel more normal. He's working today but his shift tomorrow is canceled. Restaurant closed for a minor renovation. Which is why I don't have to wait till Wed to see doc. How 'bout THAT provision? We'll stop by pharmacy BEFORE the doc tomorrow. I'll begin taking dose! I'm not counting anything til it's in my hand! Wonder if she'll add anything else? I just want to stop coughing and GO OUTSIDE FOR WALK WITH DOG! Gonna be baby steps again when I finally get to walk tho.... MtRider .....quite a restricted world for me this past 2 wks. Sheeeesh!
  8. LOL ....I think we're all besotted with this fine fellow! MtRider
  9. I am so tired.....so sick. I just cannot stop coughing and it's wearing me out. I'm done with the meds.....EXCEPT the cough syrup I can't GET TO! Now it's weekend and DH will be working thru Tues. All I do is lay around and keep Halls in my mouth. Being shut is is getting annoying! Except I'm too tired to even care... MtRider ...thanks for praying..
  10. So sorry for the news about your brother, WE2. Careful with that MO ice! My friend tells me their horror stories from KC area. Well, Thurs I felt 50% better...not much coughing. Today...blech. More tired/more coughing. DH has returned the past two days to TRY to pick up my 'script for codeine cough syrup. Grocery chain store has not been restocked yet. So I asked pharmacist over the phone if the 'script could be transferred to another pharmacy that DOES have it. She was quite helpful and found one that had stock. But...my doc or her office will have to call in that transfer cuz controlled substance. By the time the 2nd pharmacy was closing tonite, that had not yet happened. Hey....I'm TRYING to be compliant with my new doc. Trying to make a good impression before ....we disagree on certain topics. LOL I think we will know how to agree to disagree. Too bad I can't bribe her like Kappy does with fresh, home-grown veggies. LOL So tonite I had DH bring home a small cabbage. I bruised up two outer leaves and made a poultice for my chest. Covered it with a plastic bag and I'm laying here letting it soak in. Supposed to be good to reduce swelling, etc. We'll see. I just ran out to kitchen to take the last dose of Predizone. I have two more days of single-dose Azithromicin. [whatever spelling] Then I have completed those. I haven't heard any more about pertussis or not. But the Azthi.... {Z-pack} should knock that out. Yet....I'm still coughing. Not as much and not quite as hard but ....still COUGHING! Sleep is still good with Nyquil. Whew....slow recovery. DH didn't get as bad but is not yet having restored energy. Course he had to run back into town every day this week. Rest tomorrow and supposed to work S/M/T. MtRider
  11. Cool. All foreign to me.....as yet. MtRider
  12. Well, the verdict is not in yet. But https://www.medicaldaily.com/whooping-cough-outbreak-texas-update-school-shut-down-amid-health-scare-447333 Something is going on. It might be that the original vaccinations DID/STILL DO work. Or maybe not. MtRider .... for Ambergris' tests
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