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  1. We used to grow these .....well, not that variety but the purple type....for that very reason. Easy to pick them and it's kinda cool to watch them turn bright green in boiling water! MtRider .....sigh, some day we'll garden again.
  2. So.....did anyone see the in The Escape Room picture?
  3. 'Tis simply another version of a CHALLENGE ....done in a group. The "Low Ropes" challenges were done in groups. After that phase, "High Ropes" were usually individual challenge but with the now-established group cheering the individual on. Which is why it's been used for corporations or other work situations.....to get individuals to work together......and like it. MtRider
  4. Wellllllllll, today I did the usual things in the morning. DH's 7th day to work. Sat/Sunday he has off. We're not sure if he's always going to be 7 on and 2 off? That's overtime.... He wasn't even looking for full-time. Very hot when I got back inside so took shower/wash hair. I stick my foot on bathroom window sill to dry leg/foot...so I can reach it! Done it this way for over 2 decades. TODAY ....I lost balance for a second and went backwards towards shower entrance. Caught myself ....but at some expense. Elbow was point of contact ...SMACK! OW! But the collateral damage was to the muscles around that shoulder and my ever-fragile neck. Oh shoot! THAT REALLY HURT about an hour later. I rarely take even one....MAYbe two Nuprin in a single day. I took 2 Nuprin and later a Tylenol. Finally got pain control and it's been okay since. But I'll take another Nuprin before I sleep. Pain got my nervous system to shakin' and wore me out!! No walking dog for me tonite. DH had a very BUSY time at work but had gooood tips. So he's willing to put up with it. He ran into the larger town to get a headlamp for his car. Stopped to grab the groceries off the list. When it came time to haul groceries UP with our pulley system, I did ok with the potato chip bags....but switched places with him. I wasn't in any shape to haul up but I could put the grocery bags onto the rope hook. I was so locked up when my chiro got home, hours after the elbow-crack event, we decided not to try an adjustment tonite. He can see tomorrow if I knocked something out of place or merely aggravated the muscles. I could have done without that event today. Sheeesh! Thankful I didn't land splat on my back tho. VERY little room to do my usual tuck 'n roll. Too small to even fit a tub in that bathroom. ...and then there was my foot up on the window sill...... aiiee! MtRider .....been weeks or a couple months since I've had a fall. Y'all be careful out there!
  5. I like tools too! Does it run on batteries....what kind? MtRidr Sounds real good for us older folks!
  6. I'd sure like to hear that kind of interest from my kin!!! SIL does have a specialty in traditional Hawaiian things, including horticulture and wildcrafting. Not necessarily for prepping purposes but....it's a great benefit. MtRider
  7. Mt_Rider

    Red berries

    Can they pull out and replant family friendly? MtRider
  8. yeah, I'll bet. My brother runs into that in D.C. Sometimes makes the job twice as hard and twice the expense. The ladies are lucky to have your dh fixing things right! Didn't do much today. Little here and there. Woke up with DH hurrying out the door at 5AM and didn't get back to sleep til 7:30AM. I can't fight it so I ate a cheese biscuit and read Anne of Green Gables til I got sleepy again. Woke a second time at 10:30AM and thus was outside doing AM chores in the hotter part of morning. [AZ climate is not even within my reality!] So I wore skimpy top with a white cotton shirt draped over my shoulders. Sometimes I wet it but the breeze was ok today. So glad for A/C and swamp cooler. Been comfortable this summer....even when we didn't have clouds today. With AM and PM walking the dog.....I need a pedometer to see how far I'm walking. A bit less than a mile each day? Some days I cut that way short but still..... DH needs a pedometer at work cuz I know he's putting on mileage too. MtRider
  9. Excellent planning, Ambergris! You have sorted out many of your options specific to your area. And yes, even moving just across the county or "over there" might change what you can grow....taro/no taro. [bummer about the taro!] [bummer about: The deer feasted. too] WE2.....flour or corn tortillas? Can you grow or acquire either wheat or corn? [in MO you can grow corn, of course] Since we can't grow much....our storage is heavy with grains/legumes....with some dehydrated veggie and a little fruit. And vitamin/mineral bottles. Replenishing that, once used...... It would really only give us a chance to relocate. MtRider ....might need more spices
  10. I guess I'm behind in the progress made with robots. I don't get out much... A friend told me she saw Rock-It Robot walking around the Iowa State Fair last week.....walking in the crowds, greeting people, fist bumping, hugging.... Um....kinda cute and kinda creepy. Thinking of the accidents the Tesla cars sometimes have....don't think I want any kid squashed with a misstep. Rock-It is huge. And....is it wearing a crown? http://www.iptv.org/fair/story/34571/rock-it-robot The Russians have robots that shoot...... http://www.iptv.org/fair/story/34571/rock-it-robot And then I saw today that the Japanese have a robot "priest". Well okay, that one's not going to be caught in adultery but SHEEEEEESH! Some comments from the article about the "priest" ..... my response in CAPS. So......article says: "this 'priest' will never die." [NOR WILL IT LIVE] says: "That's the beauty of a robot. It can store knowledge forever and limitlessly. "With AI we hope it will grow in wisdom to help people overcome even the most difficult troubles. It's changing Buddhism," [NO....IT WILL NOT EVER GAIN "WISDOM". THAT IS FOR THE LIVING. IT WILL GAIN DATA AND MIGHT ANTICIPATE RESPONSES BASED ON ALGORITHMS] says: "This robot teaches us ways to overcome pain," he said. "It is here to save anyone who seeks help." [PULLLLEEEZE! IT HAS NOTHING TO 'TEACH' AS IT CANNOT FEEL PHYSICAL OR EMOTIONAL PAIN] The person in the article comments that robots are a common theme in Japanese culture Would that make any difference in how they view this? At least there is no deception that it is a robot....not crafted to look all that humanoid. Why don't they just have taped recordings of a human giving the speeches/lectures/sermons.....(I don't know what they are called for Buddhism). It is no different....an electronic delivery and less expensive to pay a real person to record it than buy a robot. Surely this thing is not putting together it's own speeches/responses from data being fed into it??? Far worse than Rock-It.... https://news.yahoo.com/playing-god-japan-temple-puts-faith-robot-priest-043640106.html Star Trek's 'Data' character [an android] was fun and NOT REAL. Even evil twin 'Lor' ...was not real. But Star Trek explored how we would one day need to resolve some issues about robotics....and robots-gone-bad. MtRider .....hmmm...
  11. Ain't that the truth! I'm hoping to have energy to harvest our one wild fruit this year...purple currants. With thorns. I don't get them every year. The main carb in the Hawaiian diet was taro root. It's having a come-back, thankfully. Different types, some in flooded patches, some not. Fortunately, I reallly like taro, esp. with fish. That will heal an ulcer. Or just settle upset digestive system.....askmehowIknow. I don't really know how much maintenance a taro patch would require, once established. ?? Whole DIFFERENT ecosystem than our current location. MtRider
  12. Mt_Rider

    Red berries

    Doesn't look familiar to me.....sorry. It would be nice if they were edible, huh? They look very nice. MtRider
  13. Poor Abby girl! Storms like that can really be torture to one's nervous system. Koa doesn't react to storms but we've had two CRASH type events that even got a startled BARK! out of her. Made us jump too. That's a load of elderberries. I picked a handful of our tiny purple currants. One of the very FEW wild edibles that are up this high. But most weren't ready yet. A few more days and get them before the birds. I cut the top off a plastic gallon milk jug but keep the handle....for my picking container. Currants are small...and singular. From the size of a BB to maybe double that. Smaller than a pea. AND THORNY! But they have a burst of flavor we love in pancakes. DH got us some blueberries so I froze 3/4ths of them. They don't keep otherwise and are just fine frozen. Got my trash out to the bin today. Got the septic lids uncovered .....that shouldn't happen anymore since they've stopped all that horrid erosion by putting in the diversion ditch above that location. Got me, dog, and truck out of the way at the top.....down doing AM feeding by 9AM when huge, heavy septic pumper truck arrived. J came too so she could sign off the paperwork. THAT'S done for another several years.....one does NOT want to neglect doing that! Had a number of DUMB things happen....soap slipped to bathroom floor and somehow got mashed on the underside of the old-fashioned weight scale. Took me near a half hour to get that cleaned up. But..... ....my mom told what she did today. Was in the spare room putting clean sheets on bed my niece used. She saw something on the floor and thot maybe niece had forgotten a picture. When she picked it up...it was an insect glue board and stuck to her hand something awful. Oye! Those brainless moments can be quite annoying!!!!!! [get the glue board glue to release with cooking oil, btw] MtRider .....can I be NOT busy tomorrow, please?
  14. Anyone else having trouble getting the "Unread Content" button to work? For me, trouble started last nite. Edited to add: But if I keep trying the button on different pages, both last nite and right now - I get it to work. MtRider [hate mysteries]
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