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  1. Good point, Mother. To say nothing of all of our central govt being wiped out ...... ......or would that be helpful? My brother is on a boat near D.C. and his dd is on their farm 40 miles inland from D.C. Not far enough inland. Not for a nuke and not for La Palma landslide. ......wouldn't affect us in CO ....except the problem Mother brought up. MtRider .....I'd heard this long ago but I don't think it was rumbling at that point.
  2. Koa is not better. Phone conversation with vet today was not promising. Will be taking her in early Monday..... Unless something changes, we'll be saying goodbye. The bladder infection seems to be gone but she will not eat. Vet thinks something more drastic has to be wrong ......she refuses to eat ANYTHING. We're getting pain meds into her slowly by various methods. Some beef broth. She gets too frantic to use the muzzle/syringe method too much. She cries when she moves to get up from ground/floor....tho we try to help. She can't go on like this..... MtRider .....this isn't the way we thot it would turn out ..............
  3. My mom is always saying that her 'maid' is so lazy.....nothing gets done. No one can believe what she gets done in her 90's... Oye, Kappy. That's some feasting snails ya got there! Meat/protein source is always good. There is some data .....a caution about how one fixes snails....but I can't remember anything except I think you have to do it right. Something to make you sick?? Sorry....that's all I remember. Friends, pray for Koa. She's stopped the bladder bleed.. ...and we're SO ready to get newspapers off the floor!!!!!!!!!!!! But something else is wrong....not eating and waking me in the night but .... ???? This has been so extremely frustrating and worrisome! Probably another vet visit tomorrow. Had a gooood horse ride today. The van ride for seniors was a bit long. Picked up another woman ....drivers had to use my [paper] map to find her....she wasn't ready....grabbed an empty O2 tank and we ended up getting her to the hospital for O2. Then took me to ride and returned for her. She got that sorted and they took her home. Then came back for me from riding. Gorgeous day! Ride went well despite not riding for more than 2 wks. I'm pretty exhausted cuz got up with Koa at 4:30am and couldn't go back to sleep last nite. AND it's midnight again so I need to shut this down and SLEEP MtRider ....wow, it was FREEZING outside with dog last nite!!!
  4. I am getting so very very fatigued ....trying to handle dog things and doing some things so DH won't further strain his back and .... I just wanna sleep for a week. And....I am getting fairly good sleep but it takes me so long to wind down from these days of tension/worry. Multiple attempts to medicate or FEED Koa. I tried 2 new methods of getting pain med down that neurotic dog. She isn't really neurotic ....just really really tough to outwit ....and a HUGE "I AIN'T GONNA COOPERATE attitude! The first method was a fail. The second worked. I spent a lot of time going thru our animal stuff in the garage. Finally dug out the animal first aid bucket. Took out the plastic syringes....NOT the needle part. We've always used them to "pressure wash" animal cuts/wounds. Water + Betadine and SPLOOSH! Repeat. In this case, we dissolved Koa's pain med in water. She needed it today. Riding in car yesterday....stiff. It makes my heart cringe to watch her get up with so much pain/effort. I put the muzzle on her and held her head up a bit. DH squirted the pain-med-fluid slowly into the side of her mouth-cheek and despite her unwillingness....she did have to swallow. SUCCESS ...and I think it's repeatable! ......even if we have to wear leather padded gloves to put the muzzle on.... MtRider ....
  5. OOTO......RE: ice cream. Um....don't know if she's ever had it. At any rate, we don't have any to try it. Hopefully the shot today will solve the problem....tho we'll continue to sneak in some pain reliever into her. MtRider ......icecream would work with me tho!
  6. Good news....Koa is eating more and some of it has pain reliever hidden in it. Bad news....can't even TRY to sneak the antibiotic in....cuz she might stop eating again and cuz if she doesn't get all of it, it encourages antibiotic-resistant strains. Yes doc, we know that. The vet called to check today. Agreed we've tried LOTS of things and just to get something in her stomach is important and no, we will NOT be able to force the allegedly yummy liver-flavored pills down her throat. So.....we ran off to the vet again today. He gave her a shot in the rear which, being still in our car, she didn't notice. Vet gave us one of the simple cloth muzzles too. He'd been thinking of giving us a med we'd have to give sub-Q. Told him of Koa's adventures with that when she was so little. But I guess the amounts would have been too much cuz of her size. Anyway, this antibiotic will work over the next 2 wks. It's not as specific for bladder but more general. Better than nothing or hit and miss with the "chewables". I told him we both feel like we brought home a preemie baby...losing sleep and always trying to do something for the dog. We're She stumbled coming up the open steps with DH last nite. Frightened and stuck at the half way point. I took off my sweater to do a lift, just in front of her rear legs. DH pulled up on her body harness. She cooperated when we stopped trying to go up and began to turn her to go back down. That worked. We go up the hill next to the house....thru the former goat pen [now koa's] and in our back door. She'd been doing ok but just stumbled. On Saturday, I fell UP those same stairs. It's quite startling....tho I've done it a thousand times. Totally UNgraceful. We did manage to stop for more fresh foods and the big 5 doz pack of eggs.....since we're feeding Koa those too. Cashed a check. And talked to my mom for a few minutes. I'd called my dad this morning....their 73rd Anniversary. My mom had gone up to see him....take him outside in wheelchair. He actually remembered I'd called. Then we got home. No, we stopped at our communal mailboxes. Some WEIRD lady pulled along side us and said: My children say you pulled into our driveway and turned around and left. No, we did not. Well that's what they said. We're just getting home and collecting our mail. Okay....that was OVER THE TOP STRANGE....on so many counts. One: There are no driveways most of the way that we take. There is one but it's a VERY long driveway and old people live up there. Methinks she lives north of where we turn to go home and collect our mail. We were coming in from the south. Two.....what the heck did she think she was going to do about someone turning around ......???? Three....WHY IN TARNATION DID SHE BRING THOSE CHILDREN ALONG .....IF SHE THOT SOMEONE HAD NEFARIOUS INTENTIONS IN HER DRIVEWAY???? What an idiot! Half expected sheriff to stop by tonite. We had bank and store receipt and business card for our vet. REALLY....we're so plain, ordinary and boring! ...except for all these WEIRD things happening... Sheeeesh! Soooooo.....Koa looks much better....is not leaking as much.....ate liver and rice tonite. Tired and sleeps thru the whole night again now. DH sees doc again tomorrow. All this hoo-hah is NOT helping his back. MtRider ...thanks for prayers. Hope this ENTIRE SIEGE ends soon. Like to take my mom out to eat on her Bday next week.
  7. Which brand? I've been reading about tumeric......but I forgot what it's for??? Got it in my notes tho. MtRider
  8. Ro2935. I second what Jeepers says. It certainly widens our view to hear from other parts of our own countries and better from all over our globe. Hope you can get that Brexit sorted out.......and that we can get our rather colossal mess sorted too. Jeepers, ......I'm gonna say that it might be true. Until the sugar cane monopoly on land use crashed just after we left, there wasn't much agri land available. Tourism took over so completely that Hawai'i imported bananas from South America just like much of the rest of the world. .....and you'd panic at the price!! In the past several years, I hear and read more and more about an increase of resident mahi'ai....small farmers growing for Hawai'i. They have all those restaurants which love fresh veggies, greens, etc. Lets the chefs experiment with local foods. Residents are able to find more and more local grown foods too. But....I'm not sure it's moved past the fresh veggies, herbs, fruits, etc. They had Haleakala Dairy......home of POG [Passion Fruit, Orange Juice, Guava] . I haven't heard but I hope it's still there. I knew while there that the islands would be up a "crick" if Madson shipping ever stopped for any reason. MtRider
  9. https://www.artofmanliness.com/articles/solutions-for-the-everyday-carry-of-duct-tape/ Three practical ways to carry some duct tape .....not the huge heavy roll. MtRider .... I do love duct tape....keep it handy. But that gorilla stuff is stronger than I am!
  10. https://www.artofmanliness.com/articles/tape-measure-guide/?utm_source=pocket-newtab Okay, I've used several of these. I've wondered about that black diamond. Really never noticed a couple. But that "slide rule" trick.....lost me. We were the last generation to use slide rules, I think. But I wasn't in any math/science to use one. I've always said tho, if I ever see one, I'll grab it. Post Hooey....it might become a really valuable relic. MtRider
  11. Since DH and I have been "in seclusion" for a month......broken only by taking dog in to the vet and a quick fresh food shopping trip 2 days ago, we know it's possible to choose that instead. We've been getting a look at how being voluntarily sequestered might work....and the problems that will come up. Going to post on that soon. MtRider I heard: members of Congress are exempt? Is that true? They exempt themselves from too much, me thinks!
  12. I put this under the What Did You Do To Prep This Week thread in RURR but I'll put it here too......in case folks are planning [someday] to print some of the lists on PAPER.... https://nypost.com/2021/09/12/paper-supply-is-thinning-due-to-delta-variant/ PAPER .....printing paper, not just T.P. is getting short .....according to this report. MtRider
  13. On the topic of things getting hard to find................ https://nypost.com/2021/09/12/paper-supply-is-thinning-due-to-delta-variant/ Talking about a shortage of PAPER. Yes, like printer paper. Not sure if spiral notebooks, 3-ring binder paper, etc are on the list or not? MtRider ....so much for paperless society.
  14. The chewables are liver flavored.......AND we've already been trying liverwurst to get her to eat anything. She ate it once [no pills in it] with rice and didn't finish it all. Hasn't touched it since. We were trying beef and liver to increase iron cuz she's losing blood. Thankfully she's not losing near so much now. But this has been going on for weeks....normal heat cycle and then the bladder infection. She really is more alert today, despite not getting the full amount of pills. Benefit of pain pills, likely. Today we tried bacon grease on pieces of scrambled egg [with pills ground up]. She got a bit of that down. Please make the connection, you bright 4-year-old mentality dog! Take the pills! Mostly she licks the bacon grease off the egg. This dog blows theories right and left for how to coax her to do ANYTHING! Too intelligent and not quite intelligent enough! MtRider ....the real question is: are DH and I intelligent enough to get her thru this?
  15. This dog WON'T take the pills....certainly not the $$$ "chewables". AND the two [ of 4] pills we did get down her yesterday, ground-up and hidden in food, were vomited up again during last night. She's not touched the scrambled eggs/rice [which she loves] this morning. We're going to have to get her to eat SOMETHING without the meds....just to get food in her. She's such a defender dog....which means she's also self-defensive. But like all beings with the annoying partial intelligence of a 4 year old human.....she doesn't know what she thinks she knows. Take the medications!!! MtRider ....slept like a log last night.....so VERY worn out and tired. THIS is why we had kids delivered ready-made and older....no weeks of sleepless nights.
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