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  1. ......that's all today. Ugh! MtRider ...and computer, of course.
  2. Yes. This contention is not a surprise. Seems like the stakes get higher every election. Lies and ill manners are acceptable ....and if the speeches given on literal tree stumps in our long ago history are any indication, things have never been mannerly during elections. I watch as little as possible. I don't want to "feed that monster" for my own sake. I believe that God "seats and deposes leaders".....and I'll go with that. I certainly do vote, but.... there is nothing more I can do but pray for wisdom to PREPARE/endure whatever might come after this ridiculous 2
  3. Well you've had some excitement, Annarchy. Visits and rodent varmints and Ugly Duck [shoulda ate it-lot of meat on those big things] and the attack of the Mindless Spell Check...lol. LittleSister...hope you don't catch that infection stuff from your dh. you both feel better. Today turned an odd corner of unexpected. DH discovered his wallet was not in his pack. Called the Bake-It-Yourself pizza place he'd gone to last nite on the way home. THANKFULLY they had it and put it in the safe. So since it would be a waste of time/gas to go ALL the way to t
  4. Goodness, Jeepers! If I smell ANY burning.....I'M RUNNING .... cuz this is not our first rodeo. I think your new rule is good. After that last MAJOR BURN-ALL-SEASON-OFF-CAST-IRON-PAN AND I CAN'T BREATHE episode in March.....we made new rules. Either: Don't leave the stove EVEN FOR ONE MINUTE until burner is off. Better: Turn burner on before washing pan...rinse....put on hot burner...SHUT OFF BURNER IMMEDIATELY! And ya know what? We've had very good luck with those rules. So I hope your rule works. Question: Do you have a smoke detector in the
  5. Yemen has held at just over 2,000 for quite a while. Do they have it controlled ....or did they stop reporting? Ya just never know. Horrid that India is increasing so much it's nearly up with U.S. Praying for Sarath and Sruthy and families there. Unfortunately, we'll never hear anything again from them since India booted out so many agencies/programs for the poor. Glad he was adult and she was nearly graduated from high school. MtRider
  6. Me! Meeeeee! I want your rain, LittleSister! ....do ya s'pose we can get it to go from east to west? MtRider ....I know it hurts "Arthur" hands...DH has it from being a chiro!
  7. Alllllmost got to cut my hair last week...but ran outta energy! MtRider
  8. Aaaand now it's gone again. At least it is tonite when I got on.... MtRider ...the whole main page shifted again.
  9. I was typing my post when WE2 posted so I missed that entirely. So sorry to hear of Grandson meeting with violence. Horrible! Praying....only God knows what He has planned for the young man. Harsh, for one just starting adulthood. That he will realize he wants his other Grma in his life! As for estrangement of daughter....so sad. It's such a heavy burden for her to carry the bitterness - and yet they usually don't realize they are hurting themselves badly. With that pain, they usually try to share their burden with everyone around them - a worse pandemic than COVID. Bitte
  10. HOWEVER.....previous to getting a tiny dab of moisture - AND FOG.....we had TERRIBLE WIND!!! No, it wasn't a twister but SUCH BLASTS! Definitely a MACH FIVE DAY!! DH was at work and I went down the stairs 8 times to go fetch something back that was blowing UP the hill to our neighbor's house. Or batten down something that was coming loose. Or falling over. And we stay pretty battened down but this was fierce! Slack...then BLAST. Slack ....BLAST! The very first thing I did was to bring in the heater from the greenhouse. Saw a split begin on this second skin of plasti
  11. ....less than FOUR INCHES, she says! Good heavens...do you all know how very long it's been since we've had spit? So just late this afternoon, WE GOT SPIT! Kinda rain-sleet-snow mix for a few minutes. It came sideways and was actually enough to make the whole hood of my truck wet. I AM NOT KIDDING. We're so desperate for any moisture, we were excited that this bit of spit was accompanied by FOG rather than DUST or SMOKE! It cleaned the air and I breathed deeply! Cannot remember when it was safe for me to do that here. Friday at the park in my folk's town was pr
  12. Thanks, Ambergris. Death rate per 100,000 is good comparative data. CO is low, thankfully. MtRider
  13. Wow...great that your dh's knee brace is helping. Not sure how you keep all the appointments straight, LittleSister. OOTO...good point about China being the source of bedding, etc. Sheesh, so many of our expectations are turned on their head this year! [ and I keep going to the wrong place to edit tooooo! ] Thanks for the updates, y'all, on which shelves are bare! Miki.....are you expecting a lot of rain from the hurricane/tropical storm? Or just catching the outer bands? Can someone send a hurricane up to CO? We are DEADLY dry
  14. STILL trying to get out with my mom...... ...maybe tomorrow? Foot is good but being careful. Breathing is clogged with DUST/SMOKE tho I stay inside or wear N95. Sleep is rough so waking up with low functioning. Takes hours to get it back to my normal. MtRider
  15. Right about NOW.....imperative to have back up plan for life-critical meds!! DH being trained extensively for chiro/herbal/nutritional....kept trying and trying to use his own methods for his own high BP, diabetes, etc. He's at the point currently where that just didn't work any more. He's still doing herbal/nutritional products to supplement the chemical meds....so he doesn't have use as much.... If it's possible to .....I hesitate to write this cuz in SOME circumstances/SOME meds, it could be very risky ....so DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH FOR YOU OWN SITUATIONS..... DH is aware t
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