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  1. Resting....as needed. MtRider
  2. Update: My brother finally reached my dad's doctor from the care home. Told him our joint family decision not to continue the transfusions....[and thus keeping in quarantine so much of his time left]. ..................So....it's official. No one can predict when my dad's white and red blood cells will begin to deteriorate. The care home doc seems to think it will be within weeks. Cuz he'd been ready to give him another transfusion in a week or so. TODAY my dad is finally out of quarantine. DH picked up my mom and took her to visit with him - without the hot/cumbersome "moo
  3. Had fairly good yearly check-up. My labs are good. My hip isn't and after doc moved it/stretched it to rule out this and define the cause as that..... I woke during last night with it really hurting. Necessary, I know but ...OW! DH adjusted me today. Finally was home long enough this morning and that helped it. But by this afternoon, I was draggin' anchor! I was supposed to get hip x-rayed but ...... there must have been a bad accident. The ER was monopolizing the X-ray room with a lot of people. Lay down in back seat of car as DH drove us home. He visited with my
  4. Will the highway fireline hold at the highway on the right? MtRider .....God, AZ and much of the SW need a whole lotta rain right now.
  5. If they meld...they become the "name" Complex Fire. So today we were "in town" again. I was riding, DH was visiting my dad, and we stopped to see my mom for a while. I looked out the window and saw an odd haze....blue...kinda. I get on my computer at home and have an ALERT: The blue haze is the soot/ash from AZ wildfires. Oh, that again. Glad it's now Colorado's but sorry it's big enough to send it all the way to us.....with the winds just right. Is this why I'm sounding hoarse again? Thot it was aspens blooming out. Time for N95 again. MtRider ...praying
  6. YIKES! That blew up in a hurry! Wildfire season already. Course we've had CO fires in June before too. Still getting some rains here... THANKFULLY! Kinda turns my stomach to see the maps.....y'know? MtRider ....stay safe Annarchy!
  7. Thanks for fixing the link, Jeepers! Since you just set a hatchet head/blade on the log and tap with a mallet, there is more control than trying to swing with a enough force to split and enough ACCURACY... MtRider
  8. Hmph! Truth is just so evil! MtRider
  9. I've been using another saying.....borrowed from the talk you get before the plane takes off. Put your own air mask on before assisting anyone around you [like a child]. I have really been trying to remember that......means you must realistically assess your own strong and weak points......your own limits. It's worked out better that way. My brother/neice have gone back to VA. My mom is currently living alone but we're in there very frequently. And I call at night. Still waiting for the Life Alert thing to arrive. With her all day today....dr
  10. Good grief! Thankful .....VERY thankful for the rainy week last week...tho on one day, I was on horseback when it dumped CHILLY rain on us! Still....was glad to have it. Another thunderstorm with rain today. Eventually we usually get dry again but every day we get rain puts that dry season off a bit further. MtRider for the AZ fires near Annarchy and Mother's kin!!! So scary!!
  11. I've never seen this concept before. A "wood stove" of a different sort! Another idea to tuck away in memory....JIC it might come in handy [or vital] some day??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d617KVXfifs MtRider
  12. 10 g a year? Riding is costing me $55 per ride. Still cheaper than owning horses....cuz ya can't keep just one. Herd animals. Even 2 is minimal. Going again tomorrow. Wonder if weather is going to be HOT Hope not. I carry my ice packs and Chilly Towel. At least half the trail is thru the trees. for Wildfires ....again! We had a multiple days of rain last week. So we should be wet for about another day or so.....then we'll be in fire danger again. <_< MtRider ...busy day again tomorrow. Rested today. In town tomorrow.
  13. I recognize the table/chairs, Jeepers. We had some like that in my childhood. I've seen them in red but ours were a mottled grey. Comfortable chairs. Not like all the hard chairs now and ...what's with kitchen benches. Ow! I had a rest day today. But I did go walk dog....not real far and my hip began to hurt. It's been improving so much with horse riding and all the STAIR-MASTER [ aka: living with my mom in 3 story house ] I've been doing! I plan to ask about the hip at the wellness appt next week. Need to know what I should and shouldn't be doing with it for best results
  14. So True! My own doctor was bringing up that issue very strongly a couple months ago. MtRider ....resting....*kinda*.....today anyway....
  15. Is this why they are no longer handing out Greek names to hurricanes if they run thru A B C alphabet? MtRider
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