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  1. We've seriously considered that horsie device. Looked it up about a decade ago. It cost $2K then..... But IF it worked for my weird stuff, it would cost less than horse care. Think I could get medicare to pay for it? I'd need a "test drive".... AND....it wouldn't fit ANYWHERE in this tiny cabin. One day.....it still is a possibility ...like when I'm 90? So frustrating! I went to doc appt today....and it went fine. Trying to work with my suddenly-MEGA-sinus/breathing/swallowing problem that began in 2020. Toward the end of appointment, I'm getting STUPID. Can't
  2. AGAIN....Mississippi....Friday. Then moving into Alabama, Georgia and northern Florida on Saturday. This one isn't expected to be as bad for tornadoes. Lotta rain tho. https://www.accuweather.com/en/severe-weather/severe-storms-to-pummel-areas-from-texas-to-georgia/928768 MtRider Take cover all who need to.
  3. Yeah....good example, Homesteader. Love to hear these stories! How do I explain something that DH explains so much better? It has something to do with "over-learned" motions. It hooks up connections in our brain-body where old, known pathways exist. For example, a friend's dd has dyslexia. She's been playing piano for years. When they homeschooled, if she was getting scrambled, N would have her go play piano for 10 minutes or so. Then her focus was much better. MS...Parkinson....Dyslexia.... NONE of those are related diseases and yet.....there is a common th
  4. Wait....didn't you just have snow recently? Are you turning into Colorado Rockies? Glad your headache is gone. Didn't they use to have a commercial about the lovely moment when people realize the HEADACHE is gone ? MtRider .....they's serving CAKE at Becca's party, y'all
  5. No fish to bring home but sounds like a fun day, Annarchy! And a beautiful location. Miki..... ?? Ya never know what odd type of therapy might help your finger, right? Look at me and the inexplicable horse affect! .....speaking of which..... The horse place called......I'm on the schedule for Saturday! Good, cuz I began to have piercing hip pain again the night before last. OW! But ....the effects first ride lasted several days. I see my doc tomorrow....she'll be pleased with this report. Not sure if she knows how the horse helps reset t
  6. Wow....thanks for the research, Mommato3.......both here and in your Great Exodus storyline!!!!! MtRider .... Doesn't MrsS have experienced folks in SO many different topics!!
  7. Ack.....late for the party. Hope you had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECCA ANN! MtRider .....hope there's some cake left!
  8. Perpetual BOB Refinements Yanno what I mean? It's the Never-Ending-Project for me. Truthfully, most of that is because: A) I'm small stature and Senior Citizen {you know...old} and disabled. Therefore: I can't carry much and walk the distance if that were required. Not. Gonna. Happen. B ) ........ Um.... ....OK, I LIKE MY STUFF! Too much STUFF! Gotta have my STUFF! C) Due to disability and not young anymore, I actually DO need more stuff like adaptive equipment. Which adds weight that I already can't carry well. D)
  9. Sheeeeesh, Ambergris!!!!! That doesn't sound good! I hope something changes so you aren't pushed into this extreme!!!! My mom didn't make her cardio doc appt today. She's sick........ .....and I think I gave it to her. I hardly get out, right? But I was at horse riding on Friday. Sat. Sun. ....MONDAY I had an extraordinary time in bathroom.... TMI. DH thot it acted like an intestinal virus. I'd seen my folks for Easter on Sunday. Mon. Tues. WEDNESDAY my mom was running for bathroom. Good Grief! And she NEEDED to see
  10. Some dear friends loooong ago, made me a denim patchwork quilt. I LOVED that thing to death. Finally had to throw it out cuz it was so worn and shredded. Is it difficult to work with such heavy material, Euphrasyne? MtRider
  11. Glad to hear Kappy and CM are fine....and all their furry ones. Whoa....too bad someone didn't film the circus show when the neighbor dog came along. Would have been funny.......AFTER THE FACT when all were safe! I call these events: AND THEN THIS HAPPENED......! Almost looked like it would rain today.....yeah, RAIN? What's that look like? Haven't seen that in months. Cloudy, dreary and about 45* so....it was possible. Still have snow where it was piled deep. Most is gone. Will that be the last for this winter? Hope your neck and headache are getting bett
  12. Homesteader, I think you can count energy + range of motion while driving tractor mower! Plus any ON and OFF exertion! MtRider
  13. Wow....great news! Continued prayer for Mother's brother and anyone else in family. Tricky stuff, this COVID! MtRider
  14. I don't know if these are any good. Silly Alliteration books for young kids. The whole bunch is free right now. This is one of the books and scroll down on this page to find the rest of the series. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08P2GGYJZ?notRedirectToSDP=1&ref_=dbs_mng_calw_0&storeType=ebooks MtRider
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