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  1. ......and now I'm wheeeezing and coughing and trying to be quiet cuz...it's 1:30AM .....again. Those are seriously funny. VERY WEIRD but funny! MtRider .....it looks like some folks are getting a leeetle bit bored with SIP???
  2. Gazing around everywhere....trying to spy out CONTAINERS for gardening. MtRider Currently it's snowing hard....3" already and supposed to snow all nite. But I'm dreaming
  3. On The Other Hand......read this story. 101 yr old man....born in the second wave of the 1918-1919 pandemic.....got COVID ....AND SURVIVES! https://www.foxnews.com/world/101-year-old-italian-man-born-during-spanish-flu-pandemic-survives-coronavirus-official-says MtRider
  4. I actually got out......and ......I think I've turned into a germ-a-phobe! I kept thinking of the character Jody Foster played...about a woman who went to the rescue of a child on an island. She tried to bring a whole suitcase of Purel on the plane. [that was pre-911 days]. I wore N95. Had sanitizer in car. Waited for a couple to leave the feed store. Then went in. DH went outside to get potting soil bags into vehicle. The store is crowded with shelves and merchandise. A few other people were in there but I ducked around shelves to make room. Talked to owner about the seeds....glad I had the mask. The seed rack didn't have much selection and OUCH! These seeds better produce GOLD for the price! But then, if they produce food, that might BE like gold. I was able to fill in what DH missed at Walmart. Only a few things we will be able to do in our greenhouse/container circumstances. Container is difficult to keep hydrated in arid CO. WE2....didn't you try those tubs with some hydration technique....some guy on a vid? If it worked for you, do you have that link or the name. Might be something we could do. Hate to be starting with new systems when it really counts. Sanitized when I got into the car. Sanitized more when we got home ....all the seed packets were wiped down but then will be left for a few days like the Walmart ones. Only so much sanitizer you can use on paper packets. DH hauled the bags of soil to the dog kennel. Nothing can really get started til....we stay well above freezing and melt all this snow. MtRider .....certainly not as restful as being with just us in the Forest. I'd hate to be in a medical setting and being so microbe-conscious.
  5. Annarchy..... MtRider .....not easy times when normal stuff gets to be so harsh in light of the bigger background stuff.
  6. Well THOSE numbers aren't good. But considering our population...we're huge. And assuming China might have some missing pages to their statistics???? Cuz they're huge too. On a lighter note: Anyone like odd history lessons? This is about how our modern day medical masks [and the industrial 'dust' ones] were invented and evolved: https://www.fastcompany.com/90479846/the-untold-origin-story-of-the-n95-mask?utm_source=pocket-newtab MtRider
  7. I'm becoming more and more grateful that DH is [retired] chiro and a [retired] tax preparer. In-house knowledge/skill is coming in handy during Shelter In Place. He's much better at discerning some of the data coming out right now .....but it's still Wait and See. We're more concerned for minuscule businesses like our DD2/SIL. One and a half workers....on contract. What will they get as not-actual-employees. What do DD2/SIL get for the several minuscule businesses they run? She was getting more frantic again on the last phone call....course they were under a tsunami alert on top of everything else. [no tsunami, thankfully] DD1 is school teacher.....don't know how HI is handling that except the schools are out... But likely she's covered. Hard to reach that dd....doesn't answer anything but texting, which we don't have. MtRider
  8. Sorry to hear of economic hits for Annarchys and the CGs.... that ways and means will be found! All of our lives are changing! Taste the Rainbow pic is a precious SMILE for today! :hugs3: Thanks for that Annarchy. That boy will be a real asset to you...and US! Happy Birthday Chainsaw Mary a.k.a. Warrior Woman Granny Hours to get meat.....good move, obviously. Glad it was successful. for good [fast] progress with Kappy's P.T. and recovery. ...the local newspaper and store sales paper are flapping in the WIND UV light and time will sanitize what can't be wetted. MtRider
  9. How did that go, Dogmom? ...heading for the feed store soon, potting soil forgotten and we don't have 'dirt' in these mountains.. But wait! We DO have a lot of well-composted stuff from the horses. No new stuff added for ....almost 6 months. MtRider
  10. Well judging from shortages being reported for gardening seeds, potting soil, etc......not everyone is wearing the Cheshire cat's grin. The rest of us are going to garden, and whatever else we can to to ward off or mitigate the REALITY DOWN THE ROAD! MtRider ....yer gonna need DarthDuck to guard your gardens....a reality down the road..
  11. I've heard some of his discussions on Marjory Wildcraft's site. Have one or two of his books. Obviously not for my region but the general principles of Food Forest, etc are good. Now if I can figure out how to get what I just ordered into a Kindle reading format....something about mobi.....too late tonite to figure it. MtRider
  12. SueC!!!! I have been thinking about you lately!!! Wondering how you and yours have been? Are you still in NZ or back to Australia? How are your DDs doing? Have missed your perspective from places I'll never see. A few wks ago.....or was it only one or two?......it seems like NZ had locked down folks coming in except folks who live there. Those went into quarantine. Seemed like they would be in time to keep the monster out. Then a day or two ago, I read that wasn't the case. So sorry to hear it. We'd all like to hear that SOMEWHERE escaped. You're right about MrsS. Always based on a bunch of women friends [and a few great guys] sharing and encouraging. It's a safe place. And we seem to be recently gathering up more and more of our friends we have known in the past. Please be one of them!! MtRider
  13. Sheeesh, y'all! Here I am at 1AM ....again.....trying not to laugh too hard. Not helping here. Ach, it's good to laugh, isn't it? Mesquite, prickly pear, goatheads.....OW! Family cloth, The CG! ...NETTLES??? MtRider ....I keep laughing like this and I'm gonna need those Depends, Jeepers!
  14. So sorry you're having Troubles, WE2s. for God's provision for your needs!! Didn't sleep enough again....cuz I go to bed late and woke up FREEZING at 8am. Pulled up the down comforter. Got warm but didn't get to sleep. Took nap later tho. Slow to get going but didn't feel too bad after the exertions yesterday. DH made breakfast...I wasn't moving yet. I opened up both doors and aired the house [it really wasn't that cold by then] while DH/dog were out for a walk. VERY windy! I sanitized the left side of counters. Had to put a large container of baking powder into different container. Odd little things. DH made tube biscuits and country sausage/gravy. EZ and good. Talked to MN friend with 105 yr old mom...who is home from hospital and doing better. A little weaker than she was 2 wks ago but improving with some in-house P.T. They have medical folks at their house so they aren't completely locked down. D goes thru pick-up at Walmart. She and I laughed over her excited comment while preparing her Walmart pick-up order: They don't have a run on gravy! I asked her....wouldn't that comment have been totally WEIRD just a few weeks ago? She bought a jar in each flavor! My mom and I talked....I was reading her some recipes like No Knead Bread and Homemade Toffee/chocolate/nut bars. We might both try making something like that. Esp. the simple bread. Get geared up for when DH can't find any at store. DH makes wonderful bread....the kneading in breadmaker then rising kind. Long ago, I won ribbons at the fair for bread. MtRider
  15. Hmm, our CO site didn't update today. HOWEVER today....COLORADO Governor declared Stay At Home orders. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- QUOTE-===-=-=-=-=-= On Wednesday the governor of Colorado announced a statewide "stay at home order" through April 11. The order goes into effect on March 26 at 6 a.m. WHAT THE STAY AT HOME ORDER MEANS: This executive order means Coloradans should not be leaving their homes except for critical activities including: -Obtaining food and other household necessities including medicine -Going to and from work if you are a critical employee -Seeking medical care -Caring for dependents or pets -Caring for a vulnerable person in another location -Cannabis and liquor stores will remain open -Or participating in outdoor recreation at a legally-mandated safe distance of six feet or more from other parties =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= I said to DH: So....we keep doing exactly as we have been doing for the past 3 wks, right? Yep. Our Shelter-In-Place choices are EXACTLY like the governor HAD TO TELL OTHER FOLKS TO DO! Out of an abundance of ignorance or pig-headedness.....people aren't ALREADY DOING ALL THAT? But I wanna go play with my friends! Of the 4 of us who are in the vulnerable category, DH is the only one going out. Also the only one of us who really drives...highway, at least. About every 2 wks... .... milk, eggs, bread, fresh veggies... for both households. Nothing else we'd need except I forgot potting soil if we're to container garden. Drat! Might try the local feed store for that. Hope she's still open.....essential for livestock so I think so. As for the other stuff, if we have to switch to dehydrated/dried instead of fresh, we can do that too. Gives my folks a boost to have "normal" stuff if they can. But...they won't want to risk us for themselves. And risk is increasing.... If it comes to that, we'll be dropping stuff on the folks' porch from our long term supplies...and TP. Hopefully we've got the bases covered for all of us. It will be allowed for us to drive to them. It is allowed for us to go to National Forest with dog. It will be allowed for us to walk dog on our road....but avoid anyone else doing same. So.....we're fine. No change necessary. MtRider for all of us and those that make the huge choices that affect us all.
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