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  1. Hope you are feeling better, Jayceef! Walked first this morning and walked dogs. Watered rose garden. Picked up car from mechanics. May know what the problem is. Taking it back tomorrow after DH runs around some. Did ebay photos for DH. Am re-canning salsa, tomato sauce and spaghetti sauce. Will do pedicure tonight and relax.
  2. I'm guessing, definitely yes! Already made jello and pudding this morning. Next Sunday school and Church. Take bag of elderberries off stems and repackage and re-freeze. Look through some photos for my sister's quilt project. Start typing up my travel updates from 2003 to 2011. That should be interesting! Other than that, just hang out with DH!
  3. Walked first, this morning. First cool day! 57 this morning and up to 70 today! Have cauliflower (potato) salad prepped. Will be grilling out this afternoon. Next I will kill ants and sweep up glass where some nimrod broke a bottle on the road in front of house. Pull out my electric blanket so I can sleep with the window open and still be warm! Yay! Water roses. Nice day! That happened to me all the time when I took more than one zyrtec or atarax. I moved fast when waking up. Not awake until I was standing by the bed. Then I read that nightmares or night terrors were a side effect of taking more than one. But when I had hives, it was kind of neccessary.
  4. It was on MSN home page on my computer.
  5. That was a great article! I read this morning on MSN that "experts" are saying that statins may lessen the severity of covid. You know, instead of a vaccine or booster.
  6. No flu shot here. Haven't had one (or the flu) since I worked at the Health Dept. in FL in the early 90's. Kappy, I am storing all broken limbs from hurricanes in my old goat shed (that does not mean DH's shed) LOL. Glad you got your canner weight to work, Littlesister! Sorry about the snow, Mt Rider. We are looking forward to days in the 70's starting tomorrow. Welcome break from upper 80s to 90s! I've already walked and getting ready to walk dogs. Will water rose garden. Call about streetlight out (again). Get tote of jeans that were too small into bedroom. The ones I'm wearing are falling off. 8 pounds from my final goal of 135! Yay!!!
  7. Already walked and packed our lunch. DH has doc appt. at 11 and we have a couple of stops to make on the way home. Have our first new Bible study this evening.
  8. Sleep is (or would be) good! I only got about 4.5 hours last night. Watered roses this morning. Walked and will walk dogs next. I have a few phone calls to make and maybe take my trash bag of frozen elderberries off the stems and re-freeze. Prayer meeting tonight.
  9. Today will be a little busier day. Walk first and leave my contact info at City Hall to volunteer for City cleanup day. Thrift stores. Dollar Tree for cauliflower rice. Local grocery for sales. Hospital to pre-register for colonoscopy. Walmart for a few items. Call eye docs and make an appt for eye exam. Water roses tonight--it's been hot and dry. I'd rather stay home and find things to do. I was gifted 4 pounds of dates which will keep a while in the pantry, but I wanted them more long term, so vacuum sealed and put in freezer. I have half a trash bag of elderberries in freezer that need to come off the stems and get re-frozen then vacuum sealed and frozen again until it is syrup time. That is the kind of stuff I would rather do than spend half the day in town.
  10. I used to get hives daily. I still take a zyrtec at night. They are no fun @Jeepers
  11. Glad you're home, Ann! We spent one winter in LHC. I liked it! We were in an RV park, of course. Already walked, walked dogs. Did 2 loads of laundry. Called for pricing on eye exam so I can get new glasses. Went to City Hall. 3rd month they've said I was a month behind in paying. I have all receipts and the date they pull it from bank account. Just someone hit a wrong key in their system. It's going to get worked out as I won't pay extra when I've already paid. Baking chicken for dog treats now. Next eBay photos. Kill ants on property. Make cauliflower rice to go with leftover pinto beans that were frozen. That's enough for today, I hope. Hope to pick up my jeep from the mechanic, which died on the side of the Interstate on way to a doc appt. Thursday. (The jeep died, not the mechanic). LOL Misplaced modifiers. I use them for the humor @Midnightmom. At least I laugh when I see them written by someone else.
  12. I'm so sorry about your mom, Joyfilled!
  13. We are getting our new roof put on as we speak. Oreo and the girls are not as happy as we are! Walked already. Ran around a little with my friend. Have to go for colonoscopy consult this afternoon--getting the prep kit, I guess. Will stop at Kroger and a local market after for stock up and sales. Don't have anything else big to do today. Good deal!
  14. What is that protocol? Walked first this morning. Supposed to get roof first thing but no one here yet--8:30 am. They were going to start at 6:30 am. Supposed to take a ride with a friend and then bake Spaghetti pie that was frozen and is now thawed in fridge. Easy day?
  15. Great photos, all of you! I love the box shelves, euphrasyne! Wouldn't be getting me on a high wall, course or otherwise! Vertigo. Walked first this morning--not as much pain. Yay Walked dogs. Made egg muffins, but in a pan to slice--easier to clean the pan. Did 2 loads of laundry--1 to go. Just put first coat of varnish on walking stick. Second coat later this evening.
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