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  1. About 3 weeks ago, I made around 9 pints of pumpkin applesauce and last week, 6 pints of fig butter. Had to get the figs out of the freezer to make room for banana breads!
  2. Yes, definitely! Have opened one in July before and it was great! I just wrap it really well in plastic wrap, then foil and then bag it.
  3. We had doc appts this morning, mine at 8:30 and DH at different doc-copd- at 11. Had to stop at Walmart for file folders for next year's eBay and get goat feed. Also, a couple other stops and I'm tired! Tomorrow is Banana Bread day which is tiring but fun too! Been making them for over 40 years now. Sometimes 20-30 and sometimes over 50.
  4. I got yours today,mommato3boys ! It's so cute! Thank you!
  5. Thawing 5 pounds of figs tonight to make fig butter in the morning in the crockpot. Also, making Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo tomorrow. Have been cleaning and re-arranging living room today and cleaning baths and doing laundry. Dh's friend that came and stayed a couple of weeks about a year and a half ago is coming back through and may stay a couple of months this time at the Elderberry Acre B & B. LOL He and his service dog should be here Friday or Saturday.
  6. Jeepers! I do hope you are feeling better now! It's hard to be really sick when you are alone! And Kappy, I am so glad you two adopted that pup! I've never had one because of cost but I know they have a gentle and sweet personality! He is a lucky pup! I had Church this morning and have a turkey in the oven to freeze later. Going to do my exercise video and then do some decorating-inside and out. It's a beautiful Fall day here!
  7. Have you all ever tried mixing powdered ginger and honey into a paste and taking a spoonful twice a day for arthritis? Annabelle and I started doing that a few years ago and it is one home remedy that really works for me. Annabelle was 89 when we started it and within a week, we couldn't slow her down! It was amazing and so simple and cheap! DH and I are using it now with the same results so I thought I would share. In other news, not much going on. May have company again--different fellow and his dog-- or not. I'm making a turkey pot pie today from turkey I had cooked and frozen, green bean casserole and a butternut squash pie from the butternuts that I grew in the garden this year. Pretty low key and will have some leftovers. Also, bought another turkey to cook and freeze Monday. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
  8. Just got back from the local bank that is helping us. The new mortgage company has updated our info and removed the "lapse of flood insurance" from our loan. Looking forward to papers in the mail reflecting that. I saw what loan rates are this morning and we have a better rate now than we might get if we refinanced. Got the pumpkin applesauce pressure canned this morning, filled a large trash can from out in our shed and heading to a friend's house with a jar of the "sauce" in a few minutes. So glad this issue was resolved quickly and positively through God and Sandy, our banker!
  9. Good to meet you, Daniel!
  10. I've been catching up on everyone's shenanigans here and, wow! Lots going on! Walked this morning, did laundry, eBay photos and wrote one draft, washed one dog. Later this afternoon, I will make pumpkin applesauce in the roaster. Have 10 pounds of apples and as much pumpkin as I want to use. Will let it cook overnight and can it tomorrow morning. Peanut Butter and I went to the nursing home to visit a friend. She was the talk of the town!, Peanut, not my friend. LOL Stopped at the day old bread store for my low calorie bread on the way home. We are dealing with a new mortgage company that bought our mortgage recently. They decided we need flood insurance although our residence is not in a flood zone, just the back of the property. We could only buy the house if the insurance was waived and this is the 3rd company to buy it and the first to have a problem. We went right to the local bank where it was first originated and they sent the new company original flood certs and maps. We are waiting now for their response and wondering how God will work this out. So glad that I have all paperwork from closing! I will update when I can. Pumpkin applesauce is in the roaster! I will try not to be such a stranger!
  11. At Dollar General today at register. No one there. No bell to ring. Thought I heard noise from office but no one answered when I called out. I google the phone number, called the store and asked if they could ring me up at register 1. We all had a big laugh--they didn't hear me. Made brownies at Church this morning for Fall Fest. Went to store. Hard boiled eggs and did eBay stuff. Slow day!
  12. Yes, ma'am and I have the photos to prove it! LOL --Under lock and key- never to be released to the public! Ran around all morning --First did my 2 mile walk, then Dollar Tree to fill a shoe box for Church ministry, day old bread store for my bread and sweets for DH, visited a bit with friend in nursing home, thrift stores because I can, Walgreen's for free 4 x 6 photos to put in Christmas cards and then Hobby Lobby looking for whatever one is supposed to paint rocks with. Already had my 10,000 steps in when I got to Hobby Lobby. Came home and played with dogs outside and then started a load of laundry and did calisthenics. Besides goat duty, that's about it for today.
  13. So far today, I have made a pot of oatmeal, 2 pans of oven baked pork chops and some chicken breast strips. Baked a couple of chicken breasts also, cut up cheese and apple bites for dog treats. My shower curtain fell down so I am washing the liner with bleach and then hanging the Christmas shower curtain a little early but I don't mind. Going to take some eBay photos in a bit for DH and maybe work on 2020 photo calendar. Garden seems to be ok and not drowned. It's getting cooler now.
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