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  1. I hope you feel a bit better this morning, Mt. Rider! I got ham bone and butter beans in the slow cooker with lots of added veggies--and spice! Going to a 90 year old lady's Birthday party this afternoon. not sure what else.
  2. So far today: Roasted radishes. made Creole stewed okra, have cinnamon apples dehydrating in the oven. Next? Work on Mason jar lid Christmas ornaments and them maybe do some eBay. Having a fun day!
  3. I got "Taste of Home" magazine for years until they downsized them and started with the ads! They had great recipes! Quick Cooking too! Which goes against this thread. Whoops!
  4. So much to do with a new home @Jeepers! Woohoo! Got one of those fancy BMI type scales for $5.30 and an electric blanket--not throw-- for $10 at Dirt Cheap! So rarely go in there as I don't want to take the time to really look, but today was the day. Also got a haircut which was not dirt cheap! LOL
  5. I have two large ones and use them regularly to make dog food in. I have made yogurt in one and have directions--somewhere-- to use a slow cooker as a smoker. Thanks for pulling this up!
  6. I hope so too, Jeepers! He is having a rough time now and is waiting for new meds to come from VA. However, his hearing is so much better! I am forever grateful that he finally addressed that issue! I have had problems using Mrs. Wages pickle mixes. Turn out mushy.
  7. Your trip sounds too eventful to me! Sorry about your pains! If we could only get younger as we age?!--to a degree.
  8. Took DH to doc about 40 miles away this morning. Found that he doesn't have essential tremors, it is a genetic thing. No cure but at least doc is changing meds to maybe help a little. Went to thrift shop and scored big with lots of stuff for eBay! Then went to Save a lot ( hadn't been in one in about 15 years). I was not impressed! Walmart prices and higher than what I get at local grocery sales! Won't go there again. Home and resting for the afternoon.
  9. I think that's what toad poop looks like, too! LOL Sunday had Church in the morning and cleaned house in the afternoon. Also, added some fertilizer to what is still making in the garden. Today, got laundry going, will do some eBay drafts and photos this afternoon and clean out and inventory my craft trunk. And cut more okra. Easy days!
  10. I got there about 10 this morning. Not too busy yet, but the parking lot was pretty packed when I left.
  11. Did the monthly Walmart run. Big fight in the Walmart! Was told it was two female employees. I couldn't see them as there were too many folks around them--half of them shooting video. One employee says she is quitting as she doesn't feel safe there now. Came home and DH was shocked that I spent $120 for the month. He doesn't know that I did very well. We wouldn't have a weeks worth of groceries if he shopped!
  12. Made baked beans and cole slaw yesterday afternoon at Church for fundraiser and served it today, then cleaned up.Went to town to visit friend in nursing home yesterday, but she was in therapy so will try again tomorrow. Went to discount bread store for my low calorie bread and then to thrift store. Found the cutest butter dish and a great rug ($3) for the back door--coming in from goats. Will post photos.Tomorrow is the monthly Walmart/ Kroger run plus nursing home. Sure hope to rest some Saturday!
  13. Yesterday was Church in the AM, then harvested 15 butternut squash and some more okra - chopped and froze that. Looked for and found my homemade hot chocolate mix and looked for mandoline but have not found that yet. This morning I harvested basil and got it in the dehydrator on the front porch, looked through (and disposed of most) some bank card offers and misc. papers. About to look for some pills for dog-- don't know where they went. Straightened out some doc appts. for DH and then aim to straighten out linen closet.
  14. Hope you get a break soon, Mt. Rider! Today: One load of laundry, did walk and chores, made chicken salad with chicken leftover from grilling, made chicken burgers from home ground chicken, made spaghetti pie for DH. I will be helping a friend for the next couple of days, so need food for both of us pre-pared.
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