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  1. Every day, I walked. Let's just get that out of the way. LOL Friday ran around town and did some eBay shopping at thrift shops. Saturday, I helped a friend most of the day. Yesterday was Church, wash dogs, wash dog blankets, wash rugs and swept the house. Then a new women's group at Church. Today have already PC'd 7 quarts of free chicken (the best kind)! Walked the dogs. Getting ready to inventory the inside pantry. That will be fun---not!
  2. We will be home. Just the two of us. That stays the same. Usually go out to brother in laws for lunch. We are always low key.
  3. So many folks not doing too well now. In my family and area also. Praying! Walked first, fed dogs and walked them. And done! What? Nothing on my list today. not having an oven slows me down! Tomorrow, I will go to town for local grocery sales. Might go out in the garden this afternoon, maybe not.
  4. As usual, fed dogs, walked, went to Dollar General for DH. Laundry is almost done. Cooked big pork roast in the instant pot. Will shred it today and PC it tomorrow in BBQ sauce. Have to take eBay photos maybe. Now what? That was all that is on my list today!
  5. Praying for Mt. Rider's mom! and entire family!
  6. Thank you! Seems to be good this morning but hurt so much last night! Took pain pills and muscle relaxers. I am hoping tonight will be easier! Walked first this morning, fed and walked dogs, walked up to library to see if they had any books by Mary Oliver. Nope, but they will request some. I have one bill to pay today, have to cut up cheese for dog treats and search for turmeric in my spice cabinets. Easy day! I hope your dentist appointment goes well and quickly Wednesday @Littlesister!
  7. I pulled a muscle in my upper back this week. Not sure if it was trimming roses, picking up branches from the storm or picking up the full pressure canner. Took a muscle relaxer this morning and intend to take it easier today. Already fed the pups and made rice to add to their food for the week. Going to Church and Walmart for a few items. Should walk dogs later this afternoon. That's about it, I hope!
  8. Good morning! Will walk or do video in a bit. Already washed dog blankets and have 5 quarts of sliced potatoes in the pressure canner--taters were gifted. Still need to give one dog a bath, make hamburgers and then make up some homemade seasoned salt mix. After that, nothing! You all have a good weekend!
  9. Well this visit went better than expected! The pills slowed him down some but did not sedate him. Slowed him down enough for the girls to throw a towel over his head to hold him because there was no putting a muzzle on him. He wasn't happy but should be good to go for 3 years on rabies! I'm resting and eating dinner. That will be all today.
  10. I'm sorry about your grandson, WE2. I'll pray that the docs can come up with another fix that will allow him to be mobile! Only thing on my list after my walk is to take Oreo to vet this afternoon. He will get 2 pills to sedate him first. I will let you know how this goes. Could be interesting with his fear aggression.
  11. I agree! Glad your DH got his wallet back with contents Mt. Rider and also glad you and your home are in one piece, Jeepers! That's a lot of stress and excitement there! I am staying low key this week. Fed and walked dogs, then walked myself this morning. Pressure canning about 10 pounds of pulled pork which was given to me today, made cucumber salad and that's about it! Yesterday evening, we did have a fellow come glue a few shingles on the roof which were lost during the recent storm.
  12. Sounds very positive, @euphrasyne! Glad life is moving a little smoother for you! DH is going to local VA clinic for lab work this morning so I am home to feed and walk dogs, then take my walk. Today, I will be hard boiling eggs, grilling a steak, trimming some roses and thawing some meat to PC tomorrow. I have run out of things to do. LOL Have a couple of calls to make as a friend passed away Sunday.
  13. Yes, I did! tried the peroxide on the floor. It works! I have a blanket and a throw. Throw is for the living room and blanket on bed in between sheet and comforter!
  14. Electric throw works great! We would consider 7-10" rain a lot here. Electric was off for a few hours. We were and are blessed! I'm so sorry about your grandson, WE2! And your daughter. I pray God heals both! It's laundry day. And flea meds day for the pups. Will go for walk after I feed dogs today and probably in the future. More time after and don't feel as rushed to get back. We will visit our company at their new home a little later today and I will put out sevin dust on the garden now that the rain is done.
  15. We got some wind and less than 4 inches of rain. So all good here! Not doing much today besides Church times 2, washing sheets and grilling some sausages. Need rest and sleep!
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