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  1. Yesterday, I did a video, then Sunday School and Church. Came home and used up a lot of leftover steroid energy cleaning the house for the week--baths, sweep, dust. Going to walk in a few minutes. Walk dogs Laundry already started Cook turkey sausage for week's breakfasts Take a ride with a friend. Nice day! Still wired up from steroids. I'll be glad when they are out of me! ON the brighter side, I'm down 3.6 pounds of the 5 I gained!
  2. Sorry you got cancelled, but I understand the liability issue, Mt. Rider. Walked first this morning. Went to Walmart to check about installation for new TV. Yay! Went to Walgreens to see about printing little brother's last photo that he had texted to me before passing. Went to local grocery stores for sales Stopped at one thrift store Visited with a friend for a little while. That's about it for the day, I hope! I made an executive decision to stop taking the double dose of steroids one day early as there has been no difference at all in my thumb but I have
  3. Well, the soup is almost done in the PC. We ordered a TV off Amazon. I did my small chores from yesterday. So I am going to walk, since it has cleared up for now. More rain coming tonight and tomorrow! Glad to be about done!
  4. Snowing again, Mt. Rider? Wow! We are going to get down to the mid 40's a couple of nights and mid 60's during the day, but that's it! Will do a video (rain again) in a bit. Getting ready to head to the kitchen to make Loaded Baked Potato Soup to PC. The potatoes and cheese were gifted so I want to use them up. Next will be the small chores I didn't do yesterday-- cut cheese and make pudding. A little later, we will head to Best Buy in Louisiana to see if we can find a TV for DH.
  5. DH and I went to Walmart this morning to look at TVs. The only ones they had were 70" TVs. No thanks. All the rest are out of stock. So tomorrow, we will head down into Louisiana and see if we find anything there. I did a video a few minutes ago and still need to walk dogs in a few minutes. This afternoon will make s/f pudding for us and cut up cheese treats for dogs. Right now, I am being glad I did not start a garden (yet) as I would have had to replant twice. If the fellow shows up to till, I will start one, otherwise not. We got another 3 and a half inches rain y
  6. I'm thinking I may have more info in the old thread. Will check tomorrow when I am on the lap top.
  7. We lived in either an RV or travel trailer for 10 years. I learned how to pressure can in a 21 foot travel trailer. Also bought groceries only on sale. Just like I do now. I found room.
  8. Had a busy few days. Yesterday did video Then Sunday School and Church Local grocery for sales Our power was off from big storms (tornado sirens went off 3 times in the middle of the night) from midnight Thursday night until about 3 pm Friday Set up my vitamins for the month Cooked bell peppers, onions and jalapenos for the week Made a couple of phone calls Today, walked and walked dogs Did laundry for the week Took eBay photos Grilled some pork steaks for lunches Made an Unstuffed Pepper Casserole with an extra aluminum loaf pan to freeze for later I
  9. Yesterday, walked first and walked dogs. Went to insurance appointment for dental and vision insurance. Went to local grocery for sales. Stopped at thrift stores--nothing of note. Made more caramel apple cobblers to distribute Friday morning. Cut up and added sugar to some strawberries I was given. Today, walked first. Made copies of insurance policy. Cleaned bathrooms and washed rugs. Swept house. In a bit we will go to my Orthopedic appointment. Stop at Walmart in bigger town for a couple of items. Thrift store and get home! Will probably do eBay photos later
  10. Looks like your landscaper will be worth the money, Jeepers! I'm glad the neighbor's pit bull didn't get any of your crew, Kappy! Today is walking first. Laundry and dust house. Call insurance lady and banker in UT. File Small Estate Affadavit and get our medical POA and Wills notarized. Vote in City Primary Election. Make Caramel Apple Crumble for 2 friends who have lost relatives recently. That's enough for me!
  11. Praying for your mom, Mt. Rider! The dog food saga continues! Walked first and walked dogs this morning. First 14 quarts of dog food are in canner and cooling, one more load of 2 canners to go. I may find something else to PC since the second canner won't be full. Sill need to dust house and I will be done except watching canners. Yay!
  12. Better wit until I tweak the recipe enough to get it out of the jar. LOL Then I will! Happy Easter! Busy day, today! Did video first. Made 3 bean salad. Sunday School and Church. Made jello salad. Cut up chicken, chicken livers, carrots and sweet potatoes for dog food. Made chicken pot pie for dinner. Made copies of papers for a friend. Only thing left to do is assemble the dog food in roaster and slow cooker to cook overnight. So glad I only do this every 2 or 3 months!
  13. Glad you ride was a success, Mt. Rider! So happy you feel better! Yesterday, after my walk and walking dogs, I PC'd macaroni and cheese. Melted velveeta style cheese in slow cooker and added chicken broth. Just not enough. It tastes great but hard to get out of the jar at room temp. Today, I will put jar in microwave to see if that helps. I'm going to have to use less cheese and more broth. It's an edible learning curve. LOL This morning, I went yard sailing with a friend and then to the Easter egg hunt for kids at Church. Only got one pair of shoes at sale (Skecher De
  14. Already paid bills this morning. Will feed dogs, then walk. Must fill out wills today--before other chores! Will cook bell peppers, onions and jalapenos for eggs for the week. Also, turkey sausage. Make rice and cut up cheese for the pups. There is a yard sale I may go to and then stop at bank on the way home to pick up death certificate they faxed for me yesterday. That should be enough!
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