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  1. I'm so thankful that we have had a fairly warm winter, so far. I covered up my broccoli and aloe vera the last two nights as it has been in the 20's, but otherwise, fairly nice!
  2. If my neighbor was home, she would have called the cops before I got out the door. I am glad that Oreo has a big deep voice!
  3. Week ending 1/18--31 miles
  4. I've done toast, buffalo tenders and buffalo cauliflower, French fries, and chicken breasts. Works great!
  5. So far this morning, I've made a big slow cooker of veggie soup and made hummus. Getting ready to cook collards that I just picked and then cook some turnips. I was going to can the pineapple today, but will wait til Thursday for that (cut my finger--pineapple juice). I think my coffee had extra caffeine today! Just as I went out to pick collards, I heard someone banging on next door neighbor's window. Was a fellow begging for food (or money), either would be good. He even wanted my collards. Told him I was canning them for us. Wouldn't leave so I got DH to make him leave.
  6. He looks sweet! I'm so glad they are getting along and that you could calm him down so he can get on with his new life!
  7. He looks so sweet! I hope all goes well!
  8. I've never seen one like that! I would think it would work well if using applesauce or cooking the apples first. That's a nice blender and good luck!
  9. This morning, I did 35 minute exercise video, bought gasoline, went to Walmart for a couple of things, local grocery for pineapples (99 cents each) to can, thrift shops, visited with friend at nursing home, looked for turnip seeds and rutabagas-- everybody is out. Finally got home and kid came to help with clean out in shed 15 minutes later. Got all that done and a few outside chores. I'm exhausted! Almost 16,000 steps so far! I think I'm about done. Looking forward to finishing cleaning out in the shed. There is already some shelving. The shed is actually an unfinished 30 x 40 ft. concrete block building. It is shaded and stays cool in the summer so hope to put some canned goods out there to free up space in the house.
  10. Picked and pressure canned all my mustard greens this morning. Got a plan made for the kid to help me with shed clean out and yard chores tomorrow. May have to postpone because of weather--will see. No electric in shed. Got everything I've received ready for tax lady and paid a bill.
  11. After yesterday's dog washing extravaganza (all three), I ground--grinded?- up 14 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breast. Only got a little over 10 pounds ground, so I think there was a lot of water added to the packages. Today, I am doing laundry, finishing a handwritten timeline of the flood insurance fiasco since it is still not resolved, and taking photos of everything in house. Should have been done long ago, but wasn't. Already been for my walk. I am in shorts and t-shirt today as it will get up to about 73 for a high. Mt. Rider, I hope you are feeling a little better today! Remember pineapple juice is very effective for the cough!
  12. One week in Nov. was 35.52. I have to do something intentional every day (since I seem to eat every day) LOL I seem to skip walking about once a month on average. Otherwise walk or do video every day--usually first thing.
  13. Pressure canned 20 quarts of dog food last week. Supposed to pick and can mustard greens on Wednesday. Will see if I can get that done.
  14. According to fitbit : Week ending 1/4 25.81 miles Week ending 1/11 30.67 miles
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