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  1. Sure hope you can get a car and that you two stay safe during the hurricane, @Littlesister! Walked first and then ran around a bit this morning. Got 2 cases of wide mouth quarts at Walmart. Still looking for pints. Doing laundry now. Will probably slice jalapenos later for Candied and canning.
  2. Happy Birthday, KOA! Video first this morning, then went to Church. Set up DH's meds for two weeks and my vitamins for a month. Picked figs and okra. Put figs, okra and tomatoes in freezer. Have to go to town tomorrow for a short time and then will be canning and tearing down gardens (or parts) for the next week or so.
  3. Neither my zucchini nor yellow squash did real well this year. Some zucchini and few yellows. I may have done something wrong. Plenty of butternut squash though!
  4. Walked this morning and picked up prescription on the way, then paid bills and did month ending books. Will do DH's meds for the next 2 weeks, call VA for him and make salads for the next couple of days. Must sweep house today. Will cut okra, pick figs and jalapenos. And cut up some cheese for dog treats. Hope that is about it! Have a good weekend everyone!
  5. Walked first thing this morning, then did my monthly stock up a day early to avoid the crowds. I think it worked pretty well. Only thing I couldn't find was jars. No cases of jars anywhere. Finally found 8 jars at a thrift store for a good price. I did get more lids and sure gel. Don't have much on my list today for afternoon. Pick figs and tomatoes, maybe jalapenos.
  6. When I PC zucchini, it is no more mushy than if I cook or stew it down. Same with okra. Potatoes are in cans of soup and not mushy. I PC potatoes for french fries and they work too. Thanks, Annarchy! It isn't easy. Gained a couple of pounds when company was here and taking that back off now. Walked this morning and then PC'd 11 quarts of okra so I have a little freezer space.
  7. Yesterday evening, I had to spray a wasp nest by front door and stick a Dr. Pepper bottle of gas in a ground hornets nest. Summer! Did video this morning and went to local store for wasp spray and chicken for dogs. Cooked chicken and will cut up for treats in a bit. Made applesauce in slow cooker from apples that were gifted to me. We are getting rain most of the day today and probably tomorrow, so not sure what else I'll do. Need to cut okra at some point- that's every other day. And pick figs every day.
  8. Sorry to hear about your Aussie, Kappy! We usually wait a month at least before introducing a new friend into the pack. Sometimes that is not easy to do when we are missing our old friend so much, though.
  9. Had a great visit with visiting friends and their dogs! Ate too much and no exercise. Was better than vacation! LOL At first it was touchy with 3 extra dogs, 1 full grown labradoodle, one white spitz and one black cocker spaniel plus our corgi and 2 chi- mixes) but all was well within half hour or so. Went to a flea market with my friend and got DH a side table with storage to put beside his recliner. All wood and heavy! Other than that jaunt, we stayed home and visited. Got all housecleaning and cooking done before they arrived. Now they are gone 😢 and I'm still not doing anything the rest of the day.
  10. Praying for your family in Hawaii, Mt. Rider! Sounds like they are in for a storm one way or another! Woke up at 4 am this morning. What the heck! Already washed sheets on guest bed, washed rugs and swept floors. Still need to do long video- no walk, hip hurts, make meatloaf and mashed potatoes (with 5# bag that was gifted). Other than that, just mess around today and visit. Made a Pecan Upside Down Bundt Cake last night.
  11. With a new doc, I always hope that they have actually already looked at and understand my chart and maybe have questions that are relevant. Usually not! Walked first this morning, then cleaned baths, dusted house and cleaned up office area. Made salads for us, rice for dogs food and later will make Pecan Upside Down Cake for company coming tomorrow. Found a tomato worm yesterday. I hate those things!
  12. Hope you are feeling better today, Mt. Rider! Walked this morning, then started laundry, gave dogs their flea meds, cut up more cheese for extra treats this weekend (for extra dogs). Labeled the rotel tomatoes, removed bands and put away (only one pint did not seal). Then, weed eated part of my garden that is over. Sometimes, it gets to the point where the weeds just win. Still need to prune tomato plants and fertilize. Maybe I can get another round out of them.
  13. Walked this morning and then made and pressure canned Rotel tomatoes all day. 19 pints and 6 quarts.
  14. I'm so sorry you are dealing with this but glad you are doing better. Praying for you!
  15. We have regular Church but one pew in between people. No Sunday School or Bible study.
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