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  1. Went with DH to put gas in his car. First time we have left the house together in a month at least. Washed rugs, swept house and dusted house. Went on walk this morning and turned in prescription at local drugstore. Pretty slow day. I'm starting to like them!
  2. So much for waiting a week or so! This morning, I headed to Kroger for a ham @ 99 cents a pound. Since it is the first of the month, thought I would drive by Walmart and see how much of a circus it was. Parking lot was dead at 9:15 AM. I went in, did my monthly shop--they had everything I needed-- and was out in about 45 minutes. I think that's a record for me! Everyone was polite and practicing the social distancing gig. They did have toilet paper. I just wasn't there for that. I did not see lysol spray or clorox wipes. I think everyone thought like I did and that it would be crazy. So glad it was not. I came home and disinfected everything, including myself. Went for my walk, came home and made a turkey pot pie and paid the monthly bills. That's it for today. Won't be going back to Walmart for at least a month. Yay! I did stop at Kroger afterwards and got the ham and that was all! Ham was $2.19 a pound at Walmart
  3. I bet she is right! I'm going to wait a week or so for the Walmart run. Nothing I have to have right now or ever if push comes to shove! We will see in the days ahead!
  4. Thank you, Jeepers! That is an amazing song! A lot of thought in it! Wonderful!
  5. snapshotmiki


    What sort of lights were on Noah's Ark?................Floodlights! LOLOL
  6. Our Church live streams the Pastor through you tube at the regular time on Sunday mornings!
  7. Going to do less today than past 4 days! Getting the 2 gardens worked and planted plus all the cooking did me in and sheet, blanket washing and bed making. Today, just regular laundry and eBay. May take a day off walking and exercising. Rest! And now, to watch Gardening with Leon!
  8. Walked first thing this morning. Third load of laundry is started now--washing all bed sheets, blankets and dog blankets. Put flea meds on all dogs last night. Started Black eyed peas with turkey sausage in the slow cooker, took eBay photos (of clothes, not the dinner), made chocolate hummus (which is amazing!). Still need to make corn bread and do another 2 loads of laundry (and re-make beds). Cherry tomatoes that I started last week are up. Hope to keep them alive until transplant time.
  9. I love Jackson Browne! Hope he will pull through it! In my area (10 miles north), today we have 4 confirmed, 4 suspected and had our first death. That's too close!
  10. Got both gardens tilled and planted in the last two days. One in front yard and one in back both about 12 X 40. Had to fence the back one to keep dogs out. Will plant Contender Green Bush beans today and then wait for the Cherry tomato starts to grow. I hope to take it easy and just do some eBay listing today and maybe make some biscuits or some kind of baking. Our Church is live streaming at 10:30 and I hope to have exercise videos done by then.
  11. Seems like I read that one can grind up dried beans for flour, kind of like corn. If they can make almond flour and coconut flour, seems like dried beans would work and they grow pretty good where I am.
  12. Sorry about your stressors, Ann! Insurance! Blah!!! I hope your day goes smoothly! Got front garden planted yesterday (mostly underground plants and seeds). Got the fencing for the one in the back yard this morning (dogs) and so now to get it planted with what I can right now. Have seeds to soak tonight that will be added tomorrow. Stay home and stay well, everyone!
  13. I'm glad you all understand my un ease. Already walked and got lime at hardware store. Put out lime and fertilizer and now waiting on fellow to till garden. A lot of today will be trying to remove grass clumps from plots and making hills so I can plant tomorrow. Both will take a while! Also need to make rice for dogs and pudding for DH. Wrote 3 eBay drafts last night since I couldn't sleep. Will probably write more today and take photos. Business is very slow so we are taking advantage of time (and a promotion) to list more.
  14. Happy Belated Birthday, Mary! Hope it was fun and relaxing! I didn't do much today besides walk and work on eBay listings. Feeling very unsettled tonight. That's why I'm awake when I know I will be up at 6 am. Too much information and not enough Jesus! I'll be praying for us all in a few minutes.
  15. Good to know that the essential businesses bringing in the tax money will remain open! LOL
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