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  1. Already have Pumpkin Applesauce in the crockpot this morning. Looked a local grocery ads--nothing there. Ordered flea meds off eBay for pups. Printed off user manual for the new $20 air fryer I got yesterday and a few recipes. Will be making buffalo drumsticks today! Will be doing some eBay photos and cutting down the okra when it clears up and the sun comes out a bit and take my walk. Slow-ish day today. Yay!
  2. Yesterday morning, I went to Walmart and picked up the new roaster oven to make mass quantities of dog food. Stopped at thrift stores--nothing. Stopped at Dollar Tree, then bought gas and then visited with friend in nursing home. Got home at 1 pm, ate lunch and then helped make 2 huge pans of sloppy joe base for our Fall Fest at Church on the 30th. Today, I have done laundry for the week and made cookies for DH. Will do some eBay photos and then am buying an air fryer for $20 from a lady on facebook this evening--she will deliver--I know her. Tomorrow, I am making Pumpkin Applesauce in the slow cooker to can, then taking my okra down so the young man can till up my garden this weekend. Want to plant a little mustard and collard greens before putting it to bed for the winter. Still haven't addressed one single Christmas card so I better get on that.
  3. Hope you are feeling better soon, Mt. Rider! Today is goat shed day! It was in the lower 50's this morning and supposed to get up to 66. Kid got here at 10 to help and we were done at noon.Afterwards, I ground up 9 pounds of the chicken I got yesterday. About 25-30 pounds. Made chicken sausage out of 2 pounds of it. Also, grilled the chicken that I didn't get to yesterday and frosted some cupcakes for company today or tomorrow. That's enough for me for one day!
  4. Yesterday was house cleaning and made an appetizer for last night of revival get together. Today, I have re-potted an African Violet that was a gift (and I haven't killed yet even though it is in the house). Have to hem a pair of my slacks and then make spaghetti for DH. Maybe make more Pumpkin Angel Food Cake appetizers as we may have company tomorrow or Saturday. I ordered an 18 qt roaster from Walmart so I can be more efficient when canning dog food since I have more to do now with the new pup. Also got a second weight set a few weeks ago so I can run 2 pressure canners at once--Presto- a 16 qt. and a 23 qt. Tomorrow I will hit a grocery store about 10 miles away. They have boneless skinless chicken for 99 cents a pound and I intend to stock up so I can grind some for sausage and burger as well as have plenty on hand for us and dog food. They have a few other things on sale I will get too! Finally getting cool weather on Saturday --70-- so I have a kid coming over to help me deep clean the goat shed. It's a twice a year job.
  5. I just made homemade pumpkin pie spiced creamer this morning. And chocolate--will add candy canes when available. All sugar free. We add pumpkin to the dogs food each day and for $10 got a shopping cart full of the 15 oz cans dated last year at the salvage grocery. We have almost run out and hit them again. This time had to pay 50 cents a can for the big cans-30 oz.
  6. Revival this week at Church so staying busy with that and home chores. That's about it right now.
  7. When I click on the link, all I get is a youtube header and a completely blank page. Not sure why.
  8. I'm so happy they found her!
  9. RV or travel trailer with a storage unit also, would be excellent!
  10. I believe he has a good heart and is very down to earth! The only complaints I have heard are from older ladies who think he wasn't dressed well enough. I think they are missing the point!
  11. Thursday, made oven fried okra and chicken strips. Both turned out great! Friday, made unstuffed pepper casserole for DH, keto type egg muffins for me, brown rice for dogs, and cake batter dip for garden party. Started Saturday re-potting 6 aloe vera pups for a garden party. Then hot glued flowers to my one hat for same party. Made a flower shaped appetizer from sliced cheese and grapes and then went to party. Yesterday, Church this morning, then to Dollar General for 2 items and then to an estate sale nearby for half price day. Home to make a brownie batter dip for event after Church and then served at event and cleaned up. There was a message from a pastor who may become our new full time pastor. Then visited him after Church. Today, DH has a doc appt about 70 miles away. New puppy is exhausting but doing well with potty training.
  12. He will come home Wednesday. I am looking forward to him and a little scared, too. He can't be too out of control with DH's health. Mt. Rider, your DH will probably make more money in less time with dinner shifts. That has always been my experience and will hopefully be yours, also!
  13. We are! He may be a challenge to start with as I bet he was tied up outside and he will probably need house training at 2 years old. Probably a little chaotic for the first month or so and then hopefully settle. He may be the last pup we bring home as we are getting older and don't want to leave several dogs to re-home when we pass. The two we have now are older so adding a youngster should be interesting! Did a lot of walking this morning, already over 8,000 steps. Have laundry going and will start going through clothes in my closet shortly. Trying to keep it sort up to date with changing sizes. Will probably cut some okra today. It is supposed to get up to 100 degrees by Saturday and then gradually come back down. 92 today. Happy Labor Day to all!
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