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  1. I'm so sorry, Little sister, that you all are going through this! You are in my prayers.
  2. My folks passed long ago, but I sure feel badly for your situations with parents! Makes me think ahead since we are not spring chickens, either! Today, I walked, did video, par boiled chicken, made rice (for dogs), made faux potato salad. DH said it tasted just like regular potato salad (which I made for him yesterday). Going to make stuffed grilled jalapenos to go with the chicken that will be grilled. May make some baked beans also. Still have to do some eBay photos and then rest later. Shouldn't have to cook for a few days!
  3. Did walk and video this morning and then pulled weeds and checked for veggies in gardens. Got 1 zucchini and a handful of jalapenos. A friend in town found 2 puppies and has been trying to get them to a shelter but he doesn't drive, so I contacted the shelter (no kill) and then transported them to their new abode. Came home and re-arranged items in freezer. Found chicken thighs and some sausage to cook on grill tomorrow. Went to local hardware for topsoil and fertilizer. Still need to go to local grocery for a container of potato salad as I am not making it. I always make enough for an army and we don't need that!
  4. After walking and video, I had to go to town to open an account for eBay since their rules are changing. Don't want them in my normal account. Stopped at Kroger for local sales and a thrift shop, then home. That's all for today. My hip has been hurting so I started taking glucosamine again. Time to back off the mega walking and exercise plus gardening for a day or two.
  5. I bet you are about ready to make your move, aren't you, Jeepers? I know you can't right now, but maybe ready! Walked and did short video this morning, put out 2 bales of hay (most over front garden) and finished with a little on back garden. Have completed 3 loads of laundry. Supposed to make hummus and sugar free pudding. Not sure if I will do either one. And I will tell you all that it would have to be extreme circumstances before DH or I will go into the hospital or any other facility! I get nightmares about all this! We will stay home if there is any choice at all!
  6. Walked and did video this morning, put pork roast in slow cooker for carnitas, then went to Walmart for a few things mid month, then Dollar General for tissue paper for wrapping eBay. Then to local co-op for 2 more bales of hay. Came home and disinfected, repackaged and put away everything (except hay). Made phone calls to banks as we have to open a new account for eBay alone. Still have to make salads and more salad dressing for DH. And then stop for the day.
  7. I do a 35 minute Leslie Sansone walkaerobics and a 15 minute Leslie Sansone Fast Walk on Sundays. All other days I walk around town twice and do the short video, weather permitting.
  8. Me either! Easy Spirit's aren't cheap and that is about all I wear. Most I get from thrift stores and some are new with tags Short list today and already finished it. Put chicken wire in back garden for peas to climb and to corral watermelons. Asked DH to just stand outside and hold post where I attached fencing. He decided to step over fence, missed getting 2nd foot over and fell flat on his back. When he fell, it looked like someone gently laid him down and I credit Angels. Never seen a fall like that- almost in slow motion! He came in and took a long hot shower and says he is fine. Then watched Church on lap top, next long and short exercise video. It's supposed to rain this afternoon, so anything else will be inside.
  9. Walked and video this morning. Hard boiled eggs, made us salads for today and tomorrow, cut up watermelon, did one load of laundry, cleaned dryer exhaust outside. Put a bale of hay over most of the back garden. Need more. Feeling done in as I didn't get a lot of sleep last night.
  10. DH had a tele health visit with a doc the other day. I have to wonder how much they are charging the VA for this? As much as an office visit?
  11. Usually, but lately even more, I try to keep my eyes open and really look at the beauty in Nature! Keeps me grounded with God and reminds me to be thankful and pray! Walked this morning and video. Took DH to Dollar General and local grocery--they are well stocked on meat and produce, just pricier now. Going to go rake up in back garden and then transplant about 30 Cherry tomato bushes. Supposed to rain Thurs. and Fri. Hope they don't drown. I think the cold weather is out of here so it is time for them to grow up! Going to get my hair cut at 2 pm. Yay!
  12. Hope you can help your DH get some relief @Littlesister! A lot of us seem to be in some kind of crisis right now. I'm just busy! Busy day today and haven't left the house (except walking)! Walked first and did short video. Weeding and hoeing in the back garden. Called in DH's RX, Ordered flat rate envelopes for eBay, did eBay photos, did laundry, made baked onions n foil packets and then made liver and onions with bacon and made mashed potatoes from real. Made a couple of phone calls and that's about enough!
  13. Happy Mother's Day to you, also!
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