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  1. This is infrastructure. People who inspect bridges have been filing reports that they need repairs (or replacement) for decades now, and they have mostly just been getting minimal patches. Mostly. There is reason to spend money on the country's infrastructure.
  2. India 'on war footing' as coronavirus infections pass 24 million Fri, May 14, 2021, 12:09 AM By Tanvi Mehta and Shilpa Jamkhandikar NEW DELHI (Reuters) -Prime Minister Narendra Modi sounded the alarm over the rapid spread of the coronavirus through India's vast countryside on Friday, as the official tally of infections crossed 24 million, and 4,000 people died for the third straight day. The highly transmissible B.1.617 variant of the coronavirus first detected in India is also spreading across the globe, and Modi said his government was "on a war footing" in its fight against the con
  3. Pfizer makes it in Kalamazoo and Puurs, Germany. Moderna's US vaccine is made "in the US" which could mean Puerto Rico or another territory. Johnson & Johnson split up to Maryland, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Spain, Italy, India, South Africa France.
  4. Car radiators were a terrible way to do it because of the lead in the welds, which leached into the alcohol just like the lead in the Romans' wine barrels etc.
  5. Seychelles 1,842 infections per 100K people reported last 7 days as of May 13, 2021, highest per capita level in Africa. Average number of new infections reported each day in Seychelles now at 257 new infections reported each day, mostly mild. According to the country's health ministry, "more than one third of new active cases are people who are fully vaccinated." Seychelles has administered at least 128,919 doses of COVID vaccines so far, and is understood to have vaccinated 66% of the population. According to the health ministry, 57% were given the Chinese vaccine Sinopha
  6. Robin MILLARD with AFP bureaus Wed, May 12, 2021, 1:55 AM An expert panel on Wednesday blamed bad coordination as well as dithering by national governments and international organisations for the failure to tackle Covid-19 before it became a full-blown pandemic, as India's death toll topped 250,000. India added a record 4,205 deaths to its Covid-19 toll in the past 24 hours, with the variant stoking the country's surge now present in dozens of other countries across the globe. ++++++ Those are the official numbers. Given the undercounting described in the articles above, th
  7. BBC India's Covid crisis: The newsroom counting the uncounted deaths Soutik Biswas - India correspondent Tue, May 11, 2021, 2:08 AM. On 1 April, the wife and daughter of an editor of a leading newspaper in India's western state of Gujarat went to a state-run hospital to get the daughter a Covid-19 test. Waiting in the queue, they noticed two body bags on gurneys. Workers at the hospital in the capital, Gandhinagar, said the patients had died of Covid-19. The mother and daughter returned home and told Rajesh Pathak, who edits a local edition of Sandesh, what they that had seen. Mr Pat
  8. Countries reporting the most new infections each day (averaging last seven days) INDIA 390,996 BRAZIL 61,411 USA 41,384 TURKEY 20,688 ARGENTINA 20,354 Countries reporting the most deaths each day (averaging last seven days) INDIA 3,880 BRAZIL 2,100 USA 679 COLOMBIA 451 ARGENTINA 439 Currently hospitalized USA May 2-9 average: 34,315 The average number of COVID-19 patients in US hospitals fell 9%, the second weekly dro
  9. The Columbia pipeline having been hacked, we were warned to get in line for gas before everyone and his cousin did. We checked, and had 320 miles of range, so we didn't. Did make a couple of phone calls. Then I had to go up to the edge of town to check in at the bank to prove my identity after failing an online test and wow, the gas lines were stopping one lane of highway traffic in places. If you look at the map of the pipeline and see where it has a jagged vertical through Tennessee and Georgia, you can see where I live, just off the south end of that vertical line.
  10. At the end of the workday, my supervisor posts a landscape and asks us to guess where. It's a nice way to "report in" that we are still at the computer, not off loafing. Unfortunately, my email is usually off by then, even if I'm still hard at work. I see the pic when I notice it and turn it back on, and respond an hour or so after she's left for the day.
  11. Countries reporting the most new infections each day on the average of the last seven days: INDIA 391,280 BRAZIL 59,986 USA 44,754 TURKEY 23,819 ARGENTINA 20,328 Countries reporting the most deaths each day * INDIA 3,831 BRAZIL 2,126 USA 688 COLOMBIA 449 ARGENTINA 420
  12. Here's what's known about the coronavirus variants By Maggie Fox, CNN Updated 7:48 PM ET, Fri May 7, 2021 (CNN)The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said this week it had designated a coronavirus variant first seen in India as a "variant of interest," adding it to the growing collection of viral variants it's keeping an eye on. Vaccine makers are so worried about the chance new variants will escape the protection offered by immunization that they are already testing booster shots and tweaking their vaccine formulas to specifically target some of the more troublin
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