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  1. Cases reported by country: 6,943,078 US 5,646,010 India 4,591,364 Brazil 1,117,487 Russia 784,268 Colombia 776,546 Peru 705,263 Mexico 693,556 Spain 665,188 South Africa 664,799 Argentina 508,381 France 449,903 Chile 432,798 Iran 412,240 United Kingdom 353,844 Bangladesh 332,635 Iraq 331,359 Saudi Arabia 308,069 Turkey 307,418 Pakistan 302,537 Italy 294,591 Philippines 279,025 Germany 257,388 Indonesia 204,690 Israel 189,488 Ukraine 149,939 Canada 131,453 Bolivia 129,892 Ecuador 124,175 Qatar 116,415 Romania 109,737 Dominican Rep
  2. When I was a little girl, Mrs. Robinson used to make her son and me a perfect red-eye gravy, using coffee, and sometimes it made that perfect rusty-red circle too. I stood in awe of her cooking. I have never made the red circle.
  3. Ever! But if he does it once, he wants a medal, right? And reference to it for six weeks after, right?
  4. And your foot didn't bother you? Great! Used to be, thrift stores were so cheap, you could guess at a size, and it didn't matter much if you guessed wrong. You could just bring it back and swap it out and the two or three dollars' difference usually wasn't worth worrying about. There were times in my life when I didn't have that two or three dollars. Now, they don't swap, and even if they did, the getting back is the hard part. I'm gad you had your day, and it sounds just lovely.
  5. I freeze it in zip-lock bags. I have a five-gallon ziplock bag in the chest freezer with a bunch of different ziplock bags of different kinds of broth and meat jellies in it. From hard experience, I've learned to label the spice job on each bag; some do not mix.
  6. Nobody likes to let go of power, true; it's something people in power have to watch about themselves. And nobody respects someone who can't make up his mind. But (bear in mind I don't know California rules) is he changing the rules because he can't make up his mind, or because he is trying to loosen them to adapt to give people more freedom when the disease weakens, then tighten the rules upon finding out that they were loosened too much and have let the disease gain back strength? Do you have evidence he's not just trying to find the right middle ground based on information that keeps chan
  7. Cases reported by country 6,894,586 US 5,562,663 India 4,558,040 Brazil 1,111,157 Russia 777,537 Colombia 768,895 Peru 705,263 Mexico 682,267 Spain 663,282 South Africa 652,174 Argentina 507,150 France 448,523 Chile 429,193 Iran 406,054 United Kingdom 352,178 Bangladesh 330,798 Saudi Arabia 327,580 Iraq 306,886 Pakistan 306,302 Turkey 300,897 Italy 291,789 Philippines 277,412 Germany 252,923 Indonesia 193,374 Israel 185,890 Ukraine 148,599 Canada 130,986 Bolivia 127,643 Ecuador 123,917 Qatar 114,648 Romania 109,269 Dominican Repu
  8. The girls are the daughters of a friend. I've known them since they were knee high, and now one's in 12th grade and one's starting junior college. They live over an hour away so I don't see them sometimes for a year or a couple of years, but they went Covid-crazy in isolation and begged to see me. I said sure, and they've been coming by for sleepovers almost every weekend since. My friend then gets to watch what she wants on TV for one evening. Her going to work and my beau going to work are my major exposures. She's a nurse and very aware. He is neither. One of the girls is schooling o
  9. https://covidactnow.org Information website, much improved on an earlier version. Type in the state you're interested in, then click on it to read the info on it. Then click on any county you're interested in to get more specific information. Sometimes includes the number of tracers and ICU beds.
  10. Cumulative cases by country: 6,833,722 US 5,487,580 India 4,544,629 Brazil 1,105,048 Russia 768,895 Peru 765,076 Colombia 700,580 Mexico 671,468 Spain 661,936 South Africa 640,147 Argentina 496,851 France 447,468 Chile 425,481 Iran 401,122 United Kingdom 350,621 Bangladesh 330,246 Saudi Arabia 322,856 Iraq 306,304 Pakistan 304,610 Turkey 299,506 Italy 290,190 Philippines 275,560 Germany 248,852 Indonesia 190,929 Israel 182,900 Ukraine 147,399 Canada 130,676 Bolivia 126,711 Ecuador 123,604 Qatar 113,589 Romania 108,783 Dominican R
  11. From the local TV station: Frustrated with empty shelves in the supermarket? More supply problems could be on the way Why are some food products still so hard to find? Frustrated with empty shelves in the supermarket? More supply problems could be on the way. By: WKBW StaffPosted at 5:38 PM, Sep 18, 2020 and last updated 5:38 PM, Sep 18, 2020 When COVID-19 became a public health emergency this past spring, it caused widespread problems for supply chains that moved food from manufacturers to your local grocery store. Six months after the pandemic started, consumers ar
  12. That looks really good. Allulose is expensive, but I'm down 80 pounds and looking to lose 50 more.
  13. The girls came by and helped clean my back porch. Worked very hard. Announced they were now going to go home and clean out Mom's and Grandma's pantry and cupboards. I pulled out a random can from my pantry (refried beans). "How would you decide whether to keep or toss this?" We had a long and, I hope, very profitable discussion. Turns out one of her favorite teachers had already given the "expiration dates sometimes are just a marketing tool" speech, but she didn't know how to apply the information. Their mother was sitting right there. I kept looking at her, but she didn't s
  14. LittleSister, don't forget hyperinflation. They've been printing money like it was junk mail.
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