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  1. I know it says you haven't visited here since October 16th but in case you do get this message I just wanted you to know that I am concerned you haven't been on.  Miss you and hoping you are doing well.  :hug3:

  2. Because of the rapidly rising COVID-19 caseload in North Dakota, only 29 such beds were available early this week. North Dakota had the highest number of cases per capita on average over the last week, according to the CDC’s COVID-19 data tracker, and from the number of serious cases flooding hospitals, it’s clear that this isn’t from increased testing. Close on its heels is South Dakota...
  3. Super glue is really amazing stuff these days, We2.
  4. https://dangoodspeed.com/covid/total-cases-since-june
  5. Cumulative cases by country 7,850,829 US 7,175,880 India 5,103,408 Brazil 1,318,783 Russia 919,084 Colombia 903,730 Argentina 896,086 Spain 851,171 Peru 821,045 Mexico 797,426 France 694,537 South Africa 637,707 United Kingdom 508,389 Iran 484,280 Chile 409,358 Iraq 381,275 Bangladesh 365,467 Italy 344,713 Philippines 340,622 Indonesia 340,089 Saudi Arabia 338,779 Turkey 335,713 Germany 319,848 Pakistan 296,652 Israel 277,982 Ukraine 194,582 Netherlands 188,940 Canada 165,880 Belgium 160,461 Romania 156,946 Morocco 148,171 Ecuado
  6. Thousands of renters could lose water service after COVID-19 dried up their jobs Sun Sentinel All 3,000 people who live in a rental complex in Coral Springs could lose their water service this week because so many lost their jobs they can’t pay their rent. Processed jobless claims top 4 million The News Service of Florida The state has topped 4 million unemployment claims processed since mid-March when the COVID-19 pandemic slammed Florida’s economy. The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity posted numbers that showed 4,006,847 claims had been proces
  7. News from the UK: Ambergris4Mail Millions will be ordered not to leave their local areas in new Covid clampdown Edward Malnick,The Telegraph•October 10, 2020 Millions of people will be asked not to travel outside their local areas and could be banned from mixing with other households, even outdoors, amid fears that some hospitals in the North-West could be overwhelmed within days. This weekend, Downing Street was briefing mayors and council leaders on the planned three-tier "Local Covid Alert Levels" system of restrictions for England, expected to be announced by Boris Jo
  8. Cumulative cases by country 7,711,181 US 6,979,423 India 5,055,888 Brazil 1,278,245 Russia 902,747 Colombia 883,882 Argentina 861,112 Spain 843,355 Peru 810,020 Mexico 732,434 France 690,896 South Africa 593,565 United Kingdom 496,253 Iran 479,595 Chile 400,124 Iraq 377,073 Bangladesh 349,494 Italy 338,944 Saudi Arabia 336,926 Philippines 334,031 Turkey 328,952 Indonesia 323,460 Germany 318,266 Pakistan 289,875 Israel 263,105 Ukraine 182,767 Canada 173,890 Netherlands 152,403 Romania 149,841 Morocco 148,981 Belgium 146,828 Ecuado
  9. By Minyvonne Burke Coronavirus cases set new single-day records in six U.S. states and worldwide Gov. Mike DeWine of Ohio said, "We're sick of wearing masks, we're sick of all of this, and I get it, but we've got to hang in there for our kids. We've got to hang in there for ourselves." Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma and West Virginia all had record single-day increases in cases on Friday, according to NBC News' tally. The World Health Organization meanwhile announced that 350,766 new infections were reported Friday, surpassing by nearly 12,000 a record set ear
  10. Wisconsin is battling America's worst coronavirus outbreak (Abridged from an article by Andrew Romano) Look at a map of daily COVID-19 cases in the U.S. Most of the Northeast and West Coast is yellow, indicating limited spread. The numbers across the Southeast tend to be moderate, or orange. Move into the Upper Midwest and more red hot spots start to appear. And then there’s one state that’s covered in crimson: Wisconsin. Right now Wisconsin is battling the worst coronavirus outbreak in America. Wisconsin’s numbers are sobering. On Thursday the state’s new daily case count cl
  11. Cumulative cases reported by country 7,659,932 US 6,906,151 India 5,055,888 Brazil 1,265,572 Russia 894,300 Colombia 871,468 Argentina 861,112 Spain 838,614 Peru 804,488 Mexico 732,264 France 688,352 South Africa 578,384 United Kingdom 492,378 Iran 477,769 Chile 397,780 Iraq 375,870 Bangladesh 343,770 Italy 338,539 Saudi Arabia 334,770 Philippines 332,382 Turkey 324,658 Indonesia 320,495 Germany 317,595 Pakistan 287,858 Israel 257,204 Ukraine 180,625 Canada 167,344 Netherlands 148,886 Romania 146,398 Morocco 145,848 Ecuador 143,5
  12. Someone I pay attention to said, " I'm hearing warnings and seeing signs in unlikely places." The fall/winter garden plants at Lowes and Home Depot are scant and sad. Start your own winter garden if you can, even if it's only sprouts on the kitchen counter. Anyone who can even partially step back from the food market will leave more for the people who must get everything from the store.
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