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  1. DDIL took me to one doctor after another today. One of them, we just waited in the waiting room until I ran out of time and had to leave for my next appointment. I made them sign a paper saying I had been there--otherwise, the insurance company will charge me for no-show! It's going to be at least six more months before I can drive again. I'm supposed to go back to work full time on Monday, but I have said that before... When I am working, it's at less than half speed--this means I have to redo (actually, pre-do) everything on my own time at home to keep from falling even further behind. I seem to be stalled out on a few different roads here. It's like I have a lesson to learn, or maybe more than one of them, and I can't make any headway until I learn it (or them).
  2. Welcome back, Beryl. Poke around and see what you find.
  3. Kappy Okay, I put up a post about how you needed a fence--because a garden without a fence is a community resource-- and then I went back and saw you already had one. It is just purely rude to comment about a garden behind a fence. Who does that? Maybe you need to reinforce the fence, make it stand up straighter, and weave those privacy strips through it on the street sides, at least a few to break up the view.
  4. I understand. I hope things ease up a little, sooner rather than later.
  5. Agree that the collapsible ones are guaranteed to leak. Popular around here are 250 gallon cubes in a metal cage (for support) that are used for hydroponics, general agriculture, and so on. They last a long time even in the sun if painted with white paint early in their lifetimes. I want at least one to water my greenhouse, when I get the greenhouse set up.
  6. I was a child on a farm in southern Mississippi, Daniel, and I've tended lines and traps of various sorts from as far back as I can remember. If I want to eat, I will set a trot line (assuming it is legal) or a few fish traps (assuming it is legal) or maybe swap with someone who likes to fish. If I want recreation, I will not reach for a fishing pole. Moving to this side of the county removed my water security. I no longer live across the street from a spring-fed pond and next door to the spillover pond. both of which my late ex and his friends lovingly stocked and fished. I have to keep reminding myself that setting a trot line would mean walking a quarter mile and then struggling through the edge of a swamp until the water's deep enough. Deep enough for a trot-line is deep enough to become gator bait. So, I would have to focus on the less desirable (smaller fish) yields from traps. I would have to use small traps to hide in shallow water. I'd have to be grateful to get very small fish out of them, because small traps don't catch even medium sized fish. Minnows for supper! Hm. You have given me some things to consider. Oh, and I can now say I've seen two men with scars from noodling. The lucky one kept his hand but lost most of of the use of two fingers. Yes, alcohol was involved.
  7. New stage of rehab. I am too tired and confused to do much at all.
  8. If you can't find a decent source, Kappy, watch for indecent sources. With the White House occupied by someone who exemplifies and exalts each of the seven deadly sins, all manner of terrible things are possible.
  9. ouch If I were on the road, driving hours and hours to get home from somewhere, that might be practical. But working around the house after a hurricane, no. After the last storm, we topped mine off with the car a couple of times, plugging it in every time the car was turned on for any reason, but were able to plug it into various wall sockets in town for the major recharges. Also, I don't think it would have taken 18 hours to recharge on the car. I don't know how long the current one takes to recharge. It's now a backup item.
  10. Total blue for now. Sudden, sweeping changes like this are the kinds of things that cause the pendulum to swing harder. That's what I was saying. A smart business model would change "normal" a bit at a time, shift the center of gravity so to speak, so the pendulum would not swing to the red at the next election. Also, don't just read things like wethepeopledaily.com and such. Read the source documents to see what people are actually saying. You can't trust what spin people put on things, what they take out and leave in and rearrange. I've seen way too much of that, and been misled way too many times. Read the actual words that were actually said. Go to the horse's mouth.
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