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  1. Coggins and all, yes. End of an era. But they will have each other.
  2. I found out the nerve block works very well. Some of us react unpredictably to medications, so this is great news. But it ran out, and the pills that replace it make me goofy without killing the pain. Luckily the pain just comes in waves now, not all the time. I'm seeing the pain management guy on Wednesday.
  3. D-3 is not niacin. Niacin is one of the B vitamins.
  4. Today will finish packing the office, because it will move to another building during my leave. Luckily, the last bit of that won't take five minutes, because I also need to finish up the last three projects I had been working on and hand off the other cases. I should have made a lot of headway on them Friday, but on Friday and Saturday I was not thinking very clearly at all. Sunday was better, and hopefully today will be as well. I said I was going to have to work from home for at least three weeks, and they said to go ahead and take sick leave (I have lots of sick leave stored up) until my vacation kicks in. So, okay! This plan assumes the doctor fills out the FMLA forms I faxed over. The doctor plans to insert a pump to dispense a pain-killer (as yet unidentified) over the course of the first few days after the shoulder surgery. They have also prescribed few dozen of the pills that are all over the news because they are potentially addictive and, more to the point as far as I'm concerned, nastily constipating. I am planning to use a lot more ice packs and a lot fewer pills, but you know what they say about plans. He said I would not be able to reach up to wash my hair for six weeks, so I got it cut really short (again) and checked to make sure the salon over by the grocery store still charges only $3 to shampoo, and I'm in business. When it's short enough, I can shower a couple of times, then go have it shampooed, and it's good.
  5. Sorting clothes. Short sleeved tops at least two sizes too big might fit over the brace. We'll see. All other tops washed, folded, sorted by size and sleeve length. The rest is a bit overwhelming. I keep picking up one thing and losing the last thing I had in my hand. Finding A and losing B. Finding B and losing A. Back to laundry.
  6. The converted rice cooks differently, so read the instructions and adjust your expectations. I like the result better. It also has a lot more nutrients in it. Those itty bitty kitties do take some extra coddling, sometimes for a few weeks and sometimes for life. You never know. You are pinching up your eyelid to make a pocket, touching knuckle of dropping hand to knuckle of pinching hand so your hands each know where the other is, and dropping into the eyelid pocket, right?
  7. In other news, I'm down 56.6 pounds since mid-December, and my blood pressure is 107 over 75.
  8. Trader Joe's is Aldi's, if you've been there. The list for today was to pack a few more small boxes, clear up a paperwork matter at the bank and pull out a bit of cash to pay a bill, call the place I bought this nonfunctional used elliptical to have it hauled off, lunch, pay for the tag on the Chevy (a bit overdue, but it's not being driven), pick up the 30-day eviction paperwork to have served tomorrow, get a haircut, have the pre-op meetings with the physician's assistant, have lunch with my beau who was using his day off to drive me around, and check the dog pound for my missing barn cat. Of course, this was not all going to get done, but I hoped to get half of it done. However. First I had to take three showers because I kept forgetting and applying deodorant. Had to step back in and scrub it off once I remembered (after getting dressed) that tomorrow's central errand is yet another follow-up mammogram. This stuff is supposed to be active for two days, so I can't assume tomorrow's shower will remove all traces of it. Especially since I have so much trouble getting that right armpit rinsed properly. The pre-op meeting turned into two, the second being with the lady who coordinates for the surgical center, who said I needed one more blood test. I had specifically arranged to take all my blood tests on the 13th of last month. Called all my doctors and said I was going to be at X place and to call in whatever tests they wanted for all my upcoming appointments and overdue what-evers. Man, did that cause a lot of blood to get drawn. But something fell through the cracks. Because I couldn't get online to notify the surgical center of all my medications, and because HIPAA won't let the doctor tell the surgical center what I am taking, they didn't know I was taking something they have to keep an eye on. Because people are known to take more than they are prescribed. And because not knowing the precise amount in the bloodstream of the patient can cause wonky results under anesthesia. This is a very good reason to test my blood level of the stuff. But it meant I had to sit in line an extra half hour at the one place while they checked whether I'd had it tested, and what anesthesia was planned, and then I had to go to another place, which took time for travel, and sit another hour waiting in a phone-free zone, and blah blah blah. My cat was not in the dog pound. That was the only other errand that got done. Bank, tag office, and haircut tomorrow, maybe, fitting somehow around the followup mammogram (supposedly the last followup, but I've heard that before) if one of them doesn't turn into a couple of hours of side trips. DDIL, aka DS2's girlfriend, will be my driver tomorrow. I will be taking her and one of the other housemates to lunch. This is one of the links I was sent: http://www.stvincentssportsmed.com.au/pdf/Living-with-a-sling-after-surgery.pdf#targetText=Avoid clothing with small buttons,-on%2C easy fitting shoes.
  9. I went out for lunch with a friend and ate a chowder that didn't taste right. Don't do that.
  10. In case you wonder what my accent sounds like...
  11. Wow, yes. The breadfruit fruit Aaron had was fist-sized, so I suspect it's from a much smaller tree.
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