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  1. Always irritates me that these "100" lists come closer to 500 than 100. I bet we could do better at creating a true "100 items" list if we put our heads together. We might do better to specify the disaster, though--blizzard vs civil war.
  2. We were talking about Cacao. This is a three-year-old tree bearing in a 25-gallon barrel half.
  3. These were tests. Will find out the results in two weeks.
  4. I'm sorry, Ana Pirs, but it's really scary to click on a link from somebody you don't know. Please introduce yourself on the porch
  5. True about the pineapple juice.
  6. Could you replace your stove with this and a hot plate, potentially?
  7. Got a call at 6:20 a.m. My ride for today's three medical appointments, hardware store run, and run to the dump for paint has bailed on me. Stomach flu. So DS1 has to lose another day of classes.
  8. Those blank spots. You don't know why they're there, just that they are there, and that's the problem. If you knew why, it wouldn't be scary. I've had For What It's Worth in my head all week. Something's happening here What it is ain't exactly clear... And the rest of this goes to the Edge.
  9. Thank you for this thread. This is the year I get back, too. Yes!
  10. Hot lemonade with a pinch of ginger.
  11. I am trying to organize a ride, yes. It will be June at the earliest before I can drive on my own again.
  12. I really like the results with most vegetables.
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