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  1. Thank you for the reviews. Apparently I am not missing much by making my own. I will stick to my own "instant" potato soup mix I learned to make in Girl Scouts years ago: INSTANT POTATO SOUP FOR CAMPING 1 3/4 cups instant mashed potatoes 1 1/2 cups dried milk 2 tablespoons instant chicken bouillon 2 teaspoons dried minced onion 1 teaspoon dried parsley 1/4 teaspoon ground white pepper 1/4 tsp onion powder (if no minced onion used) 1/8 tsp garlic powder Combine all ingredients in a bowl; mix well. Put ingredients in a large zipper-type plastic bag
  2. good idea; I sure hope they are ok, there is a whole case of them
  3. I have a case of canning lids I ordered back in the olden days.....I presume I still boil those, if only to soften up the glue? You know, the ones made in this country, a couple decades back
  4. At least you can rehab cast iron. After all, what does Mom know, when the internet says otherwise, LOL
  5. ok, now I know....ty for alreay having the answer when I got that today on the humor forum today, too. At least i know it is not my 'puter
  6. Got a lot done this week....Monday I mopped floors, for me that is kinda heavy work, but I am proud to have done it anyway. Lots of breaks, and wringing with sweat by the time I got done, but I DID IT! hOORAY! Our AC (central) keeps freezing up - like in 15 min flat - so we put the window ACs back in - better than nothing in our 90-100 degree weather. Afternoon sun bakes us badly. Tues was pension day so groceries and bills were the order of the day. Whew...some good meat sales so we topped up our freezers with pork (boneless roasts, sirloins, steaks) and beef (ribeye stea
  7. does this mean I won't keep getting locked out of the site on my first try to enter it anymore? Last night it would not let me on at all....kept telling me I was locked out and to wait 15 min and try again. Afteer 6 tries I gave up. Today I got the locked out message, then got in right away. Hmmmm.
  8. Our toilet paper and paper towels at Wal-mart are hit and miss - maybe you get some, maybe not. No limits yet. The wipes are all gone. I can still find Palmolive anti-bacterial soap if I look, and try to grab some for hand washing masks. Povidone iodine is in short supply especially since it was on the news as a disinfectant. Odd things we did ot expect to be in short supply: pet food, both canned and dry. Vitamin C. Chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, taco seasoning packets. Frozen vegetables in the 12 oz size are gone, so are the cheap pizzas if you dont get them early in the
  9. nice catch on the wipes, TheCG! I usualy make a couple trips in and out (using different check outs each time) when I have a good find like that. Naughty maybe but I am also sharing with others and with my doctor as well. (She gets soooo excited when I can score her some supplies!) I hope I can keep doing so as things are starting again to be in short supply at odd times. Hand sanitizer was all over the place 2 weeks ago for school supply (small bottles though and pricey). Now it is gone. I will have to start going out for the very early granny hours again soon if this keeps up. Last g
  10. Ah yes....first time I made that for my late husband and told him the name he laughed his tail feathers off! I have been known to put lumpy saucegravy thru a strainer too with a spatula. I have a stick blender, but I don't keep it readily at hand, it is in the cupboard with the electric knife and the blender. I still like the shaker jar thing though, maybe because I have used it so much I am used to it. We like the fat free aspect too it keeps the doctors content when we have our annual medicare "wellness check".
  11. My mother used to say that instead of cussing. But good gravy is more than an expression. It can hold a meal together. I did not realize that until my hyusbane, a gravy lover, told me so. And when I say gravy lover, well, he would eat the stuff with a spoon. That is when I decided i would have to learn how to make good, tasty, un-lumpy gravy. The first thing I learned is that I cant do roux at all. so that kind of gravy (with the flour worked into fat) would not work for me. OK, fat free gravy made our doctors happier anyway and did not trigger his IBS. Here is the recipe, by the numbe
  12. Now that animals are being diagnosed with Covid, scientists have discovered the reason why ants do not get Covid, or any kind of disease....it is because they all have little anty-bodies! (groooan0
  13. Looked up Niegerian Dwarf Goats & Mary fell in love, but she is adamant they are pets, not meat animals. She is ambivalent about milking, but would not mind that per se. I explained to her that they need to be freshened for milk and have multiple births, and we would have to do SOMETHING with the surplus goats. M is not happy with the idea of raising meat critters. Oh well. Hafta work on that, I guess. She says chickens are OK, she does not see those as pets (at least so far....) I think I had better be the one that feeds & culls the livestock if we go that route. B
  14. Hooray! We FINALLY fishished the temporry garage (with our short working periods it only took a couple weeks. LOL) Learned a lot along the way, so if we get a greenhouse kit we will look for the dome type. This one was a bear to put up - parts missing, instructions & pics did not go together (what else is new, LOL) and the insturction writer obviouslly was a man with a 7 foot reach. But we figured it out and got it done. Improved on it some - ground was too uneven & rock to put on ground so we built a deck and set it up on that. The cats love it, LOL. We wanted something with mo
  15. i had troble getting ours to play if I watched it while it was being live streamed. Later viewings I had no trouble. I assume there were too many folks trying to watch at once?? only guessing. maybe you could watch it later?
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