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  1. Littlesister I am truly sorry for your loss. My DH also died after a time of suffering with congestive heart failure so parts of your journey were very familiar to me. You are right to rejoice because the suffering is over. It will indeed take time to get used to being single, and your emotions will be a little volatile for a time, but that is a normal adjustment. We are here for you always, the walk is not as bad in the company of loving friends. And when you get to heaven, you will have him waiting for you with a big ol' welcoming smile and bear hug. The time you had together was a pre
  2. working outdoors today on green houses...we are getting down to business as Chainsaw Mary came home with cabbage and lettuce transplants. Collards are STILL going event after sub freezing nights and no cover.
  3. I taught myself to tat using a teach yourself needlework book, I think its out of print now but it covered knitting, crochet, tatting and embroidery and had simple patterns. My mother commnented once about wanting some tatted lace for a blouse but she did not know how to tat. So that winter I taught myself and gave her 6 yards of tatted edging for her blouse. I liked tatting because I could roll it up and stick it in my pocket at work, and work on it during odd times. I just got some spare bobbins of thread (they are very small too) so I would not run out of materials. You should try
  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! Many years ago I saw a pics of a farmer who used hog panels and plasticized feed bags (like tarps) to create waterproof shelters for his hogs and storage for his hay. I had forgotten all about it until I saw this. Yesssss! Thank you!
  5. I learned when writing up critical incident reports that "gut feeling" would not fly in court so I studied it to find another way to describe intuitive feelings better for court. Oddly, psychologists have also been studying gut feelings or intuition and concluded that it is the action of your subconscious picking up on tiny actions or words (some very small indeed) signalling something is wrong. My report writing imnproved dramatically after I learned how to articulate those little things I had noticed that warned me something was about to happen. For example, noticing someones breathing sp
  6. I just looked at some eommercially canned ones and they use calcium chloride to keep the texture nicer. You know, the same stuff you get for pickles? Maybe that would help...
  7. The volatility of our lives now is VERY tiring. I had been feeling kinda down and wondering why, but I just let 'er cook at the back of my mind a few days and BINGO my answer popped out (surprising how well the subconscious problem analyzer works...). I had been mourning the loss of personal spontenaity. You know, that thing where you can just pick up and go do something just because you want to, on the spur of the moment. With my health history though, I cant just scoot out and do something wild and crazy for fun.. I have to consider if I will need to pack meds, CPAP, canes, extra
  8. It started the day the election was 'certified' and has not let up since. Bugged me so much I looked up the lyrics, and wow. I hope that wont be the soundtrack to 2021, but.....
  9. Hello my friends! Today was a typical day....the youngest dog woke me at 4 am....to go to bathroom. He is accustomed to a doggie door so has not learned to hold it, so I am grateful he comes and gets me with enough time for me to get to the door...even at 4AM. I am sleeping in my bed again (hooray!) thanks to physical therapy (I work my buns off). But the body is complaining with aches and pains as it gets accusatomed to being immobile in the prone position again. 2 weeks ago i could have sworn I passed some kidney stones. Pains were in the proper place. Called the insurance nurse and
  10. Today was an interesting day. We watched the swearing in and listened dto the speeches. The usual....we must unite, I will represent every body, same old stuff as usual. Baked 1 loaf of bread today. The other loaf is frozen, waiting its turn. Fed the yard cats, petted the friendly onoes and in general made sure everybody got something to eat. Our across the street neighbor, an older lady named Doris, stopped by. Her son in law is making repairs on her place (it is a summer cottage for them, she does not live there full time). She saw our yard cats, and Mary told her they patrolled her y
  11. A friend of ours born sith spina bifida has modified his electric wheelchair for the outdoors. Uses mountain bike tires on it instead of wheenchair ones. Reinforced wheels again, based on mountain bikes. He goes EVERYWHERE with it!
  12. Sorry for the loss of your little one Ambergris. We lost two long time pets in less than a week just after Christmas. Gone but certainly not forgotten.
  13. I FINALLY got the last of the ham canned up. We got 10 quarts from the 2 hams, plus 5 pints of split pea soup with ham with the schnibbles from the ham bone. The little ham left over went into some jars of yellow-eye peas. I had never seen them before but they taste similar to navy beans but cook up nicer. No navy beans around so I canned yellow eyed peas,LOL. I do love me somew legumes....all kinds.. That particular store chain I got them from is a southern chain, so they have many dried southern peas I had never tried before....crowder peas, lady peas, field peas, black eye peas, zippe
  14. kappydell

    Pill Bottles

    Seed saving. Chainsaw Mary gets nice ones with screw on (not child proof) tops that I have forbidden her to throw away, as they are the right size (about 4 ounces) for many things.
  15. I found my prayer/quote in an out of print prayer book written in the days when one never divorced, no matter what. It was a prayer written as a plea for coping with a nasty spouse. But it resonated, not because my hubs was nasty, but because I liked the way it tacked inexcapable hardship. "Grant me Your grace to do what I must, then ask of me what You will." It helps me focus on acceptance of what cannot be changed, and coping with it. One foot in front of the other, ya know?
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