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  1. Saw mu internist today - big hugs all around. I am flattered that she thinks of us as friends as much as patients. She had a lot of lab tests run, and had ordered a cat scan of my ascending thoraxic aneurism to see if it was a risk factor for upcoming surgery....not at all, it turned out, it has not changed or grown. However she ordered an ultrasound of my thyroid, thinks I may have a small goiter. Hmmm, I wonder if that explains these blasted hot flashes I get constantly. However she says I can wait until I get thru my back surgery to look into that. Meanwhile I will ramp up my iodine intake, cant hurt. She also upped my vitamin D suplementation. No objection to that....new research has upped the max intake level quite a bit and also discovered more things that vit D is "good for" Rainy here, a low front is sitting atop us and 'watering' us for several days now. The spring frogs are singing loudly at night, they seem to think it is spring...Good day for napping but instead I sewed some "Please do not pet me, Im working" patches on M's new service dog vest. One of our dogs, Dodger, (the shepherd-malinois mix) just got certified as a service dog. He is calm, empathetic, and smart....good lookin, too! He trained very easily and quickly. When M gets riled/excited/upset he is right there to help. He is also excellent for mobility issues. So I sewed those patches on with pride for our boy! Mary will take him to the VA for her appointment tomorrow and introduce him to her doc. Oh yes, I almost forgot....we get to drive to Athens (2 hrs away) for another pre-op briefing this one for the hospital the day after tomorrow (not a lot of lead time there...lol.)
  2. Hello to Ana Pirs and thank you for the mustard greens salad recipe! My mustard greens in the winter garden are growing like crazy and they are just right for a salad.....MMMMMM
  3. i can resist chiming in here, waaaaaay later......save papaya seeds, dry & grind. Use as meat tenderizer (sparingly, it works almost too well!!) it also has a slightly peppery flavor. Since I cant find decent salt-less tenderizer, I make my own.....mix the powder with Mrs Dash.....makes it easier to use because you only need a very small amount (a pinch or two) at a time
  4. Now that bok choy is all dehydrated, the major producers in the garden are collards, mustard and kale. The cabbage is showing some stress signs, do not know if it got frozen or what, but brown spots on the outer leaves. Had to explain to Mary that it is a savoy cabbage and it is supposed to look wrinkly, lol. It is heading up nicely. We harvested first broccoli heads today, and pulled a few scallions to go with and took the to a dear friend. She ;loves broccoli, her husband hates it, but puts up with her cooking it when we get it fresh. She says the taste between fresh and store-bought is incomparable (no kidding!) We also cut the first lettuce for her husband, he loves lettuce (she doesn't). To each their own. 2nd planting of radishes needs thinning now, also the spinach and the Jersey Wakefield cabbage seedlings. Kohlrabi is getting its first "adult" leaves - it is coming up slowly but surely. So tomorrow morning, before the rain hits I will be thinning things before breakfast (and taking the thinnings in for my stir-fried rice, of course). I think I may put in a row of bunching onions so they will be ready when we have all the scallions out. Mary's touchy stomach cant do a lot of onions so one or two bunching onions slice up just enough for one person (me) and look prettier than the plain white ones, too. I scored some frosting pails from the grocery stores, so I will also be collecting recycling materials to make wicking planters out of them. That way we can put in determinate tomatoes (growing them in successions) and move the "pots" to less hot areas when the heat comes on this summer. Ditto for bush string beans. They both quit bearing once the temps get over 80 degrees....and we have triple digits much of the summer. So we will want to move them to a more shaded area in the heat of full summer. I'm trying to get as much of the garden self-producing before I go to hospital to get back fixed. I'm also dehydrating and powdering greens like crazy, so I have some green powder to shake into my (institutional) food which usually has a dearth of green veggies. I admit it, I am addicted to greens.....
  5. i eat their bacon, they eat my toast and we both feel smug about sticking to our diet!
  6. I've noticed it seems to be more used in the South & Southwest....
  7. gather your recipes while you may lovingly, tenderly store them away put them in booklets, stack them in piles organize them in neat little files while every day the family gets fed with the old "tried and trues" you keep in your head (how true)
  8. Made out an application for homestead tax exemption to take over to county tax place when I renew my vehicle registration. Might as well I will be in the same building and I should save some on property taxes. Dr appointment today, pre-surgical physical so I can get the go ahead for surgery. Tomorrow i will go on a tour of nursing homes to get a better idea which one I will go to if need be. Several found in my area look good. Slowly but surely lining up duckies....
  9. Just wait til he learns about the Hokie Pokey! Probably morph it into the Honkie Pokie or something....He sure has a sharp mind, he is picking things up like a sponge. Time to stop cussin'!
  10. Homesteader, an open stairway will make a wonderful convection warming corridor. The old farmhouse (1896) I rented had only a space heater in the living room, and the stairway took the air up to upstairs the bedrooms nicely. Unfortunately the landlord carpeted over the holes the original owners had cut in the floor (remember those old cast iron grates in the floor? I used to listen at them to the grownups talking after I was supposed to be in bed asleep, LOL). You might try that if you need more warm air upstairs (and dont have a carpet or dont mind putting a hole in one). You just close them with a lever on the side when you don't need the air flow. In our old house we would open the upstairs window closest to the open stairwell and put a fan in the window, blowing air out, as the warmer air rose up the steps. Mostly at night, it cooled things down nicely when the weather was hot.
  11. glad you got it miki! Gaskets can be soooo tight! As soon as you break it in it should work a lot easier. My new (smaller) canner gasket sticks, too.
  12. I did look up every you tube video I could find on this, and it does not look like the veggies would be "over-cooked" to mush any more than with regular canning. I think I will try this....canned veggies not only keep without power, they have their own water (juice) so are a good option for when water supplies are limited. I always use the juice even in commercially canned veggies to make gravy for the same meal or add to the small crock pot with the bones for bone broth. Needless to day I don't have to add any salt - the salt in the juice helps draw out the flavors & minerals from the bones. Of course, when the broth is done cooking I sometimes have to add a little water to CUT the salt, lol. We have eater low salt for so long that many commercial foods are waaaaay to salty now for us. that reminds me I need to order more low salt wylers bouillon....none of the grocery stores around here carry it anymore. Also gotta order some of the ham flavored bouillon powder. The stuff I have stored is starting to have the fat in it go rancid after 8 years storage (yuck). I do want some on hand though, it seasons a pot of plain beans when I have no ham bone very nicely. I just add it in place of any salt the recipe calls for and the ham flavor is a nice bonus. ( I will have to rotate it more religiously though.)
  13. Doing more dehydrating today. Took the bok choy out of dehydrator and jarred it; now have a huge armload of mustard greens to cut up, blanch, dry and powder. Glad I stopped at 6 plants, they are prolific enough for me to handle without getting overloaded. I discovered a litter of 3 kitties in the carpot/shed from the outside mama when I went out with the morning food. Mama is a smart cookie....I had put a tall tote out there with an old wool coat on the bottom for insulation then lined it with a big fluffy (old and holey, too) blanket nice & thick. That is where she chose to have the babies and they are nice and warm in there. She sits on top and snuggles them - she is an excellent mama. I will have to make sure she gets a little extra chow (and keep the water well supplied) so she will have plenty of milk for nursing. Mary & I are putting away the rest of the Christmas decorations today. Tomorrow I have a pre-op meet with my neurologist then a pre-op exam from my internist so she will clear me for surgery. Time to start doing all that stuff that needs doing....getting Mary a list of life insurance companies I have accounts with, dig out my living will and power of attorney, etc, etc (just in case) and pre-make vitamin packets for her to bring me during recovery since most docs do not do much with vitamins except to hand out the occasional multi-vite. In between the to-dos I will keep dehydrating winter veggies as much as I can.
  14. picked 6 bok choy 'heads' (made quite an arm load) and dehydrated it down to a 1 qt jar. Today Im making more powdered mustard greens - those leaves are HUUUUGE (one would feed a couple people, they are that big. Measured one at 16 inches by 11 inches, just the leaf not the stem. 6 plants was plenty. Checked my radishes....picked one....nice & round & red and about the size of a pencil eraser so far. Broccoli is starting to make heads with the warmer days (mmmmmmmm). I will pick a couple of the remaining bok choy and give them to my pastor tonight after mass.....only a couple less to cut up and he will love fresh greens as always. (Yes I know collards are traditional, but bok choy is what is ready... at least it too is green, like money. Maybe it will work to attract good luck, too, LOL)
  15. Now you have me thinking....it would not be necessary to blanch them for a hot pack, just heat them up until hot through, then pack. I gotta go Googling......I know it can be done with meat, no idea on veggies. Fresh & frozen are nearly the same price here, so it would be a good idea for the things that are challenging to grow for uys here.
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