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  1. Went for more tests today per my Primary doc....she took one look at my swollen ankles and sent me for heart tests. Also put me on Lasix but it has had no effect on the swelling. I can only imagine the next step will be to go to a heart doc. Hospital was pretty locked down, but I find the smell of disinfectant reassuring. Rain has passed, Mary went to get garden dirt so we can start working those new pots. Here are pics of last years pots (and she bought 6 more, lol) but wants flowers in them all so I guess I will be using kitty litter pails for my onions & salad stuff. The main garden is planted nearly full. Phase two will start when sweet potatoes come in. Mary does not like okra so it also got bumped into the kitty pail pot division. No problems, we have LOTS of those things and are emptying more all the time, LOL. our wicking pots from last year.....more in the works this is the garden as of this morning - lettuce on left side about halfway back; left front is onions & kohlrabi. New stuff everywhere else... Marys flowers, so far.....awaiting transplanting....into the stack of pots to their left except for the one I am saving for a rose bush
  2. Mary & I did another top up run....I got early refills on my meds so we can stay isolated as this virus thing does ITS thing. Got some flowers for our front yard wicking pots....Mary wants something pretty, and so do I. Pulled up the winter kale (trying to bolt) and ate a nice big salad from the lettuce planted in Dec. Nice & curly & crisp.....black seeded simpson, I think. the romaine is also getting to picking size. Pulled a couple onions and chopped up some of the winter's radishes still in the fridge topped it off with some savoy cabbage for texture. Kitchen sink salad my hubby used to call it. Tastes like springtime! Our freezers are both full so we concentrated on things for the pantry shelves and on pet foods. Mary did not want to wait until tomorrow when my pension check and her social security check arrives....she thinks it will be a mob scene tomorrow so we went today. I have med tests tomorrow anyway, trying to find out why my ankles are so swollen. Lasix (water pills) does not seem to help either, so hopefully tests will help us figure it out. Hoping I can get rid of the Lasix....I don't want my blood pressure getting too low now. And yes, there is such a thing as too low, LOL. Rainy and blustery this evening; we will have to turn the heat on tonight. And WE2's you can certainly get a halleluia from me and a sung Gloria as well! What wonderful news!! Even in these dark days there are miracles if we but see them...
  3. WE2s wrote: We've got the mineral containers I am jealous! This is not cattle country, so when I hunt for mineral containers I just get blank looks. Those half-barrel planters were on sale last spring when I saw leons' You Tubes, so we tried those and we are sold. I love his video esp the part about using other recycled containers....I just KNEW those kitty litter pails would be good for something! I was impressed by his videos - not only does he remind me of my late truck farming uncle in demeanor, he really knows his stuff. If my recycle center allowed trash picking Id have lots of used big pots, but no such luck....the dumpsters are monitored and 'freecycling' is strictly a no-no. Ditto with used tires for a potato tower.
  4. Dont feel bad, Mr Rider....I am seriously thinking of stopping my PT for a while, and I am doing very well there, but I am high risk. Starting to get worried a bit. And the self watering tubs are on "gardening with leon" you-tubes. He does all sizes of pots, with all kinds of recycled materials, and also how to do various veggies in pots. Very educational. We got more pots on sale (the fake half barrels) and will be making all of them self wicking. We tried them last year, Mary thought I was nuts. But they worked so well she is eager to do more of them this year. I am eyeing the kitty litter pails for smaller self-watering pots, each will hold 1 tomato or 1 pepper....pole beans in pots I have also had success with, except (LOL) I kept having to upright then because the wind would blow over the pots with poles in them. Didnt hurt the plants any, just kinda amusing.....they grew horizontally almost as much as vertically, LOL. The kitty litter square pails will hold several pepsi cans (or bottles) as water & air reservoirs same as the big tubs have, and are all recycled. I just cant beat that price! (Green Acres, indeed!!) The only real expense is for potting soil and last year I had a huge surplus of peat moss & perlite so I can mix my own this year. Cowgirl, I also want a tornado shelter....safesheds.com has some nice above ground ones engineered to F5 and they do financing. The thing that impressed me were the videos of the shelter that took a direct hit from an EF4 and had a pickup truck wrapped around it. The owner of the shed (he got one for his business) said folks were astonished to see his employees emerge from what looked like a garden shed unscathed amid all the rubble.....too bad he didnt get video of the looks on their faces!
  5. I ran across this in one of my notebooks....written back during the last pres race after HC's "deplorables" comments were exposed. Imagine Hillary Clinton belting this out like Ethyl Merman to the tune of "There's No Business Like Show Business" "There's no liberals like old liberals, The best liberals I know. Handing out the freebies to the masses,, Forcing businesses to foot the bill. Then we'll cite the need to raise more taxes, because the businesses went over the hill! There's no people like media people, a politician's best tool. Manipulate events so they will sever see, How far they've strayed from reality Interpreting it as truth over the news TV Lets go! On with the show! Lets go! On with the show! I guess you can insert your favorite politician for the lead singer....
  6. Went granny shopping, getting up at 6 am to get to store by 7 am. Haven't been awake at that hour (unless I stayed up overnight) for quite a while. Was moving pretty slowly, so I did not make the store (Krogers) until 7:15. I was astonished at how many folks were there, at least 100, and enough to form long lines at 3 checkout lanes and use ALL the self checkouts besides. But! I got almost everything we had on our list. The meat area was busy, but employees were standing by with cartloads of meats, refilling displays as soon as they were emptied. Only 3 items had to be substituted for, and I found adequate substitutes. Even at two packages per person I was able to get some hamburger for our prepping friend who was out of it. Still no hand sanitizer anywhere in town, but I did get two large bottles of Palmolive antibacterial dish soap (has chlorhexadine in it) to use in our showers as a body wash. Why dish soap? No antibacterial liquid soap was available, and h]the few bars that were there were super expensive, and dish soap rinses clean in a reasonable amount of time, so it should work on a body as well as a plate. Snoozed until Physical Therapy time - had new exercises, and wow, they hurt to do! Not a "damage" hurt but a muscle complaining due to exertion hurt. I guess if its hurtin, its workin. I take on as much as I can because I do not know how long I will be able to get PT, an I take copious mental notes on the exercises & stretches just in case I have to go it alone. Now its time for more snoozing. Chainsaw Mary has a birthday today, so she gets her favorite dinner: grilled porterhouse steak, mac salad and sliced fresh tomatoes.
  7. mt rider I also had the same experience - put in the energy saving kind of lights - leds - saved an immediate $50 a month on our light bills. like them tremendously. Can be hard to find sometimes though for me. Oh well, worth the search. God my social security check today - tomorrow I will get up at 6AM to get to Kroger for granny hours. Trying to get some more meats....our freezers are full of steaks. Never thought I would have "too much of a good thing" like steak, but I am actually bypassing beef steak sales in favor of other meat sales, LOL. We do like some kind of variety. Did lots of laundry today too. Washed about 6 4x flannel shirts, brand new, that I bought DH just before he died. Thought I was going to donate them, but now think I will take apart and recut into shirts for me instead. Will save some money I can invest elsewhere. Buttons will be saved, of course (doesnt everyone have a button jar? and a zipper jar? and a fastenings (snaps, hook & eye and the like) jar? No? Sometimes I feel so darn old.
  8. Had a doctor appt this AM. We were offered choice of telephone or in person, went in person so she could look at swollen ankles. Very bad since surgery, so she has ordered a battery of tests to try to figure out the cause. Staff was suited up from head to toe and she chided us about being vigilant with masking. I am going to step up my dieting, trying to lose the 10 lb I have gained since surgery, and would like to lose more if possible. Time to skinny down; tired of not being able to shop the sales rack because I am plus sized. Glad I got hair cut extra short - hair places are all closed down, we have curfews, the works. Only venturing out during granny house, masked & sanitized, to get meat tomorrow AM early. It goes very, very fast so I am not ordering for pickup in 3 days, only to be told "oh we ran out..." Rather just go in and find that out so I can make substitutions on the spot. Garden is coming along - picking lettuce now, kohlrabi is getting big. Still eating on cabbage picked from garden when we re-planted those rows in spring. The garden fresh heads last much longer than the who-knows-how-old store heads. Loving the coleslaw! Thinking it is time to make Mary some creamed cabbage & kale on Friday as a lenten treat, over mashed potatoes.
  9. Yep, work around the house is a sanity saver. Chainsaw Mary bought extra chains for her chainsaws, and extra gas for saws and genny if we need it. And we too have had the pleasant surprise of finding hand sanitizer that was stashed. Thinking ahead and prepping will pay off I think in the days ahead. Mary now goes into stores if we need something (or if our shelter in place friends do, we always ask them when we are going into town);; I remain in the car to monitor our purchased items (we go to multiple places) and keep the firearm handy, as I wait and watch for her to come out - she feels I am an at-risk person due to surgery 8 weeks ago, so I am the "safety overwatch" dept, esp since she knows I will not hesitate to do what needs doing if something hits the fan. I still have that law enforcement checklist in my brain....danger? check... proximity? check.....imminence? check.....alternative options? check.....check field of fire? check.....after 26 years its probably pretty ingrained, LOL.
  10. IF you can find them, alcohol wipes (sold to diabetics, usually near the testing supplies) are the untimate "wipe" and individually wrapped....maybe not too many folks have thought of that yet, lol. Our governor ordered medically fragile people to STAY HOME....dept of health will issue rules on how they can access services, etc. Fortunately he defined medically fragile quite narrowly and I can still go out, but we'll limit it anyway to "granny hours". Garden is growing nicely, picking fresh lettuce. Planted it back in Dec and it came up slow, but it sure is nice to have right now as a special treat! also picked up Kroger's order this afternoon. Nice to have plenty of eggs again; they gave me two loaves of bread because they did not have the kind I originally ordered. I am whiling away time compiling recipes from Mrs S and writing articles for the backwoodsman magazine. They had one this last issue that I forgot I wrote, on "how to network". I have one on re-using plastic bottles in the works now, just need to take pics to sent in with it. Also went to PT today and they worked me hard. I am beginning to see results, which is gratifying...it is getting easier to do things. Asked if they were going to continue PT and they said that post surgical patients were considered higher priority than others so they do not backslide and un-do whatever it was the surgery had repaired. OK by me, its working.
  11. I' think it is just that the "incubation" period is past - they had it but didn;t know it. That coupled with the delay between testing & results makes things look worse; maybe now the younger folks will quite feeling 'bulletproof' and gallivanting about. Younger folks, not in a danger area, are starting to get it and die as well. Viruses mutate, like any predator, they will go after the 'easiest' game....when folks at risk take precautions it readily moves to those other who do NOT take precautions.
  12. Granny hours were moved to comply with the towns new curfew. Nice thing about grannies in this rural area is lots are armed....some prep friends lived next door to a 96 yr old who slept with a 45 under her pillow. They warned us not to go tromping thru her yard at night or lead would be flying! Gotta love those fiesty old ladies! She recently celebrated her 100th!
  13. Imagine MTV style video....showing empty meat freezers... when all of a sudden those swinging doors open up and some Chippendale type fellows swagger thru, wearing bow ties, a butcher apron (to cover strategic areas) and combat boots. They are carrying packages....of huge chicken breasts.....and they begin to sing (with apologies to Sir Mix a Lot) and dance..... We got big breasts and we can not lie -- You other butchers cant deny that when the freezers empty of roasts and steak and hamburgers MIA. You get mad and want to pull up tough Cause that freezer used to be stuffed! But when you get to huntin' for something for the oven Chicken breasts are delish with stuffin' Babe, we got breasts ! (Dance meat cutter man, dance!)
  14. Went to Ingle;s to check out their meat. Supposed to have a sale on beef & pork. Asked our prep neighbor if she needed anything. Just parchment paper, sweet tea, hamburger and pork chops.. OK. Debated geting up at 6AM for the granny and resistance impaired shopping hour but decided to go in after but still in the morning. Big mistake. Only chicken breasts left (nice ones tho - got some. Also fpund shredded hash browns and got a couple pkgs also because WM has always been out of those lately. All in all about what we expected. Mary told me it was OK for me to go to the granny/impaired shopping hour if I wanted but she would not because she did not want to get up that early. Finally got the tea and a few other things we needed but not thrilled. No hamburger or pork chops anywhere but prep neighbor liked the chicken - nice big breasts. Swapped our empty propane tank for a filled one. Noticed a truck that turned into our lane after we passed.....was just sitting there before....just kept an eye on him until he turned off. ; I just remembered where I had read about people waiting at or following someone home then doing a home invasion....it was in an old post by Ferfal, written about argentina's economic crash and how society changed dramatically and not for the better. Hope we are not headed there it was an ugly scenario, if highly interesting. I do not want to have to deal with black market barter bazaars, getting rid of tailing vehicles, watch dogs being poisoned, nor home invasions.....I only kept a copy of that to read when I wanted reminding about how bad it COULD get, but never want to experience it. Friends robbing each other. Ugh. Our local meth house is back in operation - another prep neighbor lives next door with his family. that is why he keeps 4 pit bulls and carries concealed at all times. Nice guy, nice family. Told him if we hear shooting or dogs sounding off we will come back him up. More incentive to get as strong and agile as I can. PT workouts are improving my mobility already 8 weeks post surgery. Stepping things up a bit recovery wise.
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