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  1. so true....the 2nd part of the "civil disobedience" issue is the price one must also be willing to pay to disobey, say, a "bad" law. Reminds me of the Vietnam era protests...everyone laughed that all those college kids were earnst in pursuit with the disobedience part, until it got inconvenient to do it (ie, winter came in and it is hard to get people to "protest" in knee deep snow). Everyone conveniently "adjourned" until spring. By that time all their momentum was gone. Must have driven the oranizers bonkers, lol. Good video.
  2. I got one of those can openers that removed the lid without sharp edges specifically because I can glue the lids back down and hide "stuff" on my pantry shelves. I just pick foods that dont slosh, and weight the can similarly to a full one before sealing my can back up. I just leave the lables on. Who will frisk bush baked beans, especially when there are dozens to go thru, LOL. One of marys aunts froze her money wrapped in plastic, in her frozen meat packages during the depression. All kinds of cute ways to hide money. Maybe that is why they are starting to talk about their dream of a cashless society again....
  3. Yes on social security payday we will be going to the store that has the meat sales we like and using our fuel points to get $1 off per gallon. They limit that to 20 gallons, but every bit helps. Then off to swap our propane grill tanks for full ones, since I imagine propane will go sky high too. Now Im glad we have so much old dry wood lying around! We may end up heating food up on over our fire pit then wrapping them well to slow cook. That way we can stretch that wood. But first thigns first, Mary plikes her propane grill so we will try to keep those spare propane bottles topped up. Yesterday was a busy one. Finished putting lights on the shed...we have geometric light designs on all 4 sides instead of a ring of lights on the roof. On the way to physical therapy I was still wearing my sun hat ( I hate getting sun in my eyes, and my straw hats are far cooler and give far better coverage than baseball caps favored by many folks around here.) Anyway once i got in the car I put the hat on to shield my eyes (( had taken it off while we tested lights under a shade tree). I felt something on my face, and thinking it was one of the pesky flies that bug us in the cooler fall weather, gave my face a swish with the had. Hey, it was NOT a fly, it was a daddy long legs spider up on my face. Swished it off, then released it out the door. No problem. But I did have a moment of giggles thinking how our prep friend would have reacted (she is scared to death of spiders). They would have heard her shriek in Cleveland! Maybe even Alaska! And she is not the shrieking kind, except for spiders. So glad it was me, not her. As long as they are not the poisonous breed I care not one hoot about bugs, snakes or other varmints. They all have a place in the natural order of things, so I let it be. Today we started working on the main house rooftop. We have big old fashioned size C-9 bulbs on the roof. we have already laid out the lights marking our "SANTAS RESORT" display, and the airplane runway display. We noiw have three large display areas....HO HO HO LOGISTICS (santas workshop area with the mailbos and order dept, a shipping and receiving area with rail, airk and overland freight divisions, and Grinch's complaint dept of course. The north pole police car parks at the entrance with a "dead" deer by the deer crossing sign, writing up the crash and ticketing the snowman in a racing car. The airport runway holds 4 fixed wing and two helicopters belonging to the air freight division. The campground is new...we have 3 campers and a couple of tents, along with displays of characters roasting marshmallow, fishing, and even Santa in a bass boat! Its a start...when the Jan sales hit we will get additional things for the campground area as its a little sparse compared to the workshop area. Now you can understand why we started already. There is lots to do and we are slower than we used to be. Its fun though. Mary got a box to play carols and make the lights dance, too, so that will add to the wow factor. I get lots of extra exercise helping.
  4. ...and my dad wondered why i had a cash box insteasd of a savings account....
  5. We are now progressing to hanging our Christmas lights. Mary did the dog pen yesterday, today we did our tool shed. I had several geometric designs worked out (we do more than outline the roofline and windows, LOL) but the one for the side facing the road looked much better on paper than in acuality. So I drew up a simpler design, saving several light strings from the total wattage as well. Now we can do with ONE extention cord out there instead of two. I will be sore for physical therapy tomorrow due to all the bending and reaching to measure, screw in the cup hooks and hangining the lights. Mary is handy with tools but has trouble figuring out my diagrams sometimes. My short cuts can be intelligible to someone else. Planted the last herb plants into their new home tubs; hopefully they will overwinter there comfortably, The rosemary multiplied from two spindly little plants to a 2 foot diameter tub of nice bushy plants. Im glad it is such a useful herb, there is way too much there for merely culinary use, no matter how much I like rosemary chicken! Im mentioned making a rosemary tincture to try as insect repellent (supposedly works on mosquitos) to a student nurse, and she was quite interested in how to make tinctures. She says she always learns something interesting from us, be it from Mary who told her about using tampons for puncture wounds or my telling her how I make tinctures using vodka and fresh herbs. She will be quite the resource person if SHTF occurs with her fresh new medical education.
  6. This is just the beginning, IMHO. As businesses with over 100 people start mandating shots, there will be drastic downsizing of staff as people quit or are terminated. I just heard an interview from a pilot on SW Airlines (I think that was the one) where they had to cease operations over the weekend. The "official" reason was weather, but the interviewee (a pilot) said it was because the pilots all called in sick to protest the mandatory shots. They are supposed to get them by Dec 8 or be terminated....just in time for Christmas. I imagine we will see a lot of that, especially in transportation industries. China is having supply issues as well and we all know how much of our "stuff" comes from China Add in firings when people refuse vax, and it gets pretty sparse as far as employees still on the job go. Even the white house reports ONE THIRD of Americans were refusing the jab (and celebrating that many were forced to get the shot due to "comply or no job" mandates. ) The sad thing is that they will cook the employment figures to make everything look just fine.... MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE RANCH....my local walmart and costco have started rationing toilet paper purchases again. Time for us to ramp up the mutual buying club activities.
  7. Great flaming balls of bat s**t! I have never been so glad I have my OWN dehydrator, my OWN canner, and have been doing long term food storage for YEARS. Our garden works well with the unheated greenhouses I got on sale at Wayfair this spring. Keeps prying eyes away. When Covid hit and folks were staying home the "exercise walkers" along our country road multiplied, and many get a good gander at our yard on the way past. I want to spend our tax refund this year on privacy fencing...Mary is against it....so I am pushing for a nice high hedge of THORNY plants. Meanwhile we put up a temporary garage behind the house (we are limited by ordinance and zoning to how many buildings we can put on our rural land, BUT temporary ones do not "count". So temporary ones it shall be. While I share produce with a few people, we are careful who we share with...fortunately most of the nosy types/urban scoffer types (and the like) do NOT enjoy the very basic foods we plant, especially the greens. I try to keep those picked down and preserve as we go, to avoid looking like we have "extra" anything. (That and complaining how poor the harvest has been as much as I can, citing bugs and weather.) Over the years I have dealt with nosy neighbors though, and have even had to resort to working after dark moving "things" from my car into the house (for example) and camoflaging other preps behind berry bushes, wood piles, etc. One neighbor used to come over to get rides, and to "borrow" gas, and the like, but he got booted out of his rented nearby home for not paying rent, so that resolved itself. The dogs are a good alarm system, and big enough to deter trespassing. Especially as we respond if they bark, very visibly armed. (coyotes, dont y know? and bears....) The dog idea is a good one, as are privacy plantings (for the wildlife & birds, dont ya know? And we always talk up how we have LOTS OF snakes, 4 kinds of poisonous ones being common around here.) A little disinformation goes a long way, especially if it is given to the local gossips to disseminate, LOL. Repeat the lies consistently enough and they enter into the realm of "common knowledge". Too bad psy ops has to become part of prepping. But we keep our preps OUT OF SIGHT just in case. We also have cameras (we told our neighbors we had them, too) even if we do not use them they are a deterrent. They work on batteries, so no wiring...we can move them as desired. Game cameras are cheap and quite small nowdays, so many of us rural folks use them for our security systems. Deer season is in force now here, and it is months long. Our pastor shot three last week! He is quite the outsoorsman. He butchers them and gives the meat to needy folks. (Gotta love a guy that walks the walk!)
  8. kappydell

    Lose weight

    LOL. I follow a modified diabetic diet (keeping my carbs WAAAAAY low, below by critical carb level which is 30 g per day.) Thats why I look it a a low carb diet as well. The diabetic exchanges are useful in menu planning, I just leave out the higher carb choices. Ironically when medical folks ask me what diet I use I say ":the diabetic exchange diet" then their next question is " how long have you been diabetic" or "You didnt tell me you are diabetic"...sigh. Then I have to explain reactive hypoglycemia to them and reiterate that I use that diet because it is very user friendly and easy to adapt to my needs. Well, slap me silly for not being...."average"... deal with it. My doc also says it is the healthiest diet out there.
  9. once you believe in relativism you are so easily misled by the dark side....what fools they be. We are not MEANT to live forever the way THEY mean. Obviously they do not consider souls in their machinations, I mean equations. (Well, that would make it easy to sell your soul to you know who. Probably at a discount because they think it is not necessary.) And the soul is the most critical part of being human. That is the part that lives forever without any help from them. What they will end up with wont be...human. How come I am reminded of the Tower of Babel? They are cruisin' for a bruisin' from the Big Guy upstairs.
  10. the transhuman goals do much to explain many of the questions. No way, Jose. I googled it. No way do I want to physically interface with computers or any machines for that matter. Franken-science strikes again. The claim is that we will get to live forever, since they consider "life" to be your memories and experiences and they claim to be developing ways to transfer that into another creature, or machine, or.....????? Guess I'll be opting out of living forever then. Now I need an emoji for "shudder"....
  11. LOL Mt_Rider at the GPS dependent drivers! For months after we moved to this little corner of rural Ga, even UPS could not find us! They kept telling us our address did not exist, because their GPS system did not show it. So we had to have things ordered sent to a friend until they figured out that yes, we do live on a real road and our address was for real. I try to look at the bright side....we wont be inundated with people fleeing the cities if they are afraid of the 'wild animals' in the un-street-lighted dark of the real countryside and cant find us in the rural wilderness. Today we did Christmas light inventory. Three HUGE totes of lights, checked to see if they worked. Most, fortunately did, especially as we would be hard pressed to replace 14 sets of net lights and I-dont-know how many strings of lights. Mary put in the posts to hold our light strings off the ground high enough so the cats would not get tangled in them at night, necessary to delineate the HO HO HO Resort we are putting up for our display this year, in addition to HO HO HO Logistics in the upper acre. Mary discovered today that the temp garage we put up last spring was 80% filled with Christmas stuff....well, thats why we put it up. It works well to give us more room to store out garden tractor and such in the other shed & carport. The garden is basically in, that is the transplants we planted for fall. Only a couple small beds remain which will hold some herbs. I'm trying to establish one perennial and one annual herb bed of the most useful medicinal and culinary herbs for us, but its still a learning curve. Once we dig the sweet potatoes we will throw in some seeds for winter growing. (Hmm, I wonder if it is too late to get some walking onions? I'll have to call the Southern Exposure seed company and ask. I could make room for a onion and garlic bed on the side.) After Christmas we will need to lay out trellises for the muscadine grapes, they are growing fast and will need pruning and trellising to optimize their potential. The pomegranate is flourishing near the apple trees, the elderberry I brought from Wisconsin is growing larger but we will probably put in some more blueberries near the apple trees, as the ones we planted in the sunny spot do not like THAT much sun! And we may get an apple or two next year. It is not as big an orchard as I dreamed of, but then again, we are not feeding the neighborhood, just enough for us two and to put some up. I still want a tea bush, a bay laurel bush (that I can pot and keep trimmed), wild plums and a hawthorne tree or two in my "wild" area. Unfortunately Moringa does not grow here, its a tropical tree, or I would grow one of those (talk about useful!). But slowly I can keep adding native (and adapted) "wild" plants. Oh yes, I need to prune the blackberries, they are thorny as all get out. But with both berries and leaves being useful I certainly dont want to waste my volunteer landcaping plants. Its an ongoing process...thats why I love gardening. Its dynamic and always something new. The bougainvilla plant we tried was a success, it was very pretty. The person we bought it from said in mexico where he got them, they are used for fencing/hedges as they are thorny. And deer dont eat them. Something to be said for thorns, they keep out the riff raff, LOL. Have any of you ladies ever grown tobacco? It might be nice to know how and have some growing in case the health police decide to outlaw tobacco. Mary looks cool smoking a corncob pipe, and quite a few folks around here 'chaw' so it would be a viable barter item. Oh yes, for insecticide as well (us old folks know about that trick!) But it been years since I knew anyone who raised it. Hafta hit the books...I think Foxfire had quite a bit on tobacco back in the day.
  12. So is the firing of one of our ER doctors because he would not take the shot. Ane he is the last person who is generally anti-vax....but he is concerned with the side effects and refuses. So he was fired. He went to another state where they have no vax mandate. We will see more of that stuff Im afraid. Then I hear on the V that employment numbers are much lower than anticipated....my laughter was not happy, more like rueful. The elephant is in the room, but nobody is acknowledging it. Im hearing scare stories about social security being denied to anyone with another income source (like a private pension or investments). I suspect that one is just to scare folks into demanding their congress reps vote for that bloated budget though, politics as usual. Its turning into the twilight zone...... Midnightmom, I tracked down that video and watched the whole thing. I scares me, but does not surprise me. Of course the vaccine morphs into our worst nightmare....how else could they lie to us and say there is nothing in it to be alarmed about? Nothing as long as you keep it refrigerated, of course....nothing-burgers for lunch again, get in line folks, step lively..... I need a gagging emoji....
  13. my sister has developed severe short term memory loss issues after getting the covid shot. After considerable digging I discovered other "anecdotal" reports of the same thing from other victims of the covid clan. Of all things, this was totally unexpected...my poor scared to death sister. Prayers please. Dont know if it is permanent or not.
  14. got quite a shock today. My sister was on the phone and said she was having short term memory loss big time. Came on suddenly, and she is scared, naturally, since Mom had Altzheimers. Mary & I just looked at each other and thought the same thing....covid shot reaction? Did considerable digging, and found out that other people have had the same thing happen to them after getting covid injections. Memory loss....cant remember what they went into a room for....one was asked by a co worker if he was drumk after he e mailed her a memo at work, his typing and thinking were so fuzzy. Of course, this is all denied by the powers that be. Funny thing, a world renowned virologist in India is suddenly a consipiracy theorist when he predicted such problems. My heart aches for my sister. She was so insistent I get the shot that she cried and told me she was frightened to death for me because I did not get the shot. I blieve she was, she sounded scared spitless. Now I am hurting for her and worried about my brother that did take the shot. I do not know if I will tell her or not....it wont help now, and I want to help her get thru this, not say "I told you so". I will have to sit down and cry and get it out of my system tonight then pick up and carry on. we are putting in the winter garden, and there is no time to sit around. Our freezers are refilled with meat as we broke the budget replacing our meat supplies. We can now coast for quite a while if things get wierd. or should I say wierd-ER? That high ropes course looks like FUN! Im strong albeit crooked....love to try such a thing. Instead we shall just start clearing out some of our wooded parcel and put in a shooting range instead. Noiser, but still satisfying.
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