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  1. i get quite a tax deduction from the mileage myself. As Mary & I often joke...our dance cards are full of doctors....
  2. Littlesister, canning fish works with any kind of fish....I have canned carp, sucker, perch, bluegills & bullheads. They all come out the texture of tuna. Only the catfish cooked to a mushier texture (like potted meat, kinda-sorta) and the Alaskan extension service says ling cod gets mushy too. But they do add that most taste-testers thought it was fine for sandwich spread or in a dip. So next time I can catfish I'll do smaller jars & try the mock smoked seasonings with it (though barbecue sauce is pretty tasty). I have also canned smelt (sardine size fish) and they came out like sardines from a can in the store. I especially like the Alaskan cooperative extension for their good canning info on the internet. Since so many up there live closer to nature and with variable electricity availability, they do LOTS more canning than most. I particularly like their publication on "add variety to home-canned fish"...the mock smoked fish recipe in it is amazing! Here is a link to their pubs. If I ever find a walrus, or caribou, now I know how to can those, too, LOL! Cooperative Extension Service Food Preservation Publications Link to Extension publications about Food, Nutrition, & Health: http://www.uaf.edu/ces/pubs/catalog/detail/index.xml?subtopic=Food, Nutrition and Health. Representative Food Preservation Publications FNH-00124 Canning Walrus in Pint Jars FNH-00128 Canning the Catch FNH-00224 Add Variety to Home-Canned Fish FNH-00226 Canning Moose and Caribou FNH-00222 Home Freezing of Fish FNH-00264 Home Freezing of Vegetables FNH-00169 Alaskan Grown Cabbage – More Than Just Sauerkraut (for sale) FNH-00228 Fruit Leather FNH-00262 Making Jerky
  3. Covered our garden for the first time tonight....temps down into the 20s for a couple nights, then back into 60s. Almost ready to start picking fresh greens - mustard, collards & kale - and we do not want to risk them now, LOL....
  4. yep we are having a hard freeze tonite, so the winter garden is all covered with tarps to snooze thru the cold. In 2 days we will have 60 degrees again. Tthe garden is looking wonderful, and our transplants are growing like crazy. Soon we will be making our first pickings, much to the delight of those we share with....Littleister, can you use haybox or thermal cooking? Bring food to a boil then remove from heat, wrap and leave until it is cooked. I tried it, and liked it. It helps keep telltale cooking smells from attracting various varmints because you boil it such a short time. Plus you can wrap/haybox/thernal cook/wonderbox several things at one time. And it adapts to any slow cooker recipe, without the electricity..... If you want a pretty thermal wrap, a company called "wonderbagworld.com" will sell you a very pretty single pot size one for $39 for a 2 qt size, and large (up to 12 qt size pot) for $59 - much cheaper than Amazon ($104 - YIKES). They look like puffy drawstring purses. thegrommet.com used to carry them but no longer, though they have a nice crank butter churn ($39) and quite a few 'green' and non-electric gadgets like butter keepers, single serving coffee presses and fermentation kits at good prices. Christmas is a coming....I already sent Santa my wish list, lol.
  5. OK, I guess I will go hot pack (after I chill the broth & lift off any fat, of course). The 69 cent turkeys just popped up last sunday...that is the cheapest in at least 2 years - the sale price has been 98 cents for us, too, Little Sis, so I snatched one up. If there is one thing I have leaned about Walmart is that if something is a REALLY good price, grab it, it won;t be around long. They went fast. If they put out more I'll get more, since I think that is as cheap as they will get this year (How I miss those olden days of 39 cent a pound turkey. Meat prices are going crazy!) I'm hoping this year's holiday "special" will be turkey. I have canned ham, but M-Mom is right, it discolored, probably from the cure they used, to a dark red. I did not really like the texture, too soft, like spam, but nobody else seemed to mind. I ate it smooshed up with mayo to make "ham salad", and made some into ham patties. So we used it anyway.
  6. Everything is being done "on line" I hate to sound like a tin hat person, but I wonder if it is not a case of "the better to monitor you, my dear" WM wants us to order everything to be delivered to the house, instead of pick up in the store. Ugh. I have to go to walgreens for photos, and that is from disks. I have not even seen film sold except on line as a specialty item. So much for learning to develop my own photos as a teen - it was fun while it lasted..... I sense a fit of retro-tech coming on....make a crystal radio (no power needed, no batteries, no NUTHIN)....make a pinhole camera & develop film in the bathroom.....go out and dig some jerusalem artichokes.....you know what I'm talkin' about! Mr Wizard ain't got nuthin' on me!
  7. i know there have been several posts on canning leftovers. How is that done? Are they reheated and handled as a hot pack? I am buyng turkeys on sale (69 cents a pound) and cannot bear to buy little ones as the meat to bone ratio is better on the larger ones....the larger the better. So I would love to can the extra meat in some of the carcass broth....mmmmmm. But for the life of me I cant find anything as to how leftovers are canned - hot pack is my best guess. I'm planning on canning as much turkey as I can find jars for while the price is right.
  8. We are also prepping hard as we expect trouble - whoever wins - the next general election. I am starting to think we are approaching (if not living in) the tribulation of the end times, and I fear the rise of socialistic fascism. Nobody has bothered to learn (or pay attention to) history and it is repeating....the anti-semitic stuff is alarming.....so we are keeping our powder dry, prepping hard, and watching developments with interest and trepidation.
  9. Tee Hee. Those persimmons were ripe, but I was not impressed by the flavor. I read somewhere that the American persimmons can vary widely in flavor. These seemed bland. A different texture, too, kinda jelly-like. Now to find me some paw-paws..... (whistling "where or where is dear little susie.....way down yonder in the paw paw patch!")
  10. Glad to see the celery info - celery is cheap nowdays. Bought a large turkey, it is thawing in the fridge now. Deciding whether to can it or freeze it. Leaning toward canning as the freezer is quite full. Thinking about another turkey. Can't have too many of those things, and at 69 cents a pound it is reasonable, for a change. Besides, I LOVE the carcass broth! Looking for a reasonable source of canning jars, again. Also wishing that catfish would can - it gets mushy - and I love canned fish. Catfish is the most common, but I would love to catch a carp or two, canning makes them taste like tuna.
  11. Yep. I am having trouble convincing Chainsaw Mary that we need to prep for NO ELECTRIC for years, versus just hooking up the gennys for a couple hours. I too have the uneasy feeling we are sliding into the tribulation times (especially if we end up with socialistic fascism....what a combo....) and we keep working on making our place as self sufficient as possible. I have to find a decent source for more canning jars......
  12. Wow! I have been reading & catching up on everyone's activities! I have been such a schlub, lazing around. My new disease of the month has revealed itself. I am quite miffed. Here I had things all ready to go to get my back fixed and a new monkey wrench gets lobbed into the machinery. My "little" hernia that has not been bothering me, decided to act up - got a loop of instestine pinched in it. I have not been that sick since chemo. Passed out twice while throwing up. It is an odd feeling waking up on the floor and having no idea now you got there. OK, so I then decide I will sit on the bed when I need to ralph. Nope, woke up on the floor again. Decided it might be a good idea to go to the ER. Spent ALL DAY down there - they discovered the issue, and set me up for surgery. Then the real pain began. I got NO COFFEE FOR 48 HOURS and that migraine was worse than the hernia, believe it or not. Nothing by mouth - not even liquids - until I was fixed the day after I went in. I was hurting and cranky as hell. The hospital was jam packed and I had to park in the ER until a bed was freed up by a discharge. Then they started asking about AFIB - (Atrial fibrillation). Yes,, my heart beat gets wonky under enough stress, I told them. Oh my, they panicked and put me in ICU. My chemo portal finally got some use - I had thrown up so much they could not get a vein to run an IV. My veins are the rolling, hide and seek kind anyway, and this made it worse. So they were de-lighted to find my portal had been kept all these months, ready "just in case". Surgery went fast, lapararascopes are wonderful, now I have 6 MORE holes in my abdomen where they inserted a mesh to repair that hernia. They discharged the day after surgery. They were so busy I bet that bed never cooled off before it was filled again, LOL. No complaints about this hospital, (except the usual institutional food) good care all around otherwise. The aggravating part is that they stuck me on elequis for the afib - and that is NOT a friendly blood thinner for spinal surgery. However, I have follow up apointments with 3 docs this week and I am going to investigate whether I can - or need to - go on another thinner. I will NOT be happy if I have to choose between avoiding a stroke and standing up straight (and the return of normal functioning of my back). The back doc said my "Kyphosis" (forward hunch) causes problems with internals (like that ol' herma?) so I was so excited about fixing things. I am holding on the the hope that it is not going to stop the surgery, just modify how they do things. . Meanwhile, I can only lift 5 pounds - a pot of coffee - and poor Chainsaw Mary had a rough couple of days worrying about me. I cant even help decorate for Christmas. On the plus side (yes there is one) the local store that advertises "the best meat in town" had a wonderful beef sale - T-bones, Porterhouse staks & bottom round roasts all on sale, with another 10% off yesterday for veterans with proof of service. Mary brought her military ID and we loaded up the freezer. Tonight we are having a great big crock pot of beef stew, perfect for the cold rainy weather. Hopefully they will have at least 1 or 2 more sales like that before prices go uo in the new year. And yes, they DO have the best meat in town, and the most fascinating assortment of "variety meats" I have ever seen - from hog maws to chicken "paws" they have it all, LOL. Mary might grimace, but I hear those chicken paws make awesome broth!
  13. Yard long beans do indeed taste like 'regular' snap beans. And they are much more heat tolerant. Just do not pick them too early (less than 1 foot or so long) or they won;t cook up tender. Discovered that error when I trialed them this year. Never got that first picking to cook up tender....stayed firmer than regular cooked snaps. Since Mary likes her beans cooked very done, she did not like them, though I did, so I kept experimenting until I found I was picking them too early. Few of them are bush beans though, and tend to grow quite tall so poles are a must. I love purple beans unabashedly. They are more tolerant of cool,damp soil in the spring, bugs seem to leave them alone a bit more than green snaps, and I love the turning green (a nice visual indicator of when they are blanched for freezing). Its a nice, dark green, too, very attractive when mixed with yellow wax beans. I like both of them for ease of picking. I miss far fewer beans hiding in the leaves.
  14. Had my "new MRI" done on Thursday & bone density test done on Fri. So I should be all ready to have an intelligent conversation with the neurologist this coming Wed. about surgery pros, cons, and possible outcomes. For an MRI it was passable. The hardest part was having to hold still for so long (90 min) even with a cervical collar and a frame around my torso it was painful enough to make me want to squirm. But they had a fan that kept the temperature cool, and the new machine was much, much quieter. With a washrag over my eyes I could almost nap (except for the shooting pains). Oh well, all in a good cause. I will put up with a LOT if it helps me get fixed. We are removing leaning/old/spindly and double trees (too close to one another) to open up what we now call our future orchard and bee meadow. I did not realize those beech trees had such hard & heavy wood. We have wood piles all over. We have also marked a couple trees we will be calling pros to remove, due to their hazardous positions and conditions. Letting a pro take them out will be worth the money, rather than risking dropping a tree on a building (!!!) Some things just are not worth the risk, and in this area there are many arborists as it is quite heavily wooded, not counting the national forest lands and the lumber company land on the other side of the road. We are taking bids this upcoming week. The garden is nearly complete. Waiting for this next 4 days of rain to pass before seeding, since we do not want them washed away or drowned. Should be able to knock it out in a few hours once the weather gives us an opening. Choir practice again after church. It is fun. I am an 'anchor' singer as I can read music and have excellent pitch (and tend to sing loud). So they seat me between two ladies who can not read music to help them memorize the melodies. I talked to my father the other night, and he enjoys playing in a small band. He said he finds the music takes his mind off his worries. Yep, same here. Music does indeed smooth over the rough edges of life. (And I used to think that it was not a useful thing to know....silly of me.)
  15. Well, we finally got our much awaited rain, 24 hrs of a nice slow, rain. The cats hid out in the carport (I made sure their insulated sleeping spots were ready to go) coming out for loving at feeding times. Otherwise we stayed in and watched football. The dogs had to be shoved out the door to do their business - only one does not mind rain, the others think they will melt. So a slow day for napping, watching foot ball and playing with the animals. It cleared up this morning (Sun) we actually have a bit of sun, so the cats are laying about the yard soaking it up. Lots of weekend walkers & joggers are keeping the dogs busy alerting us to their presence....after all, they take their jobs seriously!
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