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  1. I have been wanting to get a vacuum sealer for mason jars. Which one do you use?
  2. We are supposed to have normal temps in the 40’s. 😻
  3. So, it is above zero. That’s the good news. But snow in the forecast. More snow??? NO!!! I am so, so, so ready for spring.
  4. Woke up this morning expecting snow. Nothing. I was thinking maybe it missed us. Nope. It just arrived a little later than expected. It’s been pretty light so far — not even 2 inches. Next, it is predicted that we’ll dip down near zero (F). I am really ready for spring. My bulbs are bravely poking leaf tops out of their mulch. They already looked a bit frost bitten. I hope this little bit of snow cover will help protect them from the coming deep freeze. I was looking at the calendar. 17 days. The equinox can’t get here soon enough! 😸 Of course last year we got some nasty frigid cold in April, so the weather could still be nasty even past the equinox. But boy oh boy I want that LIGHT!!!
  5. Long day today. And a migraine. We had leftovers for dinner. Then I decided to make carob brownies. I cannot eat chocolate, so I use carob instead. We had brownies and milk for dessert. And I feel better.
  6. Glad you’re OK, Mt_Rider. Too many people refuse to slow down in icy conditions. 🤬
  7. Glad you made it through. And glad they got the power back on so fast! I second making ice with the outdoor cold - large blocks of ice melt much more slowly than snow. Your fridge then becomes an old-fashioned ice box. Another thing I have done is to put foods in coolers outside, to keep them frozen but protected. Hope you had plenty of blankets and such to stay warm.
  8. Snow, rain, thunderstorms (did not used to be the norm in February here), more snow, rain, ice, melting, rain, frigid, ice. The weather is ..... confused. Stay warm. Stay dry. Stay safe.
  9. I had pretty bad nausea when I was pregnant too. My mom suggested I nibble on graham crackers, as that had helped her make it through pregnancy nausea. The graham crackers helped me too.
  10. Snowed here today. It was very pretty as it fell. The little girl in me is still gladdened by snow as long as I don’t have to drive anywhere.
  11. Brrr. It is about 12*F outside, so not THAT bad, right? But the wind is 21 mph. That wind makes it feel COLD. It is icy. So I had to be cautious doing chores.
  12. Went into town to do some business. It was rainy and windy. Came home to a SHATTERED storm door. The latch on the door broke earlier this winter and apparently the wind caught the door. I cleaned up the broken glass. We have to replace the door soon. As storm damage goes that's not too awful. Still a PIA. Temps are supposed to drop down low to night. Brrrr. Stay warm, all.
  13. Ice. Yes, hate it. When I lived in Alaska, studded snow tires were the norm and were legal “fall” through most of “spring” — which is all winter there. The snowpack would stay on the roads all winter, melt a little and refreeze, becoming ice. No one bothered to clear snow in parking lots, which also became icy. So I never went out without my spikes on my boots. And I *still* broke my tailbone. I miss Alaska sometimes, but I don’t miss the icy snowpack. Here, studded snow tires aren’t legal as they tear up the roads terribly (one reason Alaska’s roads are so bad). So driving on ice here is more dangerous. I still have and wear my boot spikes, though. Thankfully I don’t need them often. We do get ice here. But it stays for only a short time.
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