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  1. There are severe shortages of PPE for medical personnel and so it was only a matter of time before they started discussions about DNR for COVID-19 patients. Should medical staff risk their lives trying to do CPR on a COVID-19 patient whose heart has stopped? https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/26/health/coronavirus-hospitals-do-not-resuscitate-bn/index.html
  2. Oh do I hear you! Once upon a time we had a one year supply of food essentials. But we hit hard times and had to live off them - they got very depleted. We have been through some hard times with illnesses, job loss, etc. So when life got better, we started socking away foods and preps again, and trying to save money back too. That’s why I had flu preps, paper products, and quite a bit of food stored when when this hit. I do not have a one year supply of everything we need. But I have enough stored away that hopefully we’ll be fine, whatever life throws at us next. As to prepping with a disability, I have arthritis and DH uses a walker. We got a portable ramp for getting into the house, as stairs are impossible for DH now. We had a tall toilet installed. We have added grab bars in the bathroom. I switched to smaller storage containers which are easier for me to work with. But there are limits. Our house would not be livable if DH were in a wheelchair. If it ever comes to that we will have to sell and try to buy a place with wide hallway, wide doors, etc. Or, knock this down and re-build, if we had the money. DH could not live independently alone right now. When I left to go shopping he looked at me and said “be careful, I can’t live without you,” No amount of prepping could allow him to live independently without me - he would have to live with one of the kids.
  3. Happy belated birthday, Mary. Hope it was a good one. Sleepless here too, Miki. Guess the anxiety of these times is getting to me. Going to do granny hours shopping for some fresh produce today and also some garden seeds (I hope). Also need another med for DH - doc changed one. Not keen on going out into this mess, but need to get it done.
  4. I need to build a new garden bed this year also, to add to the garden — figure we’ll need the extra food. Fortunately we also have poop factories, aka horse and chickens. I need to pump up the wheelbarrow tire and hope it will hold air so I can shovel some aged manure and compost for the new bed.
  5. Exactly, Littlesister. This is just another way to politicize this crisis. This pandemic is not being deliberately spread by terrorists or evil people.It is spreading because people won’t / can’t stay home and this virus spreads easily between people. But that is not entirely their faults. They have to work, etc. And since they aren’t even testing every pneumonia patient, a huge number of people don’t even know they are infected with this virus.
  6. I access this site via my iPad. I can see the chat box, but it won’t let me enter a comment.
  7. This is a sobering report. https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/25/health/coronavirus-covid-hospitals/index.html This excerpt really got me: >> Another nurse in Georgia said she was repeatedly denied testing, even as her own symptoms worsened over the course of a week. The nurse, who had cared for several patients who died of pneumonia but were never tested for Covid-19, was finally tested Tuesday -- the same day she was admitted to the hospital and put in isolation. "It was not until this morning that I could finally be tested," she said as she gasped for breath between heavy coughs. "It is insane. And it's infuriating. You feel you have to scream to even be heard." << They aren’t testing. Patients are dying of pneumonia and not counted in the pandemic numbers because they aren’t testing.
  8. CNN: DOJ may criminally charge those who spread COVID-19 intentionally. https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/25/politics/coronavirus-terrorism-justice-department/index.html
  9. DH’s gout is way past home remedies. We used to use all those, of course. And I wish we hadn’t. He also does not drink. He also rarely ate beef (has had ZERO since September). He is too fat. That is likely a contributing factor. Gout completely destroyed his knee. There is no knee left, really, just deteriorated bone on bone. No cartilage, no meniscus, nothing that makes a knee function as a knee. The x-rays and MRI scared even a Harvard trained orthopedic surgeon we were referred to at one point. I tried for years to get DH to go to a rheumatologist, for proper treatment, but he stubbornly refused. He would see a nurse practitioner at a local family medicine clinic. He was prescribed one medication, but his blood levels were not properly monitored. And he would use home remedies for those flare-ups too. Now the knee cannot be saved. It can only be replaced. And it took some searching to even find a surgeon willing to do the surgery. Lesson here is that gout is NOT something to take lightly and to “treat” with home remedies. It can actually completely destroy a joint or joints. Even if you get some temporary relief, those aren’t actual TREATMENTS and do nothing to save the joints. Gout is a disease best treated and monitored by a rheumatologist. Just sayin.
  10. Number of confirmed cases in USA passes 64,000. There are, of course, many who have it and are untested. But suuuuure this will be over by Easter.
  11. Today is my first day of being home from work, on my work rotation. “Slept in” for 20 minutes before the menagerie reminded me I was late for feeding. But it was an odd night, full of weird dreams and wakefulness, so I don’t feel well-rested. Fed the menagerie, collected the eggs, fed the DH, and started some laundry, Need to sort through food preps today and do some rotating. Also need to clean AGAIN. It’s mud season here. It is a constant thing. I could mop every day and still not keep up. Mud season bizarrely started mid-winter this year and continues. Climate change.
  12. Good to see you! We are also only semi-prepared here, because life happens. But we are better prepared than many, as you are. We’ll get through this together.
  13. From CNN: 10 min ago US sees deadliest day with 160 deaths There are at least 52,976 cases of the novel coronavirus in the United States and 704 people have died, according to CNN Health’s tally of US cases that are detected and tested in the US through public health systems. There have already been 163 deaths reported today, according to a tally by CNN, making this the deadliest day in the US since the coronavirus pandemic began. The total includes cases from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and other U.S. territories, as well as all repatriated cases.
  14. I need to do some preps rotating too, Mt_R. I have fallen down on that since DH got sick. Maybe I will have a little more time to do that now that we are on a rotation at work. One rotation can lead to another? LOL! First day to be home is tomorrow, and with all the rain we are getting it will be a good inside project. Jeepers, I need to change a security light outside also. I got some LED daylight bulbs that are just a few watts, but VERY BRIGHT! I have used them here and there where the light is on a long time, to cut our energy use. I was surprised how much light they produce.
  15. As the COVID-19 cases mount, my employer finally realized that making us all come in every day to work was unsafe. We will now rotate staff, with only a couple of people in the office each day. I feel some relief, as some of our staff have major commutes, coming some distance from areas that are virus hot spots. Not being on top of each other all day long gives us a better chance of coming through this.
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