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  1. It’s a really good thing that people are starting to raise some of their own food. I hope more towns remove their bans on chickens. Every day when I collect eggs I am so glad that we have the chickens. More people should be allowed to do this.
  2. Ours was direct deposited in our bank account. We will put part to pay down our mortgage a little (goal is to have it paid off in a few years). The rest is going into our rainy day fund.
  3. Of course, we all know about the shortages of toilet paper. Goodness gracious you'd think this pandemic involved heinously awful diarrhea, the way TP has disappeared! It might be worthwhile to list other items that have disappeared or are in short supply. In my excursions to the stores I have seen barren or almost barren shelves for: - Hand sanitizer and commonly recommended ingredients for home made sanitizers such as aloe gel -rubbing alcohol -hydrogen peroxide -Vitamin C -cold and flu treatments -zinc lozenges -tonic water -wheat flour -Acetaminophen -disinfectant cleaners -OxiClean (this one surprised me - what connection might it have to the pandemic? It isn't a disinfectant like bleach. I always keep some on hand, but consider it a nice thing to use on work clothes, as opposed to a survival NEED -- am I missing something here?) As this pandemic, with its associated stay at home orders, factory closings, etc. continues, we may notice more shortages. Feel free to add any items you have noticed to be missing or in short supply.
  4. So. Our employer has issued each of us "essential employees" with ONE disposable N95 mask (the non-respirator version). Our employer has NOT issued us anything with which to sanitize the masks for re-use. Of course, we do not have access to hospital methods of sanitizing them. Even a bottle of spray peroxide would be better than nothing. But any mask care is up to us. I am pondering how I will sanitize mine at work. I suppose I could take it home each night, spray it down, hang it to dry, and return with it each workday. Hmmm. These things are like gold these days, so I want to be careful not to harm it. đź‘€
  5. That it is. It is a good inside day. Have a big spiral sliced ham in the oven, along with sweet potatoes. Gotta love after Easter sales. I will package the leftovers and freeze them and we will be eating off this monster ham for ... months. I need it to warm up so I can build another raised bed in the garden. And so I can plant. I am just itching to get into the garden!!
  6. Was hoping to maybe get something done outside today, as my knee is a bit better. NOPE. It is cold and windy and *S*N*O*W*I*N*G*
  7. I took a mask and hand sanitizer and ventured out to the stores yesterday. Got more vitamins C and D3. We are working on boosting our immune systems and are currently taking extra of both, and I realized my stock of it needs a boost. CVS is taking appropriate precautions and I feel relatively safe there. Also ventured to an IGA in a nearby town and bought some fresh meat. Most of the people, customers and employees, were wearing masks. I was pleasantly surprised that they have a senior discount. I'd never asked for it (didn't know about it). But the cashier gave it to me. I guess my age is showing!! But the 10% discount made me VERY HAPPY! Also ventured to ALDI'S in a nearby city. I really appreciated the new safety measures. They had an employee outside, sanitizing carts and letting people enter only when someone left. For once it wasn't crowded!! I stocked up a bit more on easy to prep items. Due to my own recent challenges, I appreciate easy-to-use items like macaroni and cheese, or rice pilaf. Yes, more expensive than making from scratch. But so much easier when I am experiencing mobility challenges. They had good prices on spiral sliced ham, so I got another one. I'll find room for the leftovers in the freezer, somehow!! I saw toilet paper actually in stock in the stores, so the crazed panic buying must be over. That one has really puzzled me. How many rolls does one NEED? One NEEDS food, shelter, water... NOT a thousand rolls of butt paper. We always have some in stock, of course, but not cases and cases of it. We use about 4 packs of mega rolls per year, so I buy a pack when we use one up. I cannot fathom how much people use that they feel they NEED so much. Perhaps city folks use a lot more, not having to take care of a septic system... Dunno.
  8. I was planning a store run yesterday morning, but instead had the lawn mower fixed. That lead to outdoor projects and my knee was hurting worse last night due to over-use. So then I was going to go shopping early this morning, to try to avoid the crowds. BUT DH suggested that we just rely on preps for awhile, let my leg heal up (we really need ONE fully ambulatory person), and maybe I can shop next week or the week after, to avoid the Easter crowds and the extra health risk that shopping today would likely bring. It isn’t like we will starve if I don’t shop. We just won’t have salad greens. Sounds like a plan to me! So, I am having some quality time in my recliner with my bum leg elevated and an ice pack on my knee. I am sipping coffee, reading and for the most part ignoring the bad/troubling news. Think I needed some relaxation time. Thanks, DH!
  9. Eight *confirmed* cases in my county now. Employee where I work who was out sick for three weeks with pneumonia WAS NOT TESTED. Like everywhere else in the USA testing here is not widespread. One co-worker with a dry cough and a few other symptoms WAS TURNED AWAY for testing when she requested a test at the suggestion of a doctor. Health Department says they do not find any links between the confirmed cases.
  10. Got the rider mower running today. Neighbor kid came over to help put in a new battery I’d bought. I hurt my knee this week. So now I am wearing a knee brace and using a cane. That’s why I needed to get some help. Which brings up the prep aspect of this situation, a sort of cautionary tale. When you are stocking up on OTC meds, quadruple your estimated usage. At least. Because even though you typically only use a certain amount over a month, a year, etc., one injury or illness can blow through that typical usage rate in a quarter or a fifth of that time. And if TWO people end up hurt, you are going through the meds eight to ten times faster. Thankfully I recently significantly increased our acetaminophen supply. But we are sure going through it this week!!! Went through my seedlings today and thinned the flats a bit. I seeded a bit heavily because some of the seeds are old. But the germination rate was really good, so it wasn’t necessary. Extra seedlings became chicken treats. I am doing LOTS of runner beans this year. I always grow some because they are pretty, tasty, and draw in hummingbirds. It dawned on me, though, that having vegetables growing in places other than the garden is a particularly good idea NOW, with possible food shortages in our future. Not everyone would recognize runner beans as a food crop. I am going to put them in several areas, such as in a bed along our fence line, where I also grow sunflowers (high protein seeds). And a flower barrel out front will be full of sweet potatoes. Stealth food. Just in case.
  11. SO, almost exactly in answer to this complaint, I learned today that ALDI'S is implementing COVID-19 policies: an employee will stand at the entrance and limit people entering the store. They will allow one person per 5000 square feet, admitting another only when one leaves. Aisles will be one way to avoid having to pass other customers. They will sanitize carts. So maybe it is worth going back for produce - our garden won't be producing for awhile yet.
  12. Our eldest DD is a physician’s assistant, and our youngest SIL is a paramedic. DD is high risk for complications if she gets the virus but she keeps going to work. She’s my hero. They are in my prayers.
  13. Heroes put it all on the line to keep us safe. Not all heroes wear Army boots or capes, though. Some wear medical PPEs if they are able to find them.
  14. EXACTLY. When I discuss anything prepping related in the real world, all I say is that I stock up for winter, just in case we get snowed in. I never let on just how long we could hold out. I don’t want anyone outside our family to know. I am the gray woman. At work, I complain about the bare grocery shelves. I do not say that we’ll be OK.
  15. The on-going inability to test the living, and the dead, is likely under-counting the true scope of the pandemic. This CNN report, interviewing coroners in a number of states, describes the problem. https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/06/health/coronavirus-coroners-uncounted-deaths-invs/index.html I thought this was particularly telling: >>> With concerns growing about the coronavirus death toll being incomplete because of lack of testing for the living, coroners and medical examiners said being unable to test the dead compounds the issue. They said they are worried that deaths are being significantly undercounted and that as a result, the statistics used by the federal and state governments to chart the virus's spread and severity are far from reliable. Contacts of the deceased may not get the warnings they need to help keep the disease from spreading; families may be left not knowing what killed their loved ones.spreading; families may be left not knowing what killed their loved ones. <<<
  16. I like to craft, so fortunately I have a stash of supplies. I have been rummaging through my stash. I don't have exactly what I would LIKE, which is tightly woven cotton. I do have some elastic. I also have elastic hairbands, some old tights which can be cut into stretchy strips... lots of possibilities here. Now I am eyeing my stash of old sheets. They were meant for crisis bandages. But maybe.....
  17. Thank you for the link. Sending to our healthcare and first responder family members!
  18. Stopped by CVS on the way home from work last night. Picked up Vitamins A, C, and D3. We will be taking extra of D and C, along with our mult-vitamins, for a bit to boost our immune systems, as an extra precaution. The A is to take if we feel the least bit sick, along with megadoses of C and D. Thanks for the links about immunity boosting! We are hoping to be strong enough to ward off this virus, as eventually most people will probably get it. That's why I love MrsS -- so much knowledge! Love y'all! We have a supply of zinc lozenges, as part of my annual flu preps, but now I am not sure we have enough. I would like to have more. I couldn't find ANY for sale. At least CVS has sanitizing wipes for the carts and it isn't crowded. I don't feel at high risk when I go there. So I will check back for the zinc again another day. Rainy day here, so not getting anything done outside. Trying to get a few things accomplished. Started another flat of seeds. I save seed from year to year. Glad to have the seeds since I really don't want to venture out to buy them. Every time I hear someone cough in a store, I cringe. I hope to avoid crowded stores going forward, so that means no more ALDI's!!! That store is a mob scene from the moment its doors open in the morning and doesn't seem to let up until closing. There's not a time of day when it isn't crowded. The prices are much lower than other stores. But the risk to one's health is so much higher. The last time I went, I used one of our precious masks and gloves. The carts are unsanitized. Most customers aren't wearing masks. The crowding puts everyone way too close. And someone was coughing. I couldn't escape ALDI's fast enough! And I don't want to go back!! They had social distancing signs up. What a joke. They are too cheap to hire someone to limit customers from entering the store to avoid the over-crowding. Low overhead = low prices with high risk. No thanks. I told my DH that when we run out of fresh food we will be living on preps for awhile, until we are past the pandemic peak. I just don't want to risk any more coughing crowds. It isn't worth it. Mixed up some more disinfectant spray with bleach and water. Cheap and effective. Bought a new sturdy spray bottle a few months ago -- glad I did. We have several spray bottles as back up, in case one breaks.
  19. Mt_Rider, this country is run by Lying Liars That Lie. This isn’t the first time. But it’s freaking IMPORTANT.
  20. We are up to 5 confirmed cases in my county now. This one is a person in their 70's, hospitalized. This is a rural county with mostly farmland and small towns and one small city. My stock of masks is way too small. I will be making masks.
  21. Thanks Daylily! Due to my asthma (and age) I am high risk for complications if I catch this virus. The nebulizer sounds like a good idea for me, which is why I was asking.
  22. Anti-price gouging law in practice. Your prepper stash is likely safe unless it involves 200k N95 respirator masks and you try to sell them to doctors at a huge markup. Price gouging during a declared state of emergency is a criminal offense.
  23. Illinois update: Public Health Officials Announce 715 New Cases of Coronavirus Disease 2nd Apr, 2020 SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) today announced 715 new cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Illinois, including 16 additional deaths. Christian County: 1 male 80s Cook County: 1 male 30s, 1 female 40s, 1 male 40s, 2 female 60s, 1 male 60s, 1 female 70s, 4 male 70s, 1 male 80s DuPage County: 1 female 80s McHenry County: 1 male 60s Whiteside County: 1 female 90s Logan, Macoupin, Mercer, Moultrie, and Piatt counties are now reporting cases. Currently, IDPH is reporting a total of 7,695 cases, including 157 deaths, in 61 counties in Illinois. The age of cases ranges from younger than one to older than 100 years.
  24. Me tooooo. Nasty migraine. Hope you feel better soon.
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