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  1. I sent some through PayPal with a note saying from Jeepers. If you didn't receive it please let me know!
  2. This one. Poor The CG. All her baking soda probably tastes like left over onions and broccoli.
  3. I use quite a few things on the list. Breakstone individual cottage cheese cups Crackerbarrel cheese String cheese Parmesan cheese Singles Mac and cheese Stove top Bologna Salad dressings Miracle Whip Jell-O Crystal Light Kool Ade Not all the time on the above list but on a regular basis. Occasionally I use a few other items on the list too. Not long ago I loaded up on boxes of Jell-O and last week our store had a sale on Kool Ade packets so I got some of those to put away. I don't have any Crystal Light so I
  4. Awesome idea Midnightmom. I don't think I would have thought of that.
  5. Kappy, glad Jack and the 'little big man' are learning their manners. Makes for a more safe and pleasant den. Too bad more human leaders don't take the time to teach their pack manners and civil obedience, Mt. Rider, so nice you and your mom had such a wonderful day together enjoying the outside, Glad your dad approved and hopefully, he enjoyed his day too.
  6. Thanks Amber. You are lucky they want to come visit and help you. And they are lucky they have someplace to go and get away for awhile. My son said they haven't watched a TV show from start to finish since his son was born four years ago. So I get how their mom feels. Good for everyone all around. Use those young muscles while they are willing and available
  7. In an another forum we talked about how one company's factory shut down can effect a lot of different brands of products causing unexpected shortages. Kraft Heinz was mentioned. I looked up the brands they manufacture. It doesn't mean there will be a shortage! However, if there is something on the list that you really, really like that would make your life more pleasant to have, you might want to check out the list. Just saying. Notice Sure-Jell. Cheese and Dairy Products•Breakstone’s•Cheez Whiz•Cracker Barrel Cheeses•Knudsen•Kraft Fresh Take•Kraft String Cheese•Kraft Natural Chee
  8. Thanks Ambergris. I see Ohio is in a little bit better shape than Indiana.
  9. Amber, I must have missed a post or two. But who are the girls? Roomie's children? Your boy's girlfriends, beau's girls, neighbors, or nieces? I'm really behind. No Peeps?! Thankfully I bought 12 boxes of the sour Ike and Mike candies last week. They will last me the rest of the year. I'll get more if I see them though. I only like the sour ones. Maybe get some boxes of Sweet Tarts. Honestly, I don't eat much candy but just the thought of not being able to get it any more makes me want to stock up. Sometimes sour candy eases my stomach. <--- Justifying the purchase there.
  10. I'd still bleach if I saw the dropping after I already washed the item. I could live with discolored but not the thought of embedded mouse droppings. Although alcohol sounds good too. I'd be dousing it on though. Gads, I hate mice in the house. I think they can fly too. They sure can jump. At the Indy house last time I was there, I got on a ladder to remove a light bulb in the kitchen ceiling and glanced over at the top of the cabinet. Yep, mouse droppings up there. How did they get up there and why. And this is the time of year they will be moving back in.
  11. If you added anything else to the tomato products like onions or bell peppers etc. it really needs to be pressure canned to be safe. You could freeze it or re-can it in a pressure canner with added acid. Since they have already been sitting out, I wouldn't waste time. They should be fine to re-can or freeze since technically they are canned. For newbies who might be lurking, anytime you add any veggies (onions, peppers etc.) to tomatoes, they must be pressure canned. And you must add acid (lemon juice, vinegar, ascorbic acid) to the plain tomatoes to raise the acid if you w
  12. Wow. Great find and a good read too! That follows along with my master plan. To have what I need in the house in case I can't leave for what ever reason. I can depend on son and DIL...I hope, but it will be so much easier on all of us if I have most of what I need already in the house. Especially with them working. I'm doing everything in my power to ease the burden of my old age on all of us. I really don't want to be a burden.
  13. Oh my what lovely ladies! You are so fortunate to have such a willing helper. And the memories you are making. Some one is gonna be eating good this winter! About the tomatoes. THIS IS MY OPINION ONLY Did you pressure can them or water bath them? If you water bathed them then I'd say no! Especially with the added veggies. If you pressure canned them then they SHOULD be okay. I'd mark them and eat them first. You can can your spaghetti sauce with some added veggies but it must be canned in a pressure canner because of the onions. I always pressure can my
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