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  1. We2, always elated to hear good news about you guys health! Keep up the good work. I hear you about the glasses. I went to the Dollar Tree and got some of the readers. I'm very near sighted so I don't need them but ya never know when you or someone else might need them. I think they had four different strengths. Try them on first though. Some of them are huge.They are wire frames and not too stylin' but who cares for a dollar each. Your stew is a thing of beauty. I layer mine like that too. Even your rings are pretty. They look like braids. I have Janie's recipe too. I think her channel name changed to Our Little Homestead. I could be wrong. I'm on the Kindle and can't look it up. I also have a recipe for chicken and rice soup. Just a pinch of rice floating in the jar and not packed down in there. I plan to make both when reunited with my canner. The experts DO NOT recommend canning with noodles or rice. Do so at your own risk and what's best for you. Had to put that in there. Ambergris, my vitamin B-12 level was good. My vitamin B-3 is way off. I do have some of the under tongue B-12 though and when I took it I think I did feel better. I'm going to start up again. I can't remember if I got it at my grocery store or Wal-Mart. It's Nature's Bounty and not too bad tasting. Cherry flavored. There is a Nature Valley brand that tastes pretty bad. If I could walk in and get a B-12 shot at the pharmacy like I did the tetanus shot I would. But doctor visits are so expensive. I have meds to pick today or tomorrow. I'll ask them. The problem with X is he has a bad case of the guilts. And he should. He wants to protect someone who doesn't need him any more. It's worse since we share a grandson and he lives across the country. He doesn't know where or how to fit in the new family dynamics. For me, in my heart/mind, I haven't necessarily moved on from the situation as much as I've moved away from it. I've known him for over 50 years and married to him just shy of 30 years. I was 15 when we started dating and he was 19. Lots of history there. I'm okay with him most of the time but sometimes I remember who I'm talking to and get p!ssy.
  2. I think the key might have been the hardness of the cookie. Both Lorna Doone and Nilla Wafers are small and hard. Those Ginger Snaps in a box are small and hard too. Keebler and Archway type cookies might be too soft. Here's a THOUGHT. Maybe make up a batch of cracker dough and add ginger. Roll out thin, cut, bake and let dry out and vacuum seal. Or buy a box of Ginger Snaps. I don't think Nilla Wafers are necessarily for upset stomach like ginger. Mostly for comfort food and something to hopefully keep on the stomach. Or to keep a 3 year old quiet.
  3. Yeah, a rake handle or broom handle flinger. Shudder. One year an elderly neighbor asked me how I felt about snakes. I told him. He asked if I'd help him kill one he had pinned down beside his house. His wife was too afraid. I said, "Sure". Gulp. False bravado. I held the snake down with the shovel while he chopped with the hoe. I didn't look. Don't know why he didn't just push down on the shovel and "half" the monster. Maybe he just wanted someone close by in case he fainted. He thanked me profusely. I came in and took a shower. If it hatched in your basement, you would find the shell. It was probably a full grown one but just a small variety. Hope you feel better soon with your allergies and all that goes along with them.
  4. Sending up prayers for both of you. You've been through enough.
  5. I wasn't sure where to put this. Here seems like a good a place as any. About 2-3 years ago I vacuum sealed some Nilla Wafers in a half gallon canning jar. Then promptly forgot about them. I really don't have much of a sweet tooth (tangy food is my downfall) but the other night I really wanted a cookie. And I remembered them. Woo-hoo. So I dug them out of the pantry. It was dusty but sealed tight. I swear to you all that they were as crisp and fresh as the day I put them in there. They must not contain a lot of oil to go rancid or something. I don't know. I did some Lorna Doone too but didn't try them. Too much temptation having a gallon of opened cookies handy. At least I know for sure Nilla Wafers will keep. I did those two kinds mostly for sick days or for a G-son emergency. I have some Oreo's someplace but couldn't find them right away. I'm definitely going to get some of those little round hard Ginger Snaps and seal them. I'm sure they will keep. Mostly for stomach upsets. So, perhaps I can go to Sam's Club and harvest (I think I'm in the food harvest section) some Ginger Snaps and can (might be in the canning section too. I can't remember where I'm at right now) some up. To summarize myself. (Sigh..ADD is rampant tonight.) Nilla Wafers taste like new after about 3 years of being vacuum sealed. Most likely Lorna Doone and Ginger Snaps too.
  6. Carry a big stick down there with you. If you see another one take that stick and fling it (the snake) against the wall. I did that with a rake one year when I was outside raking leaves. A little one came out and I had Depends ® moment. I caught it in the tines of the rake and flung way out in the street. I never saw any traces of it so it must have made it someplace safe. Probably came slithering back in my yard. Probably about 8 ft. long now hiding I my attic just waiting to drop down on me with a tiny rake between its fangs. Crimony, now I'm scared. Thanks a lot OOTO.
  7. I'm glad you are going to like your new pastor Miki. The last church I went to didn't have a dress code. Come as you are. The Lord is in your heart not in your clothing. Just be clean and covered. Then pastor said no one should be turned away or be made to feel uncomfortable if they can't afford the best. Having said that, he did wear a suit every Sunday and while some people did wear jeans, I never saw anyone inappropriately or scantily dressed. But I get it with the older generation. Great to hear Oreo is fitting nicely and that potty training is coming along well. I'm sure you are being kept on your toes by that little love muffin. Hope your DH doctor appointment went well.
  8. Yeah, I've had a string of lousy health lately. I've been 'off my feed' for awhile now. I've been weak and tired too long. Not being able to get up and around makes it worse. Vicious circle. I know you guys know how that is. If I was a horse they would have...well, you know. I did get a few errands run today. Mostly just in the car dropping off or picking up. I still haven't been to Wal-Mart. My list is getting ever longer. I've never been this run down before. Most of my blood work came out pretty good. Very low on Vit. B-3 but I'm taking a vitamin for that. I think I'll add some B-12 to it. She upped my thyroid med too. Sigh. Also my Pre-diabetes is wonkie too. It's so strange but I'm not processing insulin correctly when I'm fasting. Like over night when my stomach is empty. When I was in Indy I slept one night for 12 hours and when I got up and tested my level it was 420!!! Anything over 125 while fasting is diabetic. Later that night after normal eating, it was down in the 100 range. I take my meds at bedtime. I told D-ex about it and he blew a gasket. Saying that doesn't make any sense and how can that be possible. Like I was making it up. X for a reason. She upped that dosage too. Somebody pass me some cheese with my 'whine' tonight. And crackers. Grapes? Oh, speaking of grapes, she told me I was eating too much fresh fruit because of the sugar content. D-ex really loved that one. I'm cutting his calls back and not sharing so much.
  9. Oh lawsy girl. I always said I'd have to move if I ever saw one in the house. I'm being gentle. I'm right there with you! I'm the same way about pictures of fish. Can't handle them either. Seems like a lot of creepy crawlies are trying to get in before winter. Shudder. I don't like any of them. Be sure to check all of the places they could come in and plug them up. Maybe one just sneaked in while a door was open. Let's go with that thought.
  10. Praying for your energy level to return! I've been down for about a week with that sciatic nerve pain in the back again. It's getting better but it usually only lasts a day or two on one side. This time it's gone on for about 5 days and on both sides intermittently. Heating pad and Advil help some but not a lot. I don't know why I'm so slow to take aspirin. I have it in my mind that it isn't good for you. Like gonna kill me. I'm okay with it if I take it on a full stomach. I'm going to try some after lunch. Every thing in moderation...right. Lunch + Full Stomach = WENDY'S Salad, baked tater and a Frosty. Oh yeah. Maybe even add on a chili. It's for the sake of my back ya know. Remember... so I can take two aspirin. I have to be out doing errands anyway. Now I'm just justifying it in my head.
  11. Ambergris, that's what I got from the fish meds place. I got about 90 of the 500mg. I think I've had them 2 years but they are sealed tightly. I divided them up into 3 containers with 30 each. They come from a store down there in Florida. Very fast shipping if I remember correctly. I have penicillin for a real emergency but after about 4-5 days on it I look like I have a horrible case of measles. And it hurts. According to ER Dr. all of my capillaries were bursting. Not pretty. I'd take it if life depended on it though. I have other antibiotics I can turn to too. But I have allergic reactions to them too. Cipro 'only' caused constipation. I sort of was glad she prescribed it because if I was going to have a bad reaction to it I'd rather it be now than in a SHTF situation. At least now I know I can take it if I absolutely have to.
  12. I store mine in a pill bottle and then vacuum seal it too. I did get into the Cipro last week. Glad I had it even though I could have paid the doctor another office call and paid for another prescription. $$$$$ It was the same thing and same dosage. Plus they only give 6 -10 pills at a time.
  13. Sorry Mt. Rider. I know they leave you drained. LOL We are talking about olive oil and vinegar in the same thread. Now I'm hungry for a salad. My DIL swears by coconut oil.
  14. Forgot to mention that if you have a hard time getting gaskets for a canner try Lehman's. They have bunches of them in all sizes. A call to them wouldn't hurt. My first one is an old 1970's model and they have ones to fit it. Also check to see if there are any raised letters on the gasket. I couldn't see mine but I could feel them.
  15. I haven't seen any stainless steel pressure canners that I know of. I'm pretty sure they would be really expensive though. I wouldn't be too concerned about an aluminum canner because the food you eat doesn't come in contact with the canner. I think most canners get discolored inside. Mine has a blackish ring, where the water line is, after only a couple of uses. Nature of the beast. I do put a glug or two of vinegar in the canner every time before I load it up. It works wonders on keeping the lime scum off of the jars and canner. That deposit is hard to scrub off of the jars. Especially around the raised letters.
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