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  1. Thanks Ambergris. I never thought to check mine. I didn't always use it butted up against a wall. Sometimes I measured from a window frame to the corner of a wall. It runs on batteries that were included. It takes two. I left it at the Indy house but I think they were just AA. Could have been AAA but I'm pretty sure they were AA. The actual tape measure is a really nice thick one too.
  2. Wow. That Grey Wolf looks like a single wide trailer. My idea of camping!
  3. I got a new tool a few months ago and just had the chance to use it last week. Its a laser tape measure. You can either use the laser or the regular tape measure. It worked so fast and easy. No more crawling across the floor counting and recounting the 'feet' as I go. The new house has some odd shaped rooms with an open floor plan and the laser really made it easy to measure. I just had to remember to add a couple of inches if I had the measure butted up against the wall. A couple of walls were long but I just wanted to measure a part of the wall so I put a box where I wanted to stop measuring and it worked great. The laser stopped at the box. It will come in handy for hanging pictures straight too. I really like tools.
  4. I have a couple of those Fix it and Forget It books too and I really like them. I picked them up cheap at Ollies. A Taste Of Home (or something like that) has some pretty good cookbooks too.I got a huge hard bound book at Ollies for about $8.00 or so. It's really big. I have a hard time with crock pots because I can't hardly stand to wait for the food to cook. I start to smell it and I want to eat it right away. Agony.
  5. I don't like those kind of storms either. Sounds like a lightning bolt is landing right outside the door. They do scare the stuffin's out of you. Poor little Abby Girl. I hide under the covers so I don't see the lightning flash. Berries look beautiful! Lovely jars. Most time I'd rather pressure can than water bath can. Don't know why though. I bought a big glass lid a few years back to use for my WB canner. it's really nice because you can see right down into the pot to see how hard the water is boiling or if it's maintaining a rolling boil. I don't remember if it only fits my !little canner or the big one too. Got it at Wal-Mart. That kind of heat scares me. Hope there are plenty of gas stations on your route. I hope I can find someone half as good as MrWe2 when I get moved. I have a ton of little things that needs done. Some not so little. I've got a list started. I'd like to hire someone to come out for a few days in a row and get it all over and done with at once. Best laid plans... I hope someone can fix my kitchen base cabinets. They are very poorly designed. The one shelf inside of them is only about 18 inches wide. That wastes a lot of space plus I can't reach anything on the shelves because everything has to sit so far back. I would like one or two of them like that for tall pots but not all of them. Probably drill holes in the sides for some pegs and a shelf to sit on top? Next year outside work has to be done. The landscaping looks like Grey Gardens and the deck needs replaced and it needs some sort of shade over the deck. Pergola maybe? Screened in porch would be nice but that ain't gonna happen. Need some fencing too. All the screen wire needs replaced too. I can do that though. New light fixrures. New mail box....sigh.
  6. I heard that on the radio going down there last week. I told DIL it would be a good time to get some back to school clothes stocked up on.
  7. Sorry you bumped your noggin. I know the feeling of doing one thing and having a multitude of other things go wonkie on you. I stepped off one little incline in a parking lot and my whole back, neck and nervous system revolted. Hand signals are still valid. They were on my last driving test. I know how to use them from years of sitting in my grandpa's back seat on Sunday rides. He used both. Only problem is I forgot all about them. DUH. Hope hubby's new meds will help when he gets it Miki. How is he doing with his hearing now?I Sorry about your ankles TheCG. Drink plenty of liquids and elevate those puppies. If doctor allows, maybe an OTC water pill. Diru-Ex or something like that. Hot tub cold tub...it all sounds delightful to me. I want a small pool for next summer. I tell myself that floating in the water will help my back and aching bones. Maybe even some water exercising. Justifying! I know less than zero about pool maintenance. We2 my pickles didn't do very well last year and I did use pickle crisp. I don't know if it was the cucumbers I bought or what. They were the small pickling cukes. Not the small gherkin size though. I cut the ends off and sliced each cuke into 8 spears and used Mrs. Wages kosher dill pickle mix. Then I added a very small amount of pickle crisp. By small I mean less than a pinch. Really just a couple of little beads per jar. Then waterbathed. The jars were the half pint size. Anyway, they were so bitter I ended up tossing most of them. They weren't all that crisp either. I figure it was either the cucumbers, Mrs. Wages or the pickle crisp. They were so bitter. Wish I had a good Vlassic kosher dill recipe. Time to start Googling.
  8. I'm finally home and exhausted. That trip is killer on my body. The furniture arrived and it is beautiful. It is a little darker than I thought but I'm fine with that. He went ahead and gave me the triple mirror instead of the flat one so that was a nice surprise. It took me forever to get from the highway to the house. A 20 min. trip took about 2 hours. First was the road construction. I was already in it and too late to turn back. Plus it was rush hour. I got to the turn off and came upon a horrible wreck. Both cars were missing their front ends. The people were already taken away but we had to wait until the flatbed wreckers could load them up and get them removed. It was awful. I finally got there and tried to call son but I don't get cell phone service out there. I went back into town to their house. They were gone. So, I sat outside with the dogs for about 45 min. then left a note on the door and went home. Sigh. I was beat. Thursday furniture arrived along with son, DIL and you-know-who. Had a good time. Went to Wal-Mart and to a Mexican restaurant. By the time I got home I was in so much back pain I could barely walk. I soaked in a tub of Epsom Salts. It didn't really help but it felt good. It was hard to get from the tub to the bed. My back still. Dang, that tub is narrow. It felt like a coffin. I thought they were standard size? Or maybe my body shape has changed. I went to bed with the Kindle at about 9:00pm and didn't wake up until 10:00pm THE NEXT NIGHT. I missed the entire day Friday. Went to Burger King and gassed up the Jeep. Was back in bed by midnight and slept until 10:00am. I decided to come on home. I was hurting and depressed. Still am...both. UTI is coming back so time to call the doctor. I need blood work for my meds anyway. While I was gone I took my diabetes meter and blood pressure meter with me. The batteries were dead on the BP machine. I just changed them not too long ago. I did the diabetes stick after I did all of that sleeping and no food and it was 240! Normal people should read between 70-99. So there's that. I said I didn't wake up at all on Thursday/Friday night. Not quite true. Twice I fell off of that stupid twin size air mattress. What a shock. Once between the bed and the wall...ouch. I hit the wall and got a rug burn on my knee and elbow trying to get up. So I moved the mattress against the wall and fell out the other side. It was probably YouTube worthy. I would have liked to have seen it. The next night I put more air in it and didn't get bucked off. I think the softer sides were the problem. It's one of those tall ones too. On the way there one of my turn signals blew out. I was paranoid the whole time I was going to get pulled over. I could have explained it. I was away from home but I really wasn't in the mood. I just did my best to stay in the right lane all the way there and back. Will see to it tomorrow...somewhere. Since Lube Stop went out of business here I'm not sure where I'll end up. I'll figure it out. I miss them. The Wal-Mart veggie shelves there looked about like every place else. A little bare with the cans spaced out. I did see quite a bit of field corn growing in Northern Indiana. It is pretty short though. The closer to Ohio I got the shorter the corn was. The soy beans looked pretty good though. I'm off to the fruit/veggie market to stock back up. They do have some pretty good beefsteak tomatoes and plums. Maybe some peaches that aren't hard as rocks. Forgot to add. If you take a Kindle with you be sure to download some books and movies if you are going to a place with no internet service. Thankfully I remembered to do that. I keep some books loaded just in case.
  9. I'm afraid I'd be eating a lot of my home canned green beans, potatoes, beans and other soups. Not much else. BTW, navy/great northern beans are very easy. Plant them, water them, weed them and let them dry on the vine. Then pull the entire plant up and store them in the garage until you can get them hulled. It's one thing you can do at your leisure.
  10. We are getting storms here today. It's really black outside. Just so it doesn't turn green. That temperature is insane. Way to go on finding the ten-er. I haven't found any folding money in a long time.. I feel bad for your DH Mt. Rider. It's hard enough starting a new job but when no one will show you the ropes it's double frustrating. At least they appreciate him. And he has pretty good job security. I finally went to Wal-Mart yesterday for some bread and milk. It was dead inside there. I checked out the veggie aisle. It was pretty sparse but there were no signs. They had the cans spread out so it didn't look so bare. Old retail trick. I wanted to get a few more packs of those single serving veggies in a plastic cup. Just the right size for me. But they didn't have any at all. I need to get the Jeep packed up and gassed up again tonight. I'm headed out to Indy tomorrow. Furniture arrives on Thursday. Now I'm going to be on the hunt for some living room stuff. The lawn chairs in there are starting to look tacky. LOL. I'm going cheaper on that because of you-know-who. I don't want to be worrying about stains etc. We were almost afraid to move at my grandma's house. Don't put your feet here or there. Food in the kitchen only. And every time you got up she'd straighten out the couch. The pillows were for decoration only...don't lean against them. And she had white doilies on the arms and backs of everything...starched. Sheeeesh. I'm getting some slip covers and call it a day. I don't have internet service out there so after tomorrow I'll be incommunicado until at least Monday. Son bought a used camper last week and they will be out camping so I'm planning on a productive weekend alone. They see camper. I see bug out vehicle.
  11. Congrats to g-sons team! Glad the weather is twisting and turning in the proper position too.
  12. Good deal. You have to watch because sometimes Wal-Mart prices are better than the Dollar Tree. Albeit just a few cents but those pennies add up fast. I was hoping computers were on the list because I need a new one in the worst way but they aren't.
  13. It's tax free weekend in Ohio this week on school supplies. Aug. 2-4 2019 https://www.fox19.com/2019/08/02/tax-free-weekend-ohio-everything-you-need-know/
  14. I've never had the pleasure Annarchy, but my son did when he was little. I was surprised by how bad it smelled. I still think it's odd that I hadn't considered the thought that poop would smell.
  15. Well you had a crappy couple of days. I remember the first time I saw an eagle 'go' on a live web cam. They stand on the edge of the nest, lift their butt way up in the air and it shoots out. Even the babies do that. Note to self...don't stand under a bird nest. First of the month...that explains it.
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