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  1. Against my better judgement I'm going to Indiana tomorrow/today for G-sons birthday. Ugh. I'll probably be gone 3-4 days spending a lot is time at my houae. At least that's the plan. My plans never pan out over there though. I hope the fireworks are still cancelled. Sigh.
  2. Happy Birthday Snapshotmiki. I'll be gone the rest of the week but wanted to get this in before I left. Hope you have a wonderful day girl friend!
  3. I hit that box sometimes too when I'm aiming for the smilies. I can't delete on the Kindles. No delete button. Thanks for the tip on the duct tape. Also glad to hear you are feeling better! I've been going back and forth with myself for the past two weeks. You-know-who is having a birthday party this Saturday. The big four. LOL. I got an invite in the mail and then he asked me if I was coming to his party. Sigh. I haven't seen him since Chtistmas. I miss the little dude. I'm scared to go but I know I'll regret it if I don't. The D-ex cancelled because he'd have to fly in to Chicago. I don't blame him. Ugh, guess I'll suck it up buttercup. I told son I was holding him personally responsible for my health. Pffft. He don't care. He will care if he has to spoon feed me and empty my pee pot. I'll milk it too. G-son calls it, "The Sickness." Drama. I've been upset lately because an 18 year old Amish girl has disappeared in Bird-in Hand PA. Last seen after church on Fathers Day. They don't have clue one what happened to her. The place she was at is very highly advertised as a tourist trap. I've traveled those roads more times than I can count. It was on a Sunday and Covid is making round two pretty bad over there so, there probably weren't too many people out. I can't get her and her family out of my mind. I can't imagine...
  4. Thanks Ambergris. None of mine are on the list...yet
  5. Well crap. I was gonna tell you to slip into your thong bikini and meet me down at the local watering hole, on the beach front, and knock back a few tall ones. I'm disappointed now. I was going to pick up the tab too. Rumor has it the Chippendales are in town. And I ain't talkin' about no chipmunks either.
  6. The three main ingredients in Excedrin Migraine are: Acetaminophen 200 mg Aspirin 250 mg Caffeine 65 mg Migraine triggers are personal. Chocolate doesn't bother me. They say aged cheese and red wine are common triggers too. I don't know. For me the weather is my biggest trigger. Any major change in pressure or precipitation sets mine off.
  7. Sassenach! That's it. Sassquash. I knew we called her Sass for a reason. I couldn't spell either 'Sass' word. I remember she liked the Scottish culture hence the word Saassenach.
  8. Hi Asnow4sure. I remember the name. Glad you are rejoining. It sure is a mess out there isn't it. Mt. Rider is still here and very active. Louis 1 still posts from time to time. Arby does mostly Facebook now I hear. I haven't seen her in a long time. She changed her user name to Sassquash (I know I spelled that wrong. Like Big Foot) and we called her Sass. I miss her too. I haven't seen Cat in over a year. I did send her a message last month but didn't hear anything back. I'd like to know how she is too.
  9. Ambergris, what is a solar system for a well? Something to keep it running during a power outage? If so, that sounds.like something I'd be interested in!.
  10. So glad your hubby's surgery went well. I'm sure you are both relieved that it's behind you. Praying for his recovery! We understand about being busy. Please don't leave the forum for long. We care about you too and want to know how you both are doing. Also, I love reading about all you do prep wise. But I do understand about being so busy, and worried, that sometimes it's all one can do be sure to breathe.
  11. Thanks for the recipe We2. I'm definitely writing that one down.
  12. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MIKI. Hope the two of you had a wonderful day!
  13. Hey Euphrasyne, how is everything going? Was just thinking about you and the family. Did you get your oldest daughter moved into her new room? How is baby girl doing? Hope the summer heat is treating you well and you are getting plenty of rest.
  14. Toads...yuck. I thought you were going to say one of the boys shot your hen. Glad your bed finally arrived. Has mom said any more about coming over? It's so hard to leave your own home. I love your shelving too! I really need one with narrow shelves like that for canning jars. That is a perfect size. I lulled around most of the day. I'm going through the Kindle and deleting a bunch of books. I'm becoming more selective. If some of the mystery books haven't had a sequel within the last three years they are out. I'm not going to invest my time in an unfinished book. Same with the ones 100 pages or less. I want books not rushed stories. I worked on that one section nearly all day and got rid of over 300 books. Yeah me. I'll try to finish it up tomorrow. Then start on some of the other sections that will be easier. It's an 'active' OCD week so the Kindle has been bothering me to get rid of the fluff and to get all of the books in their proper collection folder thing and straightened out. Over 2,000 books. My back has me nearly doubled over from aching so this was a good day to ride the recliner and whittle down the Kindle.
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