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  1. It's all about the vaccine! It doesn't matter about the Covid cases. The determining factor is what percentage of people take the vaccine. That's why he wouldn't answer. When they are satisfied with how many people take the shots (plural) then restrictions will ease. Dr. Fauci has a T.V. monitor right in front of him and his glasses right next to him yet he complains he can't see the chart. Go Mr. Jordan! He said to Fauci's face what the rest of us can't. Who else couldn't keep their eyes off of Jordan's mask?
  2. I believe Ivory soap would be one of my go-to commercially manufactured soaps to use if I intended to use gray water for plants. Especially since it's readily available. A doctor recommended it to use on my newborn in the 1970's. Sheesh, that date looks so old. I used to get horrible cases of poison ivy and sumac when I was younger. It was bad! All over my body even my eyes and mouth. The last episode I had the doctor recommended a soap called Basis. It is very good too. I'm not sure how available it is now. Especially now. But it is very mild. I am talking about so
  3. Jeepers


    Looks like someone (Anna) has been hitting the milk bar pretty hard today. What a little chunk. No wonder mom had to have a C-Section. Sheesh.
  4. Oh, The Places You'll Go By Dr. Seuss Snoot
  5. Jeepers


    Not a dog, although the size of one of the Danes. This little Donklet was born at SDP this morning. Don't know the gender or name yet. She was on live camera but nosy Harley (another donkey) was standing in front of the camera so we didn't get to see until after it was out. Saw it's first little wobbly steps though. Yesterday we missed Reese's birthing because she had to go to the hospital for an emergency C-Section. Today we missed Kitty's birthing because of Harley hogging the camera. Not to fear. Sizzle has been on her 'honeymoon' so hopefully in about 65 days we
  6. Jeepers


    Reese's Pieces. One of these things is not like the others...
  7. I thought this was a pretty good idea. Not necessarily the video but her idea. She took really cheap lawn chairs and sat a tote on them to make a raised bed garden. She drilled drainage holes on the side toward the bottom to catch the runoff water in a bucket which has turned into compost tea. Then she re-waters the plants with the recycled water which is right under the totes. You could even use the chair method with a grow bag or buckets to raise them up. Mother, I thought of you when I saw this. They look to be about wheelchair height. They could be spaced farther apart so you
  8. Owned by the government indeed. When D-ex was in the military, albeit decades ago, he had no choices. He had to sign papers indicating that he understood that if he had to have surgery and started talking before, during or after anesthesia was administered, everyone had to clear the room immediately. He had a high security clearance. Even so, he was expendable.
  9. I was looking for an article to post about Denmark permanently banning Astrazeneca and ran across this. I thought it was pretty interesting. I removed some of the spaces because it's so long. Also it was all jumbled together. Covid-19 has killed over 2.97M people and infected nearly 138M others globally. Here are the latest developments for April 14: France to offer free therapy for children affected by Covid French President Emmanuel Macron has announced free psychological counselling will be provided to children and teenagers having mental health difficulties b
  10. The CG. you are so correct about Facebook and Youtube too. They are shutting down a lot of survivalist, prepper and political websites. I check in on quite a few prepper sites and nearly all of them have had a video removed. Not necessarily for content but because of certain words. They have their Bots trained to look for certain words. Most people are using alternative words now on their websites. The most popular one seems to be 'Boom Stick'. I like your phrases.
  11. Mt. Rider, that was an amazing post. That's what we are all about here. Thank You!
  12. I've been watching her for over a year now. She has a scientific analytical mind that loves to research and experiment. Of all the Youtubers out there, I trust her data the most. Mother, I was just thinking about the color to make it a little bit more pleasing to the eye and not look so...raw. She was using white flour but said any recipe would work. I imagine red wheat would make it more dense though.
  13. I agree about calling it a vaccine. It's gene manipulation. However, by saying vac, vax, shot or jab, people know what we are referring to. The medical professionals should not have begun calling that in the first place. Of course it was better to dumb us down into thinking it was a vaccine because who would take a gene manipulation shot, on the market less than a year, and then another one...and then a booster. Three shots that may cover you for 6 months is not a vaccination. I'm sure they are trying to develop a real vaccine but that takes time. And more time to be tested for sa
  14. I wonder if using red wheat would help with the appearance? Or is all flour white?
  15. Jeepers


    Reese had five beautiful puppies. Big ones. Three girls and two boys. She had a C-Section and is already home. Momma and kids are doing great. Whew!
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