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  1. I'm so sorry Koa is sick! Sending many prayers up and some gentle hugs too.
  2. You can also download your canner instruction book from online. I got my old 1970's-ish Mirro canner instruction book from online. It is a PDF to down load for free.
  3. Littlesister, you certainly did have your priorities straight. Nothing like a clear conscience for a job well done. Try to slow down a little and rest in between times. As you know, the dust and things will still be there waiting for you when you are ready. Don't ask me how I know that all too well. WARNING: MOANING AND GROANING AHEAD. I've been taking it slow lately. About 3 months ago my shoulder went out on me. It only hurts when I move it a certain way. It hurts really bad when I do that but fortunately it doesn't hurt otherwise. So it isn't too horrible. I had this once before (acupuncture debacle) so I knew what to expect. Tendonitis. But it's getting old now. Plus I end up sleeping on it wrong sometimes. Then a couple of days before I went to Indiana this last time my ankle started to hurt. Right under that ankle bone knob. It feels like its sprained but it isn't. I had to buy a brace over there just to walk. It still hurts when I walk. That was over a month ago. Going down the stairs is a real killer. That's getting old too. I've had a couple of close calls with a charlie horse in my calve muscle. Fortunately I was able to freeze up in time to avoid them. Except for one. OMG. Worse pain ever! I'm wondering if it's a vitamin/mineral issue. If I sleep on my back I end up waking myself up snoring. More of a snort-gasp noise. Wonder if a C-Pap is in my future. And someone is sneaking in my bedroom at night and soaking the sleeve of my tee shirt with slobber while I'm sleeping. I know for certain I would't do something as gross as that. D@mn slobber elves. Too bad they aren't Keebler elves leaving cookies instead. And I'm starting to get a headache. And now I want to go to Ollies. ADHD is kicking in so I'll spare y'all the rest of my thought processes. Cookies. But other than that...
  4. I would like to have a regular stove to cook out on too. Lucky you. I remember my grandma had an apartment size stove when she sized down. It would be perfect. Or even a two burner drop in gas top stove. So many ideas...so little time and money. Sigh. I don't know what's worse. Too little space or too much space. The Indy house has a lot of storage but that only means you want to store more stuff. What's that saying, "Nature abhors a vacuum." Same theory applies to an empty closet. Or something like that. When I want to add a picture I: 1. Put it on my desktop 2. Open it in Paint to size it down and save it 3. Drag and drop it from the desktop in to a post. If it becomes more complicated than that I can forget about it.
  5. I think burner is the correct term. Not 'grill'. As my grandma used to say, "Don't go by what I say but what I mean." One of these. This one looks pretty nice. Wish I had one of those. The only outdoor cookery I have is an old fire pit situated under some pine trees.
  6. A good place to buy new books is Ollies if you have one near you. Ours has a lot of cookbooks etc. and they are pretty inexpensive. I like the Gooseberry Patch cookbooks too. Nice pictures. I need to take a run to Sam's Club soon too. I got a big pack of T.P. at my grocery store this week. There was no limit but it was $20.00 for the pack. Not in my budget to buy 2 of them. My grass is getting very tall. I kept waiting for him to come thinking surely tomorrow. I finally called him today. Poor guy was sick in the hospital with you-know-what. He was very apologetic and said he'd be out today. I told him to forget it today and just come when he felt able. I dare the city to come out and say something. It always looks worse when the neighbors on either side of me mow. Makes mine look even taller. It does look nice and lush and green though.
  7. Littlesister, it sounds like you are doing great in your preps! I'm doing a similar thing. I got rid of a ton of books last year too. I'm keeping all of my prep books, which is still a lot. But novels etc. are either on Kindle or out the door. I have trouble with the small print on books these days anyway. I'm keeping some of the novel type books that I would reread but only one box full. A year after I donated those books I still haven't missed a single one of them. In fact I don't even remember what most of them were. I'm also accessing my holes. I think I'm pretty good in the clothing department for years to come. Except I could use a pair of rain boots. Thanks for the reminder. Maybe two pair. One pair for yard/garden work. Ones that can be rinsed off. Maybe Crocs. I'm really low on blankets too. I could use two queen size and two twin size. I have the comforters that came with the 'bed-in-a-bag' sets but I need some blankets for layering or for couch time. When canning outdoors be sure you have the correct BTU's for your canner. Some of the outdoor grills are too hot for canners. They will warp them and ruin them. I can't remember what the numbers are right now. I should have that written down...someplace. Joyfilled, tomato basil soup sounds so good right now. Even better this winter.
  8. I've been thinking about Annarchy too. I thought maybe I missed a post while I was in Indiana. Virginia, I've never heard of canning tater tots and I wouldn't have a clue about how to do it. Only way I'd know how to save them, other than freezing them would be to bake them, dehydrate them, shred them and call them hash browns. Vacuum seal them (or use oxygen absorbers) in a jar or Myler bag. Sorry I 'm not much help.
  9. I'm older than dirt so of course I understood that. Abbott and Costello. Who is going to protect the unvaccinated from all of that crud the vaccinated are sloughing off? Not just regular crud but medically enhanced crud. The tide will turn then they will be the ones ostracized.
  10. These are the ones I got. Sam's Club has them too. That's where I first got them. They about the size and texture of two Starburst candies. AmazonSmile: Healthy Delights Naturals, Turmeric Curcumin Soft Chews, Promotes Healthy Inflammatory Response, Delicious Tropical Fruit Flavor, 30 Count : Everything Else
  11. Even home canned hamburger has a little bit of a texture issue for most people. Some say it reminds them of canned dog food. I wouldn't go quite that far but it does take some getting used to. The next batch I can I think I'll use beef broth in the jar. I've heard it's good with beef broth. Or maybe onion stock? I can tell canned hamburger from freshly cooked even in a pot of soupy chili. It's still good and I eat it a lot in the winter. Not bad. Just different. The meat seems 'finer' and not as chunky. That might user error when I'm canning it. Maybe I shouldn't chop it up so fine when I'm cooking it. Next time I can beef I want to shred it and use it for open face beef sandwiches with brown gravy. That would probably flavor up the Keystone beef too.
  12. You sound like me when it comes to fat. I hate the texture of it. If I eat Vienna Sausages I dump them out and run them under water to rinse all of that gel stuff off and pat dry. I search around a can of baked beans until I find that little tiny piece of pork/fat in there and discard it out of sight. I have found vegetarian style now and it tastes the same without the meat. Woot. Chicken? I can't eat it off of the bone. I have to skin it and remove the meat from the bone before I can sit down to eat it. Makes it nice for dipping though. I just can't stand fat in my mouth. I rinse my hamburger before I can it too. Even then there is a tiny bit of grease in the jar. Guess I'm spoiled too huh? I know the fat contains the most flavor but what good is that when it sets off the gag reflex. I have heard that the Keystone Canned beef is really good. Will wait for your review. The only good fat is from a bacon.
  13. At least it started with a 'C'. That's closer than I usually get.
  14. I have some liquid B-12 that I take on occasion. One kind I got tastes...not too bad. Sort of like cherry cough syrup without the strong alcohol taste. I use it sublingually(sp.) under the tongue. It can leave an after taste but I drink something a few minutes after I take it and that solves that problem. Another brand I got tasted so bad I had to throw it away. Forgot to add to not put some vitamins in hot drinks. I can kill their potency. I don't remember which vitamins though.
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