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  1. Gas prices have skyrocketed here now. Today in N.E. Ohio it was $3.08. The first time over $3.00 in my town ever. Last week on the Oh/In toll road gas was between $3.30 - $3.50. Sort of surprised me because I assumed the price of gas would be the same on the toll road within each state.
  2. Gas prices have skyrocketed here now. Today in N.E. Ohio it was $3.08. The first time over $3.00 in my town ever.
  3. The brown bears are back for the summer and the salmon are jumping. Scroll down just past the picture to see more cameras. This is a moveable camera so sometimes they get a close up of a bear. Brown Bear Cam - Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park | Explore.org
  4. Amen Maxine. I can still get down with the best of them! I just can't get back up again.
  5. You aren't being petty Zzelle. Your feelings are hurt and you feel unappreciated. And you have a right to your feelings. I'd feel the same way. Someone is being a jerk and it isn't you.
  6. Littlesister, if it's your birthday then... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! If not then have a great day anyway!
  7. Dang it. It posted too soon again. Anyway, I rarely use alcohol any more. I think the last time was to soak a pair of pierced earrings years ago. I got some small bottles of peroxide and of alcohol. I got 4 of each and that's all I'm going to keep. Same with bleach. I got 4 of those little bottles at the Dollar Tree and that's all I'm going to store away. BTW, none of the alcohol or peroxide bottles were open. So they were bulging before the 2022 expiration date.
  8. I didn't realize alcohol was so dangerous to get rid of! My first thought was to thow it on a cold fire pit and use it as a fire starter a few weeks later. I guess not. I'm going to be very careful what goes down the drains because of the septic system. I'm even thinking about getting rid of all of my stash of Dial antibacterial bath soap. Cheaper to rebuy soap than to repair a septic tank. Hope I don't have issues with the toilet bowl cleaner I've been using. I checked my Dawn dish wash liquid to make sure it isn't the kind with bleach in it. Got lucky there. I have a lot to learn about country livin'
  9. Sea salt reminds me too much of fish and other water pollutants. I have fish issues. Even more...fish poop issues. I worry about the younger generation getting enough iodine from their 'designer' salt. I've seen older people in the 1950's with a goiter. Not pretty. I have really high blood pressure and low thyroid issues so I have to watch my sodium/iodine intake. I've used Salt Sense for decades. It's 33% lower sodium and to me, tastes like regular table salt and it's iodized. Lately I've had a hard time finding it but I think the problem is they changed the label and I have been over looking it. I've switched over to Morton's Lite and it's iodized and 50% less sodium. I can't taste the difference but I'm not a foodie either. Healthy salt isn't only about the trace minerals. It's about where it's sourced, sodium and iodine content. And like everything else, follow the advertizing dollars. IMHO. I'm even starting to be concerned over canning salt. It's main draw is that it is free from any additives that can cause clouding in the jars. Is clouding really a issue especially in darker foods like beans and soups and stews? Is the trade off worth it when you eat a lot of your own canned food? Am I over thinking this? Probably. Having said all of that, one regular size box of salt will last me about 2 years easy. So I might not be the best judge of salt.
  10. Meijers in Indiana had a skid full of Ball pint jars. But no lids. Wal-Mart had two cases of the little quarter pint size jars and that was it. No lids.
  11. I haven't gotten any notices in either IN. or OH. over utility rates rising. Knowing them they will probably raise them up and not say anything. People will probably assume their electric has gone up because it's been hot and they've been running their air more.
  12. I checked the peroxide bottle this week. It's still very swollen but it doesn't expire until 2022. I forgot to pour it over my toothbrush to see if it still fizzes. I still have it and will try to remember the next time I'm over there.
  13. Littlesister, it was in England where they used blackout curtains. It was a law that they had to use them or be fined. There were 'air raid wardens' who walked the streets at night looking for cracks of light from windows. They wanted towns to be completely dark so German bombers would think it was an empty field and unoccupied.
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