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  1. Mt. Rider, don't forget to change out your toothbrushes regularly. You could be re-infecting yourselves. Just a thought. Its something I rarely remember to do.
  2. Yes We2 Hallelujah! I had very good luck at Gordon Food Service last week. Ours is pretty small but well stocked. Amazon is hit or miss these days. Plus their 2 day Prime shipping is more like 2 weeks. I understand why. But some of their shipping dates are way out there and too many things are sold out. The only thing I cant find anywhere is Zinc tablets. I still have some but I'd like another bottle.
  3. It was with a heavy heart that I finally excepted the realization that it wasn't going to happen for me. It has officially been cancelled. I've had the tickets in my cart for nearly a month. I kept waiting to hit that "Buy Now" button. There was talk of a virus but how bad could it be? Plus the venue was an open air stadium. Where the Cleveland Browns play. Right by The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame on the lake front. I had two tickets in my cart. I was on the aisle and I had the other seat beside me empty. I was on the field, in the center, and 15 rows back. They were expensive but I didn't need the money for anything else more important to me. Ha! I've seen them a couple of times before but we both are getting older and who knows how long we can keep up this pace. Poor old Mick. He would have to sing through a mask and Keith would have to play his guitar with rubber gloves on. Charlie could probably pull it off on the drums. And Ronnie is just a pretty face anyway. Oh yeah, we are on first name bases. It would still be worth it. But at our age...sigh. Did you know I actually sang with the Rolling Stones. And was their backup dancer? Well, not exactly on stage. I was in the stands. But singing and dancing my little heart out right along with them. Even did a little guitar playing with Keith. Mine was an air guitar but still... It all counts. So the Rolling Stones have cancelled their 2020 tour and I'm sad. Glad I hesitated buying the tickets and having to wait to get a refund. Also glad I didn't spend that extra money. It went for a new canner, canning jars and jar lids. And food and medicine. Truth be told, I would have rather seen the Stones again. One more time. But as they so wisely said, "You can't always get what you want."
  4. Jeepers


    Reminds me of a sign I saw in the grocery store. "Hydropanic Tomatoes" Every time I saw it I chuckled a little to myself. Finally I saw a guy stocking the produce section and told him there was a panic in the tomato section. He looked shocked. I said come here and see this. I showed him the sign and told it had been going on for over a month. We both got a good laugh over it. Next time I went in the sign said, "Hydroponic Tomatoes". Yeah, I'm a buzz kill.
  5. Jeepers

    Hey Miki

    Yes it is. He wrote it right before he found out he had the Coronavirus. The line, "I wanna know if you're okay."We gotta think it's gonna be alright" Really touched me in the times we are in right now.
  6. Annarchy, so glad you got your insurance company changed! I got most of my running around done today. Got bills dropped off at the P.O. I went to the library to drop off about a dozen CD's. I knew the library was closed but I thought the drop box would be open. Nope. But they are waiving all fines. I don't have to pay fines anyway because I'm old. I just hope I don't forget about them. I went to Target. Their food section looked very sparse. A lot of empty spaces. I did find a few things to fill in the holes though. I got some carrots, celery apples and mandarin oranges to munch on. No alcohol but plenty of Witch Hazel. I heard that was good for spray bottles. Not sure about that so I only bought two. I heard one of the best things to have for the virus is one of those oximeters that measures your pulse and oxygen level. The kind you stick your finger in. I've had one for years and I do use it every now and then. Anyway, I saw them at Target and got one for son. It was $34.00. A little steep I thought but I can't imagine they will come down in price any time soon. Amazon is probably sold out. I didn't wait to come home to check. Wish I would have thought to get another blood pressure machine. The Velcro on mine is not as strong as it once was and doesn't always hold. Time to start a new list. While I was in the check out line a guy and girl came up right behind me and the check out girl told them to get back behind the line on the floor! He was only there for a second. She was on the ball. The guy and girl had a mask on so I assume he just forgot. I heard him say "sorry about that" as I was walking out. I went back to the drug store for more canning jar lids. There are still quite a few left but I could see where someone else has been buying them too. All together I got 20 boxes of regular and 20 boxes of wide mouth. With what I already had, I think I have enough. There are still some left. I might check back in a week or so. I don't want to empty the shelf but if no one else wants them I do. Went to Wal-Mart for a box of half gallon jars. They were out of them. I might go to the other WM near me tomorrow to see. I didn't look around. I went to the canning section and left. They didn't have any jar lids.
  7. Euphrasyne, that's the way I used to do it too. Crack one egg in an ice cube tray then stir the egg to mix the white and yellow together with a chopstick, freeze, then pop them in a baggie. If I was doing it now, if probably seal the bag in the Food Saver for long term storage. I have one of those ice cube trays with a cover. Not sure why. I was probably thinking about the eggs picking up freezer odor. It's a good way to store herbs too.
  8. Oh my goodness Ashley. That is absolutely gorgeous!
  9. I stayed in today. Mostly because I fell asleep. Tomorrow I want to go granny shopping for some fresh fruit, veg and some bread. Also some buns for Sloppy Joes I have canned up. Buns make good toast too. Especially garlic toast. Also get some more ink for the printer. I have two bags of trash to get rid of. Then drop some bills off at the post office drop box. Jeep insurance is due plus utilities etc. Then top off the Jeep with gas. I paid off my charge cards on line last night so if I have to order anything from Amazon or Wal-Mart I can. And then I plan to shelter in for awhile. Kinda feels like the last push.
  10. I saw on an Ohio map that my town has between 10 - 16 cases of the virus. Not good. It's a small-ish town. My town is one of the highest infected in this county.
  11. Miki, he said his case was pretty mild so he isn't in the hospital. I really like the album's Running On Empty and The Pretender. He has a new song coming out called A Little To Soon but I haven't heard any preview yet. He's 71.
  12. I heard Joe Diffie (country singer) died from the virus. He was 61. Also Jackson Browne has it. I really like Jackson's music.
  13. Tell them that new flea collar you bought just isn't doing the job this time. Or maybe its the bedbugs. Start scratching and see how far they back up. Bet they'll think a buzz cut would look pretty fetching on you after all.
  14. I stayed in all day. I was tempted to go shopping but will go tomorrow. I don't like to shop on the weekend. I know I'll end up getting more canning jar lids. Sigh, they have become my newest obsession. Hopefully Wal-Mart still has some half gallon jars too. If I was a hairdresser right now I'd offer to cut hair in someone's back yard. Everyone must wear a mask. I'd pay! Cash. I'd be Mobil Tressie driving my Tress Mobile. Got stress, call Tress. I think my hair is bothering me simply because I can't go get it cut. I'd be very happy with a straight bob...bob hair cut. Not Bug Out Bag. Or Water Bob. Bob's your uncle.
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