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  1. Age in place....I like that. That describes exactly what my goals are. We were taught in grade school that the basics in life were food, clothing and shelter. Our teacher drummed that into us for some reason. So if I have those three, the rest is gravy. And I like gravy. I'm assuming that water went in the food category. And heat went in the shelter category. Our textbooks were written pre 1950 ish. We must have been studying about the cavemen.
  2. I can my chili too. I make mine with macaroni but I leave it out when canning. I cook it and pour the canned chili over the macaroni. Kind of like chili mac. Or sometimes I eat it the way W2 does. Lot of people pour it over cornbread. I keep forgetting to try that. I fry hamburger and onions til done. Then add beans and diced tomatoes and chili powder. Then my secret ingredient...ketchup. It gives it a little bit of a tangy tomato flavor. If I'm not canning it, I add cooked macaroni. It really stretches it. Or you could freeze it with the mac added. Process the way you do any meat product. If my mouth wasn't such a delicate little flower I'd add chili's to the mix. Mild chili powder is the best I can do. I like Mexene when I can find it. Rotel tomatoes would work nicely too. I like spicy but not hot Forgot to add, I usually use Brooks chili beans. I really should start canning my own chili beans.
  3. Forgot, I've canned ham and potatoes togather. They did just fine. The ham didn't turn dark. It was pre packaged so I don't know if that made a difference of not. We talked about this a few years ago and thought it might be the way ham is cured or smoked is why it made it turn dark. I don't know the answer but I wouldn't mind the color. I'd just drain off the juice if it bothered me. Maybe the maple, sugar or smoke caramelizes it?
  4. While I don't do fish stuff, I did find many articles on the Alaska site interesting. I bookmarked it to read when I have more time. Thanks for the link Kappy.
  5. Very good article and I agree. I'm a prepper not a survivalist. I prep for the times I can't leave my home. Health, sickness, snow storm, power outage, no money etc. To make myself comfortable. I can't control what other people do but I can control what I can do. I'm prepping for my old age and if I become housebound. On the other hand, some people really enjoy prepping. It makes them happy and they enjoy it. There was a debate not long ago over whether or not prepping was a hobby. NO IT ISN'T most people shouted. Well, I think it can be for some people. Pffft, live your joy.
  6. I've never canned just ham alone but I've canned it in bean soup and ham and veggie soup and it did just fine. It was chopped up small though. Ham and veggie soup was okay but not my favorite. I'll can it again though just to have a variety.
  7. I've canned plenty of leftover cooked meat. Especially turkey. You can do it either hot pack or cold pack. On!y issue is to make sure your jars, meat, broth and canning water are at a similar temperature so you don't shock your jars.
  8. We got about an inch yesterday. Snow plow guy had to raise his rates. He gave the option of paying by the month or by the season. I mailed the check out for the season today. He does a great job but he always comes too often. So now he can come as often as he wants. And that bill is paid for through 2019-2020
  9. Darn Kappy, sorry you went through that. Glad you got it fixed though.
  10. Thanks Littlesister. I watched a video about it. Guess I'm not the only one who fears the Aldi carts if there are videos about them. LOL. I don't mind packing my own. In fact I'd rather. Makes it easier to unpack and put things away. They showed how to hack them if you don't have a quarter. Use the round head part of a key. Of course you have to push the buggy around with your key sticking out. But desperate times call for desperate measures.
  11. Right now I'd believe about anything.
  12. Definitely no more two stories for me, Littlesister! I was a lot younger when I moved here. I had X-rays on my back and spine and it said arthritis, stenosis and something else I can't remember. I asked for an MRI but they said because I'm on medicare, they have to do an X-Ray first. They also said my knees were okay. No they aren't they hurt too. I'm going to try to wait it out and when I get moved, get new doctors. I'm starting to have trust issues where I go now.
  13. Shipped to Indiana and Ohio. I don't have any but will alert DIL.
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