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  1. We2, when it comes from the fridge, does it stay firm like stick butter or is it spreadable like tub butter? My MIL used to only use stick butter and it was so hard you couldn't butter bread with it. It would tear up the bread before it would spread. Worked well with hot toast though.
  2. It finally got cold here. In the teens. It was brutally cold here last night because the wind was blowing so hard. We also got enough snow to plow. I was starting to wonder. I paid the snow plow guy for the season instead of for each time and we haven't had any snow at all.
  3. We2 that sounds like what I've been doing this past year. I've been eating out of my pantry a lot to get it cleared out so I don't have to move it all. I've missed canning though. But it will be nice to get a fresh start with all new food up to date. Good by 2011 hello 2020. I'm going to replace some of my dehydrated food supply too. I'm not happy with some of the food I bought. The celery and leeks especially. The leeks have too much green and not enough white and the celery has too many dark spots like the air discolored them. The spinach is like powder. Maybe it's all normal but since I have a good dehydrator, I might as well do it like I want it. I want to do my own kale leaves for soups too. And grind some up to sneak in some food like Kappy does.
  4. Mt. Rider, when do you go back to the doctor? Have you heard anything about the nasal swab they did? You must be exhausted. I'm starting to get really worried about you.
  5. Sorry your first pump didn't work out. Mine is a submersible one too. I think I'm only on my second or third one in over 30 years. Personally, I don't agree with the recreational "herb" but I do support it 100% for its medical use. If I had cancer and knew it would help, I'd go on it with no hesitation. Especially if I was doing chemo and anti nausea meds didn't help. Same with glaucoma. And I've never done an illegal drug in my life. It's probably safer than some of the big pharmacy poisons being prescribed. I've never taken a puff off of a cigarette so I'd have to cook with it or make capsules I suppose. It's still illegal in Indiana and only with a prescription in Ohio. I've heard those prescriptions are very hard to come by here. My DIL just started using CBD. She has terrible rheumatoid arthritis. Her hands are starting to show signs of being misshapen. She has been on prednisone for years. She really wants to be off of it but the pain is too great when she is. She found a place online that her friend recommended to her that 'supposedly' sells the good quality cream so she is trying it. I looked them up and they have brick and mortar store about 15 min. from me. I'm going to check them out for my neck. Even my grocery store sells CBD products now. You have to watch out though because some of it is fake. And it's expensive too. Mt.Rider, sorry you are still so sick. This is bound to leave you weak for awhile after it's gone. Take it slow when you feel better so you don't have a setback. I hear ya about choosing your battles with your doctor. They hold a lot of power. And can have cold hands...
  6. That was sweet of them to add treats for you too. Shows they were thinking about you and appreciate you. You are an angel for doing this! You are the *MVDP of the month! *Most Valuable Dog Person.
  7. Jeepers


    I wouldn't have one of those separate ones either. Mine is built into my Kindle Fire. I could see where they would have a place in a senior home. Alexa, call 911. Or Alexa, call my son...emergency. I'm not quite there yet though.
  8. I won't have a pantry or basement when I get moved either Littlesister. I'm going to have to get creative too. Plus the kitchen is a galley type so no room to add a bar or island or closet. I'm thinking a spare bedroom. The previous owners sort of messed up the bottom cabinets. They all just have a half shelf in them going across the width of them. It would be nice if just one had it for tall pans and canner etc. But they are all like that. Lots of wasted valuable space. I want to get some cabinet shelf clip things and drill them in to cabinet wall so another shelf can slide in and I can abut it next to the stationary one. Then I can remove it if I need room for a tall item. In other words, one shelf cut in half so I can remove half for tall items. I use shelf liner any way so the seam wouldn't even show. That's the plan anyway.
  9. Jeepers


    Do any of you get really really close to the mic when you speak to her? Like she can't hear you unless you are right in her ear. I always invade her personal space. Jeepers: Alexa, play Beast Of Burden...please. Alexa: Back it on up Jeepers and consider a breath mint. Jeepers: Alexa, who has breath mints on sale? Thank You! Alexa: No need for a sale. Just get some. Jeepers: Thank You! Alexa: Sigh. You're welcome. Jeepers: Okie Dokie. Thanks! Alexa: Sigh. Jeepers: Excuse me Alexa, did you say something? Alexa: Silence.
  10. The vaccination I was talking about earlier was for Tetanus and adult Diphtheria and Pertussis boosters. According to Dr. Google initial vaccinations are once in a lifetime but boosters are good about 10 years for adults. I make sure to get a tetanus shot every 10 years and this time they threw in the diphtheria and pertussis. I might be glad they did this time. I keep forgetting about the shingle shot. I for sure don't want that. I'm a prime candidate for that one. Best of luck with Storm on your trip home Annarchy. At least he will be used to car rides by the time you get him home. I'm so very sorry to hear about your brother We2. 'Demon' describes it well.
  11. Whooping cough made a big come back a few years ago. The last shot I got, a couple of months ago, had three different vaccines in it along with tetanus. One of them was pertussis. I can't remember what the other two were. I have it written down in my med file. Maybe rubella? But yeah, those old vaccines probably don't last 60 years. Hope you have an easy night.
  12. Sorry that happened to you Littlesister. I know how that is. One time son was at my house and it got dark out. We decided to go someplace and got in my car to leave. I opened the garage door and started barreling out and son yelled, "Stop!" I came just inches from smashing into his car. I vividly remember that feeling still today. His car was pulled over to the side of the driveway but I have a 2 car garage and I park in the middle of it.
  13. Oh my...what a beautiful sight! Thank you for sharing! Canned up food makes me feel so secure. Can't wait to start mine all over. One good thing about having to start over again is all the food will be new. I'm trying to look on the bright side.
  14. Jeepers


    I do love me some Johnnie Taylor's 'Last Two Dollars'. And I always tell Alexa "Thank You" too. Can't help myself. Dang it Midnightmon, now I have to see if Alexa will play Johnnie Taylor's "Last Two Dollars." Yep, she played it for me.
  15. I didn't know that about pineapple juice. Will have to write that down. Thanks Miki. Hope your Dr. appointments went well Amber and yours too Mt. Rider today.
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