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  1. If a doctor saw that on an x-ray he would definitely call that a break and not a fracture. Or in this case a crack. Look at how much the top right side of the beam is raised up. Looks like plenty of rust has built up in there too. Oh my, I just noticed the water below.
  2. Littlesister, it's so good to see you posting again! You were thought about often.
  3. That is so awesome Annarchy! Thanks for sharing the pictures.
  4. It's a wonder I survived childhood. No seat belts, no car seats, no bike helmets, rode in the back of a pickup truck, played outside after dark, baked in the sun, drank from a water hose, played with lawn darts, chewed on erasers, used liberal amounts of 'OFF' for mosquito protection, played in the local crick digging for clay containing who knows what, my coat had string ties to keep the hood on, used a thermometer with real mercury in it, used mercurochrome and merthiolate on open wounds and danced and yelled like mad from the sting and on and on. Yet here I am nearly 70 years later. Guess I
  5. Welcome eatlocaltexas I use those Magic Erasers too. The last time was for getting black marks off of the floor. I scooted something across the floor and it left marks. I don't remember what it was but the eraser took them off.
  6. Was C-19 lab generated and partly funded by the CDC and then leaked? Surly not you right wing conspiracy nuts. It came from a 'wet market' in China. Krystal and Saagar: Fauci CAUGHT HIDING Key Facts From Senate On Lab Leak Hypothesis - YouTube
  7. Thanks for the Tim Janis suggestion! I've been wanting to find some soothing music to play in the background when I read and for relaxing. It is a nice break. I saved the Renewing Spring one. Very nice. Will save the Hymns one too. Trouble with that one, for me, is I'll start singing or humming along and break my silence. Back in the day, I'd listen to Yanni or Kenny G. Or even Vivaldi. Thunderstorms are nice too. I understand about seeing things. My grandma saw people. Mostly dead relatives. But not in a creepy way. They had happy reunions and went places toge
  8. Miki, hope the fuel pump solves your Jeep issue! Lucky to get car parts right now. Or even gas to drive them for that matter.
  9. SIGNS. I see signs everywhere. Real and imagined. Sigh. It was a fat fingered typo. But either word fits. Five Man Electrical Band - Signs - Lyrics - "Sign, sign everywhere a sign" - YouTube
  10. I had some errands to run this evening. I stopped in the grocery store for a couple of things. I was too tired to nose around. Fruit and veg was very well stocked. It always has been though. Usually when I have a lot of errands I stop by Burger King and get a vanilla coke to sip on. My mouth gets so dry. Those masks don't help either. Any way, I drove up to the speaker thing and there was a note on it. It said that they were closed because they had no staff to work and to try again tomorrow. Everywhere I look I see help wanted sighs. I guess if we continue to pay people to not wor
  11. Still $2.89 here today. Diesel is about a dime higher.
  12. Blasted headache again. Not horrible but annoying. I'm blaming the weather. I'm a little miffed. Understatement. I have some furniture to donate when I move. Some of it is very out dated and some of it is like new. The out dated stuff in the family room is very good and clean. It's just 1970's floral style. But the rest of the stuff is good. I have a solid pine table with 1 leaf and 4 chairs in the kitchen. In the living room is a like new couch, love seat and matching rocker/recliner, a coffee table and 3 end tables and a plant stand. All solid oak. Upstairs I have a
  13. Those kitties are so cute. I'm hoping there are a couple of outside cats around the Indy neighborhood to help with the rodent population. I need to tell son not to shoo them away. Guess what I got today? Snow. The heavy wet stuff. I've always said don't plant anything around here until a couple of weeks after Mother's Day. In other words...June. The low is going to be 34 degrees tomorrow night.
  14. Oh my goodness Annarchy. I thought that was a picture like on a greeting card. That is so lovely! I got a call from g-son, son and D-ex. It's nice to be remembered and told you are loved.
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