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  1. The two most politically correct and "free" sources of energy the environmentalists and politicians push for, failed Texans. Namely solar and wind. Coal, natural gas, oil etc. still produced. It just had no place to go. Imagine what would happen if we all had to drive electric cars during a grid down situation. Bad enough the roads were iced over halting transportation. People are more concerned with how to feed their family and to keep from freezing to death than having the added burden over how to charge up a car with no electricity. People are told to boil their unsafe drinking water. How w
  2. We had some big ones in Japan and Taiwan. A couple of pretty bad ones on Taiwan where the dining room table walked across the floor, the lights on the wall and ceilings were swaying and the walls cracked. Everyone ran outside because of the walls cracking. They had air conditioners built into the walls there. No central heating or air. Some peoples air conditioners fell out of the walls onto the sidewalk. Husband was in the bathtub at the time and not only felt it but saw the waves in the water. He got out real fast. Good times.
  3. I doubt that they mention upkeep. Just put them up on the roof and you can still have plenty of room in your backyard for family Bar-B-Q's, the kids swing set and a pool. No fuss no muss up there out of the way. And Fido won't pee on them up on the roof. Better make that a bank of deep cell batteries too. One or two batteries aren't going to give you much power. Especially if they go dead from an obstructed panel or no sunshine for a few days. Here in the Midwest it gets dark at 5:30 - 6:00 PM in the winter. I'm not sure about AC/DC I think you need a converter
  4. Something some people don't think about is that solar panels have to be continually maintained. Snow, ice and debris has to be removed in order for them to work. So, putting them on your roof may not be the best place for them. Not so easy to shovel off snow on a solar panel, in the middle of winter, when it's sitting up on a roof. Even on a one story house. One snow fall can last month's in the northern climates. It snows, the temperature drops and the snow doesn't melt right away. Add a couple more snowfalls and it might be spring before those panels see the light of day. They also need dust
  5. I hope The Rolling Stones are okay. Last night a framed poster I have of them on my fireplace mantle fell down onto the fireplace insert. It wasn't hanging but it was propped up against the brick wall so nothing gave away. it also fell at an angle, not face down. And there was a little, about 4 inches tall, Rolling Stones teddy bear propped up against the frame and it's still sitting there. Son gave that to me. They have been up there since 2005. I was asleep upstairs with the door closed and it woke me up. The frame is just one of those cheap plastic poster frames. The name of the poster is
  6. Here are some similar to the ones I got. They are just paper but work just fine. And small enough to tuck away anywhere. They are only about $4.00 for a dozen so if one or two breaks it isn't the end of the world. Asian Folding Hand Fan Assortment | Oriental Trading Looks like I don't know how to capture the whole caption. We were talking about paper hand fans.
  7. The other day Mt, Etna blew in Italy. When I hear of a volcano blowing I always think of Yellowstone. It's good to blow off a little steam sometimes. I can only imagine the pressure Yellowstone must be under. Mount Etna in Italy erupts twice in 48 hours, photos show | Fox News3 Lava and ash spew from Italy's Mount Etna | Reuters.com Also an earthquake in Oklahoma/Kansas Earthquake Rattles Oklahoma, Kansas (msn.com)
  8. It's been holding at $2.49 for the last couple of weeks here.
  9. Thanks Ambergris. I have two containers of that in the garage for dirty greasy hands but I didn't know you could use it in the laundry.
  10. Miss B is a beauty for sure. I'd love to have another pair of those bibbed snow pants. I used to wear them when blowing snow and never got cold in them. I wore a pair of long handles under them. I couldn't believe how warm they were. No wonder skiers wear them.
  11. Well aren't I the special one. I went downstairs awhile ago and found a message on the machine. It seems it was the second message I had missed from the police department. Doing a wellness check. The reason? Boxes on my porch. Seems like they have been out there over a week. And if I don't call back within 24 hours they will send someone out to check on me. I know they were here because he said they were boxes from Amazon. He also said there was snow across the sidewalk which was illegal. I called them tonight. I told her that I knew the boxes were out there. They con
  12. I'll check Ollie's next week. I have one just a few miles from me. I got some really good deals there on all kinds of books in the past. I keep forgetting about them. I got some science type toys at Barnes and Noble this past Christmas but they are for older kids. I have a few things put away for when he is older. I thought this was kind of cute Kids DIY Maze Planter by Merchsource | Barnes & NobleĀ® (barnesandnoble.com) I also got some dinosaur 'eggs' to hide in his sand box at my house this summer. You crack them open and a little dino is inside. Kind of like
  13. OOTO, I'm going to look for a couple of floor puzzles. I have the perfect base for them too. A long time ago I bought a couple of different things to use in the basement and garage to to keep items up off of the cement floor. One is a plastic hollow form that I had a piece of plywood cut to fit and the other is supposed to be used as some sort of subfloor. It has a chipboard top with raised plastic on the bottom. Each one is about 2-3 inches high and about 4 foot square. I painted the wooden parts so they wouldn't splinter. I think I have about 6 of each. They could be slid under a bed too. Bu
  14. My shortwave radio is a Grundig. I really wanted to like it but I dont. Stations are always fading in and out depending on weather and the time of day. Most of the stations are in another language so I can't understand what they are saying. Mostly Asian and Spanish. Also a lot of hells fire and brimstone preachers on there. The only good thing is that I can sometimes get the BBC news. But I can get that on my computer or Kindle Fire. If I had to do it over again I would have bought a police scanner. That way I would know what is going on around my town instead of in Timbuktu.
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