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  1. I believe that's why I should start having 'bridgeaphobia'!!!!! I won't show my Daughter, she already has it..... I've heard for years about the deplorable shape of our bridges this picture makes it all too real. Thankfully the ones we use have or are being replaced.
  2. People are tired of lockdowns and mandates. They are fed up with being told what to do or not do. They want their “normal” lives back. They need the economy opened. The numbers here in the US, which may or may not be correct, are down. We have quite a percentage of people vaccinated. Despite all that I feel we may be doing what India did by opening too soon and too fast. I pray I am wrong and Covid will soon be no worse than an annual cold/flu to deal with but I don’t see that happening any time soon.
  3. eatlocaltexas. Great suggestion. I’ve used the magic eraser for lots of things too. to Mrs survival.
  4. I believe the commercial use of antifreeze of various types came about in the 1920's but I was thinking more about the possible use of a used radiator today. There are people who might consider trying it now.
  5. In a quick online search it appears that the main vaccines used here were developed and are manufactured in various places and not just in the USA. They ARE foreign made or at least might be. hmmmmm
  6. I had thought of the lead but also of the antifreeze that might have been in a used one. That is definitely poisonous.
  7. It appears that covid vaccines are coming out of the wood work with varying levels of efficacy. So far only a few are allowed in the US. How are they chosen and who chooses? Are they only made in America ones? It does appear that the whole pandemic has been mismanaged from the beginning, not just by our country but by the world at large.
  8. DGD in Virginia said one of their two gas stations ran out of gas and the other had long lines of cars yesterday but the lines thinned by last night and they were able to get gas. Only a few cents higher so far.
  9. Beautiful. Really beautiful.
  10. If it’s true is it paranoia?
  11. People truly are guinea pigs it seems. But we have been for a long long time. This tells of some of them but there's more to be found if you search deep. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unethical_human_experimentation_in_the_United_States Wiki might not be the most reliable source but it definitely gives one a place to start searching. One such 'study' I read about (not sure where now) was that 'they' sprayed a substance in the skies over CA, I believe it was in the 30's, and then required doctors to report certain 'symptoms' to the health department. It turns out the
  12. Very good vid MM. I, too, taught traditional food skills at one time in my life. We didn’t have You Tube then though. Come to think of it, we didn’t have much for internet.
  13. PatriciaY. Welcome to Mrs Survival. Nice to have you join in. This thread is 9 years old but it’s always nice to bump the older one up and revisit them. I’m sure there are many of us on here that have in the past or still can using older recipes. Perhaps some of them will chime in here. I go far enough back in canning that I have even water bathed low acid vegetables for hours to preserve them. I wouldn’t do that now unless there was a desperate situation. We don’t all of us necessarily believe everything the government recommends but we do try to encourage safety her
  14. I’m not sure that’s a apt statement. Perhaps they are divorcing specifically because he DID try to rule his family. Loving husbands do not rule their wives or their families. They partner lovingly with them.
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