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  1. It's nice to see both of you posting again. I'm looking forward to seeing more posts in the future.
  2. I know it says you haven't visited here since October 16th but in case you do get this message I just wanted you to know that I am concerned you haven't been on.  Miss you and hoping you are doing well.  :hug3:

  3. I recently had two of my three RX's put on every three month refills and am ahead on one of them by almost six months, the other by four. One is still a month at a time but at least it's not a critical one like the other two. Thankfully I have a knowledge of herbal medicinal usage and keep a rotated supply of the herbal (and homeopathic) substitutes for all my (and DH's) med. I would not just stop one and start the other but would slowly transition to them if needed and have already made sure I would not have an adverse reaction to them if I did. It never hurts to have a back up plan.
  4. Illinois is having record high numbers too compared to what it had gone down to earlier. Some regions have been added back to the 'watch' list and the mask mandate is still in place all over the state. It isn't being enforced as far as I know but most people are following it and we still have rising numbers. I haven't left the house for weeks now though DH has. We are being cautious as neither of us want's to get it. Stay safe all.
  5. Annarchy, my iPad is OLD. Version 9.3.5. It can't even be updated further than that I understand so I'm not surprised it doesn't work well with the site. Still, it did fine before the update and I miss using it for Mrs. S. I use it far more than I use my desk top for almost everything. Eventually I will need to get a new version and probably relegate this one for use as a reader but it's like an old friend LOL. I really do appreciate all you do for the site. I wouldn't begin to know where to start with it. Thank you so much.
  6. Thanks for the chat box Annarchy. Still having problems with my iPad though. I still can't reply to any post with it and the chat box just keeps loading though I can do both of those things on my desk top, thankfully.
  7. Okay, I can get this reply box on my desk top computer but not my iPad???? So not feeling quite so left out LOL. I've always replied in the past from my iPad. Any suggestions for that?
  8. This article states that there is a significant number of false negative tests so let's hope the doctors did a couple tests so those who were in contact with him can self quarantine. Being a minister I would image there might have been many. https://www.contagionlive.com/news/when-is-a-negative-covid19-test-truly-negative
  9. they really are cute, especially when first born. Tiny bundles of giggle inducing joy! I never had trouble selling them so you won't have to make them meat animals. IF you don't get attached which I admit is difficult.
  10. Kappy, we have had many goats over the years both big and small. I haven't found pigmy's to be very productive when it comes to milking though they can be used for meat. The best small milk goat in my estimation is the Nigerian Dwarf. This is a true dwarf and are extremely thrifty with feed and can give an incredible amount of very rich milk for their small size. They also can have four or five babies at a time and easily raise them all. They can be a great defense against predators. And make nice pets. They do each have different personalities but are generally fairly quiet, another plus.
  11. All I can say, Dee, is that I've joined you a few times in that sand too . Little sister. Our van was only slightly scratched on a fender. When I first looked out at it though the van was buried under branches. Looked ominous. I took the picture after DGS cut the branch away. I never remember to take pictures right away! Food will definitely go up in price because of this storm. . The cascade effect will continue for a year or more because it's too late to replant. Corn and soy are staples in more ways than just food. There is ethanol, natural 'plastics', oils,
  12. Dee may check in on her own but she is okay too. Over 1/3 of Iowa's planted crop land was hit. Think of the ramifications that has on our food supply! The cascade that started with the Covid is continuing to fall. Please, everyone, look to the bigger picture. You are right, Mt. R. One of the first WW was no electricity. The first story writing challenge I put on the Fireside was about an EMP. I started it with a specific date when it supposedly hit and members wrote their stories starting from where they were then. We had some great stories. I believe they are still ther
  13. Thank you Jeepers. I wasn't all that scared while it was happening. DH and I stood in our built-in greenhouse and watched the tree limbs crash down around us. Maybe It's a Midwest thing LOL. That is, until some of those limbs started hitting the polycarbonate roof. This storm was so wide spread that most in our family were affected in some way: trees down, electric out, damage to homes, and etc. thankfully almost all are preppers. We will band together to do various clean up and repair and to restock lost preps. Suggestion.... If any of you have not practiced for
  14. We are okay here. Trees and limbs down everywhere around the property. (All over everywhere in the area actually) Electricity (and Internet) came back on this afternoon. We lost everything in two refrigerators but held the freezers with generators. Our worst problem was water as we didn't want to install the hand pump for the well for what we hoped would be only a few days. Thankfully we were able to get it from our son in a nearby small village. It was a mess with all electric out but water tower intact. US Cellular had no service and the whole last two days was like a scene from one o
  15. Happy birthday Ambergris and Louis too. Each birthday is special. Not because you are getting older but because you are getting wiser. 🎂🍧
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