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  1. You had me ready to run for a minute there, Mt R. I thought it was one if your Without Warning scenarios that always manage to happen in real life. Imagine my when I realized it WAS in real life!!! One of the first similar tests I read about was from 1935 where a non lethal biologic that caused a flu-like illness was released over a large area and doctors were required to report the number of those illnesses they were treating within a certain period after. There was NO warning given and it wasn’t even known until years later when some of those “files” were required to be made public! could you move over?
  2. Excellently said, Darlene. My thoughts exactly. Even we preppers in that third category can use reminders.
  3. Great reminder Jeepers, to buy flannel for family cloths. We have a good supply of t-paper but that won’t last forever and to restock could be expensive. Flannel is now on my list. IF I can find nicer cotton flannel. So much of it is blended and not as absorbent. I also did what you did and bought leggings to wear under clothing to stay warmer. With fuel prices set to rice it will cut down on the heat needed. We are seeing a box of canning lids here and there and I’ve bought what I could but the prices are unheard of. I am turning more and more to dehydrating, fermenting, and freezing.
  4. Mt. Rider, this explains a lot of the ‘why’s’ and some of what should be done to ‘fix’ it in the coming years. What it doesn’t explain is what those people who are affected now can do while waiting for that fix. It talks about the demand from consumers as one causative factor but I hardly believe that would have been unexpected. We have been bombarded by the news warning of shortages long before this bottleneck occurred. The shortages during the pandemic have taught most people, world wide, to distrust the ‘just in time’ modality that has been the normal supply chain of the past decades. Staggering unemployment numbers, businesses by the thousands closed, visual images of empty shelves and huge lines of cars waiting in line for food have all added their lessons. Preppers have always known this was one of the possible scenarios to be prepared for. Others, who believed this would be a temporary situation, are just now coming to realize this might be the new normal and are scrambling to be better prepared. Now of course, during this crises, it’s going to be progressive more difficult to find needed supplies. At least on the things most people believe are necessary, like technology and electronics that have become such a huge part of their lives during the pandemic. As I said, this article explains who or what might be to blame but it doesn’t address the issue of what people could do to make it through the next year or two while TPTB are attempting to change/fix this crises. Even we preppers, as our supplies dwindle, will need innovative suggestions for that. Thankfully some of our members here are bumping up past threads that could help but we may need to put our heads together and come up with ways to implement those strategies to work in this new crises. Be sure to read and comment on those old threads so we can all benefit.
  5. Wow, Beryl. Thanks for the info on what is happening in the EU to those people just trying to make ends meet. It almost seems as if we are all in the Depression years. Many of the same issues were seen then. Thankfully we don’t need to let it defeat us. Time to start putting our make-do knowledge to work.
  6. Knowing first hand the horrors of having Lyme disease I had a bunch of questions but I might be the first in line for the human trials. So far the existing treatments have often proved worse than the disease, or were so expensive as to be unobtainable for most people. Even the natural treatments were complicated and time consuming and none appeared to be long lasting. (One of the questions I would have) This would be a blessing to so many. Thanks for posting this.
  7. Hi, Beryl. Thanks for the info. I’ve been trying to fathom the real reasons the whole world is having shortages. There is certainly more to it than just lack of immigrated workers, lack of truck drivers, and ships being bottle necked along coast lines. Certainly those things are part of it and the pandemic has taken its toll too but there is a piece or pieces of this puzzle missing. It’s my feeling that more pieces are still going to be coming and we aren’t going to like the picture that emerges. Christmas: One thing I do know is that Christmas doesn’t depend on “things”. We think of it so often in terms of ‘gifts’. We are warned that if we don’t order now the kids will be disappointed if they don’t ‘get’ this or that. Yet it really was the merchants who pushed that idea centuries ago to make a profit. They are still doing it now. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ. It might surprise a lot of people to realize we CAN celebrate that without a lot of gifts. .
  8. We have had one for years. We got it from Menard’s. We paid almost a hundred dollars for it then. I’ve seen them advertised now in different sizes for less money. The blades aren’t real big but they move warm air a surprising distance. They truly are automatic. The blades start moving as the stove gets warm enough and quit when the heat subsides. No worries about it blowing cold air. We have two wood stoves and have one of the bigger fans on our list to get before winter.
  9. Homey, can this be verified? I’m not familiar with the Liberty Council.
  10. I’m going to use that term to explain to my family when I can’t find the cash I thought I hid 🤣
  11. The raise sounds good but it’s not going to be enough in reality. I sat down with our personal financial figures yesterday. The rise in our insurances alone negates our whole gain. Health, property, and vehicle have all risen. We were, hopefully, wise this year and contracted with our LP gas company to prepay for the winter heating season and that may save us on rising energy costs. However food is another story. Like many others here, I have a specialized diet. Most of the foods on it are rising in costs at an alarming rate and many are scarce or unobtainable recently. The government is predicting a 1.5% - 2% rise in food prices but that falls far short of the predicted prices for individual types of foods like meat or fruit and that isn’t counting paper and plastic price rises. Most foods come in plastic, metal, or paper. All of which has risen in price in the last few months. While produce like vegetables was originally predicted to stay reasonable the ag people are predicting shortages of many crops. Already even the produce manager I talked to said he has been noticing the small sizes of a lot of produce, due in part to producers harvesting the crop earlier to meet demand. We buy a lot of fresh produce and I am noticing that the smaller sizes are still carrying the larger sized prices. Another thing I’ve noticed is that canned vegetables, especially those on sale, have fewer vegetables and more liquid per can than those I bought a year ago. The current raise will certainly help but as the article states it’s not nearly enough to offset the rising costs. We seniors, indeed a lot of others as well, are going to have to be frugal to make ends meet.
  12. Jeepers, an excellent tip. DIY craft rabbit hole! Must be the time of year here in the Midwest with winter just around the corner. DH and I spent an hour …or so…. In Hobby Lobby yesterday looking for a few projects we can work on together. With both of us having hand issues we didn’t find much that would work. On top of that we already have more craft supplies than we could use in years. Was just thinking of looking to YT for ideas that might utilize what we already have. And I DO have Chux pads.
  13. Cynthia. Welcome to Mrs S. Sorry it has taken so long to get a reply to you. I don’t have a Master’s but have two of the weighted type canners. I have always adjusted the heat under mine so that the weights rock slightly and give off a rhythmic sound that let me know the pressure was holding correctly. Your brand may be different but you could aim for that. It’s important that home canned foods be processed at a safe pressure. I hope this info is not too late to help you.
  14. I’m so very sorry, Joyfilled. You and your family are in my prayers.
  15. If you click on the drug it takes you to more information including the dates posted. You can also search for specific drugs.
  16. Annarchy, I am soooooooo pleased to hear your are okay.
  17. Mt. R. My heart cries with you. I have been where you are and it’s a tough place. I want to say all kinds of words to you to help it get easier but there doesn’t seem to be enough or the right ones. So I’ll just send 🙏 and a
  18. I’m sorry for your loss, Jeepers. Both for your cousin and for the reminders of your Mother. Thankfully those memories still linger?
  19. Jaycee’s. Glad to see you popping in. It’s tough to prep and still keep a low profile. Especially when you are well known. It’s a shame that people still consider stocking up to be odd. With all the supply chain glitches, empty shelves and shortages we’ve had this last year or more you’d think everyone would be getting supplies delivered. Perhaps the next time the USP driver makes a comment you just need to reply that you bet he’s seeing a lot of that on his route given the times. Make him think.
  20. This is GREAT info. Thanks for posting it. Now I’m wondering what BTU’s my antique canning stoves register. Considering I have used them for years with canners I’ve used for years I’m guessing it’s okay. But wind and temperature are all involved so I’m going to print this info off and figure out a way to keep it with the stoves. 👍
  21. Daylily, How nice to see you posting. Your produce and your accomplishments with them are awesome. I do pray for a late frost for you and for us here as well. Despite the unusual heat and drought we are experiencing winter feels closer each day. How nice of you to health coach at a diabetic class. Helping others to learn about their disease and the ways they can help themselves to control it is empowering. Bless you and your friend. Stay well, stay safe and be sure to pop in more often.
  22. Have a super day. Big hugs. Miss you here.
  23. I am so sorry about Koa. You have enough on your plate without adding this.
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