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  1. here too. I will be thinking of them and of you as you all come to grips with this huge empty place in your lives. Especially that little guy who is too young to need to go through this loss. He might need you near more than ever now.
  2. Welcome back Tina. Good to see you again. We have LOTS of grands and greats. They are ALL wonderful. Some of them we haven’t seen either but we keep in touch via a family newsletter that I send out. I always include a kids activity page in it to keep the young ones connected to the family too.
  3. Where is the big elastic three man (women) water balloon winger? We can get Mt_R on the roof!!! 🎈🎈🎈🎈
  4. Miki, I Believe Evanovich has 28 or 30 Plum books but she is an extremely prolific writer and has dozens of other books I’m looking forward to reading. She definitely interferes with my ability to get things done!
  5. I’ve had a lot of downtime lately and have been marathon reading Janet Evanovich’s Stephany Plum novels. Laughter is healing and these books have plenty of just pure dumb slapstick humor. 😁
  6. I could use a party. I’ll pick up gluten free cakes, Cup cakes in a dozen flavors so everyone has a choice. I’ll also bring dairy free ice cream. Start the music! . I’m on my way!
  7. Happy Belated Birthday, Dogmom. Hope your day was SUPER,
  8. Miki. Hope your day is SUPER!
  9. The WE2’s. I’m so glad to have you back. I’m sorry you’ve had problems and pray things go better soon.
  10. We haven’t seen you post for a long long time but you aren’t forgotten.
  11. Mother

    Wild Fires

    I’m beginning to believe it will. It has been in the nineties here and close to 100 one day and the crops are really stressed. We don’t usually have those temps until July or August.
  12. Mother

    Wild Fires

    I can’t even imagine the amount of damage to land and homes and infrastructure that has occurred with just these fires alone let alone all the other fires burning in the west. And now drought. Our son in CA is under strict water and electric conservation orders.
  13. Mother


    from me too.
  14. I have vestibular migraine which cause severe dizziness. Nothing works to stop them but I have eye auras before them so can be ready for it. I have sudden dizziness at other times that gives no warning but doesn’t last long but makes driving too dangerous. I feel for you all.
  15. It says I’m a newby.
  16. Mother

    Wild Fires

    Heard from BIL. It was stopped 1 mile short of their town and they are safe for now if it doesn’t come back around them from the other side. Still praying.
  17. My BIL is in the path of the Telegraph fire. for he and his wife and all in its path!
  18. I don’t know how accurately the numbers are being reported but it’s great to see them going down. We are still seeing people coming down with it near us but overall numbers are lower.
  19. I must have talked with the same geek squad cause I do the same. More habit now probably. I’m probably computer pathetic!
  20. Ummm, I cover my computer camera lens too! . I know Alexa, according to Amazon, really does randomly record very short bits of conversation. And they have thousands of workers checking them supposedly to make Alexa better. They SAY there is no way for them to connect it with a person or place! I have the camera off unless one of the kids call on it. But like the FitBit it has other features I like. DH uses it to find step by step recipes he can make. We play music when in the kitchen too and use the timer. But! There is always that but.....
  21. I hope your day is filled with JOY and LOVE!
  22. I hadn’t heard that about fitness trackers. My DD has worn a FitBit for several years and recently got a new, and I might add expensive one. She recently had a complete physical and they accepted her Fitbit’s heart rate and the BP matched closely. She also had a home sleep test which almost exactly matched her fit bit one for that night. I have had her old Fitbit for almost three weeks though it does not take BP. The step count on it are way off for me but was close for her when she wore it. It counts most of my hand movements as steps. I have a-fib and a pacemaker and can see when my pulse is high or low. I, too, have sleep issues and it really helps me see the pattern. For instance even though I don’t have diabetes or sugar issues it showed me I sleep better if I have a natural carb like sweet potato or pumpkin in the evening. As for it taking my contacts and etc. that may or may not be true. . If it is true then perhaps the app that checks my pacemaker every three months could be doing the same? Not to mention the new iPad I just got. Even my yahoo mail and a dozen other systems have apps on my computer. I’m sure the Alexa Echo I got for Christmas is listening in. Kind of a scary world we live in now but I thoroughly enjoy my Face time conversations with my son and GD fro CA and VA. And the Fitbit is giving me needed info about my health. So, is there a way to block this and still use the app? I understand that turning off the Mic on Alexa blocks any listening but also blocks any commands I might give it.
  23. Enjoy and stay safe.
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