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  1. We have people here who use Salatin's model as well. Unfortunately the man we've gotten our pasture raised poultry from for years has stopped producing so he could go to work at a convenience store to make more money with less hours of work. Something is wrong with this picture..... In reading that first article I wondered if Bill Gates is vegetarian or vegan and it's his personal feelings dictating what he says. I've also wondered more than once over the last few decades or more if there isn't more going on with the earth than the PTB are telling us because they believe we ar
  2. The CG, An EXCELLENT list. Learning from experience always seems to give more insight than just being told something. Keep adding. This list can help us all to rethink our preps. Stay warm!
  3. We have set records for extreme cold here in the Midwest but it's supposed to start a warming trend soon. We have lots of snow but not more than we are used to in other years. We certainly haven't had the problems you in the south and in the north west. I guess Mother Nature decided we'd had enough with the Derecho last year. for all who are dealing with Mother Nature's reminder that she is still calling the weather shots.....
  4. If I'm reading this right, the United States still leads with the most cases and the most deaths??? And if I read between the lines it seems the vaccine does not lend immunity until four weeks after it is administered, perhaps the second one may not be needed, the SA variant could significantly reduce the vaccine's protection, and in essence there are still many unknowns with the vaccine AND with the virus. I, for one, will continue to prep as if I might be isolated for the next year yet and possibly longer. I can do that. It's just a bit more difficult now than it was.
  5. I am so sorry for your loss, Little Sister. There are really no words to fill that empty place so I won't try but God will fill that place when you need it and are ready for it. and
  6. Hi, Babysteps. Nice to see you. Thoughts on tents inside the house. Make sure they are pop ups without the need to stake them down. Use them on the beds if possible so you have comfort and warmth below you. It helps to use the metal coated emergency blankets or even aluminum foil beneath your body to reflect heat back. These and other small areas can be easily heated with an oil lantern or candle lantern but only when there is enough air inside the area. AND when there is every caution taken to prevent fires. This is best done before crawling into the area just to warm it a
  7. That just reminded me that the electric blanket on my bed is YEARS old. Might be time to find another but I so hate to throw out something that still works well. But then, I'd hate to start a fire too. Especially in this nasty cold. Good reminder Annarchy. Jeepers too. I need to recheck the bugout bags in our car. The camper van is pretty much ready winter and summer except for water and fresh foods. It has clothes, dry food, all sorts of emergency 'stuff' and equipment but the old GMC we use for around here is....wellllll OLD and not well stocked. This never leaving the house has tak
  8. MM, Ice melt is what you put on your steps and such to thaw the snow and ice. I thought of the bags breaking too. If I try it I will probably use a heavy duty outer bag and a lighter one inside for the water. Jeepers, you would be using an inverter (12volt DC to 110 AC) (a converter, I believe, is the opposite) for the car and they do use extra battery power to work. There are many different wattages to run different things. Most car ones are rated for small things like charging or even small tv's. I'm not an expert but as far as I've been told heat takes more power so it wo
  9. Interesting. I like the old documentaries. I wonder if they have newer processes now. We might end up liking the old way better if we only knew what all they add. I agree Euphrasyne. Use as much as is possible. Many many years ago my Mom worked for Swift. That was when a lot of the processing was still done by hand. She worked in most areas of the plant at one time or another. In her late eighties she could still butcher, pluck, clean, cut, and package chicken faster than four of us together. She taught me to use the bones, cartilage, tail, wing tips, and even feet. I still
  10. -7 here this morning with a wind chill temp of -31. Sun is shining brightly though so it should help warm the house some. I will mostly likely sit in the sunshine later with a good book. I'm reading Janet Evanovich's Eleven On Top. I absolutely love her Stephanie Plum books. We all need comic relief on cold days like this and these fill the bill for slap stick humor.
  11. This is a super topic with LOTS of good ideas. I have both a heating pad and a heated throw that are 12 volt with cigarette lighter plug ends for use in a vehicle. They give only very gentle heat but it all helps. Now that we have that type of system in our house they are inside but if I have to leave I will definitely take one or both with me. I have electric ones too which are well used too. I just saw something for making your own hand warmers on FB. You put a cup of ice melt crystals in a zip lock bag, put 1/2 cup of water in another zip bag, and then put the sealed wate
  12. Berberine is a chemical compound found in many plants, especially those in the berberis family. Barberry is probably the most well known one but it might be wise to be sure where your supplement has come from. Cinnamon does come from the inner bark of several different trees but be aware that most 'cinnamon' we have today is actually cassia, a different species that has been allowed to carry the name cinnamon in the US. It is usually cheaper to buy. I use both for different purposes depending on the taste or medicinal properties I'm looking for. Always be sure to learn as much
  13. Thanks MM. That was really interesting. I like these types of videos too. I was amazed by how roughly those cucumbers are handled, thrown around, beaten in the jars, and generally banged and bumped. I would never dream of treating my cukes that way It's a wonder those pickles get to us in the shape they are in. I did catch one statement that said they buy from out of the country as well as within our own. Their web site says some of their peppers are grown for them in Peru and that those jars are labeled a product of Peru but it doesn't exactly tell the other countries of o
  14. Virginia, I was thinking about how neat it would be to see that water falling and how great it is that they even announce it before hand so people can enjoy it. There's something energizing about running water. Dh and I often go to our nearby locks and watch the barges 'lock' through. You can stand at the fences and talk to the workers if they aren't too busy and I've more than once seen a family show up to 'visit' with one of their members on the barge. The tugs can only take a few barges through at a time so it sometimes takes a long while but it's interesting. Not as inter
  15. We have locks and dams on the Mississippi river too but I know the gates (rollers?) have to be opened and closed depending on the water level and that takes electricity. I suppose a hydroelectric dam creates it's own power to run whatever needs it. Still, Jeepers said it all. It still has to be stored or sent somewhere. Hospitals and ER's and such would be hard hit. I do believe they might be the first to get electric back once it was available though. We talked somewhere about the components mostly being manufactured out of the country but I'm not sure if we mentioned that a
  16. What a waste, Annarchy. 840 magazines. Wow. I would have thought some of the bigger libraries, like state ones, might have wanted them. 70 years....
  17. Mt_R, I have canned water that way in the past and had it keep for a long time but as I used our water it has too much lime in it to be really useful. It would be handy to have extra water in those stored jars but our house is small and the only place to store them would be in the attic where it gets really hot and really cold. I'm not sure about lids though. I suspect they might be hard to find or expensive for a while with so many people turning to gardening and canning now. This is definitely something I need to decide on and get it done. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions.
  18. I LOVE my old old old vitamix. I use it for so many things. I especially like it for making raw soup with. It not only blends but gently heats it from friction. I saved a penny today by starting two jars of sprouts and planting a flat (inside) of microgreens, 1/3 broccoli, 1/3 clover, 1/3 lettuce. And another of pea shoots.
  19. Same below zero cold here too. So far no frozen pipes thanks to heat tape and pipe insulation but if the wind picks up with it, like it's supposed to, we probably will have some. I pray the electricity holds..... DH and I have been reading (taking turns reading aloud) Jack London's Scarlet Plague. Written in 1910 and published originally in installments and then later in book form I am amazed at how he was able to include (perhaps predict) many things that did not occur until years later. AND how it might pertain to our pandemic today. Thought provoking.
  20. I haven't seen that in particular but often times using part of a current name means before the company merged or changed something. At least in the antique jars it does.
  21. Homey, you can grind the tomatoes as long as they are dried very dry. Tomatoes will keep if dried leathery like most fruit but they don't grind well in that state, depending on what grinder you are using. I HAVE used a meat grinder for things like fruit and tomatoes but they will be softer and best used right away or kept in the freezer for longer storage. I have taken my dried tomatoes and put them in a low oven for a short time to finish drying them if they are too soft to grind and have even roasted them a bit in that way for a nice different taste. Powdered/ground dried tomatoes will
  22. I'm following this because I use an old Oster Kitchen Center that has all sorts of attachments including a grinder and food processor but It's already been repaired twice and it's going to need to be replaced at some point. I use it a lot and would consider one of the commercial ones to replace it. I like the looks of the Kenwood but I don't see a meat grinder with it??
  23. I hadn't thought of the O2 generator Homey but that brings to mind other medical appliances. MY son uses a nebulizer but thankfully has a 12 Volt one as a back up. But what about Cpaps? I have an electric recliner but it has a battery back up to at least get the chair down if needed. Sewage disposal bring to mind water plants too. Most water is treated by computer as we recently saw in Florida where someone hacked the system. I can see both of those things bringing a wealth of problems to cities. All communications run on electricity at some point al
  24. Thanks everyone for all your responses. The more we can inform and educate the better we will all be. The info on Vitamin K is not only important for those of us on blood thinners but also for everyone to learn about the different sources of vitamin K. I would not put down life saving medicines. They have a definite place in people's lives but I believe food should be our first medicine of choice and pharmaceutical meds if needed. I take antiarrhythmics and blood thinners because of a brush with death (twice) during open heart surgery. Modern medicine saved my Mom's life more than once to g
  25. That's not old Euphrasyne, I have some glass cookware that is almost 6 decades old that I got new!!!!!! (and still using) Where do the years go???? Come to think of it I have some of my grandmother's glass/crockery cookware too? That I still use.... Hmmmmm.
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