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  1. I BELIEVE this is the thread I was thinking of but be aware it's long as a lot of people weighed in on it. Hope it helps. https://www.mrssurvival.com/topic/20504-motor-home-living-if-the-shtf/
  2. Dh and I have been homesteaders for most of our 58 years of marriage. The last few years however health and age have taken their toll on our energy and physical ability and our homestead land has all but gone back to nature. Even our rather large container garden will rest this year. I was mourning the loss of our ‘homesteading’ lifestyle when it came to me (okay with the Lord’s help) that homesteading is not all country and animals and hard physical work. It’s a mindset, an attitude towards life and our role in it. It’s about ‘blooming where you are planted’ and doing what yo
  3. There are lots of new members on Mrs. Survival who are just lurking to feel their way about the site. I second Mt_Riders invitation to 'meet' us. If you don't know how to do that come into the Sunporch and make a post. We'll be waiting there to help all we can.
  4. We traveled a month once in our old 27 ? foot motorhome and somewhere around here is a long, fun, but informative thread about it. I'll see if I can find it and bump it up. It's amazing what can be prepped in an RV.
  5. He would have been 74 today. I miss him.
  6. Simplified version as the body has extremely complex systems..... Cytokines are small proteins produced by various cells in the body in response to an infection, autoimmune reaction, and etc. They signal and regulate other cells to come to the aid of the body during an infection or 'invasion', such as with covid and many other diseases and situations. Unfortunately in certain cases they can be overproduced and cause a cascade to occur where cell after cell are effected and more immune cells are produced than what is needed. The immune cells can become so dysregulated they st
  7. Is this a new threat to our world, with all these eruptions? Is the core temperature of the earth raising? Will it change the Teutonic plates (?) and we will see more earthquakes as well? We seem to be seeing a lot of them as well along with more severe and unusual storms. Or is this something that's been happening for centuries that we are just now becoming more aware of?
  8. I agree. An awesome idea. If metal pound-in fence posts were used it would be an easy matter to use the electric wire plastic fence insulators as the secure points top and bottom.
  9. Almost missed it. I hope your day was filled with wonder and joy, and lots of fun.
  10. I thought I'd let you know that my brother came home today. Even his doctor was surprised at how fast he was recovering. He does have oxygen and meds and orders to rest but he's home..... Thank you all for caring.
  11. Ambergris, the charts helped put some of this into perspective. Thanks. Cases up, deaths down. Just like they 'said' it would be if people got the vaccine but I still can't quite see how that is happening with there being so few, at that point, that had been vaccinated. (at least here in the US) I'm not quite sure I trust the figures to be accurate.
  12. I keep trying to make sense of all the data and perhaps it is just me but none of it seems to correlate to any particular pattern. Again, the enemy we can't see coming. But thanks for posting these updates, Ambergris. At least I can see where the states are going on any given week. The county I live in here in Illinois was just put back on the warning list and will probably be set back into lower category of 'openness'. Thank you all for your prayers for my brother. I haven't heard how he is this morning but MM, they started giving him the Antibody treatment as soon as he w
  13. I just can't imagine anyone putting themselves in a crowd that way sick or not. Have we come to the point where sports and etc are more important than our lives and the lives of those around us? Yes, we deserve our freedoms, but at what cost? I just heard last night that my brother has been hospitalized with covid. He has asthma and has been extremely careful all along to NOT be exposed to it.
  14. Thanks Jeepers. I guess I'd need to check out each town/etc that I might want to know about to find out. I have been having the most wonderful time going back through the older posts here in the Urban Homesteading forum and it's two side forums. There is so much information here for anyone, not just city dwellers. Interestingly enough I even found some of my OWN posts that I found helpful......... Now I'm wondering if I could hide my own Easter eggs tomorrow and still have an Easter Egg hunt.
  15. We saw this mentioned on the news last night so I'm saying it is current. Stock up time again and soon. Not sure how soon the raised prices will hit the stores.
  16. Some really good lists and suggestions here. As I read posts from the time I was AWOL from Mrs. S I am finding I missed a LOT of what I need now. Thanks all for continuing to keep the light on for me.
  17. This is a good quick look at container gardening on a patio.
  18. MM, thanks so much for the carrot growing video. I've grown carrots in containers before but with varying results but that is exactly the thing so many people without access to garden space could use. It's relatively easy to grow greens (and by the way carrot greens are edible so eat the thinnings) but root crops can give access to calories that would be so important in a survival situation as well.
  19. Annarchy, We have basically been using our 1/2 acre yard for produce and even small stock for the last five or so years but it gets much harder to do from the wheel chair. That's why this last year I've been turning to more apartment type production with our small greenhouse and the hydro and aquaponic systems. I do a lot of sprouting and re-growing as well but I would like us to explore other areas too, like stealth gardens, defense and survival groups, and living gray in the city. I'd like to see some posts that expand on what is already here so it becomes a guide for Urban self reliance
  20. Did you know that you didn't have to live in the country to have a 'homestead'? Did you also know that you really don't need to have livestock/animals to have an Urban Homestead? (Though some city dwellers DO have food animals) There are so many things an urbanite can do to make life easier, cheaper, more self sustainable, and safer. So many times Survival sites give the impression that you cannot survive after a SHTF situation if you don't live in the country or don't get OUT of the city. Well depending on your advanced preps it might be totally possible to survive a crisis wh
  21. It figures, it said I was a DOG! But it didn't say what BREED of dog
  22. We have both wild and domestic berries all over our land. The everbearing red ones as well. I find it is less mentally demanding to just cut out the dead canes from our domestic ones each year. The wild ones appear to do just fine on their own and still give us and the wildlife plenty of berries. I do not compost mine though. I usually burn them. Not because they do not compost but because I prefer not running into a thorn from those that haven't yet. An aside here. Did you know that the leaves of the various blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and some other berries
  23. This is only an opinion so please take it as such. It seems that no one really does have a handle on what to do about this virus. Nor do they have an actual consensus how effective the vaccine is. I have heard/read variously, from CDC and reports from other countries around the world, that the vaccine does not keep you from getting the virus yet it is being suggested that people can be around others who are vaccinated within two weeks of getting it, even, according to ads, be able to hug them. However, 'they' say, even if you did have the vaccine you should still wear your mas
  24. OOTO, I had wondered that same thing about the name Little Sister being from Laddie. Loved that book.
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