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  1. Happy New Year and great year is wished for you Mt. Rider and everyone.
  2. I'm reading Nora Roberts, "The Rise of Magicks". It's the 3rd in the series and kind of weird but an interesting read. It's the world after an epidemic as killed billions. There are fairies, elves, etc. etc. and lots of warring but it's different and I like different sometimes. On my phone I'm listening to Gwen Bristow's, "Jubilee Trail". I read it years ago and found it again on Audible. I'm loving it again after reading it probably 40 years or more ago.
  3. $100 a year? I think mines that a month. I don't ask....they might make me start paying my own bill if I do. LOL They both have tremendous jobs and I doubt they even notice what they pay for mine. I'd like to keep it that way!!!
  4. Good morning..... And no cell phones to call for help. We always had a dime in our shoe so we could call home if needed BUT we had to find a phone booth somewhere. No one knew where we were from the time we left home until we returned. Today, with phones, parents can get ahold of their children 24/7. They can even know where they are by using apps on their phones. Our daughter-in-law has apps on her phone and the kids phones so she can tell where the school bus is. She drives 3 miles to town to pick them up so watches the app to know when it's time to go.
  5. After I posted I realized not everyone has a smart phone. The only reason I have one is our son and daughter-in-law "brought me into the 21st century" five or six years ago. They put it on their bill and said you'll love it. I did and do and now can't imagine not having it.
  6. This may sound strange but when I was in 3rd grade and my girlfriend was in 4th a man tried to kidnap us. He told us our mothers had called the taxi company but all the cabs were busy so they sent him. We were scared but thankfully he wasn't forceful and we didn't get close to him. When we told our mothers they didn't really believe us so took us home and questioned us separately. After both of us telling the same story they called the school. Three days later they caught him at the school. When I was in 5th grade a lady ran home to her parents, 2 doors down from us, because of her abusive husband. The father, a security guard with a gun, went out on the porch and the son-in-law killed him and then killed himself. YET, we still ran the streets playing with the other kids in the neighborhood We knew we had to be home when the streetlights came on. We rode our bikes everywhere and in the summer we rode to the pool and back, close to a mile away, almost everyday. We walked to and from school. Halloween we went all around in the dark with no parents knowing where we were. Why was that allowed? After all we'd had a man try to kidnap us. We had a neighbor killed by a son-in-law. You'd think parents would have kept us close, like they do now, but they didn't. We still were allowed to run and play. I had very good parents and we lived in an average neighborhood in a suburb of Los Angeles. Rosemead is the name of the town and it's 15 miles east of LA. Is it really that much worse now, or again, is it the instant news and the media dwelling on it? Here I am again rambling. Think I'll go to bed. Good-night
  7. Hi Jeepers, I have an app on my phone called Note. On most things I can't remember the regular price either. So, if it's something I'd really like to stock up I check the price in a couple of different store and put the price in Note. When it's advertised on sale, I check Note and if it's really a sale I stock up. I hadn't thought about it until now but I suppose you could make a list on a piece of paper and then take a picture of it with your phone. I hadn't thought about tuna being from China but when I read the questions and answers before buying it someone asked that exact question. It's canned in either Ecuador or American Samoa.
  8. Littlesister…..I watch Amazon for TP. Sometimes it's higher than Wal-Mart, etc. but if I watch long enough it's cheaper. With Prime it's really nice having a big box delivered. We've had the same UPS man for a long time and know him fairly well. The first time he brought the box of TP it was in a plain box. The next time it said Northern Tissue all over it. When I answered the door he said, "Someone got a problem here?" If I were younger I'd have been embarrassed but when you get older you just roll with the punches and laugh right along. A couple of weeks ago I bought StarKist Tuna too at Amazon. I think it was $.60 a can and dated like 2 years from now or some such. One dented can but otherwise perfect. I don't really buy much food this way but it's nice when I find bargains.
  9. Thanks for the hugs and comments ladies. There is such mayhem in the country anymore: bank robbers, children killing people, but especially their parents, is something I can't wrap my head around. As a teenager I got angry with my parents, especially my mother as she was the disciplinarian, but killing her/them. Who ever thought of such a thing back then? Once I was grown my mother was my best friend. I'm 72 so I was a teenager in the 60's. They were rough times. Viet Nam war, the assassinations of Pres. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King and probably others I can't think of right off the bat. Civil rights, the cold war, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the beginning of the drug culture, the hippies, Charles Manson, etc. It was a violent time. Is it worse now or is most of it because of the instant access to everything happening? Cameras everywhere. If you're famous you can't leave your home w/o someone taking a picture? I think about Kate Middleton on her honeymoon. On an island with supposedly no one around and she goes swimming topless. Someone is lurking and pictures are taken. Before you know it those pictures are spread on tabloids around the world. It's just crazy. It seems worse to me today BUT maybe it's just because I now have the time to stop and watch it all unfold. Back then I was either chasing boys or marrying and busy raising children. Sorry for my rambling. I probably should delete this but...…. Hugs all around,
  10. That's what I was thinking when I read this mommato3boys. Smaller packaging and still the same price or maybe even higher. Another thing I've noticed so much of in the last 2 years. 1. Many things that are on sale now are almost outdated. I've learned not to go during the first part of a sale week but wait until closer to the end of the week when the "outdated" stuff has sold and the newer is on the front of the shelves. Of course, you can always dig to the back of the shelves but early on it's usually all closely outdated stuff. 2. Unless you know the price of something NEVER assume the sale price is really a sale. My family likes tenderized pork tenderloins. One day as I walked past the meat counter I saw the pink card that announced they were on sale 4/$5.00. I said to the butcher, "These aren't on sale. This is the normal price." He agreed. "So why the pink card advertising them as on sale?" People don't pay any attention and will buy them thinking it's a bargain. "Are you kidding me?" Nope, he says, it's a way to get people to buy. Few pay attention. As far as they're concerned it's on sale. "Well, you won't catch me falling for it again, if I've fallen for it before." and he said with no concern, well, you're the exception then., I will admit I've never seen it happen again but...……. So ladies pay attention. You can be scammed, sad to say, even in your local grocery store.
  11. Our son called DH this morning asking if he'd take his pickup to a town 6 miles from us to be worked on. DH said he would so I drove over too to give DH a ride home. As I got to town I looked down the main street and saw tons of emergency vehicles. A man had robbed their tiny branch office and killed the woman working there. I can't imagine why he had to shoot her. Probably on drugs? We don't know at this point! This is a town of about 250 people. Everyone knows everyone. They ran for her husband and he got to her before she died. I haven't heard for sure but I figure she died in his arms. To lose your spouse would be hideous, to have them die in your arms must be horrendous. A daughter of DH's cousin was one of those killed in the Las Vegas shooting. A friend and her 2 married daughters lost their homes in the Paradise fire last year. All of this is just hitting too close to home. I am full of sadness and anger tonight at this latest shooting. She was a 43 year old woman with 2 teenage children and a husband. I just keep thinking WHY? What can be done about this madness??? When is it going to end? Is it going to end? It's time for me to go to bed. I will be thanking God for so many things but I also have a lot of questions. Good-night everyone.
  12. You're right about Aldi's Homey. All around here they're getting larger too. I've shopped Aldi's for years and usually saw the poorer people in there. Now there's a lot of the middle class right along with me buying and buying. I love Aldi's for stocking up for winter. We've got another K-Mart closing by us Jeepers. I love the store but I'm really not much of a shopper. I hate to lose it but I don't support it enough to help keep it open.
  13. I'm not arguing with anything you said CG. I agree BUT I still think it's pathetic that the man yesterday forgot his 1 year old twins for 8 hours and both died. I feel so very sorry for him, or anyone this happens to, but it's still pathetic that you're so busy you forget your child/ren.
  14. Someone said once that a woman should put her phone or purse in the backseat with the baby. She may forget the baby but she'd never forget her purse or phone. Pathetic but true!
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