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  1. Jeepers....I've been going to go to the store for days and finally got there today. I was SHOCKED to see empty shelves. Not actually empty but where there should have been dozens of boxes of pastas the were 2 or 3 boxes of each kind, spaghetti, lasagna noodles, etc. Empty bins of Malt-O-Meal cereals. Big empty spaces where canned fruits, vegetables and soups should have been. Hardly any boxes of saltine crackers. It hasn't been that way in the last few weeks. Oh, there have been empty spaces but not like today. Is it because of the elections getting so close and people ar
  2. Prayers for Mt. Rider and her family.
  3. A couple of weeks before my Dr. appointment I refilled my meds. I get a 3 months supply on each refill and insurance helps pay for it. So, 2 weeks later at my Drs. appointment I asked if she'd call the pharmacy so I cold get another 6 months worth of meds. I told her with this crazy world who knew where we'd be in 3 months with shortages, including possibly meds.. She agreed so I now have 9 months worth of meds on hand. It will get me through to next June. Being on Medicare and with my supplemental insurance not all of my costs are covered anyway and these extra 6 months that was out of
  4. All you do is appreciated Annarchy!
  5. When I go to grandchildren's baseball/softball games and there is no restroom close by I sometimes wear Depends. Yes, I learned that lesson the hard way! BUT I don't buy Depends, I got mine at Walgreen's. What a price difference. I only have one package on hand but think I'll buy more thinking about the shortages. They would be awfully nice to have if you're with others and there's no bathroom available.
  6. DH went for tractor parts today so I rode along. Went to the same chain store as the other day but in a different town. Mrs. Grimes chili beans were on sale for $1.99 a can. I picked up 4 cans and one had a green tag saying $.75 off. It wasn't dented and the date on the bottom was 2023. I asked the lady at the check-out why it was $.75 off, I couldn't find a thing different about it. She said they have too many in stock in the back so they put them on sale and then mark a few cans an extra $.75 off. Have you ever heard of such a thing? I wished then I'd have dug deeper into the stack o
  7. Lunch meat was almost non-existent. I like having 3 or 4 Marie Calendar chicken pot pies in the freezer for lazy nights. NONE in the freezer and only 3 beef pot pies. Decided to get TV dinners instead. Two Salisbury steak, 2 meatloaf was all. Maybe 6 of macaroni and cheese but that was it. Very little bread on the shelves. No storms or anything unusual in the forecast so that wasn't the reason for it. No chocolate milk. Lots of open spaces for store brand and Campbell's soups. Chips were sparse too. Maybe more that I've forgotten but it was the first time I've seen so many empty sh
  8. Thank you Ambergris. I hate to admit how little knowledge I have of what you're saying but thank you so much for responding.
  9. I have some questions. Friday evening our minister and his family went out for supper. A couple that are members of the congregation saw them and visited with them a few minutes. He was happy and visiting like normal. Ten p.m. that same evening he got sick, don't know the particulars. The ambulance was called and they took him to a smaller hospital close by. They tested him for Covid19 and it was negative. They thought, at the hospital, he was having a heart attack and life flighted him to Des Moines. It wasn't his heart at all. They spent all day yesterday trying to get his temp. to
  10. In the last 3 days I've canned 27 quarts of applesauce. On the next to the last batch to go in the WBC the bottoms broke off 2 of the jars. By the time I cleaned up the mess I decided to just freeze the last 4 quarts. I have another apple tree but nah, that's enough. I found a bag of lids I bought at Pamida 8 years ago. No idea if they'd work so I tried 1 on one of the jars. I found another bag of old lids, no idea how old, and tried one of them. Then I had one of the reusable plastic lids with a loose rubber seal. Had it for years too but never tried it. All 3 sealed
  11. I had 2 zucchini sitting on the counter I so badly wanted to throw away. However, the prepper in me made me use 1 today. I made another 3 loaves of zucchini bread and a zucchini chocolate cake. I am picking up a prescription for a relative later this afternoon so I'm taking one of the loaves of bread to her as well as a couple pieces of cake. The same for another elderly relative that I'll drive by on my way home. Tomorrow I'll do it all over again with this last zucchini, only this next time it will all go into the freezer with the gobs of bread and cakes I've already made. I
  12. We weren't touched here...thank the Lord. I seldom have on the TV or radio during the day unless DH is inside. That day we had overcast skies and a nice gentle rain. I had NO idea this horrible storm was going on. Talk about having my head in the sand....right Mother??? LOL My cousin in Beaverdale, part of Des Moines, just got her electricity back on a couple of hours ago. They, like so many other places, were hit hard but her house, trees, etc. had no damage. I can't say that for other relatives. Others are still out. Mother is right about crops in Iowa being
  13. ABC news told tonight that the boy that took the video in the school hall as been expelled. CORRECTION: I saw the report again this morning and it was said the person had been suspended NOT expelled. Sorry!
  14. Right now I'm reading The Forgiven by Marta Perry. It's an Amish Romance. I'm OLD and not usually into romances anymore but I wanted something light. It's pretty good. I just finished listening to The Throwaway Children by Diney Costeloe. It's a heartbreaker. I have a Baldacci, The Fix I'll be starting next.
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