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  1. Dee

    This was so weird

    His phone calling my phone, while my phone is calling his phone.
  2. Dee

    This was so weird

    I've had my own phone number come up on my phone too but to have my phone be calling his and his calling mine at the same time I've never heard mentioned before.
  3. Anyone ever heard of it? Two nights ago DH and I were sitting in our chairs just quietly watching TV. Our chairs are right together and we each have an end on the other side of our chair where our phones were sitting. His phone rang. A funny ring, not his normal one. Before he picked it up to answer, mine rang too. I looked at my phone and said, "It's from your number Galen". He looked at his and it was my number calling him. What the heck? When I answered mine no one was there. He didn't answer his. Oh, and we don't have an Alexa. Any thoughts?
  4. I saw on the news last night that roughly 20 campers are at the Des Moines Water Works Plant for critical workers to live in while they keep the plant running. The employees will live in the campers, I think mostly rented, so they aren't chancing infecting their families by coming and going. After 2 weeks they'll go home and another group will take their place. Hope it works. Iowa went from 45 cases of the virus to 68 today or maybe yesterday. Not sure but that's 23 new cases. Our churches in town are closed for 2 weeks also. DD, who I've told to prep for years, let me know she did enough shopping that they had enough food for 2 weeks. She truthfully thought they were really prepared......sigh! Asking her if she thought they might to be in lockdown (she's in CA) for more than 2 weeks she said, "I'm sure!" "Just suppose", I said, 'the stores don't have food in 2 weeks because of so many different reasons? What will you do then?" Believe it or not she said, "Wow, I never thought of that." She, her husband and son were going to Reno yesterday for her Dr. appointment. I told her I was going to send her a check for $300 and they were to spend it all on food. When she asked me what she should buy I realized they have next to nothing that's shelf stable. I made a list, told her to get everything on it UNLESS it was something they didn't like. DO NOT get things you won't eat. In the end I sent her $500 and when they got home from Costco in Reno she sent pictures. So many pictures of so many things to keep them fed. Thank heaven! I also told her to tell NO ONE what they bought. Put it away and keep quiet. So many of us here have done this for so many years, it's just become a way of life. I really thought I'd taught my children better. Obviously not! Stay safe everyone!
  5. Here in Iowa 40+ Iowan's went on an Egyptian cruise. The thirteenth person from the cruise was just diagnosed yesterday with the virus. One, a person in his 60's, is in critical condition. Who knows how many more of those 40+ will be diagnosed? One lady in another county has tested positive for the virus after being in CA. She worked at a Panera Bread so has probably exposed many people. And on and on it goes. I' right there with you Mt. Rider
  6. I went to a larger city, 55 miles away, yesterday to visit a relative in the hospital. Didn't know that I wanted to go there very bad but the woman is 95 and we're very close. How do you not go and see her??? Anyway, I did some major shopping while I was there. Wal-Mart was crazy in the aisles with the vitamins, aspirin, band-aids, shampoos, you know that area of the store. What the heck is going on, I said to a worker standing next to me. She said it's become crazy in this part of the store the last few days. She was right. It really was crazy. It made me think of a couple of days before Christmas with the numbers of people. I didn't go to the food aisles but the other aisles weren't busy at all. I bought some garden seeds, dish towels, totes, etc. etc. and it was just normal shopping.
  7. My nephew, his wife and 2 sons returned yesterday from their recent trip to Maui. She posted pictures the first day they were there and never mentioned anything again other than to say they were on their way home yesterday. I've wondered why she never posted anything else and the flu was never mentioned. They live in CA. I live in Iowa so it's not like I'll be seeing them to hear about their trip.
  8. My nephews wife just posted 3 mins. ago with a picture of a whale coming out of the water and another picture of a rainbow. Said she can't wait until tomorrow. No mention of the flu. I wonder if they even know about it yet.
  9. My nephew, his wife and their 2 sons just left for Maui this morning. I don't know anymore than that but wonder if they'll be aloud off the plane or what. He lives in California.
  10. I heard on the local news tonight that they're checking 2 people here in Iowa for the virus.
  11. I have no idea. It just came up on my newsfeed a few minutes ago and thought I'd share it.
  12. 11th US Case of New Virus Confirmed in California https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/california/articles/2020-02-02/9th-us-case-of-new-virus-confirmed-in-san-francisco-bay-area By Associated Press, Wire Service Content Feb. 2, 2020, at 9:18 p.m.
  13. Global health Wuhan Coronavirus Looks Increasingly Like a Pandemic, Experts Say https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/02/health/coronavirus-pandemic-china.html
  14. One winter when the kids were still home we kept passing the flu and colds back and forth. DH finally got the Lysol out and sprayed the house GOOD. It seemed to work, so now when one of us is sick we immediately begin spraying. It helps.
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