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  1. Dee


    Are any of you Diana Gabaldon fans? You know, Outlander, etc? Well, I just read that BEES, her next and 9th book in the Outlander series is finished and will hopefully be out in a few months. I've been waiting, it seems like, forever! Keep reading!
  2. We mow 5-6 acres at least once a week. Depending on the rain sometimes it's twice a week. I usually do the mowing BUT I can guarantee you I use a rider, not a push mower.
  3. Dee

    Bitter Cold

    Well, aren't we Iowan's kind! We saw on the news this morning that Texas is not a part of the power grid with the rest of the U.S. They're all on their own. Those of us out here, I don't know what size area, lost our juice but our little town had it the whole time, including the 2 big companies in town. Since it was only 45 minutes it wasn't bad BUT I hope if they make it a longer one another time they have the companies close down for the duration and let we farm homes keep it.
  4. Dee

    Bitter Cold

    Yes! First I've ever experienced but sure enough, we had one this morning. We still live in the same area as when you visited but 1/4 mile west.
  5. Dee

    Bitter Cold

    We were hit with a rolling blackout out this morning with a temp. of -18. It only lasted 45 minutes so there were no problems. I have a cousin spending the winter in Southern Texas in a 5th wheel trailer. She said they woke up to 32 this morning in their trailer. Brrrr! She said they go to Texas, from Iowa, for the warmth and yet she's never woken to a temp like that in her house in Iowa. Just a miserable weather time we're going through.
  6. Dee

    Bitter Cold

    Are you saying they won't even buy new paperbacks or subscribe to new magazines?
  7. Dee

    Bitter Cold

    Weren't you taught to share Homey? Me too, so I'm happy to pass the nastiness on! I don't remember 3 years ago but I know they've been talking on the news how cold it was. That's the pits about your apple trees. I hope spring is nice and all your blossoms set.
  8. Good afternoon Krystalbear93. Glad you've joined us.
  9. Dee

    Frozen Pipes

    Yesterday one sink and the bathtub in my bathroom froze up. DH got them thawed this afternoon but something unusual happened that we've never had happen before. I had the water turned on a little so we'd know when it started running. Well, he decided to take a nap after dinner but checked on the bathroom first....than heaven!!! The water was running but the drain is still frozen. The picture below is what he found when he checked. How close we came to a horrible mess!!!
  10. I saved a penny today by taking the, maybe 3/4 cup, leftover rice, and instead of throwing it away, I warmed it and put cinnamon, raisins and sugar on it for DH's breakfast. I also warmed a couple slices of zucchini bread, made last summer, from the freezer. He said, "This rice is really good. You haven't done this for a long time." How easy and cheaply I made the man happy this morning.
  11. Dee

    Bitter Cold

    I grew up in Southern California and absolutely loved the Iowa winters when we moved here when I was 21. I'm now 74 and hate them. Funny how our ideas change. Given the choice though, I will stay with winter. There are just too many people in the LA area and where we live our closest neighbor is our son and his family at 1/4 mile away. I love our farm and farm life. AND, you're right. I couldn't imagine 115 degrees. Yikes! Your gardens turn crispy brown just as ours are beginning. Keep reading!
  12. Dee

    Bitter Cold

    I so hope the electricity holds too and the furnace. What horrible weather to have it go out. I often wonder how the homeless survive in this. I agree on books from long ago being so relative today. They're interesting to read to see and wonder if they were just lucky or could really see this or that happening. Keep reading!
  13. Dee

    Bitter Cold

    TheCG and Motherhen....I didn't see your posts earlier.....sorry! CG, your 20 sounds like a heatwave. You really are into important reading. I read fluff. The other makes me think. Your reading makes me think of Mother, she's always reading things that matter too. As I tell her, I like sticking my head in the sand. Sad but true! Motherhen, Wow, your -24 makes -11 seem warm. NOT! We're supposed to see -20 something tonight and tomorrow..... Hard to believe I'll be starting seeds in another couple of weeks but, as we know, spring will arrive sometime.
  14. Dee

    Bitter Cold

    Yep, we're to be getting -20 temps. like your brother, tomorrow. We usually know what's on its way by watching the weather channel and seeing what's west of us. Next week when it hits the 30's it will be like a cool summer day. Yes, it's true . Seventies??? It will come but not for a long time yet. You enjoy that weather but be sure to feel sorry for us.
  15. Good morning, I woke up to -11 degrees. It's been this way for a week, at least. It's to be this way for another 2 or 3 days. How about some of you others? Are you also caught in this cold spell? So, my walking is done around the kitchen and dining room. My car doesn't want to start very badly if I do decide to make a run to the grocery store. My bathroom tub and one of the sinks are frozen. I'm praying for no broken pipes, etc. etc. So, what I'm doing is a lot of reading to keep me from losing my mind. What I'm reading at the moment is Nora Robert
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