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  1. You're right about Aldi's Homey. All around here they're getting larger too. I've shopped Aldi's for years and usually saw the poorer people in there. Now there's a lot of the middle class right along with me buying and buying. I love Aldi's for stocking up for winter. We've got another K-Mart closing by us Jeepers. I love the store but I'm really not much of a shopper. I hate to lose it but I don't support it enough to help keep it open.
  2. I'm not arguing with anything you said CG. I agree BUT I still think it's pathetic that the man yesterday forgot his 1 year old twins for 8 hours and both died. I feel so very sorry for him, or anyone this happens to, but it's still pathetic that you're so busy you forget your child/ren.
  3. Someone said once that a woman should put her phone or purse in the backseat with the baby. She may forget the baby but she'd never forget her purse or phone. Pathetic but true!
  4. I haven't lived in California for YEARS but still have lots of family out there. I actually have an old friend that lived in Paradise. She and her daughters all lost their homes. I heard ages ago that IF the wealthy, that want beautifully landscaped yards, would fence in their yards to keep the goats out that the goats could do wonders to keep the brush down. Let them roam, let them eat. That would help keep the dead grass, etc. down that burns so easily. I know how much goats can eat. I had them for years. Of course, California being California, when they did do a little experimenting with this they paid like $900 per goat, so "couldn't afford" a lot of them. Hello, why not be sensible and buy the cheap goats people are trying to sell or even just happy to get rid off. An expensive goat or a cheap goat.....they all eat the same!
  5. Dee

    Crazy House

    Hey Out of the ordinary.....I've been busy and working so I haven't been her for a while. You are really well read and, like me, have more than one going at a time. I looked up the Douglas Bond, Crown and Covenant series and bought the 1st one. They look good and I'm anxious to give it a try when I finish what's on my Kindle at the moment. I'm always anxious to find new authors and if I like them it makes me happy to have it be a completed series. Hate having to wait for the next to come out! One of my favorite series is Red River of the North by Laurine Snelling. The first in the series is called An Untamed land. It's about a Norwegian family that immigrates to North Dakota. The series goes on for generations and I finally got tired of it but the first 4 or 5 (more? I'm not sure) I just loved. Right now the book I'm reading is Educated by Tara Westover. It's about a survivalist type family and just maybe it's where the word dysfunctional family originated. It's a memoir and each chapter tells a different incident in their daily life. Do I like it? I'm not sure but I do keep reading if that means anything. On my phone I'm listening to The Shoemaker's Wife by Adriana Trigiani. I'm just getting started but I've liked her other books so I have high hopes for this one. On my phone I'm reading Twist of Faith by Ellen J. Green. It's ok but not the best I've ever read. I love to hear what other's are reading AND I love even more getting suggestions. Next?
  6. Wow Mother, I almost missed this with it being stuck in the middle of things. It seems like the government is beginning to take notice....is it still or again? I wonder if it should be posted on its own as a new thread. There is so much old stuff written here but this is new. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Dee

    Crazy House

    Do you listen to audio books Dogmom4? I find I listen to them as much as I read anymore. We have acres of grass we mow in the summer and an audio book using my earbuds helps me keep my sanity. I listen when I drive any distance, when I walk and when I'm working in the kitchen. I don't know what I'd do w/o them to keep my mind occupied. Mine are on my phone but our library has a great variety of audio books on CD.
  8. Hi Mt_Rider…….Fortunately, at this point, my car is too old. I'm glad I live in the country and don't have to worry about it.
  9. Dee

    Crazy House

    Wow Homey and Snapshotmiki….great to hear from you two and good to see you join in with Jeepers, WE2's, Ambergris, Mother and me in this forum. If you remember, I LOVED being the moderator here along with Becca. We discussed so very, very many books. If DH isn't home I read while I'm eating and also when I got to bed. I remember when I first started the Harry Potter series, I'd tell DH, "Me and Harry are off to bed". The first time I said it really caught DH's attention but before long he got used to me and Harry. Today at the library I got the new Joanne Fluke book...…Chocolate Cream Pie Murder and The Dead Will Tell by Linda Castillo. Hope they're both really good!!! Like you Homey, I always have a book on hand for when I have appointments or to wait on someone or something. My phone has books to read as well listen to, soooooo, I'm always prepared. Keep on reading and let me know what's on your phone, table, or wherever it's sitting, that you're reading now.
  10. Dee

    Crazy House

    So some of you are reading. That's great! Hope to hear from others on what they're reading and what they think of them. Like you Mother, I like to do some writing too. I go in spurts. It's usually when my fingers start typing and off I go.
  11. Dee

    Crazy House

    Well, evidently no one is reading or interested in Crazy House. What is everyone reading/listening to? I was told The Greenlanders by Jane Smiley was so very good. I actually ordered it from Audible and trying to force myself to finish. I don't like it at all.
  12. Oh wow, I need to check these out.
  13. LOOK!!! I actually started container plants of Early Girl tomatoes this afternoon. I bought a 4 pack so I've put 2 in each pot. I am so excited since this is my first time ever. Of course, I had to bring them in this evening since we have snow forecasted. I want to check into the self-wicking too but I was in town today for groceries for kids birthday dinner on Sunday and couldn't resist getting started.
  14. For those of you who read and enjoyed the Hunger Game series and/or the Divergent series, have you read Crazy House by James Patterson? Like the first ones listed they are YA (Young Adult). Right now I'm enjoying the 2nd in the series of Crazy House called The Fall of Crazy House. Why I like this type of book is unknown, but I do. Does anyone else? How about another series of this genre? I read the Twilight series but not really into vampires and werewolves. I loved the first 3 or 4 books of the Harry Potter books but then the kids grew up and they got too dark for me. Any suggestions????
  15. Oh, I love the ideas and help you've given. It looks like there are more than just me interested in container gardening. Dogmom4 and Jeepers, I used to hear about grow bags but never gave them much thought when I could get down and then up off the ground like a kid. I think I'll check into them. Thanks for the heads up. I wondered if those plastic containers might just hold too much heat. Bummer! Annarchy, these self wicking containers have caught my attention but we're still in the spring mode here in Northern Iowa. It's too early to put anything out, other than the peas and potatoes that we put out Good Friday. After Mother's Day is when we figure the frost is finished. We've actually got snow forecasted for tomorrow. Really stupid but it does happen. Of course, it could be in the 70's by Sunday. Transitional weather. LOL Thanks ladies, I hope we can keep this discussion going!
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