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  1. I hadn't bought a cake mix for probably 30 years. One day Betty Crocker had cake mixes for $.39 each. I bought 6. I made a cinnamon coffee cake for breakfast one morning when I wasn't in the mood to start from scratch. Hey, that was good. I've also made them swirling jam or jelly through them. Hey, they're good too. When some cousins called saying they thought they'd stop as they were going by, I made another. Yellow cake, swirled in some raspberry jam, made a pot of coffee and we were good to go. Now, I always have cake mixes in the freezer. I'm old, it's easy and I love it!!!
  2. Happy Birthday Snowy. Hope your day is going beautifully and that you didn't get the 10" of snow we got.
  3. Thank you, Snowy. Yours is coming up soon, if I remember correctly.
  4. I don't know if they do or not Mother. DH eats them, not me, but he never complains and gobbles them up.
  5. I have tons of stuff in my freezer in single servings. DH loves meat. Now that I'm older I don't eat much of it. Just last week I cooked 5 lbs. Italian sausage and 5 dozen eggs, making sausage and scrambled eggs. I put 1 cup of the mix in sandwich bags, flattened them out and froze. I used to make burritos, but he now just wants the sausage/eggs. I ended up with 23 bags, plus what he ate for breakfast. I also made a 9x13 pan of lasagna. I fed him two meals from it before cutting the rest in nice sized pieces and putting them in sandwich bags in the freezer. Later this week I'll make a couple dozen enchiladas to freeze 2 to a package. I also found a box of pancake/waffle mix that was dated 8/23. Whoops! I cooked up the whole box making waffles. We ate some for breakfast and the rest went into the freezer with 2 waffles per bag. It took some time and work but it's awfully nice to have in the freezer and ready to just warm up. I also have a lot of things I've done earlier. Chili, Tator Tot casserole, escalloped potatoes/ham, chunks of leftover cooked chicken and roast beef to make into soups, and I can't think right off the bat what else. It makes life easy to cook one whole day and have individual meals for weeks. I have 3 freezers and they are all full.
  6. Thank you ladies. I am having a nice day. Out to lunch with the family and home for a nap this afternoon.
  7. Thanks everyone and back at you. We're home from our day with family. I'm already in my pajamas and bathrobe and sitting in my recliner. Exactly where I want to be. Have a great evening everyone.
  8. Yum, Necie. I would be sick all night if I ate that but take away 20 years and I would enjoy every single bite. Makes me think of Long John Silver's fish where I slathered it in malt vinegar. It does look delicious!!!
  9. Mignightmom, I had to laugh at you looking up lefse. I grew up in the L.A. area and knew everything about Mexican and Chinese food but nope, never heard of lefse until 50 years ago when, I married a Norwegian/Swedish boy and moved to Iowa. Lefse, kringla, krumkake and rosettes were/are staples for the holidays. No lutefisk. This family doesn't make or eat it and from all I've heard that's a good thing! Anyway, the lefse is spread with butter and suger sprinkled on it. Folded into a triangle and eaten as part of the meal. It's very good.
  10. She and Jimmy were amazing people!
  11. Today I made the 1st batch of instant hot chocolate for the winter. It's easy, tastes so good and you just add water. On a cold winter day or night, it just hits the spot. Today was 61 degrees but even so it was delicious.
  12. We're having ham and smoked turkey, Littlesister. I'm taking a relish tray, salad and lefse. For 30 years I did both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm so glad I now just get to go and eat. With age comes a few benefits.
  13. Today I cooked up a pork roast I'd put in the freezer dated 6/2022. Yikes, I'd lost it until I defrosted the freezer. I put it in the crockpot with cream of celery soup, onion, garlic, pepper, etc. I was surprised at how delicious it was. No taste of freezer burn and moist as could be. I hate to admit there's another in the same bag, but I'll cook it too in a couple weeks and hopefully have another great meal. It's amazing what meat cooked in a crockpot can do.
  14. I've not had any of the above and unless life gets a lot tougher than it is I'll stick with turkey., thank you!
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