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  1. How cool Annarchy! I looked into self publishing a few years ago but decided I wasn't sure what to do.
  2. I'm trying to get a book published. Nothing has come from it, except, lots of rejection letters. I get discouraged and wonder, "why I keep doing this to myself?" Then I read this little 5" plate hanging above my desk and it keeps me going. Someday it may happen. Then again, it may not, BUT I'll never know if I give up. Heads up ladies and keep on trying!
  3. I was afraid of what next spring might bring so I ordered a bunch of seeds from Seed Savers. I ordered from there because they're all heritage/heirloom seeds. They may not produce as well as the hybrids but being heritage/heirloom seeds I can save them year after year. As to the undies, not that I've used it in years but somewhere I have a great pattern to make women's underwear. It's easy once you figure out the crotch area. I better get elastic though as I used it all last spring making masks for the EMT's and for those they picked up.
  4. Dee

    Gardening Inside

    Someone told me the same things years ago mommato3boys. I've done it now for 20+ years. Seems to work but I've never not done it, sooooooo. LOL It also helps, "someone told me" to have a fan on them blowing gently. It strengthens the stems. I don't do it this time of year but when I start plants to put out in the spring I use the fan.
  5. I love this. I'm going to try it with my next batch of celery!
  6. Wow, that's interesting. I've never heard of such a thing! That's exactly right....waste not want not.
  7. We got ours yesterday.
  8. I've done that too out of the ordinary but usually just in the winter. Summer is for canning chicken, winter is for soup. It's just a good feeling not wasting those scraps, isn't it? No matter when or how you use them. When the kids were home and we had leftover green beans, corn, peas, carrots, etc. I'd put them in a Tupperware container along with the juice off the veggies. Freeze them until I had enough and then made a big pot pie. It was one of our oldest daughters favorite meals. When she married she asked for the recipe. When I told her about
  9. I freeze carrot peelings, carrots that are getting past their crisp state, onions, you know a couple of layer peelings on the outside that aren't good fresh (not the first couple layers that are papery), the leaves and tiny stalks of celery, pea pods, dried herbs I've grown, a garlic bulb or two, just anything like that until I'm ready to can chicken. It give the broth a delicious flavor. When I do can chicken, which I don't do much anymore, I try to get close to 2 canners full. My canner hold 20 pints so I usually end up with 30-40 pints when I'm finished. That's a lot of chicken but well
  10. I'm a little late in responding but I cook the chicken first in large kettles of water, with onions, celery and whatever I have like that, that needs using up. I put it on cookie sheets to let cool enough to handle. Tear it in pieces, put it in jars, use the broth from cooking it and can. I cook down the broth and can or freeze it AFTER I enjoy a cup of first. So YUMMY! Cooking it first let's me control the amount of fat, usually as little as possible. Removing skin and bones before canning uses less jars.
  11. Does anyone else grow vegetables in the house during the winter? I brought in a grape tomato plant last summer and actually have a few tomatoes on it. I also started some from seeds just for the heck of it. They're growing nicely but not a blossom of any kind to be seen yet. Then I started a few peas from seed and they've actually got pea pods on them. The lettuce is about gone. We've been eating on it for a couple of weeks. I'll start some more soon. The last picture is of the lights I use. As some of you know we live in Northern Iowa. Th
  12. Little Sister you don't need to leave. I'm sure no one wants that. Just learn from this post and keep on posting. You're a part of this board as much as anyone but Mother and I have both seen what politics and religion can do here. Your opinion on politics and religion are not everyone else's so, it's best to keep your opinions to yourself. Stay here and let's all keep being friends and good neighbors.
  13. You believe differently than I do Little Sister. Since I've been old enough to know anything I've heard people say end times are here. I haven't seen them yet and, if I remember correctly, NO ONE knows when end times will come. I left this board, along with a number of others, quite a few years ago because of the politics. Mrs. S. used to be a busy and wonderful place to be until the politics began. You know nothing of what will happen with Biden, but we sure know what happened under Trump. Give him a chance and quit predicting all your dire ideas.
  14. Thank you everyone. I've had a peaceful, lazy day and enjoying it immensely. I thought I had a meeting this afternoon. It was not going to be a happy one, but everyone agreed with a solution to the problem and it was cancelled. Yea, best present I've had all day!
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