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  1. Many prayers for you and your family Homey!
  2. You're ambitious and doing good! Keep it up girlfriend! A good place to look for jars is estate sales or garage sales. I've gotten tons that way.
  3. I got potatoes dug yesterday. With the drought we didn't get nearly what we normally would. I'd say there's probably 20 lbs. here but it's sure better than nothing. Last night for supper I took the tiny's, left the skins on and fried in butter. Oh my, but they were to die for.
  4. No, but you can keep opening your pantry door to look at them......that's what I do!
  5. You're welcome but someone yet may come up with a great recipe. If not I think the Mrs. Wages is like $2.89 a packet but well worth it if not. Good luck!
  6. I've never made ketchup but I did notice in the store the other day that Mrs. Wages has a ketchup mix. I use the Mrs. Wages for both salsa and pizza sauce and both are great.
  7. I have a Squeezo, similar to what you have, and it's an marvelous thing. It makes things so much easier. I'm so glad you got one....congrats!!!
  8. Dee

    2021 carrots

    I dug 12.5 lbs. of carrots today. The picture shows them washed and ready to go in bags for the winter. Anyone else dug theirs yet? How about other things to have for winter? Who has canned and frozen things from their gardens? All our summers work is coming to fruition. I don't do nearly what I used to but I still do some. Grocery stores do the rest.
  9. I agree snapshotmiki. Anything to make cooking meals easier is my motto. AND, yes, increasing my stores is an added bonus. Do you freeze the whole 9x13 or cut it up and freeze in individual servings? We have very little company, and it's just the two of us so almost everything I make is made in to individual portions. I wrap each piece individually in plastic wrap, freeze ad then put it a large bag marked with what's inside and date the bag. It seems if I date the bag I'm more apt to use it. No date and I can convince myself it's only been there a month so no rush. Anyway, it's a convenient way to have meals ready in no time.
  10. Jeepers, I used to make these into breakfast burritos but DH found the tortillas tough and prefers them this way. It makes it that much easier and cheaper w/o them. Have you cooked your roasts in the crockpot? It takes time, but little work, and the meat is so tender it falls apart with a fork. Then take the meat out and add the noodles. Yum! If you want more noodles than your crock will hold put the broth in a Dutch oven and cook that way. If I'm wanting a really big batch to freeze I always have cans (used to be home canned) of beef and chicken broth on hand. I cook it down until there's good flavor and add it to the original broth. Voila' beef and noodles for the freezer. Freeze in meal size portions and microwave when ready to eat. Yum! I never thaw so I use the microwave most of the time but I put things in my little toaster oven and reheat them that way sometimes, IF I think that far ahead. DH always uses the microwave and likes it BUT I will admit he's an easy keeper and not picky. Littlesister, there are so many things you can do ahead and freeze. When I make pancakes I quintuple the recipe. Once they're cooked I put 2 (or whatever amount you wish) in individual sandwich bags and freeze. I did the same thing with French toast when the kids were home but DH isn't crazy about them. This time of year I make and freeze zucchini or zucchini apple bread. Bake, cool, slice and wrap each piece in plastic wrap. Freeze, put in bags and thaw or microwave when ready for a slice. Of course, you can do it with banana and pumpkin too but zucchini is ready right now around here. Apples make great frozen applesauce. Same with squash. I add a little butter and brown sugar to the squash when I reheat it. I'm getting hungry! Yes, bacon would work fine, as would ham for the sausage and eggs. DH prefers Italian sausage but like you, I'd prefer bacon. I've added 3 more pictures of things I've frozen. Chili already bagged and ready to freeze and enchiladas waiting to put 2 in a bag. Spend a couple of hours making supper and then freeze tons for later. The chili can stand alone but I usually have garlic bread in the freezer to go along with it and the enchiladas I'll add a salad and vegetable. It's a great way to have a meal ready in 10 minutes on those nights you just can't stand the idea of cooking AGAIN. Our closest grocery store and restaurants are 22 (44 round trip) miles from us. It made cooking daily pretty much mandatory so it's another of the reasons I learned to cook for the freezer. There was nothing convenient to run to and pick something up quickly. Hope this helps!
  11. Way back, when we were all younger, we used to cook ahead. Do any of you still do that? I had to with children at home at so many chores to do so they would have meals ready to microwave somedays. I could have bought them prepared and ready to cook but didn't. Then the children grew up, left home and I quit the cooking ahead. Well now, at 74, I'm all of a sudden tired of cooking. So tired of it I've gone back to cooking ahead. A couple hours or so of cooking and I have food in the freezer for DH to microwave. This morning I cooked 5 lbs. of sausage and 3 dozen eggs. He had a breakfast from them and I ended up with 18 servings for the freezer. I don't care for them so that's 18 meals that are cooked and he can just warm up. He's happy! I'm happy! Life is good!
  12. Dee


    Littlesister...I use Liquid Fence, Deer and Rabbit Repellent. It's the smell that chases them off and it's not poisonous to animals. Is that what you use? I do have to spray after each rain.
  13. Dee


    Did you know you can keep carrots in your refrigerator all winter long? I dug these last fall. I rinsed off the mud and stored them in gallon bags. The ones on the counter are what I used today to make Swiss steak for dinner. Two peeled the others waiting. Those in the bag show they get a little hairy and the stems may start growing a little but cut the ends off each carrot, peel and voila delicious carrots....fresh or cooked. I'm sorry to say that those in the bag are the end of my carrots so I'll have to start buying them soon. So, ladies get your carrots planted to have a good supply for those soups, stews, etc. next winter. Happy gardening!
  14. Dee

    Sad update

    I'm so sorry for you loss Momo.
  15. Dee


    Are any of you Diana Gabaldon fans? You know, Outlander, etc? Well, I just read that BEES, her next and 9th book in the Outlander series is finished and will hopefully be out in a few months. I've been waiting, it seems like, forever! Keep reading!
  16. We mow 5-6 acres at least once a week. Depending on the rain sometimes it's twice a week. I usually do the mowing BUT I can guarantee you I use a rider, not a push mower.
  17. Dee

    Bitter Cold

    Well, aren't we Iowan's kind! We saw on the news this morning that Texas is not a part of the power grid with the rest of the U.S. They're all on their own. Those of us out here, I don't know what size area, lost our juice but our little town had it the whole time, including the 2 big companies in town. Since it was only 45 minutes it wasn't bad BUT I hope if they make it a longer one another time they have the companies close down for the duration and let we farm homes keep it.
  18. Dee

    Bitter Cold

    Yes! First I've ever experienced but sure enough, we had one this morning. We still live in the same area as when you visited but 1/4 mile west.
  19. Dee

    Bitter Cold

    We were hit with a rolling blackout out this morning with a temp. of -18. It only lasted 45 minutes so there were no problems. I have a cousin spending the winter in Southern Texas in a 5th wheel trailer. She said they woke up to 32 this morning in their trailer. Brrrr! She said they go to Texas, from Iowa, for the warmth and yet she's never woken to a temp like that in her house in Iowa. Just a miserable weather time we're going through.
  20. Dee

    Bitter Cold

    Are you saying they won't even buy new paperbacks or subscribe to new magazines?
  21. Dee

    Bitter Cold

    Weren't you taught to share Homey? Me too, so I'm happy to pass the nastiness on! I don't remember 3 years ago but I know they've been talking on the news how cold it was. That's the pits about your apple trees. I hope spring is nice and all your blossoms set.
  22. Good afternoon Krystalbear93. Glad you've joined us.
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