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  1. Sounds like you had a pleasantly blessed time, Homesteader.
  2. Mexican oregano tastes different, it’s hard to explain. The Greek oregano seems peppery. I’d like to get some Italian oregano, just for the taste difference. When I get home, I see if I can explain it, and post pictures of the two different plants I have. And Ambergris, I hope that’s right, I had to bring one plant indoors to save it, one died, but, the last 3 seems to be hanging in there.
  3. That’s great, Jeepers. I’ve always wondered if those really worked.
  4. Had to replace the plywood I had put on mom’s door. Even though I sealed it, it warped and water got underneath cause it to pull away from the door. Hopefully, using a piece of 1/8” hard plastic sheeting and screwing in on securely with a whole tube of caulk, it’ll survive for a while. I have to get another tube of caulk tomorrow to finish sealing all the edges. Hey, I need MrWE2’s to do some work too. Just kidding. I’ll end up doing it myself. I really wouldn’t want to torture him in our heat. If you’re not used to it, it’ll kill you. Love the jars. Too bad we don’t get fresh produce around our area. Not unless you want to pay more for it, than buying it already processed. Turned my attention to Mom’s shrubs. Ha! They are as tall as I am now. Trimmed the insides and tops, somewhat, before the heat got to me. DH said it was 110F* at home. Then, said at 7 pm, it finally dropped to 100. Jeepers, maybe consider those pull out shelves. I have a couple cabinets that are deep. I loose things in the back. Always wanted to install pullout shelves, but have never gotten around to it. Don’t work to hard Mt_R. If you have a smart phone, they have an app that counts your steps. Glad to hear your weather has been kind to you. Congrats on you deals, Miki. Oh, TheCG, that cold front warmed up to 97 today. Another chance for rain tomorrow according to the news.
  5. Annarchy

    Red berries

    I’m sure they can, they bought the property. Winter is around the corner for them, they will probably do it in the spring.
  6. Made it to TX safely. Storms to the north east most of the way. Wind began to blow after I got here, stronger & stronger. Then the power blinked off and back on, now it is pouring out with lightening and thunder. Haven’t seen it rain like this in a while. Kind of relaxing compared to clear skies and 110F* , lol Speaking of temperature, it was 106 when I left the house, Tucson, an hour later was 109. Most of the trip was triple digits, but it did fall to 99 as I crossed into TX. And, it appears, the highway department is beginning to fix the nasty part of I-10, in sections. Meaning, slow traffic crammed into one lane. Patience is a virtue... lol.
  7. Annarchy

    Red berries

    DH’s sources said, reds are winter berries, toxic and the whites are bane berry, toxic also.
  8. When we first moved here, DH & I, my Papa would start the crockpot, every.day. DH got burnt out on it, never let me get one. I completely understand. But, I have seen a lot of really tempting recipes.
  9. Sprouts are awesome, WE2’s. So far, I am having trouble getting them not to grow greens before they are ready. Getting the seeds online hasn’t been a problem, ....yet.
  10. Annarchy

    Red berries

    Thanks. Lots of kids, don’t want to take a chance.
  11. Ack! I’ll need to look into it. But..... I’m leaving for TX in the morning. Until I figure it out, use the “Activity, All Activity” options. Sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll try to see what I can do, using my iPad.
  12. Annarchy

    Red berries

    Also, other plants have white berries.
  13. Annarchy

    Red berries

    What is this? Growing in Maine.
  14. Nope. Too hot here to sufficiently produce & store enough to survive. You are right, Jeepers, beans seem to be an option, only if they are planted in the right time frame. My mung beans sort of produced once, then, fried. Purple hulled black eyed peas did well, two harvests. Beet & carrots do well, they survive underground, giving them an advantage from the sun, however, the water is an expense. In a SHTF scenario, nothing would survive without daily watering. I have found, I can leave the beats & carrots in the ground two years. 2 year old carrots, canned are very sweet, might be the verity, heirloom/non-gmo. 2 year old beets are great for a constant source of fresh greens, and the chickens enjoy the pulpy beets when I pull them.
  15. I had just given the hens & birds their morning treats and was sitting watching them, when I heard a loud crash. Sounded like something really big fell. I checked my yard, all was OK, scoured the neighborhood, but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. I figured maybe someone intentionally dropped something huge. I went back to my seat in the shade and sipped on my coffee. Less than 5 minutes later, I heard the familiar sound of police units hurrying towards our area and the fire truck, no sirens. I went over to the fence, and could see them parked a block away. There is an apartment complex, surrounded with a brick wall, at the end of the next street over. A vacant lot, being transformed to build a house, I knew it couldn’t be there, across the street from the lot, someone has been working on refurbishing an older home. I thought maybe something happened there, however, the emergency units were closer to the T intersection. The ambulance left with a passenger, I could hear the gurney being loaded up. When the fire unit left, I could see what had happened. Someone went through the wall. I hadn’t considered that, because I hadn’t heard any tires breaking. I hope they are OK. Friday, I saw a bright red bug crawling through the grass. At first I thought it might be a tarantula hawk, they are black wasps with red orange wings, but this was crawling fast and not flying. I went over to get a better look. Black front and a brilliant red bottom. I looked it up. It was a very large velvet ant. And, I learned something. Velvet ants are female wasps. I have never seen one that big and bright. We normally see the smaller tan ones. The things I see in the mornings.
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