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  1. Logging in gives you points, commenting/posting, & reacting to a post gets points too… still looking, reading & such.
  2. Hopefully, today, I can find out more about the “Ranks” and how the ‘points’ work, and whether it’s possible to remove that add-on. Here’s the list of ranks…. Newbie = 0 points Rookie = 40 points Apprentice = 90 points Explorer = 185 points Contributor = 250 points Enthusiast = 400 points Collaborator = 800 points Community Regular = 1,300 points Rising Star = 1,950 points Proficient = 2,600 points Experienced = 3,900 points Mentor = 5,200 points Veteran = 9,100 points Grand Master = 13,000 points
  3. I clicked on the menu, under my name, on my iPad, to choose, ‘Activity’, and down at the bottom of the list, it said I’m an “Apprentice’’…. Excuse me…. Turned my pad sideways, and the notification is at the top.
  4. 9.7k. Really? I liked the exact totals…. Change…. Doesn’t sit well with me sometimes.
  5. My “Newbie” status changed to a leaf, after starting a thread & replying.. I will try, tomorrow, to see if I can disable the app or let you all know, what each change means. Okay?
  6. I noticed a minor change, when you add a picture, instead of the plus sign, (+) it says “insert”.
  7. Annarchy


    Was thinking the same. I hope they are ok.
  8. This is the landscape burning...
  9. The Telegraph Fire is 104,755 acres… The Pinacle Fire is 9,911 acres. Seeing smoke from one, that started on the 13th, to the west of us now. Ash is beginning to fall in our area.
  10. I had a few, for a time, before my hysterectomy. Horrible awful nasty, debilitating things. Brother had to drive me to the doc. Doc gave me a shot, closed the windows and waited a while… I was totally nauseous, couldn’t move, and sounds were extremely loud.. I could hear my watch ticking! Terrible things for people to have to endure. Headaches now, so not compare to the migraines. Thank God! They are gone.
  11. He says he’s feeling better, just ‘twinges’ when he moves. IDK.
  12. It says we ALL are. Computers are stupid. From what I have had a chance to read, I am guessing, our status should go up as we post. I will read more on it tomorrow… after I get more teeth pulled…. Need to do “quiet” work… the perfect opportunity has presented itself.
  13. I did our update. Some things are different. I will be checking to see what’s going on.
  14. The fire located lower left, Pinacle Fire, was reported yesterday, & is now around 5,000 acres.
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