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  1. Sounds like everyone has been busy. Sending prayers for everyone in need, & for the well being of everybody. Saturday I pressure canned 9 pints of pumpkin. It wasn’t a big pumpkin, had enough left over, to make puppy cookies and a pumpkin pie. Messed up & pitched most of the seeds, THEN, DH asked if I was going to bake the seeds... I need to check if I can find some more jars. Used the last of the pints and only have a dozen or so half pint jars left. Today, is house cleaning day and I am already at it, taking a short break. Time to g
  2. Nope. No rain, clouds or anything here. 4”! We’d be flooded inside the house. Nope, don’t want that much, however, some rain would be nice. Praying for everyone..... God knows! One of my baby twin brothers, showed up on Tues. His friend passed & he flew in. Didn’t say anything until he showed up at the door, brat! Lol. we had a good visit. But, I’d only defrosted enough chicken for us to barbecue. Off he went, they were taking him to dinner anyway. He came over yesterday, while I was making beef soup, and pressure cooking chicken stock to can, used th
  3. Hi emma, welcome to MrsSurvival. Those sheets seem to be well priced. It says free shipping. IDK if it would be free shipping to the USA.
  4. Wow, I read how you all are dealing with your hair. I’m very impressed! I had a dream recently, that I had long thick hair. I was extremely excited, then, I woke up. Lol. My hair won’t grow much beyond my bra strap. Haven’t cut it in 30 years. Tried to trim it to make it grow, but, lost length and it took over a year to grow back. Then, the other day, when I went to the credit union, my teller had her hair braided, like I had done mine that day. Her braid was 2-3” thick! Mine, maybe 1/4 th inch thick at the back of my neck, and less than 1/8” or less near the end... which, I don’t use any
  5. Jeepers. my pad does that too. I tend to use my pad vertical, most of the time. I turn it horizontal, when I know I need the extra width.
  6. Mother, have you cleared your browser history on your iPad? Mine is the 5th generation, Ver. 13.7. I have to clear my history occasionally when it starts to glitch/do odd things. I will check the forum settings again, specifically for iOS (Apple) systems.
  7. You were/are still anonymous, when I checked just now. I will keep looking for it.
  8. It's back and working. Enjoy.
  9. Me too. I can't find any place where I can select/enable that option, since the upgrade. Still looking.
  10. Oh, one thing I noticed, on the back of the box, in the script, there is a small circle, after the word Ball, with nothing in it, where, on authentic Ball lids it is the circle with a “R” (registered trademark). For a better picture, see here:
  11. Pressure change,Mt_Rider. DH can hardly walk. His ankle/foot. Barely hobbling around. My arthritics are challenging me, but, not enough to stop me. Close, but no bananas. Lol. Made French bread today.... came out fantastic! Thought I messed up, too wet at first, kneaded it a bit, let rise, punched it down, divided into 2, rolled out, and let rise again, tripled its size, cooked, and came out larger than regular loaves! Amen!!! DH wants me to figure out my mistake & keep doing it.
  12. These do NOT look like real Ball packages, or lids. No markings on the top of the lids and the beveling is definitely wrong, plus the color & seals are wrong. Yes, that’s the way they come out of the packaging, a US shipping sticker over a China export sticker.
  13. Exactly!!!! Darn Amazon is importing knock off’s from China. Ball /Kerr have already issued a statements that they won’t be able to ship “authentic” lids until spring 2021. Amazon is importing China made lids, and saying they are the ‘real’ product. Not quality, at all.
  14. I’m figuring, made in China, no quality control, knock off products. Don’t cancel, just yet. Replaced my dry good lids with those, washed the “authentic” lids. We don’t want to take the chance the knock offs don’t seal. Funny thing, I have gotten the generic, Great Value lids at WM, yes, made in America, and some of them were sealed to the jar. I had put them on when we were hitting high temps here. I’m confident they should be fine for canning. Got the other batch, regular lids, today. Not crushed and I didn’t find any with any major faults. Still, I will be cautious if I nee
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