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  1. SueC! Hope all is going well with you. Been wondering....
  2. Peg & Deb2of9 Was thinking about you both the other day.
  3. I broke down & wept in the shower last night. The stresses in the house got to me. Planted 3 rows of fava beans and transplanted a couple tomatillo plants. Happy birthday Mary.
  4. We have jumping cactus & prickly pear. ...and a lot of books....
  5. Oh, he did, ‘...probably not much less...’ and it would need to be done by an oral surgeon. Had to put it on a credit card. The tooth was broken down below the gum line. UPS man told us to sanitize our deliveries, a man at the distribution center in Phx. tested positive. I have a small bucket with Lysol solution and a rag, which I am using on everything. Storm soaking up the sunshine...
  6. The chat box is an older app. The designer quit updating the ‘free’ app and now charges for it. I haven’t found another app to replace it, yet. I’ll check with Darlene to see if she wants me to delete it.
  7. When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens. DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar. The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me.. the cost to repair it was almost $1,000.!!! to be paid in advance. The shock made my chest hurt & gave me a stomach ache. On the bright side of life, a neighbor gave us 6 dozen bread sticks, 6 bundles of fresh broccoli, and a bag of lemons, she brought home a case of each, left over from the food bank distribution. Chopped, blanched and froze the broccoli and vacuum sealed and froze the bread. Just trying to entertain and take care of DH & MIL and the Dee-oh-geez. Here’s Storm, entertaining himself... DH said, “...taste the rainbow...”. And the camomile is taking over the spice garden and the lawn... DH got me a bag of fava beans, non-GMO heirloom. Started a batch soaking yesterday, I need to turn the soil to be able to plant a couple of rows. Plus, transplant the volunteer tomatillo plants, in that area.
  8. Mom is here. They brought her perishables, anti-bacterial dish soap, (yucky smell & allergies, I’m hoping never to have to use it.), a package of TP & a roll of paper towels. Yeah, things are upside down here, it’s a small house. Limited space, I gave up my bed, but refused to give up my only kitchen chair. It’s one of the only places I can sit comfortably and I need to sit when I’m working in the kitchen. Or reading. I gave her the chair/stool instead. She’s uncomfortable, DH is uncomfortable and I’m trying to keep the peace. I normally do not watch the news or any TV, but, with mom here, the TV is on a lot. Good grief!!! Honestly, I had no idea how crazy things are out there. DH keeps up on thing via the internet, but hadn’t said how bad things are. And, then, there’s replays of football the rest of the day. Today the news said our governor isn’t issuing a stay at home mandate. I spent the day, putting the food up, they brought from TX, then, emptied his suitcase and put it up. Made corned beef and cabbage, had to get a head of cabbage, because the 1/2 head I had in the crisper, had a little black mold on most of the leaves. Feeding my 89 year old MIL, I didn’t want to take any chance. The guys at the market went in ‘back’ and brought me a head, because the cooler only had lettuce. We are limiting our customers. 100’s of calls asking for the same thing. We all are carrying. Yup, even Mom. Lol. We don’t need someone doing something stupid, especially with her here. Customers are directed to the back yard, business is conducted on the back porch. Money, debit cards, ink pens, and chairs are wiped down with Lysol. Everyone seems to appreciate our caution. Big dogs stay in the house with mom. The pups don’t appreciate not being able to see/smell the people coming over. Nice to see everyone hanging in there and staying safe. I have been wondering....
  9. Thought you’d like to see this: https://imgur.com/gallery/FxkWnWv
  10. Cleaned house today. Converted our bedroom for mom. Emptied drawers, bagged winter cloths, laundry for hours. Sheets dried quicker on the line, than, in the dryer. Puppies didn’t like being outside all day. IDK, with customers scheduled all next week, I really can’t re-arrange the living room to accommodate Mom, but after the rush, and when we are sold out of the inventory coming in, it should be easier. Yesterday, I made French bread & a batch of cinnamon rolls, 1/2 for DH & mom, 1/2 for the elderly neighbor lady. She came over to the fence & asked if all was well with us. We chatted a bit and she expressed her concerns. Because I’ve made them for her, in the past, and she couldn’t find any, I gave her 1/2 the batch. She helps at the church food bank, and said, they are filling boxes & handing them thru car windows, to avoid contact. I also gave her some of the hand sanitizer I had made. She went shopping yesterday and was frightened how bare the shelves were. I dug up some camomile & mint & put it in a pot for her, and told her how to boil it for tea. Good stuff to relax. Especially with all the panic going on. DH found flour in TX. Today he has been busy packing Mom up. He’s bringing a lot of her supplies. I’m very concerned. I planted some butternut squash seeds today, that had soaked a couple of days. DH ordered more fava beans, which should be in by Wednesday. I have room for 3 rows. He really likes them. Yesterday, I also planted a row of black eyed peas. One zucchini has sprouted. I’ll plant more if the other seeds don’t sprout. The tomatoes are doing good, 3 tomatoes on the vine already growing, The Mexican oregano is growing again too! Hopefully, the basil will come back, or all the seeds I scattered in that area will sprout, if not, we still have the plant in the kitchen that is doing well. The celery, beets, carrots, & cabbage are all growing great. PTL. DH loves them. AZ is too hot for lettuce.... might plant it in the winter, next year. We’ll see. It only last so long in the frig, so... there’s that too. Whacked down the weeds outside the yard, city put a notice they will fine us for any weeds over 6” tall. Really? DH’s friend asked if I’d let him poison them...”only on the outside of the yard.” I have never used poison inside the yard. Don’t wanna eat it. Still, every year the city sprays, it kills our lawn, about 3 foot in, after the monsoon floods. It is what it is. Can’t tell the city “don’t” At least they quit doing the alley next to the garden. One year, I stopped them. Gave them a couple ripe tomatoes, that they had over sprayed. I smiled politely and said ‘enjoy’. I always take extra time to whack down those weeds now. Lol. Gotta go set up the air mattress for us... sighTold DH, if Moms gonna stay longer, we need to get another bed. I can handle that.
  11. God bless you, Miki. I needed that,more than you will ever know.
  12. Jeepers, DH said to look at the shipping options, gift or secure in a box? IDK, cause I don’t order much, DH does.
  13. MIL is coming.... Gotta clean house. Gotta find a way to put up a bed for us, she’ll get our bed. Gotta do so much! Made a couple loaves of French bread today and a couple batches of cinnamon rolls, one for the neighbor lady, & one for DH & MIL. Now, I’m trying to figure out what to do for her. OMG, I didn’t expect her to want to come.
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