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  1. We keep our batteries in the frig. MIL taught us that.. seems to work… for years.
  2. That will teach me to use generic lids. They were canned a year ago when lids were scarce.
  3. Can I eat these beets??!! Opened the lid….
  4. Oh, that topic, the news, in TX, is pushing requiring ALL employees be vaxed. Period. NM & MIL’s city in TX, is masks required, vax or no vax. They are still blaming the “increase” in cases, on the un-vaxed, “killing people”. However, I am seeing more & more stories of vaxed people, getting it from the shot and family members getting sick. The question I still have is, “ If, there is no cure for a virus, then, why is this vaccine, being forcefully administered?” Covid IS a flu virus.
  5. Congratulations on your hives. The person I knew, that kept bees, had to quit, because a couple of their kids, were allergic to the bees.
  6. Sorry, MM, I don’t watch YT. Very, very rarely. I do appreciate it when a video is posted with the text. It seems quicker to read the text, than, sit for the time it takes, for the ads to play and watch the video. That title sounds interesting though. DH surfs almost all.the.time he is up, 2-3 pm to 5-6 am. I get up, 3-5 am and crash by 8 pm. I have so much to do, finding time to sit & read the net, cuts into getting stuff done around here. I do my daily Bible reading, check here, then, it’s off to take care of the house and yard. If I take a break, check here, check the news quickly… making sure we aren’t being bombed or invaded, and back to work. MIL complained her “family” sized boxes of Cheerios, is now smaller and the same price. I’ve noticed the same thing with the a plethora of products. People are being paid to stay home, the PTB are paying their rent, utilities etc., so, why should they go back to work? They make much more than minimum wage watching TV or whatever they are doing. Especially, with the “child care” payments they are getting for each kid they have. No workers to produce our supplies… higher prices, less products… there you have it…. or don’t, have anything we used to get, because no one wants to work to produce what we used to have. Oh, wait…they will buy it from China….
  7. Home safe, praise God, the 18 wheeler didn’t run me too far off the road…I was in dirt, but recovered, the car behind me, had to slam his breaks, I punched it, because I was already up to his cab! He never looked…
  8. Annarchy

    2021 carrots

    Awesome!!! Sadly, one carrot grew, greens died in the heat, but I noticed it is growing new greens just before I left home.
  9. TX has been an interesting adventure. Thursday morning, sprayed the wasps, over 10 nests, her neighbor sprayed them on Monday and removed the nests. Took MIL for her 2nd covid shot. Cooked shrimp scampi for dinner. Went to Sam’s Friday morning. They said my Business membership no longer allows early morning shopping. Now, you have to buy their premium card for 7-10am. shopping, at over $100. Price hike. Got a pack of baby back ribs for dinner, with a microwave cup of mashed potatoes, mom sized. She enjoyed it, said she felt terrible, her arm hurt so much she couldn’t move it and didn’t want to get off the couch. She slept most of the day there. Packed the leftover ribs, 2 per bag & froze them for her. This morning, pulled the spiny pig weeds that were over 4’ tall, filled her roll off dumpster, packed to the top. Noticed more wasp nests, where I had sprayed & removed the nests on Thursday. One was already the size of a grapefruit! Mom called Orkin, they will be here Monday, guaranteeing their work for 2 months, money back guarantee, if the wasps come back, they will come back for free. She’s happy. Over-sprayed myself, trying to avoid the swarm. I’ve been bug bombed, even though I showered good right after. Even called Poison Control, per the instructions on the can..…. or not….. Headed home in the morning….
  10. I wasn’t planning on adding anything else. All my recipes, add the spices, etc. while cooking. Mainly because I cook such a variety of cuisines. Don’t need Italian spices in my Mexican or oriental foods, type things. Comparing the prices per quantity at Sam’s, seeing a gallon of tomato sauce and diced tomatoes for $5. was enlightening. If, I could re-can it into my glass jars, in the amounts I use, that would save me a tremendous amount of money. Next time….
  11. Acidity… probably. Checking the edu. canning instructions, I didn’t see anything about not using mfg. products. It recommends 1 tbs. per pint of lemon juice. Wouldn’t the mfg. already have the proper acidity? Thank you Lady. I thought I remembered someone (you) saying you got the big cans & re-canned them. When I went to Sam’s the big cans cost, just over, the price we are paying at home for 1/4 the quantity.
  12. Re-Canning Bulk Tomato Canned Products Can I re-can, in smaller jars, bulk, gallon sized cans of tomato sauce & diced tomatoes safely? If so, ….how? PC and/or WB times & pressure.
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