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  1. President Joe Biden slashed thousands of union jobs on his first day in office due to the cancellation of the Keystone XL oil pipeline construction. Immediately after Biden signed the executive order on Jan. 20 revoking their permit, TC Energy Corp, the company responsible for building the pipeline, announced that they would have to layoff 1,000 workers. The pipeline was supposed to run from Alberta to the Texas Gulf Coast, and sparked controversy for building on Native American land. <snip> https://www.westernjournal.com/unions-endorsed-biden
  2. I was researching specifically regarding taxes on the stimulus. If a individual didn’t get the stimulus, there is a calculation credit on the 2020 tax form. If you did get it, you can’t take the deduction. I didn’t find anything where that money was taxed. Probably running behind.
  3. Locally, water is 1,000's of feet deep. If, and only if, the river has water, that might be a source. However, it rarely has water in it, especially in the summer. We are in a farming area with many canals. Most do not run all year, but, we know where the pumps are. We also have the Central AZ Project. It is a cemented in "river" that diverts water to other areas. It is fenced with signs. Worst case, we could get water from there. Being in the desert, we have learned never to trust that the faucet will provide water and have spent quite a bit of time, planning and mapping
  4. I’ve been asked several times, how to log in anonymously. I just found the tutorial. Log in as usual, go to the drop down menu next to you user name. Choose “Account Settings” Choose “Security and Privacy” Enter your password. Then, choose the appropriate selection.
  5. Keystone pipeline permits have been cancelled. Gas prices, around here, just went up .50¢ in one day. What’s the price where you are?
  6. Given what I have heard, I think everyone here is biting their tongues. This season’s batch of politics has been the worst I have ever seen. Isn’t it better not to say something, than, say something that someone would be hurt or offended? My grandmother was always telling us that, and, she & my Mother would tell us, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” I lost count how often they would say that to us. Again, that’s the main reason I quit watching TV, how often do you really hear something nice?
  7. I wonder how many times it gets pulled over.
  8. Sounds like fun OOTO. I enjoy figuring stuff like that out. One time, when we had to bring in 3 huge safes, I measured every single room, drew it out on graph paper, then, measured every single thing in our house, drew each thing out, cut the items out, to scale. I was able to move furniture, rearrange, and re design, without moving anything. I still have my floor plans in a folder with all the little pieces in a small ziplock, JIC, I need to do it again. I need to get a couple 2x4’s & make a door frame for our water closet. We kinda got a water heater bigger tha
  9. IDK! I think I’ve seen everything now.
  10. I feel like an ostrich with my head in the sand. I really don’t know what exactly is going on, out there. Our little town is quiet. And, I haven’t watched TV, listened to the radio, or looked at the news media on the net, for quite some time. During the beginning of the campaign season, I was horrified at all the mud slinging, so, I stepped away from it all. And, I am extremely busy most of the time, right now, doing reports, taxes, keeping up with the house & garden. Monthly shopping went well, I only have a couple items on my list for next month, and that’s just because
  11. Clean up day. Replaced our water heater yesterday, it sprung a leak...
  12. Happy Belated Birthday Mother! I hope you had a blessed day.
  13. For the first book, I published for my Aunt, I found an publisher. AuthorHouse. Yeah, it cost a little, but, it was a learning experience. Her 2nd book, and my sisters book, I went to blurb.com and self published it. I did have to purchase the ISB, which was not very expensive at all.
  14. Oh, I know. I can’t count how many times I just mulched the yellow ends of celery. Then, I thought, maybe it would grow? When it did, grew roots, & turned green, I was impressed, & took a chance it would continue to grow. When it did, I was elated!
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