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  1. Didn’t do much today, read a bit, started re-packing my suitcase and waited for updates on the dog. for everyone’s health.
  2. I’m glad you’re staying warm, WE2. I’ve been watching that storm move across the states. It got up to 65* here in TX today. Supposed to have some clouds moving in tonight.
  3. Storm is at the hotel where I will pick him up in the morning and head back home to AZ. I’m waiting to find out what time to meet. They were watching the end of the game....
  4. He’s already stolen my heart.
  5. Leaving San Antonio this morning... those eyes...oh my.
  6. Louis1, So nice to see you!
  7. Annarchy


    Daniel-J, prepping the dough doesn’t take long to kneed & roll out. 5 minutes or so. Time to pre cook the hamburger and sauce, maybe 15 minutes. Once it’s all prepared, 10-15 minutes in the oven at about 350*F.
  8. Hi Midnightmom, sorry. That error happens sometimes, when we have too many people on the site at a specific moment. We don’t have too many, very often, so, it doesn’t justify the extra hundred per month to increase the usage.
  9. Pick up in AR.. Canton handoff.. Showing off his “Sit” obedience.
  10. You’re too kind, Jeepers. Gunny has developed separation anxiety and they suggested another dog to help him. Thus, DH chose Storm, saying he’s going to be my dog. Since he’s going to be mine, I’m just bragging and showing him off.
  11. They are calling this, “Operation Rolling Storm”. Preparing to leave Memphis this morning.
  12. Storm is on his way, spending the night in Memphis. OOTO, he was chipped when they did his surgery. From what I’ve read, poor puppy was neglected the first year or so of his life, and was extremely thin. He’s come a long way, but, still has a long way to go to get to us. First exchange.... Rest area break... I think his Dramamine kicked in... Here is the partial list Semper Fi Dog Rescue posted. Today he called saying he added a bucket of people treats; gold fish crackers, M & M’s, Werther’s, etc. Travel supplies: Red 5 gallon bucket and lid. Meals in individual baggies. Extra included. Treats. Chew toy. Leash with extra carabiner and a... Rope lead either can be used as a tether to door handles or head rest. OR Seat bel clip tether. Long rope lead for potty walks. Hang on, he's strong. Purple file folder. Medical records and SFDR stickers. Dramamine. Metal food bowl. Collapsible water bowl. Paper towels. Deodorizing spray. Small bags (poop bags) Garbage bags. Large dog bed. He'll be wearing a leather collar (do not loosen). He'll be wearing a dog vest. It has hands and places to clip a lead. Use his collar. Vest is optional if he looks uncomfortable
  13. One Lady came to mom’s house, picked up another, the 3rd had a dentist appointment, so she met us at the meeting, the 4th drove herself. We had reserved tables. They honored all the past Directors and the Mexican CoC Ladies were there also. The Director of the Chamber was there & encouraged more direct contact, communication and participation of the Woman’s department with the Chamber in reaching the community and surrounding areas directly. Something we all have been trying to accomplish. Erm....the Woman’s department was established in 1920. Yeah, it’s been a long time coming. Lol. Our oldest member is over 100 years old and half of the active members are pushing 90+++. Came home and rested. I did some reading, until my eyes got to tired to focus. Mom watched her normal TV shows, News, world news, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and a couple remodeling shows, then, I’m getting ready to crash. I need to do some shopping tomorrow. It’s easier here, all the stores I have to go to are within 10 miles. At home, add 50 miles.
  14. Oh, a full rain coat, can be used as a mat or tent, warm gloves rubber gloves poo bags paper towels phone, connected to the vehicle, will call emergency assistance with a touch of a button.
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