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  1. Doc found lumps in DH's thyroid also ... just before the knee replacement. Ultrasound verified them. Then biopsy with needles showed one as 'questionable'. After a long story, the surgeon eventually took one side of the thyroid out. Benign. DH wanted his thyroid back! It took about a year before his internal thermometer readjusted to the missing organ. It was funny watching him throw off the covers at night, like a woman in menopause. After two years, he has settled in to a 'new normal', without medication. And, the knee replacement was a great success!! Lots of prayer going up for you on upcoming back surgery.
  2. We had plans to do some remodeling, so offered less than they wanted. Got it! We also gave them three months of free rent if they stayed in the house while we finished remodeling ours in Indiana and listed it on the market. They were happy for the offer. Since they built the place, we knew it was a win-win deal. After making some electrical changes, we realized the former owner/builder wasn't up to code regs, even 45 years ago. Alas, the 16" of rain came about a year ago, and some of it came into the lower level. Not much damage but was a good excuse to tear into walls and redo the kitchen/dining/family room. I think it was when I asked for three LARGE windows in the concrete block exposed foundation, and having the wall torn out between the kitchen/dining that started the whole snowball rolling downhill. Our carpenter friend arrived before we needed him for kitchen cabinets, so DH put him to work on redesigning (structural subflooring changes) and reinstalling the staircase. It's been two weeks and almost done. The kitchen cabinets have arrived and stored in a covered trailer. Ss soon as I tape and paint the kitchen/dining rooms, they can begin installing the cabinets. The new stove arrived on Tuesday. Deadlines keep us going. As soon as this project is complete, it will be time to start hundreds of seedlings/cuttings for the gardens and orchard.
  3. WE2's - I feel your pain. Currently we have drywall blocking the laundry room so no clean clothes this week. We've taken out and moved three floor joists in order to stop knocking our heads against the joists in the floor above. It was major work and lots of my ceiling drywall (from a previous project) had to be cut out in order to access the floor joists. DH told the carpenter that I can fix just about anything with a splash of mud. Between the torn up kitchen and the stairway, we're so thankful we don't sleep-walk at night. We're in this forced PT program at the moment, not to mention the vacuuming of the floors and furniture with a Shop-Vac. As my dad used to say when we were overwhelmed with years of building out the cellular sites around the Midwest ... "This too shall pass." I need to sand a bit more this morning and slap two coats of paint on the kitchen walls so that DH and friend can install the kitchen cabinets this afternoon. We had a major slowdown when trying to take up the old Linoleum floor, yesterday, The former owner/builder must have owned stock in a floor glue factory.
  4. Retirement is supposed to bring long nights of sleep and lazy days around the homestead. Trust me, retirement overrated. While DH and hired carpenter friend continue to tear into the staircase, I've been ordering and goffering for them. Somewhere in the mix, the kitchen is still torn apart as they work on the stairs. DH did pick up the new kitchen cabinets and the guys will measure the walls today so I can order the countertop before Menard's 11% off expires, which will be during the snowstorm tomorrow. Nighttime is generally running down to the board store for supplies for the next day. Since I'm the veteran, I have to be present to get the 10% off the supplies. I also run the vacuum cleaner regularly as the sawdust is getting deep around here. Much of it is swept up with a broom and deposited in the garden to help with the incredible sandy soil. Happy 2020 everyone.
  5. Famous last words for us. We're running out of energy on this last project and SWEAR this is the last place for us. We called in reinforcements last week, a finish carpenter from church. We've hired him before and love his work. He and DH just tore out the stairs to the second floor so we can build an open staircase for the woodburner heat to rise. We don't have forced air so any air movement helps. We've both fallen down the stairs in the three years we've lived here, so the old steep ones are gone. To add depth to the stair treads and build a larger landing, the guys had to cut into the second floor structure. The wood floor has been stripped back and we now climb into bed at night via an aluminum ladder. Reminds me of 40 years ago when we built a garage first and lived out of it while we built the house. Some things never change.
  6. Your place sounds like ours. I do let the breadmaker do all the work. We're building walls and ceilings around the stove and don't need the extra heat right now. The woodstove about cooks us out in the lower level right now. We send the heat upstairs and open the kitchen door for fresh air. December in Wisconsin is SO WARM. I love it. Right now we're sweeping and vacuuming daily. It's that bad.
  7. We used to buy all the bulk supplies from the local Amish store in Indiana. Sure miss the great prices.
  8. Our BIL worked maintenance during the bombing. My DH joined during the 80's and kept the place warm and cold from the Charter Street heating station. It's now natural gas rather than coal. The coal-fired boilers burned super clean due to the scrubbers in the chimney. Natural gas prices will kill them. Can't talk sense to over-educated idiots.
  9. Warfarin ... originally developed at the University of Wisconsin. There's a huge building just outside the UW hospital called the WARF building (Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation). I enjoy testing the new doctor residents at the hospital about the building across the way. Almost NO ONE knows that the WARF building even exists let alone the history behind the drug that saved countless lives due to its blood thinning properties. We just don't tell the rodents about how powerful it is in their food.
  10. When I visited an ailing neighbor in the nursing home, her medical staff suggested Greek yogurt for extra protein to help heal her deep wounds from an accident. She didn't like it at first, but all the fruit seemed to make it palatable for her. Hope you like yogurt.
  11. Cold, freezing rain, and foggy EARLY this morning on my way to the VA hospital for my first (ever) steroid shot. It went into the pelvis via CT scan and should bring relief for months to come. Also started PT for that area last week. The Radiologist thinks I can get a head-start on continuing relief in the future. I'm also sticking with my chiropractor, though. He's kept me out of trouble for decades. I did specifically ask him if I could delay the drywall hanging with hubby today. Doc just sort of stared at me. I guess retired old ladies should stay in their rocking chairs. I get today OFF in the kitchen. Why do these doctors get younger and better looking as the decades pass by?
  12. Have to start looking for a new electric stove. Do you know how many brands, bells and whistles there are out there? DH said to order one fairly soon as all the Black Friday sales are already being announced. We chose not to switch to propane because of the huge upfront investment of tank and plumbing. I really like gas, but it's not worth it at our age.
  13. Come on over and try out the pantry doors. I'll even load up your car with some of my stash. God always provides more than we need.
  14. The closest composting city is 20 miles away and we don't have a big enough trailer. Otherwise, they'd find me loading up from their piles throughout Springtime. Can't make it fast enough in this sandy soil.
  15. We turned the end of the dining room/kitchen into a pantry, 2.5 feet deep. The four doors close in shelves full of can goods. Out of sight, out of mind.
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