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  1. We only shop where we don't have to wear masks. We gave up on Walmart and other big box stores months ago. I bet they're part of the push for masks everywhere. The small businesses were doing a brisk business because most of us avoided Walmart. When in a pinch, we order online.
  2. I don't have the medical struggles with my mom like you do with your hubby. I do find that I'm washing sheets, clothes, and the toilet seat cover much more often. She goes into fits of diarrhea for no apparent reason and her panty pad doesn't hold everything inside. She is always so embarrassed as I clean her and everything else up. I just remind her that she cared for me as a baby and I can take care of her in old age. I wish I was 25 y.o. like she was when she cared for me.
  3. I am curious as to how people who test positive can get the test over and over until they test negative. Then they can go back to work. As fast as wisconsin is running the people through to get the numbers up, I doubt if the multiple tests on each person is counted as only one positive. Do I trust our govt to be honest? Not on your life! Do I know anyone who has tested positive? No. Do I know any extended family/friends who have tested positive? No. But I know of four local folks who have committed suicide from the stress and devestated their surviving family members. I also know that we're losing military veterans at 22 per day and steadily climbing. I know friends who died in retirement centers because they could not get medical help. I also know that our hospitals are almost empty and going broke as they furlough their medical staff. Why have other counries not isolated and have stellar numbers?
  4. I am watering most days. Our sandy soil eats up all of the bits of rain we've received the past few weeks. I would really like some underground water pipes layed, but prob won't get it in this lifetime. Mom and I were counting on the calender how long she has been living with us. NINE WEEKS!! It doesn't seem possible. I thought we were in the clear as far as liberal city taking away all of mom''s rights. Our govenor mandated masks starting tomorrow. He is known as the little weasel. It's a real slap in the face as he swears in the liberal judge who will now flip the state supreme court. He knows that we won't win the next round of his over-reach mandates. The little weasel. Many of the county sheriff departments hae stated publically that they will not enforce the mask mandate. They have enough to do with BLM riots and the upcoming Democratic Convention in Milwaukee next month. So far, over 100 police departments have declined the initation to protect the liberals who would like to defund the departments. It's getting quite testy around here. I will not wear a mask and will start shopping online. We're saving bunches of money by not window shopping.
  5. I read an article yesterday on capital punishment. The executioners for both electricution and firing squad want the prisoner's head covered. When a mask is applied to the face, the person is dehumanized and easier to kill.
  6. I don't wear a mask unless mandated. In most cases, I just walk away and don't shop there anymore. I have found drive-through or pick-up at the door quite adequate. It has really saved us money on window shopping. It's time we learned to live on less and not demand so much as a nation. With the riots increasing in intensity and violence, I'm not about to expose us to such insanity. I'm so thankful when we retired we went back to the country, and now have mama living with us. I'd be so stressed if she had been left in the city with her depression and dementia.
  7. Some think they're pretty and have the brains of a toad, I'm looking for a mask that says "Trump 2020" on the front. If they weren't $20 each, I'd buy a few cases and pass them out to my friends/family. If enough people wore them, the mask requirement from our liberal county seat would be dropped. As more and more stores require masks, I'm shopping less and less. I'm finding the bank account is rewarding me for my anti-mask attitude.
  8. Praying for your family, Mt_Rider. DH and I have stayed there numerous times as R&R after projects in SE Asia. My dad was stationed there after WWII. My uncle taught at the Univ. and as a kid my family stayed with his family for three weeks. Can you imagine 10 kids in one small house? We usually slept on the beach with sleeping bags. No wonder the two mom's talked us into those wonderful adventures. The islands are one of my favs.
  9. THEN I had a big hypoglycemic attack! Started shaking so fast that I got breakfast leftovers out of fridge and shoveled into my mouth cold. Ate a couple peppermint patties too. Then more food! I've drastically cut back on sugars the last few days.....{cuz that had gotten way out of control.} I assume my body is used to more regular feeding of sugars and let me know. Oh well. Feel fine now ..... I do the same thing. By the time I stop shaking, I've eaten a whole meal. Sometimes, I'm seen eating chips/candy bar I've quickly paid for and run back into the board store to help hubby shop. I'm so different than my diabetic husband and mother.
  10. We've been busy moving my mom into our place. She's been living with us for 4 weeks already. July 4th was her 93rd birthday and we had about 25 family members over for food, fun, and lots of laughter. She hadn't seen many of them in months. She didn't care about the virus. She's ready to go Home. Since all of us work from home on respective farms, our exposure is extremely low. So far, we've had only one death in our county and that was back in March. This week is set aside to finish packing and prepping mom's things to have a moving company deliver to two different addresses. They have access to the retirement home (convenient, isn't it) and have to drive 65 miles to deliver to us. I didn't think $1400 was too much. Who can complain? Lack of access to these facilities allows moving companies to set their prices. Family can't move her and expose the entire facility. Not sure how the moving company works it out, but they do an excellent job and always have an A+ rating among older clients. Maybe next week, I can get back to gardening. What a crazy year so far.
  11. It was an exciting weekend. My computer died and DH ran to the big city to buy another one. The one in-stock online, was not in the store. The clerks kept trying to sell him lower quality knockoffs. DH was ticked and finally start researching what they had through his smart phone. Not sure how much he does research on the device. He is pretty good at answering phone calls and texting. Mama has been complaining of stomach problems ever since the lock-down three months ago. This weekend was really bad. I called our doc at church and he will take her on as a new patient. I take her in this afternoon and will start a battery of tests, including reasons why she has black stools. She's had ulcers in the past and had her esophagus stretched in the past. I'm guessing one or both are acting up, especially after the horrible stress she's been under the past three months. We still have to figure out what to do with her apt full of furniture so the stress isn't over yet. We had mama's old phone number ported last week to the new residence but the cell company keeps struggling with the porting. She can now call out but has a local number so a 9-1-1 call would send them to the wrong address. DH is in his 6th phone call to them today. He's also at our pharmacist's house tearing out the kitchen cabinets today. Why doesn't life slow down after retirement? Have I mentioned how far behind I am on getting seeds/plants in the garden?
  12. Dentists in our area are now charging an extra ten to twenty bucks for ppe. I thought that they made enough money already.
  13. We're having more pine tree pollen this year. It's killing my sinuses and giving me a dry cough, but our honeybees are in pollinator heaven. Drinking water doesn't help much with the cough. We're a bit paranoid with bringing home the virus now that the ancient one is living with us. I wasn't sure what was happening until I noticed that my little red car had turned yellow under the trees.
  14. I was not a happy camper on the way my ancient mom was treated in the city healthcare cardiac clinic ysterday. She has never worn a mask and they were very short with her because it didn't fit properly. She is there for tests so she can get supplimental oxygen and they kept her on a short chain because she couldn't breathe properly. My mask wasn't quite on properly so I got the third degree. grrrrr!! My temp was just over 100 F and they about came unglued. I explained it had been 97.6 an hour ago at another place, and i had been standing on their asphult driveway trying to get my mom into the building. They didn't like someone talking back. They retook my temp and it was 97.8. They were so proud that they could give me permission to proceed to the next desk. I won't talk about the next station and the idiot who can't talk with mask and plastic faceshield. I don't like being belittled by little demi-gods who are having fun with their power plays. I especially don't like it when they involve my crippled 92 year old mom. I don't see much good coming out of our collapsed healthcare system. God have mercy on us, especially when they try to ram national healthcare down our throats. I survived it when I lived in Europe. Barely.
  15. Brother broke his thumb last weekend and had to wait until tues for a call-back. They said to come in on wed to the surgeon. He drove around the city for four hours and finally went home. The surgeon called and apologized ans said to come back on Friday. He arrived back in the city today and they asked if he could reschedule for next tuesday. He said a few words, plus NO! They got him in today and fixed him up. The break on the xrays made my stomach churn. Our healthcare is broke but the media refuses to acknowledge it. I took my 92 y.o. mom to the city for dental work and echocardiogram today. The dentist was so sweet. The other appt made my bloodpressure rise. First, they didn't like tthe way my mask fit my face. Then my temp was over 100. I told them that it was taken an hour earlier and it was 97.6. That made her upset and I felt like telling her that her attitude sucked. She retook my temp because we weren't going anywhere without me escorting my invalid mother. Second time the temp was under 98. Felt like slapping some sense into her. The city healthcare is enjoying the power leverage at our expense. I am not impressed and if I was a drinker, I would have had a few when I got home. :-)
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