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  1. Some snippets from LC.org today: California paused the Moderna COVID vaccine and issued a warning to all vaccine facilities after people had serious reactions less than 24 hours after receiving the injection. In the United States alone, at least 55 people have died after taking a COVID vaccine — and some were perfectly healthy before this injection. The small country of Norway already has had 29 deaths following the Pfizer vaccine. That nation has now completely reversed its recommendations. Now people older than 75 years are instructed to NOT receive this
  2. Keep your head low and your powder dry. Every sane American will stay away from crowds or state capitols in the coming days. Hopefully, your pantry is full and your veggie seeds ordered for the garden this year.
  3. Have you noticed that two of the cities with the highest covid deaths are now rumbling about opening their cities once again? Chicago and NY? Why?
  4. I had so many of the same books/magazines you have. When we sold everything and headed to the mission field, I sold most of them. They went for high prices and we used the money to travel from project to project. Great memories. So were all the animals we raised. We've eaten just about every kind of animal species that crawls, walks, or runs. Some of them would be considered pets around here. We beefed up our immune systems to handle just about every attack. We lived through SARS in SE Asia and Ebola in Africa. My biggest concern since retiring is letting down our guard and al
  5. I got mine today. I'm going to cash it as I know our government is already bankrupt. I like the green backs more than an account balance these days.
  6. I wish my tomatoes grew better around here. Early and late blights seem to be more airborne these days than in soils.
  7. Grand County, Colorado. Sorry. Had to go back and read the news clips.
  8. I am also reminded, as mentioned on MSM the other night, Granite County Colorado was audited and 40% of their covid deaths also included gunshot wounds.
  9. I've been wondering of Lidl's ever made it across the salty pond from Europe. They were Aldi's biggest competitor over there. I think they're both German-owned companies. I've also heard that stores are extra busy right now. Lots of rumblings out there.
  10. I used to be a moderator and go back to 1999 when Dar bought the site. All of you are staying!! 😂. ðŸĪŠ The next few days leading up to the inauguration may be dark and chaotic. Each of you bring a specialized skill/gift to the table that the rest of us may need/want. We're family and need to have one another's back. I have read great compassion/caring in each of your posts especially when you apologize or refraise what you said. It's a joy being a part of this group. We learn and move on. No feelings hurt on the part of anyone. 😉 Geeez, I'm starting to sound like Dar an
  11. Just wait until the cold and flu viruses kick in.
  12. Jeepers - I almost lost my mouthful of coffee onto the face of my computer monitor. MOVE You sure have bitten off a BIG word for 2021. If anyone can do it, it's you. You have the personality and temperament to do it.. Go for it!! The word that keeps coming to me (whilst walking past piles of paperwork on my desk) is being INTENTIONAL (done on purpose; deliberate) . A simple definition is: having the ability to see specific results in the future that, if you achieve them, will make things bigger and better for yourself, your business and your life. Being intentional means g
  13. I'm not sure I know how to access those old files. I remember Nana's weeks/months of carefully typing out instructions on what/when to buy supplies. How do we access this history?
  14. I was challenged yesterday by a half-hour program on our local radio station, the Christian working Woman. The founder of the program is a life-time executive from Wheaton, IL. She probably worked in Chicago. There is so much depth to her writings. I seldom catch her short broadcasts, but always find a gem in them when I stop to listen. Mary gave examples of how other women have searched and found 'one word' to cling to during the New Year, rather than a 'new year's resolution', which generally disappears over a few weeks into the year. Her concept, through a book she recently call
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