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  1. My SIL hasn't been able to find dry yeast. Even her Amazon searches came up empty. Her local store runs out shortly after the small packets are stocked. She asked me yesterday if I had any ideas. I told her to call Gordan Food Service in Madison. They had plenty in the 1# vacuum-packed packages. She thought it was only commercial sales. NOPE! She picked up a few other items and told me all about it today. Sometimes, we need alternatives. Walmart and Target are not reliable these days.
  2. Fighting a toothache with antibiotics and steroids. May have to get a root canal on Tuesday. It's considered 'emergency visit' to the Endodontics clinic. We're working on the never ending remodeling of the kitchen. We have all the supplies and should be done within a month, about the time we can cease from being mushrooms and can come out of the cave. I have over 500 seedling plants under lights and haven't even started the flowers for the honeybees. Both of our hives survived, and I did my usual reordering of nucs each Spring because we always end up with deadouts. So we will have four hives by next month, and probably a swarm to deal with. I'm thinking God is telling us that we will have an overabundance of honey to share with all the neighbors around our homestead.
  3. I'm so sorry Annie. I have a toothache that won't go away and getting steadily worse each day. It was doing very well for the past 6 months but knew the root canal procedure was around the corner. Most of the extra money went into the new kitchen. I'm praying for you as you guys struggle with another warm body in the house. My mom reminds me about all the family members my grandparents took in during the Depression. It's a reminder that tough times require tough people. My grandma would go have a good cry once in awhile when she went out to collect eggs. It's so much to take in at one time, especially since we're fighting an enemy we can't see. My grandparents house was so TINY. I don't know how they did it. Gardening and fresh air is a great prescription. It's short-lived but it allows your mind a moment to rest and refresh. Keep planting seeds and pulling weeds!!! It's therapeutic.
  4. We've always tried to BE AROUND germs due to so much international travel!! I'm exhausted after every adventure off the homestead. I stopped by the board store on the way back from caring for mom. The back of the car ended up with large bags of peet, vermiculite, seed starting soil and potting soil. Should last us the whole growing season. I left the bags in the car for now. Have to finish one more phase of the kitchen before I can get the bags to the back of the garage (garden section). I'm thankful we ordered veggie seeds early this year. It's my wintertime blues cure right after Christmas. I did find seed potatoes at the board store. There's plenty to pick from as long as it doesn't look like TP or hand sanitizer.
  5. I heard a song on the way back from the city in the car radio a few months ago, and it really hit the spot. "Breathe" by Jonny Diaz. Really hit the spot. My mom is in a lock-down right now due to a diarrhea outbreak at her retirement center. She can't leave her apartment (which she didn't do much anyway), and the meals are brought to her (which she seldom went to the cafeteria anyway). But being told SHE CAN'T do these things has her in a downward spiral with her depression. The ban should be lifted by Monday but with all the knee-jerk regs coming from our socialist governor at the moment, he'll probably close all the main roads. We may have to decide to bring my mom home with us but the 2-story house will give her less room than she currently has. When this is all over, she may want to get to know her neighbors and go to the cafeteria and socialize with them. The City of Madison wants residents to turn in their neighbors if there's a gathering of 10 or more in one place. There's an online form that can be filled out and submitted, and authorities will then take over.
  6. MiGardener is a small start-up vegetable company in Michigan. Everything is .99. He has a good channel on YouTube. I don't learn much, but I'm old enough to be his mother and certainly more versed in the soil His email today stated that they are shutting down their phone system and emails. They're so overwhelmed with purchases, they need to get the orders into the mail. His website says: ALERT: Due to the lock-down, orders can be placed but will not be filled until work can resume. Phones service will be offline as well. Thankfully, I placed my order in January and am planting the seeds in the trays already.
  7. Stark Bros out of Missouri are the best for fruits. They've been around over 100 years and are very large business. https://www.starkbros.com
  8. Yesterday was the last day for our church to meet. We found out that a virus patient was admitted into the hospital about a mile away. I was down at my mom's retirement center today. They were going into a lock-down tonight and my mom was scared and needed many things done for her. I hate going to the big city right now but she needed help. Stress really revs up dementia and depression in her. We had a great time, I got all of her meds and groceries and did some cleaning. The staff said if I passed their strict shake-down, I could come back once a week and care for her, the meds, bathing, and laundry. I can't go anywhere else in the building. Since she has most of her meals delivered, I considered myself blessed.
  9. Good job!! I ordered a few cases through Walmart a few years ago. They came from China and had no markings on them. Some of them broke in the canner. Some of the lids never sealed. They just collapsed because they were so thin. I wrote to Walmart but never heard back. I tossed the lids and only use the qt jars for water bath canning.
  10. They are closing down my mom's retirement center to outsiders. I get one more visit tomorrow to get her meds all ready for the next two weeks. Do all of her laundry and grab her 2019 tax folder to bring home and send to tax accountant. I think she's starting to realize the seriousness of this situation!! She can go down to the cafeteria for food but is getting weaker. They will deliver to her apt door for $6.00 meal. We may resort to that. Brother said that he would drop off loaves of bread on her deck with his drone cause that's all she eats for breakfast. I'm SO THANKFUL we prepped (shout-out to Darlene) We tried to think of EVERY scenario and think we did a great job before the non-event. We've never let those skills go, even though we already had animals, gardens, orchards, etc. DH came back from our pond today and said the ice is receding from the edge. He said there's a HUGE turtle with our name on it for when the freezer starts getting low. He also yelled at the squirrels and rabbits to eat more cracked corn. Church was great today. About half the congregation, but a reminder from the pastor that the salt and light will shine even brighter as the world gets darker. Don't forget about the elderly and shut-ins. Share what we have and the fish and loaves will multiply.
  11. This generation of snowflakes is going to get us killed.
  12. Good point! My grandparents brushed their teeth with baking soda. Their teeth were much whiter than ours.
  13. We are taking precautions when out in public. Still hugged our friends yesterday in church. It will be a LONG time before we give up koinonia. Excellent YouTube video on how China comes up with all these animal to human viruses. It's worth the watch. We always shopped at "wet" markets in SE Asia and Africa. They cut up the live gator or monkey right in front of you and give you a slice of meat. The Chinese wet markets are the worst. When you see the economic downturns and starvation when the markets are closed, it's no wonder they do whatever they can to have a meal. Scary stuff that will continue to come our way in the years to come.
  14. I joined the health club last week and have been going 3-4 times a week. Discouraging how much muscle mass I've lost in 3 years after our move. Was told about the Indian Reservation health club. Military veterans get a big discount. Visited, got a 7-day free pass, and then joined. What a HUGE place. It's considered govt owned. This particular Indian nation is very wealthy due to the casino nearby. First class in everything. Haven't tracked my miles yet, though.
  15. I am curious about your usage of Nido. I discovered it in the Hispanic section several years ago. It was MUCH cheaper than the regular American brands. Do you prepare it any different than American milk recipes?
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