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  1. Life keeps getting into the way of gardening. I take a few veggies to my mom each week and cook up a few. She tells me to leave the rest in her refrig and she will work on them during the week. They all get thrown the following week when I bring in fresh veggies. If she didn't live in a retirement community, I'd start a compost bin for her. Work on the major kitchen remodel came to a screeching halt when both of us ended up with sinus infections. Was probably the mowing of the 5 acres of meadow and orchard. I use the clippings for all the gardens, but we forgot to wear masks at the beginning of the project. I've been canning a few jars of beans here and tomato juice there. They add up after awhile but not like the old marathons that I used to can my way through. Got smart and now plant a 30' row instead of an 80' row like in the good old days.
  2. Cute name, that Oreo. Over the years we took in a few dogs from the County Dog Pound. They were always our most loyal companions. Had mom come for the weekend to see fireworks at the local racetrack and help me snap some late season beans. She said that I worked her like she did me when I was a kid. I would give her small bowls to work on. She had given me turkey roasters overflowing with green beans. She forgot that part. All in all, we had a great time together and talked a lot about her childhood as we harvested a tiny part of the garden.
  3. Theory has it that weak plants give off a substance similar to pheromones. Bugs detect it and go after the plant. I've never taken the time to test that theory.
  4. Homesteader

    Lose weight

    This topic on sugar brings back memories of my univ sports coach. We were told (threatened) before each event not to eat candy bars or other sweets. She didn't want to pick us up off the court floor half way through the game when our sugar level crashed. My mom LOVES sugar and likes to include me in her pies, cakes, donuts, and giant muffins. She's an arthritic disaster and can hardly move her walker around her apt anymore (except to the refrig and TV). She's a living reminder that controlling my sugar may also help with controlling arthritis pain. At least that's what both of my chiropractor friends keep telling me. Sugar and arthritis have direct links. Gotta keep reminding me of that while walking by the dessert table at the church potlucks.
  5. So sorry to hear about your tooth woes, Anny. I went through a tooth pull and a root canal this past year. I thought I was able to save one, which I did for almost a year, but out it came. The other one was damaged from a recent filling. Something wasn't right and cracked that tooth. It was already crowned. Got a root canal in the city and never had any more problems with it. The swelling, pain, and infections were awful, and yes, I lost quite a bit of weight over those two teeth. As I age, I'm slowly changing how much hard foods I eat. Have pretty much given up on almonds and hard candy. It's OK, though. I HATE toothaches! And the dentist reminded me that infections can eat away at jaw bone. That got me to the specialist the next week. Be blessed!!
  6. We buy the heirloom seeds from MiGardener for .99 package. I only do it once and then resave the seeds myself each year. I only have a few left to try, but my garden is full, and I don't want to expand the fencing anymore. They all are doing great except for the tomatoes. I always buy hybrid sweet corn, though. I don't want to have a bad year with them gems.
  7. Check around at some auto parts stores ... NAPA, O'Reiley, Carquest, Autozone. Many of them have a bunch of test gear and will install simple items for you. Sometimes batteries for women of you buy from them. My hubby does it all the time ... getting the test results and buying from them. It cuts out the dealerships that are about $75 hour around here.
  8. I've found on social media over that years that Sweden is such a great place to live ... happy people, good economy, great socialism ... blah blah blah I found this PBS documentary from May 2019, on Prepping in Sweden VERY INTERESTING. I never knew Russia was so close and Swedish people so vulnerable. It's worth the watch if you get YouTube.
  9. Jeepers - do you like Asian food today? Our life in SE Asia made me hate rice at first. I longed for just one little potato! Even today, I don't do much rice (starchy carb), but do love the stir-fry foods. I miss the foods of Japan.
  10. Love that oregano! I usually dry some each year for seasoning in our tomato dishes. Tomatoes have blossom end rot due to crazy drought then downpours. Mulch hasn't helped much. I'm going to head back to hybrids because the heirlooms just won't grow here anymore. Started drying kale, parsley and sage this week. Not sure how long it will last because hubby is drilling holes in the concrete walls again to install new windows in our kitchen/dining room. Trying to get the outside work done before it gets colder and all the bugs want to come in and live with us.
  11. I feel your pain, Jeepers. I finally switched to the VA and do everything online. So much has changed with the current federal administration. We're actually treated like everyone else and the VA has really ramped up their marketing and customer service. I also like having all my meds mailed to me. Just order them online and have them sent out. If I'm running out of refills, I just contact my local provider and they rewrite the presc or have me come in for blood-work and office call (one hour apart). I'm SO BLESSED, and I don't mind the low co-pays! Makes up for the Vietnam war!
  12. A new kind of pole bean for me. The pods are purple but turn green when cooked. They're so easy to see against the green leaves on the trellis. They also turn green when canned. They're a keeper for me. They're called Trionfo Violetto and do well up north after the soil has warmed up.
  13. Took our grand-nephew to Creation Museum and Ark Encounter in Kentucky last week. Spent 7 days camping, fishing, and exploring. Had a great time and told him lots of stories about his Pepaw (my brother). He died four years ago and little nephew's world fell apart. Now we have lots of stories and laughter to share around the campfires. Fishing wasn't bad either. Will I EVER catch up with the garden????
  14. Didn't work. Put away the hummingbird feeder as all the flowers are starting to bloom. The birds like them best.
  15. The honey bees use GPS to find the pool. If you keep moving the pool around the yard, they will stay confused for a few days. Once they zero in on a good thing, you have to move the 'good thing'.
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