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  1. I don't spend much time on researching the vaccine these days because I'm not interested in the jab, but found some interesting tidbits from the article. Hindsight is generally full of theories that can come true in one form or another. I did learn a lot from his phone interview, and am surprised that the info is still on the net. Here are a few of his thought. Article link at the bottom. Dr. Michael Yeadon, Pfizer's former Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy & Respiratory who spent 32 years in the industry leading new medicines research and retired from the phar
  2. My guess is that they use stronger, longer acting chemicals than Roundup. We used to purchase fence-line chemicals that lasted 1-5 years. Roundup is only a few weeks and extremely expensive, even in 55-gallon barrels.
  3. A dump-truck full of gravel was delivered and DH and I started spreading it over the area where the new garden shed will be located. Since DH is in a hand cast, he really struggled with moving the tractor around and 'slowly' dumping gravel from the bucket in each designated area. I'm the shoveler and raker. The shed arrives next week and DH works the racetrack this weekend. Finished the pad just in time.
  4. Generally speaking, the mild Ivory soap has been the go-to for spraying plants. That's also what I use when I need a sticker agent when spraying around the garden with organic chemicals. My grandma used to toss the dish water onto her flower beds when she was done with it. That was pre-Dawn days.
  5. Just in time for me to start spreading that FREE truckload of wood chips from our local tree trimmers. Not to mention the tons of manure I need to shovel and spread into the garden. Did I mention the seven cord of wood that needs to be cut, split, and stacked this Spring? Early on, the military was questioning the requirement of having all the troops get a vacc. When the rollout began, the paper stated that only those who wanted to serve on a submarine were 'required' to get it. Since men have to wait for years for the assignment, they were forced to get poked.
  6. Wartime Farm, a mini-series documentary on WWII in Britain also demonstrated hay boxes. I've always thought that was a brilliant way to cook. I just don't have a dutch oven. Couldn't keep mine when we started traveling around the world. I may try it again but my glass top electric stove probably wouldn't like it. Maybe my campfire ring outside?
  7. She's always pilfering through my cupboards for medicinal cough medicines. Nite Mother. My doctor feels that asymptomatic people don't have enough virus load to get sick let alone give it to others. Since his wife, also a doctor, ended up on the city health department my doctor has been spending his nights researching and using up forests of trees through his printer. He used to think that objectors to the gene therapy were wackos and conspiracy theorists. He's changed his mind. He's also finding out that much of the non-mainstream researchers are having their videos and
  8. The TracPhone is probably a G3 technology. We're up to G5 now. You'll find the G3 phones will give you more and more problems as the cell companies shut down that technology. The cell companies have new compression tools. The data packets are getting smaller and faster. The old phones are packet 'hogs'. Thus, G3 is going away. Besides, they want you to get new phones and new plans. Follow the money.
  9. I think I am past your age, and yes ... the hotter the summer ... the better.
  10. Smoke screen. Good one. Is that all you got?
  11. I learned many years ago to reuse the lids. I just unseal the jars SLOWLY with a spoon. If there is any indentation in the edge of the lid, I just tap it back into shape with the spoon. After a few years, the rubber ring starts to crack. The lids get chucked at that time. I read several years ago that the rubber compound has changed and we're not supposed to boil the lids anymore before canning. Just put the lids in warm water before sealing. The new rubber compound will probably shorten the life of the lids. Desperate times we're in, and I don't trust any of them because of their
  12. About time you showed up. No one for me to pick on anymore.
  13. Live your life, MtRider. Make every day count and enjoy every breath that the Lord gives you.
  14. My doctor gave me another term to research yesterday. CYTOKYME STORM. He lost me pretty quickly but I did get a few words to stick in my brain. Overweight, obesity, immune system, fat cells, spike protein. He told me to start googling Cytokyme Storm before it was sanitized.
  15. Do some research on Preen. It's in pellet form and can be spread over mulch, chips, etc. Some formulas are for gardens and some for landscaping. It will save you on sanity. Lowes and Home Depot sell it. I'm sure Wally World also has it but I stopped buying there when the plague started. There will always be seeds flying in and eventually germinating to start the weed pulling process all over again. I learned that in one of my master gardener classes and used Preen in Indiana. I kept my sanity and sold the place the first day the For Sale sign was up. Good landscaping is street candy.
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