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  1. If you are refunded and don't have to send it back, I would use it. That's based on my experience of living in third-world countries. We ate whatever was put on our plates (as long as it wasn't still crawling). If you're hungry enough, you'll eat it. I would suggest using that butter first, even if it would have to be done in cooking only. I remember when we had bugs in the oatmeal in SE Asia and ......................
  2. DH read where Amazon got burned on Ball knock off from China. I ended up with ones like yours through Walmart a few years ago. Some of the quart jars broke in the pressure canner and some of the lids buckled. I finally recycled them to either water bath or dry food storage. 😑
  3. How dumb to think I could turn off the second refrig for the year. My SIL comes once a week and helps me and my mom. I've always kept her in the loop since my brother died of pancreatic cancer 5 years ago. She has been like a sister for 47 years, and we spend a lot of time working and laughing together. We cleaned out the garden due to a pending freeze. Hense, I had to leave the 2nd refrig plugged in until everything is canned, dehydrated, and frozen. Tomorrow I will travel 1.5 hours to pick up our 1/4 beef. My nephew raises the BEST!
  4. All of my classes in Marketing says that you're spot on about your grocery economics.
  5. I feel your pain on the paperwork nightmare. I was behind on getting my mom's cable TV equipment shipped back to Charter. Suddenly, she receives a collection notice in the mail. She was very upset and wanted action (mine) right away. She also wanted verification that her credit wasn't affected. I have no idea how to do that, and with her living with us and about to sign up for Hospice, I'm not taking the time to check her credit. I did get it cleared right up with ONE email to the credit company with all the facts, ship date, etc and they wrote right back and said that Charter had a $0 b
  6. I try to tell my mom of the bare spots on the shelves. She just doesn't understand since she stopped shopping last year. When she runs out of something at our place, she thinks I can just drive down to the store and pick it up. Since I don't wear a mask, I generally stay out of the stores.
  7. Exactly how I feel. We haven't had one in awhile. I love them too much to let go so quickly. I told hubby if he died first, I'm replacing him with a guard dog, though.
  8. What does the tvp do for the soup? I had a bunch gifted to me and can't figure out what to do with it.
  9. In security training, we learned that any additional layer of protection is good. A thief will enter a fenceless yard before one that has to be traversed. Having locked doors is a level of security. Add a dog, and that becomes another level. Having a garage and unloading purchases inside the closed garage door is a security level. Closing curtains when it begins to get dark is a security level. Like peeling an onion, look at one security level at a time and plan accordingly.
  10. We got lost in the national forest last week, but came out to get some fishing bait at the local sporting shop. I was talking to the owner while standing in front of the gun display. He said that he's not been able to get ammo in months and now can't get guns.
  11. What a beautiful little girl. Congratulations!! Once medical facilities are out of the urban areas in Wisconsin, many of them are planning on filing bankruptcy. They don't have covid patients, and can't restart the daily services which are the money makers. Our healthcare is a total disaster! Just don't get sick or injured around here. We had 3 covid deaths in March in our county and TEN suicides last month. The cost is NOT WORTH the fear that's permeated our state.
  12. Hubby has been doing more research on canning lids (he's clueless about how to can). Here's his latest note: If the Kerr jars and their packaging looks eerily similar to that of Ball jars, it's because they're basically the same; both Ball and Kerr brands are now owned and manufactured by the parent company, Jarden (Aug 27, 2020) He also rechecked on the Internet and the best price was 50 cents per lid. Thankfully, I don't need any this year. He also found an article about Amazon taking a bath from 'knock-off' lids flowing in from China. They're cheap and Amazon customers are
  13. We have a Gorden Food Service (GFS) in our large city, and I stop by several times a year. Now that mom is living with us, I seldom go back to the city where I grew up. Dry yeast still comes in a 1-lb vacuum-packed containers. Everything is packaged for restaurants. Love the place. Average Joe hasn't figured it out yet. Maybe you can find a GFS or Sysco or some other restaurant geared wholesale place? I just repackage and freeze. Some of the #10 cans, I open and run through the pressure canner. BBQ sauce by the gallon is recanned into pint mason jars, which make it much more manageable. I ju
  14. I'm finding my cast iron skillet is gaining weight as the years march on. Can't hardly pick it up anymore. My SIL is a real angel and has volunteered to come and care for my mom for a few days so we can get away before winter hits. She helped as a caregiver when my mom was in the assisted-living center, and recently lost her mom to Alzheimer's. It was a horrible and ridiculous ending as she couldn't touch or hug her mom even though they both tested negative. We're running around like crazy trying to get organized so SIL can find things. Sometimes I wonder if all the e
  15. I was looking around for oat groats on the net yesterday, and stumbled across USAEmergencySupply site. They are backed up TEN WEEKS on their food supplies. Are they ALL like this? I've been care-giving the elderly and seem to have my head in the sand. We don't need anything due to the wonderful garden harvesting going on, but I would have high blood pressure by now if I was an urban dweller, both for food and for rioting.
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