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  1. Thanks for the advice. We may have to start to think of my Dad....who can be quite proud, too.... :/
  2. God has His hand on you!! What a blessing to be able to see it, but thankful that you trust Him to begin with.
  3. I guess it's not getting any better. My sister and her hubby are arriving late on Tuesday night for my Mom's celebration of life service....they live in W Africa. They would have an hour notice, maybe not even, so I haven't even brought it up. They have no where to go! Everything is so low there....so I just pray, and trust. They are right with the Lord, so in that sense I'm not worried. Of course, if it happened while they were here, my nephew and niece would still be there, not to mention extended family of theirs as well as the orphanage they run and their church. So...I watch....and pray....and trust. God is good, all the time.
  4. Thank you, everyone....my family and I appreciate your love and prayers. I'm still so very sad. My sister from Mexico is here, the other one (and hubby) and the rest of my family from Mexico arrive early next week. It's going to be a FULL house (7 of us and 9 of them). I pray this is a special time, where we can lean on each other, but especially on Christ. Thank you all again....
  5. ....unexpectedly went Home to be with her Savior. She had a heart attack early last week, and was able to get to a hospital. They ran a few tests, discovered 3 of her arteries were clogged, and needed open heart surgery. It was scheduled for last Friday. Dad and I were with her right before the surgery, prayed with her, kissed her goodbye and went to the waiting area. We were full of hope that she was going to be feeling so much better when she came out (other than the surgery itself). They said they got her on the table and her heart slowed down, then just stopped. They were able to bring her heart back, but not enough. Half an hour later, doctor recommended they stop, as she would be a vegetable from lack of oxygen. Dad agreed. This also happened to be my Dad's birthday. She was one of my best friends, she was my confidant, my partner in mischief and my prayer warrior. She helped me so much and encouraged me in my life. She was a powerful prayer warrior and was sold out for Christ. I'm thankful beyond words for the influence she had in my life and my family. And I miss her, so very much. <3
  6. My Mom and Dad did it when I was young, too....but I was very young. But you're right. We've seemed to have lost the ways of the past. Hopefully not all of it!!
  7. What are you watching for, LS? I'm finding a lot of "no way this could happen" stuff ...😥
  8. We haven't gotten any yet....but I can't wait!! We got them in May (mother's day!). We have warre hives, and hubby has given them a couple more boxes as the top ones are completely full of honey. One of our hives (we had 2) absconded. That was sad. We used to have bees a few years ago, but not for honey, for pollination. Anyway, they absconded, then came back a while later (or maybe a different swarm? I'm not sure). Anyway, we sure like having them. Sorry if I'm using all these terms wrong. I'm still learning!
  9. Well, I mean..... Praying for your family on the E Coast. And mine (well, W Africa). And....well, the whole situation.
  10. Thank you, Darlene!! We are at a point that it's a yes.....as soon as we are able to get the space ready for one. I dream of all I can do with the milk. Everything I can learn. And how we can (hopefully) bless others with what I can make (yogurt, cheese, etc). I just hope we can do it in time. In time for what? I dunno....I just think that our time is running short. It's good to hear about your experience, too!! Nice to know others have gone before me and "paved" the way. I hope to be able to update soon. Right now we're getting plants into the greenhouse and are expecting (hopefully) some piglets here soon, too. But....like I said, we feel like we're running out of time, so here's hoping!!
  11. We're thinking Jersey.....I'm not sure I would know what to do with a holstein....ach! We considered Dexters, but they are pretty small. Hubby is 6'4" so we are wanting to make it easier for him. We aren't ready for the cow just yet....we have the space for it, but need fencing, etc.... Hopefully soon!!
  12. I was so proud of myself today....I've been roasting tomatoes and onions to use for Creamy Tomato Soup in the colder months. Today I remembered....it calls for fresh basil, of which I have a ton right now!! I'm so thankful I remembered....I went ahead and made the soup, and now only will need to add whole cream when I make it. Talk about a bit of summer on a cold winter night! We have enough for at least 5-6 meals. Also, Mom and I cut up 3.5 quarts of tomatoes and froze them. They will be good for chili and soups....I love cooler weather!!
  13. CA....I got two letters. That's not too shabby! And really, more even....if ya rearrange them a bit.
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