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  1. Well....we survived. Haha! Thanks all!!
  2. Thank you, everyone!! And welcome back to you who have been away as well!
  3. I hear ya. We live an hour away from the closest Walmart, 17 miles from the closest town (of 700 people and no stoplights!). But we are traveling with the hubby right now... Portland is a much larger place than I'd ever want to be stuck in....yikes!
  4. This weekend, Nov 4th: President Trump will be out of the country. Antifa has protests at a large scale, which have turned violent in the past. DOD has a drill planned (I believe across the country) for an EMP. What could go wrong, right?
  5. I agree....maybe each able body (3 of us) can push a cart. The kids could carry a backpack. We would carry a backpack, too. I hesitate to say this, but might as well. We left two perfectly well stocked BOB's at home to conserve space. So....lots of things in there that I know we will wish we had if it comes down to it. Ugh. Let's just hope it doesn't come down to it...but, Murphy's law, and all that.... Hubby just texted me and said that we will have to go shopping before this weekend. What would you get??
  6. Thanks, Mt Rider! The thing is....we are not home. We have bikes...at home. Our preps (funny...spell check changed preps to Oreos!! Lol!)....at home. We have some things here, but we have never planned to bug out, always to stay (why we live in the country). But now....we are only here for two more weeks, maybe 3. So hopefully, nothing will make us want to leave in that amount of time. Buying bikes or an emp proof vehicle would be cost prohibited, but borrowing a cart (or two) from Walmart would be doable. Hubby won't take us to a shelter. He's read the stories....:/ So off to home we'd go, even if it too months. I'd lose weight....ha! Gotta see it on the bright side, right? I was thinking that instead of heading straight home we would head south to CA then over. At least then the weather would be better. But CA is on fire.... You're right. This is a nightmare I hope we don't have to endure. Honestly, as you can imagine, our concern is for our littles. 6, 4 and 3 is very young for that many miles. And the 16 year old is a beauty....she would attract pervs. May God be with us if we ever do have to make such a trek.
  7. I'm thinking even about what shoes we have with us. Not sure the girls' tennis shoes would make it, or the boy's. I can't imagine having to walk home, ever, with the 3 young ones, but it could happen.... would rather be prepared. Are you able to carry your tent, Annarchy, if need be? How many people does it hold? We're also heading into cold months....that wouldn't help!
  8. Hubby isn't worried either, lol! My biggest concern is having to walk home. KS is very far away from here!
  9. Has anyone heard about the EMP drill this weekend? I believe that's what it is. A lot of times when they do a drill, exactly what they are drilling for happens....*shiver* here's hoping and praying that a drill is just a drill this time. https://offgridsurvival.com/department-defense-run-national-blackout-drill-starting-november-4th/
  10. Hubby is totally on board with prepping, so I'm thankful!!
  11. Thanks, Andrea! Honestly had not thought of the tent....we always stay in hotels (put it on the employer's bill!), so didn't cross my mind. Walking home with a 16, 6, 4 and 3 year olds is not ideal. Hope we never have to! I used to have a stroller in the van, not so much for the little ones (too big now), but to carry heavy supplies. Back saver at the zoo with all our water bottles! Thanks for the ideas. Will read it to the hubby tonight and see what we can do.
  12. I'm pretty sure I put this in the wrong place....so sorry. Feel free to move it where it should go, but please let me know where it went!
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