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  1. For some reason I can't access the site on my computer, so I have to do it on my phone. I tend to be long winded, so end up not replying until I have a chance to sit and do so with my thumbs. A lot has happened since the end of December. I believe the country has changed forever and will never be the same, or what it was intended to be. I believe that civil unrest will be the new normal, and possibly even civil war. May God help us.
  2. Thanks everyone!! Great thoughts, some that we've thought of doing when the times comes, but that water sure feels warm and it can be hard to notice we're in it. Thank you for the reminder!!
  3. Has anyone heard anything about this? Hubby has read or heard about it from different sources. They say President Trump is going to enact martial law for 10(ish) days, so we should be prepared. I think before (maybe including) Christmas, but no hard dates. Take care, everyone. If you can, top off your peeps. We sure are living in interesting times.
  4. hi Becca Anne!! Time has flown, hasn't it? It's nice to "see" you again! (Happy Girl)
  5. Hi Snowmom!! Remember me (Happy Girl)? It's so good to hear from you!
  6. Thanksgiving....last year was a lot of fun. 5 guests plus the 10 of us (including grandparents). We made it work and really enjoyed our time together! This year we won't invite anyone because of Covid....so just the 10 of us. Christmas will be the same. I have most of the food that we need for Thanksgiving (thanks for my parents help), and a ham for Christmas. All the gifts are bought, so here's hoping. But....no matter what happens, we can always celebrate, right? We can find something to be thankful for and celebrate that the King of kings came....for us. Turkey or no, gifts or
  7. So far we have most of our Christmas gifts bought and most of Thanksgiving food bought. Ham for Christmas. Now with cooler weather, I hope to do more sewing done. I think it's going to be a hard winter. We're in the middle of KS, and it's already freezing here. May God help us.
  8. Ohhhhhh.....thanks for the tip! I will measure a bunch and sew carefully.
  9. Around the same time I got the machine, I bought 10 yards of fleece to make pajamas.... Every Christmas Eve we give the kids (5 of them) Christmas pajamas, so this year I thought I would make them: pj bottoms for hubby and sons, oldest daughter and myself, and dress pajamas for the little girls (6 and 7). I'm pretty nervous about it, but I think I'll be okay. My Mom used to sew, so I'll be asking her to give me advice....and I'll be checking in here with ya'll! I'm not sure the material is fleece....but super soft and warm. I also got material for making quilts. My hope is that by
  10. Oh, that can't be too hard, right?? I could see about making same or complimentary material. Yes, I'm that Mom. 😂🙈
  11. My mom showed me the mark that's to make buttonhole....I had no idea. She laughed....I was glad to offer comic relief.
  12. And I have a bunch of kids....so I should!! I'll be asking for advice!
  13. My finished napkins! The material I got for Christmas napkins I'm going to try to make a different style. I need to put away the rest of the produce from the garden first....I also made summer dresses for my younger girls (yes, I know it's fall, don't judge me!), simple ones. They felt so loved!! Now my son is asking for boy clothes, too. Help! So fun and rewarding, though!
  14. Back when the pandemic started, hubby got me a brand new Singer. I'm just now pulling it out!! I'm no seamstress, by any means....but can sew in a straight line, so have made curtains, quilts and napkins. We like to decorate our table for the seasons, so I bought material to make (more) cloth napkins. They will be simple, and then I'll try to do the fancy corner ones....wish me luck!!
  15. Oh, that would be lovely!! 🥰
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