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  1. So....we did it. We bit the bullet and we got the stove, it's on the way!! We are discussing what to put around it, what we need to get ready for it....I think things will be full crazy by October at some point, and we'd like to have it set up by then. I'll post pictures once we have it if anyone is interested!
  2. Wow. Shortly after I wrote that we wanted to get this cow, Hubby lost his job. We were tight for a while, but didn't get the cow. And now, praise God, he has a new, better job!! It pays more, and he works from home for the most part. That said, he still has to travel about 20%, so I am hesitant to get the cow. That means we (kids and I) would be in charge of milking while he's away. It gets to be a lot with the other chores, and a now 2 year old that still wants to cuddle with Mama especially if Dad is gone. So....not sure what to do. Prices for everything is going up, if you can find it, including dairy, so it sounds like a good idea....
  3. Anyone know how it's going now? I saw a video of long, LONG lines for food. I can't imagine. I'll see if I can find a link. https://youtu.be/fPpaUqmGgI4 My question is...how do you keep your food safe once you get it? I mean...if someone in the back of the line decides they don't want to wait or are worried their kids won't eat tonight? Desperate times. Yes, I agree with whoever said it makes you just want to hunker down and buckle up. May God help us.
  4. Hi everyone! Hubby and I are on the lookout for a new wood cook stove. Do any of you have one/use one? Any suggestions? We would like to get installed before winter. We had -17°F last Feb, but thankfully never lost electricity. If we did, it would have been disastrous!!
  5. We use Himalayan pink salt, too! For all our cooking and baking. I like it a lot! 😊
  6. Hubby filled up at Sam's on Friday, $2.79 a gallon. I wonder why it's so much cheaper here?
  7. Oh, my!! I'm not sure that we're even up to $3 yet, here in central KS. Here's hoping it stays that way!
  8. Wow!! That sounds fun! Well, you know what I mean...
  9. That's a lot of cows!! I'm not sure what we would do with all the milk!
  10. Thanks for the tips, and encouragement! I'm not sure I can convince DH on goats, but maybe someday! We have 7 in our family (including a 1.5 year old!), plus my parents and DH's dad. DD and I also make butter (and it's buttermilk), yogurt, farmer's cheese, and have high hopes of making more variety of cheeses. I realize it's a lot of work, but that's actually kinda what we're going for. And...so much to learn! Hopefully work ethic being one of them. Kids are 20, 9, 8, almost 7 and 1.5. I'll keep you posted! Hopefully we will get one this spring. Thanks again!!
  11. Anyone have one? We are hoping to get one soon.... Any tips or advice? Thanks!!
  12. $2.69 Central KS, yesterday. I'm thinking it will go up, too.
  13. I feel like I fell off the seat. I'm at the point that I don't care anymore. I should, I have kids. However....I feel like no matter how you look at it, the answer is not in the government, but in ourselves. So....I will dedicate myself (again) to raising Godly Children. What that means for this country I'm not sure, but it's the best I can offer to God, my family and the world. As for me and my house.....
  14. Ambergris, I apologise if I've ever personally offended you, never was my intention.
  15. Head low? ☑️ Powder dry: ☑️ Stay away from capitols: ☑️ Pantry full (and messy): ☑️ Veggie seeds ordered (yesterday!): ☑️ So....now I just need popcorn. It is national 🍿 day! 😊
  16. Not sure where vinegar comes in, but I saw this (or lack of it) at the store shortly after I saw your post:
  17. What do you guys think will happen tomorrow?? I've heard so much stuff....from Biden enacting a whole bunch of stuff in his first 100 days to Trump still somehow managing to be in power after a bunch of people are arrested. DC looks like a war zone, that's for sure. What do you guys think is going to happen tomorrow? How confident are you? Praying for our country, and whatever comes out way.
  18. For some reason I can't access the site on my computer, so I have to do it on my phone. I tend to be long winded, so end up not replying until I have a chance to sit and do so with my thumbs. A lot has happened since the end of December. I believe the country has changed forever and will never be the same, or what it was intended to be. I believe that civil unrest will be the new normal, and possibly even civil war. May God help us.
  19. Thanks everyone!! Great thoughts, some that we've thought of doing when the times comes, but that water sure feels warm and it can be hard to notice we're in it. Thank you for the reminder!!
  20. Has anyone heard anything about this? Hubby has read or heard about it from different sources. They say President Trump is going to enact martial law for 10(ish) days, so we should be prepared. I think before (maybe including) Christmas, but no hard dates. Take care, everyone. If you can, top off your peeps. We sure are living in interesting times.
  21. hi Becca Anne!! Time has flown, hasn't it? It's nice to "see" you again! (Happy Girl)
  22. Hi Snowmom!! Remember me (Happy Girl)? It's so good to hear from you!
  23. Thanksgiving....last year was a lot of fun. 5 guests plus the 10 of us (including grandparents). We made it work and really enjoyed our time together! This year we won't invite anyone because of Covid....so just the 10 of us. Christmas will be the same. I have most of the food that we need for Thanksgiving (thanks for my parents help), and a ham for Christmas. All the gifts are bought, so here's hoping. But....no matter what happens, we can always celebrate, right? We can find something to be thankful for and celebrate that the King of kings came....for us. Turkey or no, gifts or no, there's always something to celebrate. 🥰
  24. So far we have most of our Christmas gifts bought and most of Thanksgiving food bought. Ham for Christmas. Now with cooler weather, I hope to do more sewing done. I think it's going to be a hard winter. We're in the middle of KS, and it's already freezing here. May God help us.
  25. Ohhhhhh.....thanks for the tip! I will measure a bunch and sew carefully.
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