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  1. Well zowie, we sure got the rain we needed last night. To the point that we were issued flash flood and tornado watches, lol. Those alerts came across our phones yesterday and my 16 year old just laughed. Her comment was that at this point they could announce godzilla or alien invaders and she'd just figure "yep. 2020." For the first time in 2 weeks, the air smells fresh outside. ๐Ÿ˜Š
  2. Happy day! We have been taken OFF the evac alerts completely ๐Ÿ˜Š No rain yet but lots of damp fog so far. The smoke and fog together makes driving extra fun (yikes) but I'll happily deal with driving by braille if it means we are getting these fires under control. Officially 0% containment still, but they are making progress! My kids still at home are 17, 16, 14, 7 and 1. So two of them can drive and they do have a vehicle to use, and no it's not LOGICAL for me to suddenly panic over leaving them, and yet... that's where I was yesterday. Today is a better da
  3. Several of the fires *were* caused by arson, but none have been confirmed to be people connected to the protests. We are still at level 1 (be ready) and the fire isn't making much progress our direction. The weather has cooperated a little - it's been cooler and damp yesterday and today. No rain but we'll take what moisture we can get! Our air quality is still ghastly. It's so far off the charts that they don't even know what sort of health effects it will have. Anything over 300 is hazardous and we're clocking numbers over 1000 in some areas. (Not here, although we w
  4. Yeah. That took place about 15 miles from us, on Monday night when the fire went roaring down the canyon pushed by that windstorm. Their 13 year old son and 73 year old grandmother didn't make it out. They are a well known and loved family in our area. We had searchers everywhere looking for the little boy for two days in the midst of the hot zone. He tried to take shelter in a car.
  5. Our area is still at lvl 1, so we came home. We are keeping everything as close to packed and ready as we can. I saw how fast the fire moved on Monday. Even with the winds so much quieter, that fire is huge now. The prediction of rain next week has been changed to lightning. Because THAT'S what we need right now. The dog, the cats, and the 7 year old are much happier to be home! The rest of us are too but the older ones are more aware of the risks. We have left the livestock at their evac location for now. I grabbed an extra litter box and tucked it into the
  6. Yeah. We've had at least a dozen arrests in the past three days of people looting homes of evacuees.
  7. The fire that was 500 acres on Sunday? It's now nearly 160,000 acres and is the largest fire in Oregon. It's also 0% contained and is only 8.7 miles from my house. But! The windstorm is over, the winds are coming back to their normal level and direction (away from populated areas!) and there's even a little rain in next week's forecast. And they've lowered my evacuation alert to level 1, so we're thinking of going back to the house and kinda living out of suitcases to stay ready to go if need be.
  8. We do have all important papers, laptop/phones and chargers, photo albums, etc. The sheep and cows we moved to a friend's place well out of the way, the dog, cats and rabbits are with us. I managed to remember everything for the critters except a litter box for the cats. Figures. I'm discovering that figuring out where "emergency" and "regular life" intersect is trickier than I would have thought. My location is still at level 2, the fire has been held at about 8-10 miles from my house for a full 36 hours now (although we're due for another wind shift now that the storm is dying d
  9. Mt Rider I wish I could pick your brain right now!! We've had a couple of moderate (as of yesterday, one was 500 acres, one was 20,000) sized forest fires burning about 2 hours east of us for the past couple weeks. Our prevailing winds are always NW to SE, so there was no concern for our area. Until yesterday. Yesterday we had a "historic level" windstorm start. It's supposed to last until sometime tomorrow, winds are up to 75mph, and it's blowing from the E. Those fires went from 85+ miles away to about 10 miles away overnight. Most of the town
  10. Oregon has already added 8 more to that number ๐Ÿ˜” and as a country we appear to be adding about a thousand a day now. A few days ago it was only about 200 a day. Crazy and sad.
  11. Okay, I know this is serious, but I got a giggle when I opened a webpage that tracks the numbers involved in this crisis... and got this. I think there's a slight glitch in their math... (they have since fixed it, thankfully!)
  12. I don't have the cool breakdown by country and state that Ambergris has, but... regular news is currently reporting 2110 cases in the US and 48 deaths. ๐Ÿ˜” I know here in Oregon we're reporting 30 cases but I also know there's a LOT of people who are waiting to be tested. Schools here have also been closed and currently are saying they'll be back in session on April 1st. We'll see.
  13. Happy birthdayย :bdaycake:

  14. Hey all. So my dad has been having mild shortness of breath/coughing fits for about 18 months now. He finally agreed to go to the doctor this week (men. sigh.). They kept him in the hospital for three days, ran a zillion tests, and came up with 1. Diabetes. Not a surprise given my dad's quite overweight, almost 70, and it runs in his family. 2. Pulmonary Embolisms. Apparently his left leg has been kicking blood clots like they're going out of style and he had about half a dozen in his lungs. Small, fortunately, but still have the potential to be A Bad Thing.
  15. We were talking about this on our way home from our small town fireworks show. Right after - like less than 2 minutes after - the show ended, every cop in town lit up and went flying down the road just past where we were sitting. That'll make you wonder what's going on! Hubby said he had heard there had been at least 3 terrorist plots that had been foiled for this year's 4th of July celebrations. I don't know what the others might be, I'm guessing the one Jeepers listed was one of them though. (He's LEO, so he often gets a little more info than what the msm hears.)
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