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  1. I've been so busy. I hardly even have time for the internet. Plus my computer is recharging sporadically. I haven't had time to see what's wrong with it yet. We are getting rain like crazy too. They are predicting up to 8 inches this week. I feel so bad for those who will get flooded in the low lying areas.. Alot of them can't afford to move or rebuild. Although he is still weak and not able to walk as much as he used to, DH is at least holding his own with a little occasional improvement. Unfortunately, my Aunt had a stroke and it doesn't look good. She is 96 thou
  2. Last night I made stuffed peppers in tomato sauce, mashed potatoes and glazed carrots. Today I am fixing fried pork chops, dirty rice and asparagus.
  3. It sounds like things will work out for DH's trip. Hope you will be able to hold down the fort until he gets back.
  4. It is so hard when you lose friends. They are irreplaceable.
  5. We hit our lowest temp yet this am..19. It's only getting up to around 30 today. The sun is out today for the first time in ages! DH has been out of the hospital for a month now. He is still spending all but about 3-4 hours a day in bed. At least he is able to walk to use the bathroom and eat his meals now. That is an improvement. I don't know why he is so tired all the time, but the Doc's don't really care. He finally got out of the house on Friday for a doctor appt. He still has clots in his legs and they are still swollen. Of course, the doc didn't even look or touch them
  6. Tonight I made calves liver and onions (for DH's health), fried rice and salad.
  7. I've been awol again. DH has pretty much been bed bound the past month. He has blood clots which they can't treat with blood thinners because he bleeds internally from them. He can just get out of bed to go to the bathroom. His feet and legs are hugely swollen but at least he is not having any more pain. I am so wore out but I am glad he is still fighting. It has been too warm but a cold front is coming tomorrow..it will feel like winter. I'm still hoping 2019 will turn out to be a good year!
  8. This show returns tonight on PBS. Check your local listings!
  9. PTL DH is back home after a 10 day hospital stay. He should have been discharged 2-3 days sooner but the Dr. screwed up on the paperwork etc. I was anxious to get him out. I cannot believe the things going on at Hospitals these days. You have to watch and advocate every minute. I am still so angry at all the abuse and possibly dangerous mistakes being made. They did manage to get rid of his infection but he still can't walk so I am the new nurse. I do at least answer when he calls!!! He is getting food, drink and the basics of life at home. We have no Christmas plans except t
  10. Jeepers I know how frustrating blood pressure issues are. I wish we could figure out a pattern so we could avoid what causes it. Have you found one for your spikes & drops? It started raining yesterday and isn't supposed to stop until Tuesday. It's also chilly with highs in the low 40's. Poor DH is freezing. I am pretty insulated so it doesn't bother me. It seems like everytime I scratch one thing off my to do list I have to add two more new ones. How will we ever catch up?
  11. Nice weather here for several days. DH woke up with a high BP reading. His heart rate was high too. I had him take a nitroglycerin tablet which brought it all down..too low. I called the 911 rescue squad when he hit 64 over 42. Usually the EMS are out quick with an ekg to check him out. Today it too half an hour and they sent the fire men who only had a blood pressure cuff. Anyway he stabilized on his own so no ER visit today. Thank God! After that excitement we kind of lolled around today just in case his numbers went crazy again. Gee Annarchy Santa was
  12. New season begins tonight at 9 central time. It is featuring Mandy Moore.
  13. This year many retailers will have their free shipping day on Dec.14th.
  14. Today is a "rest" day. We have no doctor appt's or anything that must be done today. I hope to get some recliner time with my feet elevated! DH is slowly recovering. It seems like every time he has a health setback it takes a bit longer to bounce back. He is so much weaker than he used to be. I think I have more strength than him even though I'm in a wheelchair. After about 5 freezes I only have chinese cabbage left in the garden, along with my mums and 1 tough rose bush. Since it is cool I have been doing alot more oven meals. DH enjoys his old fashio
  15. This has happened more than once so I thought I would pass it along I was looking through a big box home improvement ad. They had a nice stove on "sale". They said the regular price was $1099. Their price was $599. I happened to have just gotten the new 2019 Consumer Reports paperback showing the MSRP for the EXACT same model number. The correct regular price is $649. That would make it a savings of only $50 instead of $500.
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