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  1. You ladies are getting so much done. I am envious!
  2. I just read this..I am so sorry Joyfilled and will be praying for you and yours.
  3. I remember the ink cartidges too. The boys had cute little tricks to make messes with them. They sure showed up on our white school uniform shirts/blouses. When the Bic pens first came in they would splotch big gobs of ink on your homework. They could be messy too.
  4. Thanks ladies. I made it and I also had my first dream since he died. It was a happy one and seemed so real. Of course, it revolved around food. I even eat in my sleep..lol
  5. Jeepers I am so sad for you. She does look sweet in the photo.
  6. September 23rd will be my first wedding anniversary without DH. I know it is going to be a difficult day. He has been gone for 10 months now but it really isn't getting any easier. He was such a good man. I guess I will have to focus on that old saying that it is "better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"
  7. I haven't done any prepping for so long. DH was bedbound for a long time and since he died 10 months ago I have been in a daze. I really need to get down and organized since the world is getting more crazy and dangerous and likelier for disruptions.
  8. Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms here! I especially want to say thanks to all the unsung Moms who don't get any credit or recognition from those who they raised or helped raise. For many woman motherhood is a thankless job.
  9. Thanks for your kind responses. I am beginning to think I will never have a real life again. I hope to get better but it is easier said than done. I don't know how you did it Kappydell. In my case I am not mad about him dying. He had had many miraculous recoveries before and I was thankful for every one of them. We were very lucky to have 38 years together because he was alot older than me. When we married we figured the odds would be pretty good that I would outlive him. I am glad he went first and he was too. We both know I am stronger than him and I could not stand him having to go alone. Once I had cancer and within hours of my diagnosis he got a horrible case of shingles from the stress and worry. He was so sweet and kind. It was a beautiful day today and I made myself go out and do some errands. Prescriptions, pay bills etc. I still prefer to stay home but I am trying.
  10. I have not posted in quite a while. I never thought I could stay away so long but it has been a tough ride. My beloved DH has died. He fell and became bedbound for many months. I was his only caregiver and really wore myself out taking care of him. I am still recovering myself but my pain is still pretty raw. I have missed ya'll but I really have not been worth being around for a while. Maybe I am starting to heal a bit.
  11. I've been so busy. I hardly even have time for the internet. Plus my computer is recharging sporadically. I haven't had time to see what's wrong with it yet. We are getting rain like crazy too. They are predicting up to 8 inches this week. I feel so bad for those who will get flooded in the low lying areas.. Alot of them can't afford to move or rebuild. Although he is still weak and not able to walk as much as he used to, DH is at least holding his own with a little occasional improvement. Unfortunately, my Aunt had a stroke and it doesn't look good. She is 96 though so it is not so unexpected. This is her first serious illness ever! Hubby is getting spring fever. That is good for him mentally but I hope his health holds up until the crops are ready to harvest! Hope everyone has a great week.
  12. Last night I made stuffed peppers in tomato sauce, mashed potatoes and glazed carrots. Today I am fixing fried pork chops, dirty rice and asparagus.
  13. It sounds like things will work out for DH's trip. Hope you will be able to hold down the fort until he gets back.
  14. It is so hard when you lose friends. They are irreplaceable.
  15. We hit our lowest temp yet this am..19. It's only getting up to around 30 today. The sun is out today for the first time in ages! DH has been out of the hospital for a month now. He is still spending all but about 3-4 hours a day in bed. At least he is able to walk to use the bathroom and eat his meals now. That is an improvement. I don't know why he is so tired all the time, but the Doc's don't really care. He finally got out of the house on Friday for a doctor appt. He still has clots in his legs and they are still swollen. Of course, the doc didn't even look or touch them. Geez! I am so sick of being housebound but I am stuck for the foreseeable future. It is hard to be a caregiver when you are wheelchair bound yourself. Somehow we will muddle through. Have a great week all!
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