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  1. I know this is a month late, but Jeepers, I am so sorry for your loss.
  2. Jeepers, I hope things work out for your mom. Sometimes there is just nothing else for some of us to take. I use to get Z-Pak's and then they don't do those any more. Why, I have no idea. If I remember right, my MIL use to take a lot of Prednisone too for the same reason, rheumatoid arthritis. I do know next time I go in for a sinus infection I will be very careful and tell them I don't want to take that stuff again. My bones are old and I have weak bones anyway and to give me something that weakens them more, no thinks. Am I the oldest one on here??? I hope things go well for you DIL.
  3. Momo, I am so glad to see you again. I know I should have been in here ages ago but I just haven't done it. I did take things to the fair this year, but not nearly as many as I have in the past. If anyone would like to see what I did, I can post pictures. I'm waiting to see who will enter yet before the 30th. Snowmom
  4. This is very interesting. I have been taking something for high Cholesterol for wow, let me see if I can think that far back I think it was about 30 years give or take. The doctors don't tell you everything at all. I have had sinus infection for a long time and just trying to get over another one. Well, my back started to hurt bad so like a good patient, I went to my chiropractor yesterday and guess what. I am not wearing a brand new white belt and will be wearing it for 4 to 6 week. Yes, a fracture in my back. I coughed to hard I guess. But, it was because of what I too and have taken for the last several times I had sinus infection, or was it. When I said I had taken 5 days of Prednisone, my doctor. looked at me and told me it will eat the bones. Ok now, I ask you, why would a doctor give me something that will damage my bones when they know I have Osteoporosis? Man I can't figure these doctors out at all. So next time they say something about Prednisone I will say NO. I got Doxycycline to, but the Prednisone just is not going to happen again. Now, I think I will be asking more questions when I go to the doctors.
  5. Thank you for the pictures. So, now we are three doing the ornament exchange. Midnightmom and mommaoto3boys and myself. Hope others join too. Great idea Midnightmom. Thanks. I will need to have the names by the 30 if at all possible.
  6. Wow! I really didn't realize it was really that bad. I don't really give a lot of presents for Christmas any more as the Grand children are mostly miles and miles away. I send a family gift or money. Nancy and I don't exchange any more and we haven't been doing a lot for those closer. Time will tell what we do from the sounds of it. We like shopping the Black Friday sales for some of the gifts too, now I wonder if there will be a Black Friday Sale. I want to say Happy Thanksgiving long before Merry Christmas. I just posted a Christmas Ornament Exchange, so those interested please sign up.
  7. Good morning everyone. I know I am so late with this and please forgive me again. I have been sick for the past two weeks, sinus infection. I did something I knew was wrong to do. I went outside without a jacket on as well as nothing on my head. It was chilly outside but, I wanted to get the leaves off the decks. I did and wished I had put a jacket on. I have been working on crafts as we had a show the first Saturday of October and it went well. We have another one coming up the first Saturday in November so have to get some things made for that one too. Anyway, I just haven't been up to doing a lot. With all of that said, it is really late but we can still do this. By now most if not all of you know the rules for the Ornament Exchanges. Message me with your name and address as soon as possible and I will put the list together and message it all to you. Then, make an ornament and sent one to each person on the list. So, please message me withing the next week or two as I will be out of town for a while after the next craft show. Just have fun making them and then look forward to getting the other ones. If you are able to, please mail them before or shortly after Thanksgiving. Any questions add to this thread. Snowmom
  8. It has been some time since I have been in here. Momo, I am so sorry for your loss. Please let me know if there anything I can do for you? I will be praying for you and your family.
  9. Happy Belated Birthday Dee. I hope this was the best one yet.
  10. Thank you all for the comments on the house. It is really so nice, it has a split entry so there are stairs for us to use for exercise. Nancy's office is down stairs and an extra bedroom is down there. I use the little bedroom upstairs for my computer. The room is so small there is no way you could have more than a twin bed and dresser in there. Then, I have the bedroom next to it and Nancy has the master bedroom and bath for herself. There is a bathroom down stairs and it is larger than both of the ones up stairs. We are not all unpacked yet, but that is ok. It will get done little at al time. to all.
  11. Just thought I would come in and say Hi to everyone and also to say Merry Christmas to you all. Oh yes, HappyGirl, now Joyfilled, yes I do remember you. How are you doing?? Mother, good to be coming in sometimes. Becca_Anne, good to see you here too. To everyone. Merry Christmas to everyone.
  12. Wow, this is very interesting. I just shared it to Face book. We have a jar of garlic in our refrigerator right now. I think I am going to check to see if it says where it is from. Thank you for sharing this video. I had no idea some garlic came/comes from China.
  13. Littlesister, hope your family is getting better by now. It is interesting so you should see what they have. Becca-Anne, so good to see you here. We need to get together on the Jones side. Swap some stories maybe even. Homesteader, you will have some good info from the sounds of it. Be sure to get everything you want to know from your mother too. I regret not questioning my dad more years ago when I was in school. That was a very long time ago. Ann, I know that at one time, I'm thinking it was you, were able to help me with the Lee side of my family. Of course I haven't done anything these past several months but, hope to be able to work on it later on this winter. Have a great day everyone.
  14. Sorry I am really late but Happy Belated Birthday. Glad to hear you had a good day.
  15. Thank you Jeepers. Of course it isn't a real tree, with all of my allergies and stuff, we just don't put up a real one. Midnightmom, I love the ornament, thank you so much. It is on the tree. Thank you to everyone who joined in the exchange this year. It has been mentioned to me that starting next year we need to make sure that the year is someplace on the ornament or a paper taped to it or something. That way we know what year we got it. Some of us are getting older and sometimes don't remember all those dates. I think I am probably the oldest one in Mrs. S. Want to see some pictures of our home?? The tree is on the other side of this wall. Of course this is part of the kitchen. Part of our living room. More of the living room We have pillows and throws for those who want to us them.
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