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  1. Working on cleaning and organizing my sewing room now. Happy Dance.
  2. I have a mystery tincture. Sigh. I should be able to tell which one it is by smelling, but I'm ... not so much. sigh.
  3. Thanks y'all. I found a recipe using maple syrup!! Made three quarts of apple pie filling, dried a bunch of chips, and made apple scrap jelly using the scraps and honey.
  4. My grands can't eat processed sugar and I want to make them an apple pie filling sweetened with honey or maple syrup. Does anyone have a recipe that I can either can or freeze? Thanks!!
  5. Enjoy the baby Jeepers. I'm getting antsy to see my Grands as well. Not had a really productive day today, but making big plans for tomorrow!!
  6. Got a little stocking up done this week. Had a good sale on the breakfast sausage we eat and the granola type snacks DH and the Grands love. So I've been printing coupons and running to the store everyday to get the daily limit. DH is on fire learning to ferment and put another 2+ gallons of various veggies in to ferment. Carrots, beets and onions (gallon) cukes (pint), and peppers (gallon). The Grands LOVE all things fermented and eat it up. We have all had digestion issues start clearing up within a couple of weeks of starting to eat fermented foods regularly. We've also been looking more seriously at land to retire to. Just the beginning of our search. We don't really have a time line at this point. Just trying to keep abreast of what's available for when we're ready to make a move.
  7. Bless y'all and your parents. Tough issues to deal with. I had a leisure weekend with hubby. Should've been a working weekend, but oh well. He's had a tough row to hoe at work lately and I've been busy too. So we just took it easy. Now, time to make up for it.
  8. I grabbed sandwich on the way home from VBS decorating. DH had leftover squash casserole. We both worked late and in the heat. Both. So. Tired.
  9. ugh. I hate getting gas on me! Glad there were no open flames around. I'm terrible with the gas can myself. I always seem to fling some where it shouldn't be. Usually on me!!
  10. Headed to the church to decorate for VBS. I love doing it! Hopefully we will finish today and tomorrow because we have several new teachers this year and they are decorating their own rooms. I have done the bulk of decorating for several years because so many of the teachers were the Moms, the Sunday school teachers, the summer camp chaperones ... and everything else. They would literally get home from camp Sunday morning, decorate and set up their rooms Sunday afternoon and start VBS Monday. It was asking too much of them. But we have some new folks who are stepping in and it is perfect timing for me and what we have going on at home. My partner in crime and I have taken a set of rooms to designate as a VBS Workroom. There is one big classroom surrounded by four smaller ones. The large room I just painted and we will use it for crafts, etc. One small room will be set up for small child playroom and the other three will be for completed craft storage. The themes rotate and stuff we use this year will be usable again in two-three years. By storing it, we save on money, time, and energy resources and make subsequent years so much easier. Also, by having this workroom, we can begin working on crafts throughout the year while the AC is already running upstairs. This saves on the electric bill, which is so important to our small church. We have been planning this for several years, and are really excited to actually see it come to fruition. The best part is, other ministries will also have access to the workroom as needed throughout the year! These rooms have been sitting empty upstairs for years. It feels good to stop all that waste!!! Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow.
  11. We are continuing to clear clutter one box at a time. Also limping along with a remodel of sorts. The plans for this weekend: get the dead double ovens and electric stove top out and to the curb. Go through every room and pull out any obvious "toss" items to the curb. City pick up is set for Monday, so we are trying to get out anything we can right now and make room in the garage for an actual garage sale before school starts again. I ordered the new cook top yesterday. We are going to build pipe and wood shelving where the wall ovens were and use a small convection oven and microwave until we are ready to gut the kitchen. We have less than 8 feet of counter space and those two ovens have cut that down to 4 feet. I'm sick of it!! They've got to go up the wall if we are going to make it through a remodel!! I don't want to invest in an oven until we decide what we're going to do and how extensive the remodel will be. We bought a bottom of the line electric stove top to get us through because we know we are going to convert to gas oven at a minimum. But since youngest DD is getting married next spring, and middle DD likely next fall, we're just going to work on decluttering, painting, diy flooring in the back of house, etc. We won't be knocking out walls or replacing appliances ... really any large ticket item ... until all daughters are married! Then, we will decide how deep we will go into a remodel based on where DH is in his retirement decision. We just want to upgrade every reasonable thing we can so that when he does retire from his day job, we can get in the market with the least out of pocket $$ and get back maximum in resale!! But our kitchen is so tiny ... we HAVE to address that somehow!!! Exciting, tiring, nerve-wracking, fun, time-consuming ... all those things. Ready. To. Be. Decluttered.
  12. Jeep ... is there a specific version of Where there is No Doctor we should be looking for. I keep meaning to get a copy, and now seems like a good time.
  13. Congratulations!!!! Grand love is just the best!!!
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