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  1. Still praying, and I hope things work out well however the tests and treatments go.
  2. So sweet to come in and see still another old friend posing an update. Becca_Anne, I have wondered how you are, and I'm sorry you have had difficulties and worries, but I'm happy to see your update. I continue to pray for everyone here, knowing God has each of us in His hands, so we can leave the details safely with Him. I can't seem to get the Emoticons to work for me tonight, but please consider yourself hugged and loved.
  3. Joining in the prayers for you and your friends and loved ones.
  4. Cat

    HE is risen!

    I hope everyone had a calm, happy Easter Sunday. I'm just glad we're not getting the snow that's falling further South of us.
  5. We have a church-based food pantry nearby that will accept expired food items up to one year past it's date - and they are careful to explain to recipients that they ARE safe according to our government's own guidelines. And they can show them paperwork on it, to reassure them. So I have been moving some of my stuff there to help others and clean off my shelves. I don't cook the same since our youngest is at college, far away. We have been using Gossner Foods whole milk, which is processed and shelf-stable for years. We find it at the "everything is one dol
  6. Joining in the prayers for you and for your loved ones.
  7. *SIGH* peekaboo! Life just gets so busy. Our youngest is getting ready to finish up her university years, but I guess she still has one semester to finish after this next one ends. She has an internship in a major company up near Chicago coming up, but I'm not thrilled about it being so close to Chicago, even though it's only a couple hours away from us. They have a protective, established program for their internships, but you all know how Mamas worry. I'm not babysitting the three grandchildren as much these days. The second-grader who I was with thro
  8. WHAAAAT???? Jeepers wants to come to Indiana????
  9. I don't get here as often, but you are both in my prayers, as are so many others here. I just trust God to know what is needed for whom.
  10. KMart was dying around here a long time ago, and they closed the last "close" one to us last year. Sears lost us a LONG time ago, so I'm not really sad. It used to be the go-to place for good quality stuff, and you could count on helpful employees who cared about service and quality. They allowed this single female with a good job a credit account when it was still kind of rare, so I bought my first home's refrigerator there before I married. And it was the ONLY place my husband's family would buy appliances and other larger home products. Until they needed a new
  11. Joining the rest in prayers for the family and especially for her. But maybe knowing her loved ones now know Jesus will bring her some peace as she walks this path.
  12. I really do mean it. Events of the past few years in my "real life" have shown me just how much this forum and all of it's people have filled my life in far too many lonely places. Before FaceBook, this place was a place to connect, even when it's with people I may never meet in "real life". FaceBook now helps me by connecting old classmates and extended family in sweet ways that help me to feel like I have "real life" friends, too. I hadn't realized how lonely I really was, in my day-to-day life. I can talk easily to strangers, but people I know 'up close" are more diffi
  13. Time marches on, and I have less time to come here and just play. But you are in my thoughts and my prayers, and I hope that you are in a place where you are safe, where you have "enough", and where you are loved. May this coming year bring you the things that money can't buy, the things that fill your heart with joy and with peace. God bless you and your loved ones. You are loved.
  14. Something I haven't "seen" yet. Do you have a link I can check out?
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