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  1. Got up this morning and called mom at farmer’s market to see how it was going... slooowww. Imagine that! Memorial Day weekend. Campground right down the road. Lakes everywhere. Slow. So I stayed home and watered stuff cuz it didn’t rain even though the forecast had been for semi-severe (heavy rain, wind, possible hail, lightning). I guess it fizzled... again. Picked up DS1 about 1:00 and came to the farm. DS2/DDIL/littles came up and brought 4-wheeler and dogs. Mom came up and brought little $hithead princess pooch and pizza. The big dogs don’t give a crud about little 5# b1tch, but every time they’d get near her she’d snarl and snap!! Sissy butt! Kids rode the 4-wheeler all over the farm, ate pizza, we sat and visited. Good afternoon/evening. Uncle got garden tilled, so in the morning I have to get the wheel put on the little tiller and get busy *making lines* and hopefully DS1 can start getting potatoes planted. Next week I need to bring the t-post driver so we can get the fence up in front of the barnyard garden and I can start planting that. I showed the kids a *surprise* before they left. Remember the cute little bird nest on the potato planter that I moved to a shelf? Well, mama bird found it and the babies have hatched!! 🐣 I also got pics of mama bird, but my phone was zoomed and they’re not very clear. She’s a small bird— barely bigger than a sparrow.
  2. DH grilled bbq chicken 🍗 and baked potatoes 🥔. I fried wild harvest asparagus in mangalitsa bacon grease (DS2 raised and butchered last year) and butter. ‘Twas YUMMY!!!
  3. My internet is very sketchy. Lakers! 😡 I’m not sure what all I did yesterday... Slept in. Crocheted a little in the morning. Played in the dirt. Filled a couple bird feeders. I think we have a raccoon 🦝 creating havoc. 😡 One of my feeders has gotten knocked down and broken, oriole jelly feeder keeps getting tipped over, suet missing. Went to DGS’s little league game. Got a pic of DS2’s puppers. Today... DH woke me up early— “Let’s go fishing.” 🎣🥰 This afternoon I rearranged my van to fit a push mower in the back. DS1 hit a rock with it at the farm. DH fixed it this week and I have to take it back up tomorrow. Weeded the garden. Did laundry. Got bottles ready to make lotion... didn’t get the lotion made though. Farmer’s market tomorrow. Then pick up DS1 and go to farm. My uncle got the gardens tilled, so we are going to try to get some potatoes planted. Have to be back Sunday cuz we have flea market Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday this week. and Necie
  4. DS2’s shoulder is doing ok. He had a setback Monday at DGD’s t-ball game. DDIL’s sister smacked it—hard! I thought DS was gonna deck her out of reflex. I jumped up and jumped her @ss. She was drunk and shouldn’t even have been there. She left. She also said a couple of rude comments to DDIL about her having the tubal done and was overall obnoxious. I just hope it didn’t do any damage to DS’s shoulder. He said it’s just gonna take a little longer to heal. He’s been wearing his sling again the last 2 days, so I know it’s hurting him again. 😢 Today was a repeat of yesterday. Market was slow. Then went to DGD(5)’s t-ball game. Market closes at 4 and game wasn’t til 6:30, so stopped at DS2’s to waste time. He and his 2 dogs ended up riding with me and DDIL took their car with 4 kids (DGD(13) had a friend along). They have a FAT 6(?) year old female English Mastiff and just Sunday got an 8 month old male Cane Corso. He’s kind of a rescue... but not. The people didn’t have time for him. 😢 He’s very smart and wants to please, so is learning quickly. He’d never been in a car or on a leash. DS said his crate was covered with poo... which means he was in it wayyy too much. He’s a total big baby and just wants loved on. 🥰 I’ll try and get a couple pics tomorrow. Tomorrow I get to do whatever I want!!! Day off!! I’m definitely gonna try to sleep in. 😂 DGS has a little league game at 5:30. and Necie
  5. We had this problem at our farmer’s market under the old director. We’ve been selling there (handmade items) since 2009. When the new director took over, about 5 yrs ago, he put a stop to it. Problem was... it was the Amish. They would go to local produce auctions on Thursday and bring it in Saturday morning. Sweet corn in May? Those great big, huge boxes of melons (like you see at WM) in June? If customers questioned them, their pat answer was: “We have a hothouse.” The new director put his foot down and said “Only homegrown and only in season!!” We lost a couple of big sellers and the ones that are still there will still sneak a few things in... last week it was obvious hydroponic butter crunch lettuce right next to garden grown leaf lettuce, some commercial radishes and green onions. If you know, you know. Problem is... most don’t. 😒
  6. Praying 🧎 for EVERYONE!! Life is crazy. I’m not even sure what all I did yesterday... Cleaned out 2 weeks worth of yard sale stuff from my van. Packed stuff for market in a box and took that in today. Finally got soap wrapped. Cleaned up kitchen a bit while I made quick chicken alfredo— canned chicken and alfredo, box of pasta. Watered flats of plants and filled a couple bird feeders. Went to DS2’s and helped him do chores. Then took bottles back ($7). Then to DGD(5)’s first t-ball game of the year. Not sure if I mentioned... DDIL sent me the grandkids’ ball schedules a couple weeks ago. DGD(5) plays t-ball on Monday/Wednesday and DGS(7) plays little league on Tuesday/Thursday. Until June 20th.It’s an hour from market and 45 minutes from home. Today was market and then DGS’s first little league game. Yesterday and today were both HOT!! 90ish. Tomorrow is supposed to be better—77. It’s midnight... I gotta be up in 6 hrs to repeat today. 😂 g’night 😴 Necie
  7. Must be something in the air (heat?) as I was tired all day too. And nothing seemed to go right. Very frustrating day. So we left the farm early instead of spending another night. Got home about 5 and took a 2 hr nap. That never happens. Usually I can’t even fall asleep, and if I do it’s only for a few minutes... 10-15 at the most. Ah well, tomorrow’s another day.
  8. @euphrasyne, I hope your wrist heals quickly. @Mt_Rider, I hope you get all your stuff (and DH’s ) through the airport ok. @Littlesister, as much as your DGS frustrates you, one thing always stands out to me... how willing he is to help you, with little to no complaint (except maybe cleaning up after himself ). He really does sound like a good kid... with a few problems to work out. But don’t we all.. Farmer’s market this morning. Then went to pick up DS1 and head to the farm for our first camp out of the year (and in the *new* camper instead of the van!). The town just before the farm was having their citywide yard sales, so we had to stop at a few. Got some good stuff for flea market, an extra potato fork ($5) for digging potatoes this fall, a couple of nice blankets for camper or cabin, some yarn, and DS got some nice clothes (he has more clothes than anyone I know). Got to the farm and DS got the campfire going. Roasted hotdogs for dinner. I started in rearranging things from van to house to camper to van. And worked on getting the camper in order. I got spiders. I sprayed once... am gonna have to spray again. Not sure how well I’m gonna sleep. and Necie
  9. @Jeepers, you should be able to add photos from your phone. Not sure if it’s the same as mine. I click “add files”, then “photo library”, then photos come up, click on which one(s) you want to add, click “add”, then they upload. Easy peasy. 😀
  10. Today didn’t go as planned. Humph... imagine that!! Planned on a lazy morning of crocheting. Got up, coffee, news... DH says: “Wanna go fishing? 🎣 “ Next thing I know, it’s 3:00. Only got one batch of lotion made and lotions labeled. Will have to wrap soap Monday and make other lotions next week. All good. Piddled around a bit this evening... filled a couple bird feeders, worked in garden, and watered flats of veggies since we didn’t get the rain that they were calling for this afternoon. Tomorrow is farmer’s market. Then picking up DS1 and going to DS2’s to do chores, then to farm for our first camping of the year. and Necie PS: @Jeepers, I am going to post in the “Fishing” thread... do NOT look!!
  11. Pooped. Spent most of the day at DS2’s. Picked up 300# of pig feed and 100# of chicken feed on the way. When I got to DS2’s, mom and DS1 were already there. DS1 unloaded all the feed and I dumped it in the correct barrels. Reminded me of one of the reasons that I don’t want livestock anymore... I’m too old for all that lifting. DS1 and I worked in the garden while mom visited with DS2/DDIL for a little bit. DDIL overdid it yesterday evening after her surgery, so she spent the day on the couch. Pretty sore. 😞 Mom headed home and DS2 had to go to his one week post-op checkup. All good. They took the bandage off and taped over the incision, so he’s cleared to shower tomorrow. He was happy about that— said he’s sick of taking bird baths like a little kid. When he got home, I left the boys to visit awhile and I went and hit some yard sales. Town wide, but I didn’t find much— some clothes and dress up costumes for the littles. Got back to DS2’s and ran DS1 home, then back to DS2’s to do chores and then home. Lots of driving today. Tomorrow am making/labeling lotion and wrapping soap. and Necie Random flower pics I took after I got home tonight.
  12. There is a poultry processing plant less than 10 miles from me that claims *Amish*. The owners aren’t Amish. Amish do raise the chickens. The processing plant provides the chicks, feed, and STRICT guidelines. So I guess they are Amish raised... ?? Market today. Started out wet, then turned nice. Busy. Much better than yesterday. Went to DS2/DDIL’s after market. DDIL had her surgery today. All went good. They got home about 15 minutes after I got there. I helped DS2 do chores (chickens and pigs). DD showed up with a crockpot pork roast dinner for them. Got home and pulled soaps/lotions for market next week and printed labels. I need to wrap 30 bars of soap and label 20 lotions and make 2 batches of lotion (probably Friday). Tomorrow am going to DS2’s. DS1, Mom and I are going to finish planting their garden (potatoes). Well, Mom will probably supervise or maybe help DDIL with some housecleaning or something. DS2 also has his one week checkup for his collarbone surgery. and Necie pics of my lilac bushes. Just starting to bloom. Wish y’all could smell them. YUM!! Planted these in 2006– when we bought this house and even before we moved in. A truck rolled and landed upside down in the front yard. TORE. IT. UP. (Dude was ok. Found him walking a ways down the road-drunk.) Insurance paid and besides the yard repairs, I got 5 spirea bushes and 3 lilac bushes (one didn’t make it). I put the spirea out towards the road between the U shaped driveway and the lilacs next to where I park to keep people from pulling through the yard to get around other vehicles. 😉
  13. Yesterday was at DD’s most of the day. She got home at about 4 from her vacation with her dad— 2 week European cruise and 1 week in Iceland. We hung out for awhile, then I headed home. Got home and DH thinks he’s coming down with something... sneezing and runny nose. My sinuses are dry and eyes itch like crazy. DS2 said he sneezed twice today (hard on his ribs). Got home from market tonight and DH is fine. I was talking to mom earlier and telling her and she mentioned that we’re getting smoke from Canada again(?). I haven’t heard this anywhere... anyone else? It sure would explain a lot. Market was slow today. Blah. DDIL has surgery tomorrow at noon. DS2 says he’s driving her. I could tell he was hurting tonight. Come to find out, he quit taking his pain meds. I told him I’d call in the morning to see if he changes his mind about driving. DD is taking them dinner tomorrow after she gets out of work. I’ll probably run up there after market and plan on going for sure Thursday morning to plant potatoes. DDIL also text me the littles t-ball/little league schedules today. DGD(5) plays on Mondays and Wednesdays, and DGS(7) plays on Tuesdays and Thursdays... starting next week and ending June 20th. and Necie
  14. Busy day yesterday. Stopped at DS2/DDIL/grandkids first. They got me some really nice cards and a roll of indoor/outdoor carpet to put in front of the camper at the farm. DS2 said so I can wipe my feet after being in the garden... or just take my shoes off. 😂 Then to farm. Got the potato planter. It was hanging on a nail on the wall in the garage. Dumb bird built a nest on it!! I think it’s a tufted titmouse. So took me a bit longer than I’d hoped cuz I was trying to figure out what to do with it. Ended up just putting it on a shelf in the corner cuz I couldn’t figure anything else to hang there that would be flat and hold it. Went to Mom’s. It ended up just being DSIS1, DSIS4, DS1 and me. So instead of sloppy joes, DS1 grilled burgers. He got me a beautiful hanging plant. We also did his birthday since it’s this Wednesday. DH and I got him a new rod/reel and DS2 sent 2 anchors for his boat with me. Mom is taking him to the casino for a couple hours on Friday for dinner and a little gambling. Neither one are big gamblers, so that won’t take long, but will be fun for them. Then headed to DD’s to stay with the dogs. Stopped at farm store and got MORE grape vines— SEEDLESS. I figured I’d oblige DH since he puts up with me... and that’s A LOT!! I might dig the other’s (seeded) back up and move them to the farm if I can’t find a good spot for the new ones. So, I’m sitting at DD’s with the grandpups waiting for her to get home. Plane arrives at noon and she should be home by 2:30-3:00. Her DH left yesterday for a golf outing and won’t be home until Friday. If there’s enough time after DD gets home, I might go get DS1 and go to DS2’s to plant potatoes. Otherwise it’ll wait until Thursday. DS2 is doing better... to the point that we have to stay on him to do LESS! DDIL has surgery (tubal) on Wednesday, so I plan to be there Wednesday through at least Friday anyhow. pics of potato planter/bird nest
  15. @Littlesister wasn’t on yesterday. Not like her. I’m slightly worried. Hope all is well.
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