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  1. You just wanted an adrenaline rush from my buggie. <bigcheesygrin>
  2. Awww... my siggy that Pixie made me is gone. Such it is with change, I guess.
  3. AWWWWWWWW.... Thanks for the Happy Birthdays! Has been crazy busy around here. 10 new baby goats out of 4 new mamas--yes, first timers, in the last week. Been busy, busy getting babies on the milk bucket and getting the mamas used to milking. They are all doing really well. Thanks AO54G for dragging me in. I miss this place. HOME!! <3
  4. DD and I had such a wonderful time at the first gathering. Memories of such super people that we'll never forget. <3 No such thing as *vacation* with the goats now. Will be busy milking and breeding and markets. Someday I'll find my way *home* for a visit. Hope everyone has a wonderful time making forever memories.
  5. I see more of *those* looks from women than from men when it comes to selling my goat milk soaps/lotions. Women are much more... forward about their opinion of it being 'weird'. I've had some right down rude comments. And I've seen the look directed at their husband. If a woman approaches my soap and is interested, her husband just kinda stands there and waits while she makes her purchase. If I point out our men's scents and he's truly not interested, he just smiles and shakes his head 'no'. But if a guy approaches the soap, I've seen wives roll their eyes and glare. If he starts asking about
  6. Necie

    Sadie the dog

    Oh, I'm soooo sorry about your loss of Abby. I remember so many of your posts about her. Such a wonderful gal. (((()))) Yup, I figure if the *work* and *cost* bother me, then I'm not ready yet. When work/cost seems irrelevent, then the desire for the dog itself is true and I'll be ready. It was 6 yrs after I lost Greta before I got Gracie. Making sure that I'm not trying to *replace* them is also an issue. Rottie's are soooo different that I have to make sure my *expectations* are in the right place.
  7. Necie

    Sadie the dog

    Sounds like time for some basic obedience. I keep *thinking* about getting another pup. o.O It's been over 4 yrs since I lost Gracie. I miss having a dog in the house. The training and playing. But then i think about the work and the $$... and maybe I'm not ready and I better wait.
  8. Well, dang! Got my hopes up. I have a Toyota. The air doesn't work. It does have spiders. Are spiders attracted to Toyotas for some reason? LOL Anywho... was thinking *maybe* it was a recall to get air fixed. But... nope. My Toyota is a Corolla... 1997. ROFLMBO At least I don't have to worry about some arachnid popping me in the nose with my own airbag.
  9. Farmer's Market this morning. I really don't like October markets, but regulars miss ya if ya don't show. It's there last chance to stock up on product til May... or pay shipping. Flea Market is slow too. We do "The World Famous, Largest Outdoor Flea Market in the MidWest, SHIPSHEWANA!" <imagine an anouncer on a lousy speaker barking that out... every hour> LOL Anywho, we are down to one lot for October. We did our normal two this last week and it wasn't worth it. Too many festivals and fairs going on. Got home and *observed* Ojie (aka: Sugar Plum Fairy that I mentioned in another
  10. Necie

    *Home* work.

    Nice to see you, too, MomM. Annarchy, I would LOVE a hottub. Someday. Well, I don't feel like I got much done today. <sigh> Once I made the mess in the soap room, I kinda gave up on that. Will cut the H/V Biscotti tomarrow and see how *bad* it really is. May be more *ugly* soap for the bulk basket. Ah well. I did a *bit* in the kitchen. Not much, just took care of some clutter. It's still *organized chaos* around here. LOL Mostly worked on more soap. Straightened out my wrapped inventory (in the kitchen), sorted and reboxed my unwrapped inventory (upstairs) and labeled and wrapped 1
  11. Pregnancy indicator? Why milking? I've never milked does from the time they're dried up until they freshen. I've heard of others who ease out a bit if they udder up too much, but the only time mine get real tight and shiney is within 24 hrs of kidding. Sometimes I'll milk out colostrum, about half, to make the doe more comfy for pending labor and give me time to heat treat. My gals usually start to udder up 4-6 wks before kidding, but don't get *full* til the day of.
  12. Necie

    *Home* work.

    Well, I always figure when having a list of things to do... to do the one you want to do the least and get it over with. Soooo... I made the Honey/Vanilla Biscotti soap. Now I remember why I use Black Vanilla FO from SGS instead of Vanilla Lace FO from NDA! I could barely stir in my shreds! Thin oatmeal? HAH! In less than 2 minutes, I had a bucket full of soap that was like oatmeal that got forgot on the back of the stove for DAYS!! I had to scoop and smoosh into my molds (3" pvc--18" tall). What a MESS. Soap splattered all over the soap room. GEESH! What kind of mess can I get into nex
  13. I wish I could hold jrs over to kid as 2 yr old ff. I always end up with a dry yearling, which is fine having just one, but can't afford to wait 2 yrs to see udders. I love my 2 yr old ff being so big, but even yearling ff catch up by the time they're 2. I'd love to have Jan/Feb kids as they grow out so nice, but I HATE milking before March (would prefer May-LOL.) Have too hard of a time getting rid of whethers born after March and don't like the way summer babies grow out. Too many problems with worms/cocci. So I compromise and breed EVERYONE to kid in March. Jr does are all 7 months old and
  14. Necie

    Milk Fairy

    Thank you. I'm very proud of how far we've come with our stock and our breeding program. It's my favorite part of the job. The part that I consider *Fun* and not *Work*. If you'd like to see pics of all my gals and guys, feel free to check out my website: www.lunamojo.com. Website building/updating is NOT a favorite part of my job. But I did just update my Buck, Doe (Sr and Jr) and Breeding pages about a month ago.
  15. Necie

    *Home* work.

    Today is Friday. My day to *git 'er done'. Saturdays I have Farmer's Market. Sundays are *who-knows-what-will-come-up*. Mon, Tue, Wed are flea market days. Monday is set-up, Tue/Wed is actual market. Thursday is my *run* day. So today is my day to get stuff done around here. Whether it be cleaning, work with the goats, making product, book work, whatever... I don't HAVE to leave the house... unless I have to. *~* LOL I need to make a bunch of lotion... but I'm waiting on ingredients that I ordered. Got a bunch of crocheting to do. That gets done *in-between* other projects when I get sit-
  16. No, I am not talking about kids born... I'm talking breeding. It's CRAZY!! I have 12 does (7 seniors and 5 juniors), but I do NOT have 9 bucks... I have 3. Which is TOO many to begin with...but I digress. I have these goofy goat friends who also think they need TOO many bucks. My BESTEST goat friend also has 3 bucks--one sr and two jrs. So I am breeding three of my does (one sr and two jrs) to each of her bucks. Another friend has a very nice buck that I used last year and love the two doelings sired by him, so I am breeding another doe to him this year. That makes *4*. Another fri
  17. Any babies yet? Hope all is well. We're just breeding now, it's CRAZY. I'll start a new post so as not to hi-jack yours.
  18. Necie

    Milk Fairy

    Milk fairies: Tinkerbell and her daughter Sugar Plum Fairy. ETA: I forgot the future milk fairy, Tinkerbell's daughter from this year--PIXIE!!
  19. Figured it out (I think-LOL). LACTO-FERMENTATION! If whey can be used in canning, then it should be able to be canned. Oh, and whey isn't actually a dairy product, it is a by-product. Thanks Violet, you made me dig deeper.
  20. I use a REALLY good knife. Old Hickory. 20# is ALOT of cabbage. You're gonna need more than a large jar...probably buckets.
  21. So--I've been making ALOT of cheese and I love using the whey to make breads/pasta. But there's so much left over, even after giving some to dogs/chickens...and I hate dumping it. So I got to thinking the other day that *maybe* I could can it. ?? ALL the milk fats/solids have been removed and with the way I make cheese there is vinegar added which would make it acidic. So could this be WBC'd? Here is a link to where I asked about acidity: http://www.dairygoatinfo.com/index.php?topic=24574.0 The gentleman (Pav) who answered my question really knows his stuff!! Cheese GENIUS!! I haven't trie
  22. Only when it's windy. LOL LOVE being out in the woods, wouldn't scare me a bit to live there. Was at Mom's today and she asked: 'Wanna go for a walk through the woods?' I must of looked at her like she was nuts, cuz then she said: 'Oh-yeah...it is a bit windy, huh? Don't need a limb falling on our heads.' LOL BTW--we had to walk through a wooded area to get to the bus stop when we were kids. Never thought of it as scarey.
  23. Necie


    LOL!!! Jeepers, from the title I thought you went to the gathering....and from the pronounciation--I figured you met Stephanie!! Hoping everyone there is having a WONDERFUL time. Necie--> wishing I was sitting by the pond, pullin' in some of them big 'ol bass. And drooling for some of Steph's dump cake. YUM!!
  24. I wonder if you rinsed them if you could use them in Borsch (sp?). Might even be good not rinsed. Or use them with smoked sausage, taters, carrots instead of kraut?
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