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  1. Left-over Vege Soup. DH made it the yesterday. Jar of green beans Jar of small whole potatoes Jar of tomatoes Jar of chowder base (has corn, celery, carrots, bacon) Jar of beef broth Out of crackers but I made Amish Friendship bread yesterday and instead of using flavored pudding to make it different, I tried using a different flavoring extract instead of vanilla. Black Walnut! It is YUMMY!
  2. He was not out of fuel. Nor was HIS electric turned off. The whole town's electric was out. His being drunk really had nothing to do with it...other than he was annoying... Maybe I should of just left that part out...but I didn't. I don't see how this is enableing. He woulda still been cold, even if sober...probably more so.
  3. I do not particularly like words put in my mouth. I said none of this. Christy's family, who could barely feed their own family, refusing to support drunk neighbors, and my letting a drunk friend flop on the couch because the electric is out and his house is cold are IMO two TOTALLY different situations. You do not agree?
  4. http://www.recyclart.org/2011/01/i-beamdesign-pallet-house/ Boy! I could think of lots of uses. Chickens, rabbits, goats. Kid's 'get-away', guest house....
  5. Yes, we can. This IS a difficult topic. And it will be a difficult decision if/when the time comes. I think looking at all points of view and really *thinking them through* in your head is very helpful in being prepared for that time.
  6. Well, they have not showed up at my door. And I'm not saying that to be a smart ass. The other night it was a friend...who was drunk...and our electric was out. We burn wood. He was cold....and annoying. I do what I can to help. Lately, it's not much. This community where I am tends to help each other. I do understand that it's a rare thing and I'm grateful for it.
  7. If they can afford booze, they can afford food. There is no *need*. This is not rocket science. I would not expect someone to feed me if I layed out drunk all the time!!! And, No Trish..I don't believe God would do that either. If you don't have it to give, then you don't have it to give. I have said *IF* in every post. I know how to make things stretch...soup and bread...not forever and there would probably come a point where I wouldn't have *extra*. But IF I have extra, I will help. I may have no food, but do have a warm floor.... Will I take people (family? friends? strangers?
  8. I am NOT a better person than you are. If I were having a hard time putting food on the table, I would not feed those drunks either!! Heck, if I had plenty of food, I would not feed them. It is hard for me to explain. I'm not real good at conveying through writing. I am a survivor, I am prepared. I will fight for my life and my family's life here. But more important is the next Life. I have taught my children to be prepared for this life and hopefully the next also.
  9. Ok..so I'll turn them away. NOT! Righteousness has nothing to do with it. And your interpretation of the Bible is interesting. Goats and Sheep--do unto others. 10 Virgins--Spiritual preparedness. I see no contradiction.
  10. I'm sorry Christy. I didn't mean it to sound that the LOL was *at* you. Just struck me funny that you didn't understand and I didn't understand what you didn't understand. It is a Bible verse and the way I was raised. 'Do unto others..' To me, turning away someone in need, is turning away Jesus himself. Can't be done. I'd sooner die. (Proves Gunplumbers point.) I am preparing for more than this life. I think that alot of people are in denial of what actual circumstances would be like. It would be easy to 'turn away' and 'defend' against some mutant zombie horde. But...a mother with th
  11. I'm not sure what you don't understand. lol The OP asked: Would you turn someone away? My answer: No. The original question was about friends/family. Not strangers. Even strangers, I would give what I could. A meal, a place to sleep for the night, medical? injuries? We don't know the circumstances. It would have to be on an individual basis. Would they be an asset to stay. Feed and rest and move on? It would be totally against my being to turn someone in need away IF I can help.
  12. I don't care if I only have a cup of broth to give. I'll give it. My family members would do the same.
  13. One of the most important verses I learned as a child. Matthew 25:40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.
  14. If this were Facebook, I would just hit *like* on Homey's reply. Answer: No. (ETA: Correct answer. )
  15. When I am *told* to do something that I clearly don't WANT to do, it is pretty obviously Him. Just lucky that way, I guess. Hmph! I am pretty sure when I don't want to do something, it is not me or the devil doing the planning. We are much smoother than that and would rather do things that are pleasurable and not difficult. I would much rather that God would ask me to do a few things that I'd enjoy, but that is generally not the case. <sigh>
  16. I just noticed you're in Indiana. I'm in NE Indiana. Here's my website: www.lunamojo.com. I know a couple other herds in the area and other areas of the state if you need any help looking for reputable breeders...CAE and CL free. Let me know if there's anything I can help ya with.
  17. Sorry. But, to me, when God says: '*THIS* is how it is, and *THIS* is how it shall be.' Well, that's it. "Thy will be done." Thought has never occured to me to ask for a 'redo'....or a 'sign'.....or Really?? I believe that if I follow what He tells me to do, that it may not always work for me...but it works for Him. All in the Plan. (And, yes, not having a good night. It's been rough. But there IS a reason....just trying to figure out what it is. In the meantime...I'm just *waiting* and *listening*...NOT doing so good on the 'patience' part of it. Therefore: )
  18. FDA officials have asked repeatedly to inspect Hochstetler’s farm, Rogers said. The farmer initially acquiesced, but finally grew tired of the repeated inspections and started prohibiting inspectors’ entry. Ultimately, Ross, the Justice Department attorney, subpoenaed Hochstetler, ordering him to appear before a grand jury, and Hochstetler turned to the sheriff for assistance. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^copied/pasted from above article^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ He wasn't subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury for not passing inspection, but for refusing to be harrassed by repeated
  19. I agree with no horns. Especially if you have children. MOST IMPORTANT!! : Ask for CAE testing. Devastating disease. And really look over the herd you buy from for CL abcesses. They are nasty to deal with and contagious to other animals also...including humans. Nubians: I have. Love them. I think they are the most friendly...and noisy. Good milk, high butterfat, not always as much as other breeds, but a gal/day isn't unreasonable. Alpines: Can be pushy/bossy...like to fight among themselves. LOTS of milk. Togs and Obers: I don't know much about. Have heard they are quieter than other b
  20. Oh, I do believe it would. Hay is supply and demand and there doesn't tend to be a 'middle-man'. I buy straight from the farmer and if the demand isn't there, the price goes down or I go down the road to the next farmer. I know there are people hauling hay down south and taking advantage of the shortages there. If there weren't such shortages and demand goes down and someone else can haul it down and sell it cheaper yet still profit, they will. Which in turn will cause the ones who *would* take advantage to also lower their price or sit on a haystack.
  21. Your mix is not much different than mine. Certainly seems correct for your area and your goats. I mix 4 parts oats and one part each corn/barley/boss for summer. In the winter I drop the oats to 2 parts to one part each of the others. Oats/barley are calories, corn is energy, BOSS is fat. Your area is colder longer than my area, so having the higher corn ratio for energy/warmth makes sense. BOSS being fat, if your goats keep condition fairly easy, then not much is needed. If your goats seem to stay fat on air (easy keepers) you could even try a grain challenge with the milker. Drop her grain a
  22. The change in grain mixes is why I mix my own. It's more work, but I don't have to worry about what's there, what's not, and what new stuff the gals have to get their rumens accustomed to. I mix COB and BOSS for the milkers--don't like molasses (can cause acidosis). Kids do get starter/grower with cocci prevention in it and when I get a new bags, I empty the old stuff out of the bin, put the new bags in and put the old on top. That way it gets mixed with the new stuff til they get used to anything that might be *different*. The bucks only get grain if they start to lose condition due to rut,
  23. Hay prices are up everywhere. I've managed to get 5 ton of excellent quality 2nd cutting alfalfa put up and am hoping it will last through 2nd cutting next year. It was $4.25/40lb bale this year as opposed to $3.00-$3.50/bale last year--that's with us going and loading/hauling ourselves. The severe drought in TX hasn't helped. They are buying more hay from the mid-west and north-west, causing shortages that are already there. The mid-west is short on hay due to drought in the spring/early summer (my hay guy was down 5000 bales from last year) and also due to farmer's plowing under alfalfa fie
  24. Bulk soaps are always available at .50c/oz plus shipping.
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