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  1. Well, it was pretty boring around here for Thanksgiving. Went to DH's family's and had dinner and then back home. It was just tooooo quiet around here and then I remembered the posts when gofish said she was going to a buffet and Cat said she was too. hmmmm...Could only be one place. Not too far from here and they have the BEEEEST pies. I could use some desert. I knew I was at the right place when I pulled up and could hear people singing "Happy Birthday" before I got out of my car. I found a little table in the back, got my pie, and sat back to watch. Soon Cat started belting out
  2. 1. A heated barn 2. with electric 3. and water
  3. Put it in the soup when you open a jar and are ready to make it to eat.
  4. Oh no. I'm so sorry Dar. I know you've had your ups and downs with Char, but you have been such a true friend. I'll keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.
  5. Generousity is contagious and since Darlene and Mrs Survival have always been so generous and giving to me, I thought I'd *pass it on*. I make and sell Goat Milk Soaps and have just started doing Goat Milk Lotions. The normal price is $4.00 for a 4 oz bar or bottle or 3 (mix or match) for $10. For MrsSurvival (membership and lurkers) I'm gonna do a Christmas Special of $3.00 for a 4 oz bar or bottle or 2 (mix or match) for $5.00. All the available scents are on the soap page of my website: www.lunamojo.com and I can do lotion in any of the soap scents. All you have to do is
  6. Anytime I see a deer while driving I remember my grandpa saying: 'It's not the one you see that you need to worry about. It's the one you DON'T see'. Luckily, haven't ever hit one. With that much damage to your truck, I doubt that redneck got much good meat. Usually the bruising is so extensive in a hit that kills, there's not much to salvage. Alot of work cleaning for very little eating.
  7. Funny. For once, I know exactly what you mean. I've been doing a bit of 'argueing' myself. I'm afraid of heights...falling. I've been coaxed and prodded and pushed to the edge, still refusing to take that leap. Well, alot of good that did me. :/ All of a sudden I find myself with nothing beneath my feet, it's been removed, and I'm free-falling. It's exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. I do know Who removed my footing, so therefore, I know Who's lap I'll land in.
  8. Just trying to figure out if anyone knows what's going on with this. The olive oil I use for soap went from $13.98/gal to $14.95. Coconut oil went from $1.00/lb to $1.17. The boss at work (restaurant) said their fry oil went up and their supplier said anything to do with oils was up. A girlfriend said she about had a heart attack when she saw the price of butter at the grocery. Is it just oils? Or is there something I'm missing?
  9. Check with Vicki @ dairygoatinfo. She RAVES about their server. No problems, never down. Don't know if it has all the bells and whistles available, but I'm pretty sure it's affordable. She allows member advertising (I think it's two/month--total $20) to offset cost.
  10. Didn't get much of a *nap* yesterday. Phone kept ringing. Drama at work. It's getting OOOOOOOLD! Anywho...not much going on today. We were gonna get up and go early to the shooting range with DH's BIL and nephew, they wanted to sight in their guns for hunting season and BIL got a new .44 that we thought we'd have some fun playing with, but DH decided it was too cooooold to just go for fun. I'd have probably just sat in the car and crocheted anyhow. I hate it when my fingers get cold. hehe Work today at 2. Drama Queen doesn't work today and a second gal even volunteered to come in an
  11. I don't know about needing armed guards ??? maybe. I personally know two people who's unemployment is due to run out. One has been preparing for it for a couple of years...the other, well, not so much, but they are aware of it and *kinda* preparing, but if he doesn't find some kind of job will probably end up on some other form of assistance. And don't even get me started on the welfare situation! Needs a total reform. There's a difference between living poor and being *needy*. I still stick to the idea that welfare should be EARNED! Community service/volunteering. Quit making it a FREE
  12. Necie


    HA! I thought maybe you posted 'Saturday' before I could try to convince everyone that it's Tuesday! roflmbo Not a good morning at Farmer's Market. Chilly and WINDY. Spent more time chasing things (mine and others) than anyone did selling. Ah well, we were all pretty happy that it's the last (outdoor) one for the year. Now on to the indoor Flea Market and maybe a few Craft Fairs for the winter. Gonna go try to get about 20 min of zzzzzzzzzz's before chores and work. and
  13. I always have fun with this with a girlfriend of mine. She still doesn't *get* it. I work Friday though Monday nights. Your Friday is my Monday and your Monday is my Friday. Friday's are CRAZY for me. I try to catch up on all the goat stuff and get soap stuff done and ready for Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings and then get to work on time. (There's really no such thing as caught up around here. LOL) Last Saturday after Farmer's Market, I ran home and unloaded totes and tables outa the backseat (soap is in baskets in the trunk), and ran to a craft fair to help a friend and the
  14. www.columbusfoods.com It's under their 'Soapers Choice'. Where it says 'Click here to order any product from the list'. oooooh....I just looked--it went up a litle--it's $1.17/lb, was $1.00/lb. I haven't ordered it from there in awhile. Local Amish store started carrying alot of oils/butters for soapers, so I've been buying it there for $49.95, plus saving shipping.
  15. I'm surprised about everyone using it for moisturizing. ?? I make soap and everything I've read says that coconut oil can be very drying. ??? I use it in my soap for it's wonderful lathering quality, but not for moisturizing/conditioning. hmmmmm I may try using it more in cooking/eating since I buy it in 50# buckets anyhow. I have a girlfriend who swears there's something wrong with my thyroid. Don't know about that, but I can always use more energy.
  16. Just thought I'd mention....here (Indiana), insurance on an 'unfinished' house is outrageous. When we bought our house, the previous owner had siding off one side and didn't have it replaced yet, so when we bought it, even though it's 130 yrs old, it was considered unfinished construction. We had to get high risk homeowners insurance until it was 'finished'....THREE times the cost of regular...and it wasn't 'replacement' (where the insurance would pay to rebuild) it was 'mortgage' insurance (they would only pay off the balance of the loan). Just something else you might want to check on.
  17. Nope.. :not blackmail. Just a kick in the pants... ....that I sometimes need. Thank you Cat. Love you all and hope to be around a bit more.
  18. Rosemary is a perrenial. You don't *have* to bring it in for the winter. It will die back and regrow next year. If it's in a pot, you should bring it in...or put it in the ground. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosemary I loooove wikipedia.
  19. Is *he* gonna do the milking? hehe Weeeeell...I sold her doe kid. Less than a day old as a bottle baby pet. Won't do that again. Lady never brought her back to be disbudded and I offered to do it and her first shots for FREE! The doeling had a slight parrot mouth (the top jaw extends over the bottom jar), and I was since told that sometimes they do and it corrects themselves as the roman nose becomes more prominant and pulls the top jaw back. This line has very prominant noses and even a bit of a 'smile', where the bottom jar extends a bit further than the top. Maybe I could've wait
  20. How ya like mine?? Quite fitting, huh? :008Laughing:
  21. Here's a pic of my little sweetie.
  22. ETS: Hey!! How come it showed up AFTER I made this post???? CAAAAAT? You can delete this post if you wish. I was very frustrated when I thouht my 'New Home for Zydie' post was ate.
  23. Zydie is a one year old, FF, Nubian doe. She was the first baby born here to have my herdname--Lunamojo Zydeco http://www.adgagenetics.org/GoatDetail.aspx?RegNumber=N001496128 She kidded in May with a buckling/doeling and immediately got down to the business of milking. She was milking 8-9 lb a day and rock solid on the milk stand. One day, less than a week after Zydie freshened, we had a bit of a ruckus in the barn... Kagan and Ari (Anatolians) were goofin' off and as much as I told 'em to knock it off, they were in PLAY MODE. Well, I had Zydie on the stand milking and in their playing,
  24. EZ Goulash Used penne pasta (sorry Cat- *necie ducks*). Brown # of ground beef, add a jar of speghetti sauce and mix. I always add some Velveeta-type cheese to the sauce and mix in to melt--kids always liked it. Mix drained pasta with sauce. VOILA! Then DH made Cheeeezy Popcorn for dessert. Just pop popcorn then shake in a paper sack with a packet of powdered cheese outa one of those cheap mac 'n' cheese boxes. (Use maccaroni for something else.)
  25. Just thought I'd share. WOW http://www.youtube.com/user/RhemaMarvanne#p/c/8F2CA1A95C015ECF/0/PIQl6ygRqhw Not sure if it's the actual video link or just her youtube link. Look for Amazing Grace under 'Recorded Songs'.
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