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  1. Mine took a bit of a 'break' too. Over two weeks without ONE egg. Never had them totally shut off on me before. Thought maybe they were overcrowded (dummies won't come out of the coop if there's snow on the ground), so sold 20...still nothing. It was colder last winter and I can't remember a day without a couple of eggs. They just finally started laying. <shrug> No idea why. Up to about a dozen a day out of 30 or so.
  2. Dar, ya know I luv ya, but I gotta say it.... My mom always said "If ya can't say nothin' nice....shaddup." We all belong here and call this place 'HOME' because we sincerely love and care about each other. Family. Period. I haven't been posting as much as normal. Life has been a bit....ahem...crazy. To say the least. But I know that my family here still cares about me and welcomes me with open arms when I return. I, too, miss the members that are rare to visit or have moved on. All have touched me and have a place in my heart. Whether they lurk, post only occasionally, or pop in an
  3. You may remember that this last spring I was honored with Darlene's unending generosity and received Kagan-one of her Anatolian pups. Some may also remember (and at the get-together last fall-08-a few met) Gracie, my rottie. Even fewer know that I tragically lost Gracie this last summer. It still hurts and is hard to talk about, but time heals all and the memories are moving past the loss to the wonderful memories of her and missing that relationship. While knowing that I'm not ready for another rottie yet, I have been longing for the companionship of another smart, sweet, fearless, big baby,
  4. A young man from Indy who bought some chickens from me this last summer said his grandfather had told him nearly *everyone* in the city had chickens up til about the '50s. He'd said that even people in apartments had roof-top chicken coops.
  5. Thank you all. An officer spotted him a couple miles from his dad's house about 7:00 this morning and offered him a lift. He refused. The officer recognized him and called his dad. His dad got him to go home with him and made him some breakfast and he went to bed. On the roads walking for 2 nights and one day. My ex said other than cold, wet, blistered feet (tennis shoes/no socks and it had started snowing-a couple inches) and very chapped lips (the lady that spotted him first yesterday thought he had a busted lip-like maybe had gotten into a fight with someone), and being very hungry, h
  6. My oldest son (24) got angry last night and left. Wouldn't let me call his dad or brother to come and get him...just put on his carharts and took off walking. We've alerted family, friends, police in four different counties. He was spotted about 40 miles from here and wouldn't take a ride. His dad and brother found him and tried to get him to go home with them, he refused. He's on foot, has no money. I don't want to go into detail with his problems, but we finally got him back on his meds, but then reality sets in and he gets angry like this. Please, if you would, pray for his safety and that
  7. Oh...forgot to say.... The only part that I disagreed with was that these dogs should not be kept in an apartment. ????? Huh? They are all very suited to an apartment or small home AS LONG AS the owner makes sure they get appropriate exercise. You do not aquire one of these dogs and put them in a corner and expect them to *behave*---they are CONSTANT WORK. And they are definitely not suited for everyone and anyone.
  8. Why do you not agree with this? I can say... with Dogo's and Corso's....they are the ULTIMATE guard dogs. Nearly impossible to rehome when people decide that they are too...intense. They bond as pups with their owners, do not tolerate strangers. The Boarboel, I do not know of, so can't comment. Rottie's are wonderful *watch* dogs...each has it's own personality though, and some can be TRAINED as guard dogs, while others do not have the temperament for it. But if they do, they are excellent PPDs. Dobie's...I do not have a personal preference for them, but they are wonderful
  9. Necie


    Oooooh yeah. It's good for all skin types. Had a gal stop by tonight and get a couple more bars...and to show me her face! LOL She has awful break-outs (oily skin) and it's clearing up quite a bit. She said it's like there's just the right amount of moisture. Another gal that regularly buys from me loves it for her eczema (sp?) which is VERY dry. I like it cuz it doesn't leave that *bar soap* feel on my skin. YUCK! Used to use liquid soap, but it's more drying than bar soap. Had a guy tell me he likes it cuz it doesn't turn to *mush* in his soap dish. LOL I've had all kinds of neat and crazy
  10. Check the time for canning the beans and the time for canning ham. I *think* they are the same, but not positive. If the time for the ham is the same for the beans, then you're good to go. If the time to can ham is longer than for beans, then OOPS! I make bean soup and can it....ham, bacon, or pork; beans; celery; carrot; onion; garlic; spice. I just make sure I can it for the ingredient that needs the longest processing. Darlene does a pork and beans or some such, I think....maybe she'll pop on here. I wouldn't toss it til ya hear from her or Violet.
  11. Necie


    No problem. It's public on my website anyhow. Hmmmm....reminds me...I need to put my phone# on the website.
  12. Necie


    Just thought I'd share. Some of you know that I have milk goats and chickens and such. I've been making goat milk soap and selling a bit. Lately, I've been busy working on the business part of this. Gotta have babies to have milk and milk to make soap....too many babies-gotta sell some....gotta sell some soap to help pay for feed and such. My sis got me a website started: www.lunamojo.com It's still very much 'under construction'-LOL-but the basics are getting there. I've been working on a brochure and samples to make up a promotion/sales kit. And....I think I've finally got my bus
  13. Neem and Tea Tree oils are also good.
  14. If this were a situation with no outside supplies....winemaking.
  15. Necie

    Roping a Deer

    DBF keeps looking at me funny cuz I can't quit laughing!!!!!!! Wait til I print this out for him to read!
  16. Sorry...NILIF=Nothing In Life Is Free. It's a form of dog training. Google it to learn more about it, it's WONDERFUL. I posted it because I know that it is something that MommaDogs can relate to, understand and grasp immediately. Dealing with a problem adult child can be a daunting task, but when looked at through a *known* concept, sometimes the *AHA!* factor comes in and gives encouragement--- "I *can* do this!" Carr put it beautifully in her post....I just restated it in another way. "NILIF=Necie Is Living It Forever"....in a way is true. I have an adult child (24) who may never
  17. Necie

    brain transplant

    AWWWWWWWW! BULL****! I do not put up with this PMS crap! The gals at work try to pull this on me! <whine> "I'm PMSin'. People should just leave me alone." <whine> Tell ya the same thing that I tell them: Ya know why it's called PMS????? CUZ MAD COW DISEASE WAS ALREADY TAKEN!!!! Nope....I don't *DO* PMS....I can be a b**** anytime I want and I will NOT be limited to a couple days a month and, believe-you-me, when I am a b****, I will blame it on whoever or whatever is at fault....not *my* hormones! sorry.....try again Trip... LOL
  18. Necie

    brain transplant

    ROFL! Weeeellllll......and there's always 'the exception to the rule', sooooo.... A blond's brain should be worth MILLIONS!! A blond male's brain..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PRICELESS!!!
  19. Welllllllllllllllllll......not knowing the woman......and not being able to see the link and read the story........ There is a difference between *prepping* and *hoarding*. Some of those shows I've seen on TV are totally DISGUSTING. Not that that is the case here...I'm just sayin'.... <shrug> Then again, I have a hard time wrapping my brain around someone being that into prepping and not having her family on board (to the point of betrayal). I was raised by a prepared mom and my children were raised the same way.....I mean, there's NO way they would ditch my canned green beans and
  20. Very nice, wormie! Snack--ROFL--is right! DBF has to do some....ahem, *remodeling* on Kagan's house. The bugger has ate half of it! grrrrr Mostly the bottom half, which is, of course, needed to hold up the TOP half! Big door is good...Kagan loves to *run* in and out and in and out and in and out....just playing! Of course, getting him *IN* the first time was a trip-LOL! I had to crawl in and coax him with a jar full of his favorite mixed treats and some much loved (read 'chewed up') toys. We both fit fairly well, but then of course, I was wedged in the back corner and he didn't want me to l
  21. Yup...the ingredients list on the Nustock is 73% Sulfur, 25% Mineral Oil and 2% Pine Oil. Could make your own and save some $$.
  22. Can you find out what the 'dip' is? Maybe we can help you find it cheaper and you can do it yourself. Tea tree and/or neem oils may help. Agree with Trish...alot of skin problems start with nutrition. Make sure he's getting a good quality food. They are more expensive, but tend to save you money in vet bills with problems like this.
  23. Kidding bucket..... http://www.jefferslivestock.com/ssc/produc...U3AK9HSW893FRMB
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