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  1. I have read that kids learn words best when they use them in sentences. So, have them make up a sentence for each word. It helps with the comprehension of the word.
  2. It's actually Southern Oregon, more central part though. Bonanza is 20 miles east of Klamath Falls! It's not far from the California Border.
  3. I had a post about this before, but wanted to let everyone know we just lowered the price to $21,9i00 in case anyone is interested. Here is a link to the site where the property is. We decided to sell because we are working on being totally debt free. Selling this property will help us towards that goal. It is a nice piece of land with a view of farmland below. I used to invision having a big porch across the front of whatever house we built and sitting and looking at the wildlife and farmland below. It is a dead end street, so the place will never have a lot of traffic. The roads are maintained (gravel road) throughout the year. Right now, there is only one neighbor close to the property. The picture with the dead bushes, etc is actually the spot where we were going to probably build a home. The land has a lot of beautiful pine trees, juniper, etc. It's a small farming community, however, our land is in the mountains part of it. There is a larger town: Klamath Falls within a 20 minute drive. Here is the link: At the time I posted this, the price has not been changed yet. www.oregonranchland.com/land235.htm
  4. Question: How long can truckers really afford to be off the road? My dad is a retired trucker and that was not a luxury that he had as owner operator. His buddies that still drive don't have that luxury, however, I guess if even for a short time that would definately put delays on groceries and other supplies. Maybe if this happens, people will realize how important truck drivers are to our economy and the things we need. I used to be so scared my dad would get sick on the road and not be able to get home. I can totally understand them wanting to be home to see how this pans out!
  5. I am happy to say we could do it!
  6. Oh Sue, I just saw this! I will be praying for you, your dad and your family!
  7. Westie - Question for you! I had read somewhere that taking acidopholis and probiotics could prevent flu bugs....have you heard this? I guess more with the one's that involve diarrhea and vomiting. I have also heard of people taking the acidopholis (spelling?) to help an upset tummy. Just curious if you or anyone knows if this is true!
  8. Jingles - praying your kids get to feeling better quickly!!
  9. I was watching searching out the symptoms for the Swine Flu as well because my husband has had a terrible cough since Wednesday. I believe he has bronchitis too and so does the Dr. He is actually starting to finally feel better, but still coughing. He didn't have a high fever (a low grade one for one day), no sore throat, vomiting or diarrhea.... I am glad your hubby doesn't have it.
  10. I thought I was pretty prepared for flu, etc. here at home. Last night I found out that I was wrong. I had a humidifer in the cupboard, but had never used it. It had belonged to my mom. Well, when I needed to use it last ngiht for my hubby, it didn't work! So, I went to the store and bought one today. So, be sure to check and make sure yours works! It's a bummer to find out in the middle of the night it doesn't! I also bought some more generic mucinex, generic tylenol, another thermometer, vick's for the humidifer, etc. I already have gloves, masks, bath stuff for soaking in to help with cold and flu. I have powdered gatorade to help with dehydration if needed. hmmmmm.....I have lots of stuff...but will probably continue to stock up. I do need more kleenex! Thanks for the reminder!
  11. Okay.....so I read pig snot...then was reading that we eat the animal muscle....but I actually thought it said mucus. Grossed me out.....now I have pig snot on the brain! I better watch for some sales ! LOL!
  12. I think it is great that you are visiting her and being kind to her. I definately believe that is the right thing to do, and for family to care for their widows, elderly, etc. However, I would probably be considered one of the "terrible" granddaughters by many of you. My Grandma lives down the street from me. I do not see her. Not because I do not want to, but because she starts huge family feuds, rumors and as most recent has told me that I am no longer her granddaughter. Yet, when strangers meet her, she is the sweetest lady you have ever met. Truly, she is! She does not have dementia or anything...she has been like this on and off her entire life. She tells others that we won't invite her over (untrue...we invited her all the time and she would not come and finally she told me she would never come here because my mom died in my home and it brings back too many memories). We have tried to visit her, and one Christmas 3 years ago, my husband fell asleep in the evening. She started rumors throughout the family that he had too much to drink on Christmas (he doesn't even drink and there was no alcohol anywhere we were at during the day), and to this day will not let us go on in life without bringing up that he fell asleep and shouldn't have done that. This is just one of many, many issues. I have asked her if we can work on these issues so that we can have a better relationship and she says no. When suggested that we just let go of past issues and have a fresh start she refuses. Yet, to all who meet her, they would think that she could do no wrong because she truly appears to be a sweet and loving grandmother, but when no one is around things are very very different. I guess the only reason that I am saying this is because there might be a reason that the two kids don't see her much, etc. At least the son is calling. It's great that the church can be there for her. I also agree with other posts though that in this society, we tend to not care for our elders as we should. I am all for caring for others, believe me, but before assuming that the kids just don't care, just give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe there is more to the story than you may know.
  13. Thanks! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Becca-Anne
  14. Hee! Hee! That was too cute! Thanks for posting it! It's always healthy to have a good laugh!
  15. Mucinex (or generic brand) has been what has helped me. I haven't had bronchitis this year and I know that I just caught it before. I get post nasal drip and really have to try and keep tabs on my allergies or they quickly turn to bronchitis. Homemaker - I am so grateful that you posted what you did. I know that I need to make some changes and that helps me to realize maybe where to begin! Thanks for sharing!
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