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  1. She passed away in her sleep last night. Please say a little prayer for her. I talked to her yesterday and she told me she loves me and she was so easy to hear and understand. Dh just told me he was sitting right by her yesterday and he couldn't hear anything. God wanted to us to have that last talk. I got to say goodbye.
  2. Thank you everyone. He got to talk to her for minute last night. He said she sounded tired and was ready to go home. He has a 10 hour drive down to see her.
  3. I talked to dh's mom a little while ago. Mawmaw is doing poorly. The hospice nurse said she is ready to go. Her blood pressure was 30/70. She has made peace. Please say a little prayer that she can hold on long enough to say goodbye. Dh is supposed to take next week off to work on the chicken coop but if Mawmaw can hold on then I guess he'll go see her. A very long drive awaits him. I can't go since no one here can take care of the animals. 26 two week old chicks in the basement and the rest of the critters. So please pray for a safe trip for him and for Mawmaw to hang on just a bi
  4. Is it chocolate cake? LOL And Ilove tea! Thank you!
  5. Welcome! Trust me ... it was worth the effort to become a member! Soooooo did you bring chocolate? (as Misty looks around the room hopefully)
  6. Howdy Rancher! Welcome! Afraid I'll have to stick with regular ol' tea! We don't mind guests having a drink but our farm is officially a dry farm! Watch out here .... if you have chocolate it WILL be found! Westie has a built in chocolate locator and its a good one! We just follow her lead and when she finds it we try to distract her and grab the goods! LOL
  7. Our newest vehicle is a 1995. It runs and that's what counts!The insurance isn't bad on it either.
  8. I looked at the bucket my 45 pounds of wheat is in and it said 164 cups of flour can be made from it. I have a Country living mill and it was more expensive but its well made and I got extra parts for it for when it does break. http://www.frugalsquirrels.com/store/prep_...ts/clgmill.html had the best deal on them.
  9. Evergreen, personally I would leave the stuff in the freezer. If the power goes out it will still be protected from bugs and mice. I don't know about the moisture problem though. Maybe vac seal some absorbers for if the power goes out so you can toss them in the freezer. I have flour, sugar, salt and some other stuff vac sealed and ready to go in food grade buckets. Just waiting on the buckets to get here. Then I have some Gamma lids for the buckets. Just my opinion of course!
  10. You and your family are in my prayers hon. Update us when you can.
  11. Everyone is welcome here! We don't discriminate! Look at how we put up with Darlene! Just kidding hon!
  12. I'm a huge clutz. Grace is NOT my middle name! Yesterday morning I went out to turn the goats out and stepped on a gate that had fallen down. Its a huge wooden gate that I need to pick up. The gate was covered in ice. It rained during the night and then it was 28 degrees when I woke up. So there I lay. On my back looking up. As I fumbled back to my feet I felt my pants hang on something. Oh nuts .... nail. Sure enough I landed on a nail. It went in the crack of my fanny (not trying to be gross) and missed both cheeks! Didn't hit skin! Lucky I have some thickness to the hindquarters!
  13. I prep for weather emergencies (snow .... hate snow.... sick of it) and depression, rioting, civil chaos, nukes, monetary systme failing (happening now), war and plagues. Geee I sound so cheery! Anything is possible now. I never thought I would be buying Potassium Iodate for nuke fallout or saving seeds and planning where to bring in the chicks so they will survive after the bomb hits. It just seemed impossible twenty years ago to even think like this. The tv show Jericho is totally plausible in my opinion. So we prepare to survive and do it as comfortably as possible.
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