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  1. Yes actually, I believe many of the food shelf life sites list it's storage in YEARS.
  2. Lots of times over the years - very good product.
  3. Quote: Ever try to get a sick, wild cat picked up by ANY officials? The humane dept-animal control says they are considered a wild animal. The DNR-conservation officers say they are domesticated. The local chief of police says "Do you have a gun?" Double GEESH! BOY this that the truth - which is why DH and I became the local feline rescue team for our county. I have indeed had to terminate a cat's life, but not over a) self defense or protecting its own property. We currently have 11 rescue cats on our farm, none of whom are eligible for adoption - health problems, behavior problems, attitude problems or we just fell plumb in love. The owner of this cat has the right to chose to let it live inside. I know people who have malicious and vandalous children who have done this much or worse!
  4. Dunno where else to put this but this is an absolutely TRUE and equally RIDICULOUS issue going on in Connecticut. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lewis_(cat) If you agree with me here's the link for the petition to save this poor cat's life! Help! June 20th is right around the corner. http://www.petitiononline.com/Lewis/petition.html
  5. is a MUST buy! Great articles on a nice variety for those who don't subscribe.
  6. Is the leak THROUGH the panels or around the panels? There are some excellent silicone based product for sealing around solar panels and sky lights. Lemme knwo and I'll post more detail.
  7. Best tummy tonic of all the mints.
  8. No Cavey, you probably ought to have posted it in a forum people actually read, rather than down here.
  9. I just scored a whole stack of food grade 5 gallon buckets with lids from our local hamburger joint. Bleach is taking the pickle smell out quite nicely.
  10. Welllll..... if we had hills in Kansas I'd have gotten 100%
  11. Lois is dead on with the lives as listed. Also, most essential oils only have about a 6 month shelf life.
  12. Hey Sparky! If I missed you up in the Sunporch - WELCOME to MrsS.
  13. I'm not sure horseradish can take on the texture of "cooked" to be honest. It is a bit softer this way than if you just put it in salt and vinegar then keep it in the frig, but certainly not "cooked". I tried it one year as a sauce - literally pureed the horseradish. It was good for encrusting steaks and stuff, but not nearly as nice for the little ZAP you might like in deviled eggs and things.
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