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  1. Winds are supposed to be in ramping up to 50-70 mph through NM, from 11 am - 5 pm. DH & I have decided to wait another day. The dust storms in that area are deadly. I’m hoping to make small Dutch apple pies & a couple loaves of bread.
  2. I was looking for a smaller turkey and almost got just a breast, until I didn’t see the bulges for the legs. The store had both in the same area, mixed together. The 7.8 lb. one I got was hickory/apple wood smoked Saturday, then, wrapped & frozen, for the trip to MIL’s. Been busy preparing for that. House sitter is set up, most everything is packed. Then, the burnt house next to her house, is finally being torn down. Finally!!! But, mom said there is a lot of debris ending up in her yard, so she wants me to bring my leaf blower to blow it back in their yard. Ti
  3. I’m unable to listen, volume off 99% of the time. If I can in TX this week, with head phones... DH read something in May about Vit. D being good. Of course there is no shortage of Sun in AZ. Lol. I have to take it daily anyway, but, he is also taking it.
  4. Mt_Rider, don’t get stressed. When I went to the optometrist, I checked in with the receptionist and sat down. MIL got there about 10 minutes later. We looked at pictures in a magazine, waiting, people came in, a couple left, because they already had walk-ins waiting. Two behind me. The Dr came out, frowned, & went back to the exam room. The phone rang, receptionist transferred the call... 3-5 minutes later, the dr came out, quietly said something to the receptionist, then walked back into the exam room. The receptionist, cordially picked up her stuff & headed for the door. We s
  5. Out roof is done! 2 men, 3 days, including replacing some boards. Now, the cleaning the dust & such, begins full force. They did a wonderful job cleaning outside, but, all the thump & bump on the roof.... well, you know. Jeepers, I have a nice sized box in the vehicle, I put most my groceries in. When I get home, I slide it out the door onto my hand truck, unless it’s too heavy to move, then, I transfer everything to a milk carton crate on my hand truck. I’ve been using it and a small luggage cart for years & years. Being ordered not to lift or carr
  6. Day 2 having our roof replaced.... wham, bang, thud, thump.... dust everywhere.... but, expected... lol.
  7. I honestly believe, we got it around Thanksgiving last year. One of his family relatives, from Mexico, didn't come, because ".. he was extremely sick at home.." and thank you for insisting on hugging us.... Not! We got sick a week later, it took 4 times to the Dr. to get meds, plus, poor DH was unable to get out of bed a few days. It was terrible. I'm extremely grateful, God healed us.
  8. I don't, but have heard, several of my family doing it. I just sent a package of 1800-1900's photos to one of our family that is in to it.
  9. I agree, I've been missing her. I hope she's alright.
  10. Oh, my, Snowmom. I messed up, I counted 5 participants, and didn’t realize one was me. So I made 5. I should be sending them out tomorrow, during the thump, thump, Thump! of having our roof replaced. They removed everything today and replaced the tar paper. 2 guys did an amazing job, so far. Even cleaned up everything before they stopped for the day. I sure hope everyone likes them.
  11. I’m in. Just pulled out my arts & craft supplies and have an idea what to make. Starting on it now.
  12. Littlesister, my dentist recommended 1/2 peroxide and 1/2 listerine, or just a swoosh of peroxide. My tooth infection went into my jaw bone.
  13. Woke up to frost. Took the dogs to the vet. Yup, sat in the car until they came out. DH took Storm in first, while I waited.... and waited... figuring they were just that busy. DH comes out with Storm... muzzled!! He tried to bite everyone, even after he got muzzled. Vet said they can not EVER see him again. Sold me two bottles of sedation meds, for the next time he goes to get his shots. I’ve got 3 years to get a muzzle & try to train him, not to do that. DH said he tried to bite him too. He said, after he got him muzzled, they took him into the next room, and all he co
  14. RAIN!!!!! We got real rain!!! First time, here at our house, other than light sprinkles, since June. Woke up around midnight, it was a downpour. DH said it had been raining like that, off & on for about an hour. Checked our catch bucket, about 1/2 inch!
  15. More here: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-54749509 https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/10/30/earthquake-of-magnitude-6-6-shakes-turkeys-aegean-coast
  16. I might be able to join, if'n I can find the time, I will join.... let’s see what happens in the next few days. Might join just because. Thank you Snowmom for inviting us to do this another year.
  17. WhyDoPets, welcome to MrsSurvival. There is an amazing amount of great information here, so many people, through the years, have contributed and still are contributing, their knowledge, to help others.
  18. Littlesister, if you can contact the dentist euphrasyne suggested, maybe they will get you in as an emergency extraction. My dentist did. But, then, he knows my bone density is low, easy pull. Last one I had pulled, it popped out & fell into my throat, “oops, sorry”. Lol. Ground 10 lbs of beef & pork yesterday, seasoned, 3 different types, stuffed the natural casings today. Tomorrow is another 10 lbs, selecting different recipes, to try them out. Hot links tonight, we will see how they taste, and if I need to adjust the spices. Potato sausage smells right, memories fro
  19. Snowmom, I’ve missed you. Wondering... Nice to hear you are settling down. Moving... we’ve been here over 35 years. I can’t imagine what I’d do if we had to move. Probably freak out,
  20. Done. Thanks for your patience.
  21. Just letting everyone know, I am doing the latest update now. Hopefully, no one is typing a reply, at this moment.
  22. Everyone, I’m back home. Storm & Gunny greeted me with uncontrollable enthusiasm. At least this time, I didn’t have anything in my hands, and was able to return their “love”. DH said he felt the same, but, wouldn’t throng me like they did. MIL is doing very well. She said she’s learning to clean her house. It takes her 3 days. She has had maids all her life, so, this is a learning experience and it gives her activities to distract her loneliness. Which, after Medicare open enrollment, she wants to come here and live with us until mid-May. Time to re-arrange
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