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  1. So nice to hear things are progressing well for you, Homesteader. Mt_Rider, it’s a weather app from MyRadar.com. It’s free. Microsoft store, Google play & Apple store have it available. It allows you to choose different layers, radar/Doppler, fire, wind, temperatures, earthquakes, etc. and other options you can subscribe for. I have it on high def., radar, fire & wind. Here’s a pic completely scaled out.
  2. So, we have a plethora of hickory smoked hot dogs. No one showed up. Kid had too much going on to come down, maybe tomorrow.
  3. Hope you are having a blessed time with you know who, Jeepers. Expected company yesterday, but, they said, today, for a barbecue, hot dogs & potato salad. Defrosted enough dogs, started boiling a dozen eggs, then, got a text, they had to work. So, turned 1/2 the eggs into “angeled” eggs, and the rest into salad. Preparing to light the Q, to hickory smoke those dogs, while waiting for our ‘adopted’ ‘heir’ to come & pick up his new license plates. He’s DH’s surrogate son, 3 grands, 2 girls & a boy, the newest, middle named after him. Good grief! MIL asked for Lysol spray, she can not find any in TX. It was $8.00 per can! Highway robbery! Yeah, I got her 2 cans, and, they weren’t the large size. So... it was 110°F today, when I went to get hotdog buns, around 12:30. (Oh, if anyone is interested, on an iPad/iPhone, hold the zero key & the degree (°)symbol will show up. ) Sent one brother a box of stuff, filling another box for his twin. Trying to downsize and de-clutter everything. Heirlooms & trinkets. At least I have 4 brothers to unload on. Time to get the Q set up. Speaking of that, we had several wild fires started this weekend. What’s wrong with people? We live in a hot dry tinderbox, don’t they know by now? Apparently not... Here’ the map of fires......
  4. We heard the sound, looked up to see what it was, saw the writing start, by the time I got my phone, they were done. DH thinks it was drones.
  5. This just happened...... Pointed at God
  6. I saw this & had to share. Not a bad idea, especially if a person is wheelchair bound.
  7. I have to go out daily. <——— Masked. At the market, a lady came in, tried to get the attention of one of the men behind the counter, but, he was busy entering data on their computer. She proceeded to walk around the counter, up to him, and poked him in the ribs. The cashier said something to him, just before she touched him, so he didn’t “jump” when she poked him. He turned around and said, where’s the 6’ social distancing? Or your mask? She replied, she doesn’t have it and has been tested, then, said, only people who have it, have to wear masks. “S” replied, how do you know I don’t have it? She continued to banter with him, as I left the store.
  8. back! How is everything going for you?
  9. 118,370 acres, 54% contained, as of this morning. 1st of the month. Welcome to July.
  10. Watching the huge fire planes fly back & forth, working on the Bighorn fire.
  11. ...... If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.
  12. I put my sugar in 1 gallon, Minute Maid, non opaque, orange juice bottles. We’ve done that for years, and it has never gone bad or hardened. Recently, I had to changed from plastic containers, (Sterlite), to 1/2 gallon & gallon canning jars. I found, even ziplock freezer bags wasn’t stoping the food from turning rancid. Rice, because we buy large amounts, I wasn’t using it quickly enough. Sadly, I had to discard some. I noticed it, when I could smell it, when I walked by and had to search to find what plastic container was the culprit. Unfortunately, several were. Flour, corn meal, etc. gets frozen a few days, to kill any bugs or bug eggs, then, put in glass canning jars. Potatoes, raw, can be stored in a cool dark area, in wood shavings or crumpled newspaper, as can onions and carrots. You would need to check on them, to make sure they aren’t getting too much moisture or drying out. WE2 and others, can their potatoes all the time. Shredded potatoes, tater tots, etc, we vacuum seal, in meal sized portions & freeze. Most fresh veggies can be blanched & vacuum sealed or canned. That’s my .02 cents worth.
  13. kathy003, nice to see you again. My DH wants me to put the sprinkler system back up in the back yard, but, I need more hoses to do it right.
  14. Glad you are getting things done Miki. kappydell, I keep bleach on hand, but, I’m allergic to the smell, it doesn’t stop me from using it, with a mask. My baby brother picked up a singer treadle sewIng machine, for $50.! Lucky brat! Military, from Europe. It needs a little re-finishing, but he’s a house husband, ought to keep him busy for a bit. Lol. Mt_Rider, yeah, wind changes, and all bets are off. Because, we are only a block from the desert, and there is a lot of young kids & teens in the area now, just the right conditions, and we’d need to bug out within 5 minutes. No pre warnings... just like, we had 10 minutes warning, when the Gila river flooded, back in ‘81. Thankfully, it subsided a block from our house. 50 year flood, lol, BTDT. BTW, DH got to see the cougar. He said it’s about the size of Gunny. It has probably changed its territory, because, of the fires we have had. The closest one, was less 10 miles from our house. Thank God, they were able to contain it and put it out. Meh, it is what it is, kitty cat looking for food & water. My water dishes, for the birds, is almost empty every morning, now. The garden is faltering in our heat. It’s been over 105°F for the last week and an half. Typical summer in the desert. If, we can keep it growing, until the weather cools off, or, we get some rain, maybe it will survive. DH made a shade screen, using a pallet, to shade one of the tomato plants, that has begun to fry in the heat. Lost a dozen tomatoes. Small & sunburnt. The chickens enjoyed them. Lol. Zucchini is barely surviving, can’t see the garlic or potatoes anymore, the onion stalks are yellow. Butternut, probably won’t survive. Fava beans, I got one pod with one seed, before they shriveled up & dehydrated. Only the tomatillos are still producing, barely. I should have planted in October. Oh, and the two cabbage plants I didn’t pull are busy making heads !??! Oh, and, I was given the .243 that I short the 1,000 yard target! Payment for DH’s services. I’ll post a picture down in the Edge later.
  15. The Bush fire is bad. It has burned over 186,000 acres and still isn’t under control. They are saying it is the 5th largest fire in AZ history. AZ’s lake system is closed. Roosevelt, Apache, & Canyon Lakes are all being effected. The Big Horn fire in the Catalina mountains next to Tucson is over 65,500 acres. TX news was warning people about the smoke. DH wants me to update our BOB, JIC. Jarred up more storage items, then, cleaned house. Washed pillows & finished MIL’s new bed. We have company coming over this afternoon, DH agreed to be an estate executor, for his very good friend. Hope everyone is staying safe & healthy.
  16. DH said our sheriff tested positive and the media is going ballistic making a big deal about it, because he hasn’t said masks are required. TX & NM require masks into any business. MIL & I found the generic masks and got a box. Still wearing my n95, washed it a couple of times, I don’t care, not gonna get it again. Probably had it in Nov. Sigh. Even though, then, the medical people didn’t know what they were testing for.... That’s the problem of being next to the border, never know what you’re going to get from a different country. Then, the snowbirds flocked in here, and everyone got sick. Such is life. MIL is doing well, she mentioned, several times, about coming back here. She misses her maids, her nail & her hair salons. I think I spoiled her when she was here. LOL.
  17. Glad all went well, Littlesister. Home safely. Taking it easy, tomorrow is house cleaning day.
  18. Good morning everyone. Cut Mom’s hair & filled in her nails, yesterday. She lost two, that needed to be re-made, glad I picked up more supplies. Went to Albertsons and picked up some meat. TX doesn’t have grocery taxes, so, it is helps. Taking it easy now. Happy Anniversary Miki. Congratulations! Grateful you are getting rain, Mt_Rider. Too many fires going on in AZ.
  19. Oops, I thought you meant you were there now. Sorry. The road to Sam’s is under construction, it is a mess, so, I’m skipping that trip this time. Might go to Albertsons, we shall see. Fixed MIL’s sprinkles, she’s happy. Tomorrow is ‘spa’ day for her. Nails & hair.
  20. Well darn, The CG. I’m in TX and I won’t be home until Sunday afternoon. I would have tried to meet up with you. But it’s a dry heat!
  21. Lol, Mt_Rider, 85°, I could get a lot more done outside. It is terrible you are bothered by the heat, like you are. We’ve been up to 116° so far this year. At that temp, my glasses are almost too hot to wear. But, what do ya do? (Stay inside in the AC). Sooo..... yesterday was an adventure. Got up early to process the tomatoes. Blanched, pealed & quartered them, then, jarred & pressure canned 4 pints. Gave the hens the skins & cores, they definitely enjoyed them. We got 2 eggs for the effort. As I was preparing for my trip, I heard the neighbor kids chattering with excitement, close to the house. Then, I heard a loud pop, almost like a pellet gun or fire cracker, looking out the kitchen window, I saw the kids, in the alley beside our back yard. One had a stick in his hand, while the others were gathered near. I couldn’t quite see what they were doing. Then, they got back on their bikes and rode off. I went out and looked, there was a very large desert toad, on it’s back.... and... it’s tummy had exploded from the heat, or from the kids poking it with the stick. Then, the boys came back, with their little sister to show her. She stood back saying, “ewwwww”, while the boys laughed. Then, UPS delivered our bed frame for MIL. I cleaned dog mines, fed & watered the hens, dead headed the roses, did a couple loads of laundry, until DH got up. When he woke up, he said he had an adventurous night. (OK, what?) He walked in the kitchen and heard a ‘sploosh’ in the dogs water dish. He turned on the light, and discovered a large desert toad in their dish. How it got into the house is beyond me. It jumped out and went under the freezer. He said it took him quite a while, to capture the critter, and he threw it over the back fence. Apparently, desert toads can’t fly...... EEEWwwwwwwww!!!! I can’t count how many I’ve captured and removed from out yard this year. The poor puppies get the pukes from them. The bed frame, some assembly required.... yeah right! Slats, boards, screws, etc. we assembled the bed frame, moving furniture, boxes and such, in my office, to assemble it, then, opened the box with the mattress, and ‘poof’ it un-rolled onto the bed frame. 72 hours to decompress, but DH couldn’t wait. He said, it’s going to be his ‘reading’ couch. So much for my office. Then again, it’ll only be while I’m sleeping, because we “hot cot”. I crash around 8 pm, he crashes when I get up around 4 am-5 am. 24 hour surveillance in our house. Lol. He’s never been able to get off the midnight shift, while I have never gotten off the morning shift. I tossed a sheet on the mattress, because DH kept laying on it, and I had to box a shipment out, and didn’t want it to get dirty. Then, pulled out the extra pillows, from storage, and made it look a bit more welcoming, until I wash all the pillow cases & set it up nice. Jeeeze, I didn’t realize how bad it looked after DH getting on it over & over..... , Then, I made stir fry for dinner, because I needed to use the mung bean sprouts, that took an extra day to sprout. Monday, I transferred all the food stored in plastic Sterilite containers, into 1/2 gal. Ball mason jars. Sadly, some had gone bad. You know that smell.... not good. But, it was amazing the jars fit perfectly on the shelves, on their sides. When I get back home I will finish, just a few more to get done. Sooo.. that was my adventure so far, this week... now, MIL has a “ToDo” list for me. Cut & color her hair, fill in her nails, fix the sprinkler system, pull weeds, do some house cleaning and on & on.
  22. Good Morning Everyone. Heading for TX today. Heat, hot, 110°+. Wild fires burning, getting bigger, one is over 64,000 acres. One is less than 20 miles from town. Stay @ home was released and thoughtless people were careless. We live in the 🌵 desert.... Time to finish packing..... see you all tonight.
  23. Goodness, went outside just before dawn and I was cold. Turned on a light to see what the temperature was.... 72°F. I’m officially accustomed to the summer heat. Speaking of summer heat, the tomato plants are frying, the onion stalks are sunburned, the butternut might not make it, the zucchini wilts every afternoon, and watering every day, is only making a dent in the heat. Even the tomatillos are turning yellow. I’ve begun to spray the coop, to create an evaporative cooler for the hens. Today is house cleaning day. The boys are shedding a lot. Gunny rolls in the dirt, then comes in and shakes. Poof!!! Dust everywhere. No, Mt_Rider, Cougars are known to be in our area. We are a block from the desert and regularly have coyote, bob cats, other critters wandering around. Oddly, this year, we haven’t heard the yotes yet. Might be because of the big cat making the rounds. I need to get more Amdro. The large red harvester ants found where I feed the birds. About once a year, I need to put some out. I’m just grateful we no longer have a nest in our yard.
  24. I heard, if you file taxes annually, and direct deposit your return, then, you automatically got the stimulus auto-deposited. If you write a check, or get your return in check form, then, you would receive a paper check. Jeepers, I think, because you pay quarterly, they probably did take your taxes out, before they sent you that check. Make sure, when you go to pay, next quarter, you shouldn’t have to pay any taxes on that money. At the end of the year, you should get a 1099 form, showing the taxes were already paid for. And, yeah, we got a statement a month later, saying we were going to get it. We know we will need to pay taxes on ours. I feel sorry for anyone who thinks it was/is “free” money. The PTB don’t work that way.
  25. It got hot again. We had 3 days at 100°, but, now we are back above 105°. My vehicle said 112° yesterday. Watering the yard & garden in the evenings, otherwise, it evaporates in a couple of hours and turns the ground as hard as a rock. The birds spend a lot of time in my garden, under the trees, and in & around the water dishes. Last night, Storm started barking in his room (my office). DH let the boys out and they, and all the dogs in the neighborhood were in an uproar. DH said it was a Cougar wandering around the neighborhood. Still waiting for the bed frame to get here, so I can finish re-organizing my room. It’s been a major challenge... (“I’m NOT a hoarder!”, nope, nope nope... well, maybe a little bit with paperwork and receipts.... but I’ve been audited... they want to see & prove you have the receipts.). I really didn’t realize I had paperwork as far back as 20 years. I did keep a couple things dated in the 1970, just for giggles & memories. Managed to get all the paper down to 5 filing cabinet drawers. Time to get back to work.
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