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  1. Pulled the freezer burned steaks out of MIL’s freezer, defrosted, and seasoned, let sit, pulled the potato from her frig, so bad, it was soft, when I bent it in half, it was rotted, 100%. Yikes. We ended up sharing the big new one I got, when we got her groceries. Thankfully everything I bring is vacuum sealed into 1-2 tbs of food & most doesn’t go to waist. Storm loved the freezer burned bbq’ed cut-offs, with the fat, and has been extremely well behaved. Borking, talking with the neighbors dogs...Lol
  2. Thanks, Made me recall, letting go of the first ropes that were strangling. Jesus said, 7x70... = 490 times... I counted every.single.one... by the time 450 passed, laughter began bubbling up in embarrassment of my own reluctance to let it go.
  3. At least I noticed it... all the food prices are skyrocketing.
  4. Storm & I are safe in TX. PTL! Stopped once to get coffee, cause I was getting drowsy, he pottyed, like a good boy, then I went in to do the same, he was fantastic. I left the keys in the ignition, and didn’t realize it until I was paying for my coffee. Yikes! That could have been really bad, purse, baggage, personnel protection & K-9!!! Can’t believe I did that, including leaving the vehicle unlocked! Stupid on all levels! Got to Lordsberg, gassed up, washed the windshield, let Storm out for a potty break, and noticed the sky looking real bad. Turned the van on, it
  5. Heading for TX today, with Storm.
  6. WM, put new price stickers, over the old ones, on the packages of ribs, but, you could see through the new price stickers. Was $11.00/ pkg. now, $17.00.
  7. DH mentioned, the media isn’t covering it, but, the law enforcement is, that many of the fires are being started by the protesters.
  8. FYI, using the other themes, you may run into glitches, they said the themes are ‘out of date’& the designers have not updated them. Hopefully, when I get time to browse, I want to find comparable themes to replace our old ones. Plus, Darlene mentioned, quite a while ago, changing the Basic Tan theme, which was the original colors. But, we never got into it, because she got so very busy.
  9. Mother, I had to clear my history, on my iPad, once when I was having problems. Another thing you might try, if you haven’t already, turning your pad sideways. IDK if that will help. Let me know if you’re still getting errors. I use my iPad, most of the time. Light weight, portable & easy to use. But, for updating our site, I use my desktop. JIC there is an issue.
  10. Mother or Midnightmom,I hope I have fixed the issue with not being able to post. If not, I’ll send another service request to support. Please let me know, please?
  11. Oh my, Dogmom4, keeping you in my prayers. God knows.
  12. The update is done, tech support helped answer the issue of the sidebar. Tech Support. Please let me know if you are still having trouble.
  13. To add to my stress, I have to update the forum, before I can report the problems we are having. Soo...... ....I will run the update in the morning.
  14. I need to work on the form in the morning. Several thing are pending. I checked her status and everything seemed ok, except it didn’t show any activity, which it should have. Sometime I really dislike updates/upgrades. Speaking of upgrades, we have another one already. Maybe to fix their glitches? I can hope.
  15. Do you have your important papers? Insurance, birth certificates, etc? Flash drives, charging cables?
  16. Homesteader, DH has also told me to keep canning & dehydrating. Do they know something we are missing? Glad you got the wood. I was hoping to cull the 3 hens, because they quit laying, and turn their coop into a tool shed, but, with the duck, for now, that’ll have to wait. Miki, you are doing great, I admire your initiative to keep pushing yourself. Mine is a daily battle. DH loves the way I cook, and, I love to taste as I’m cooking. I can’t imagine how frustrating it is to do on-line schooling, especially since it is unstructured. Hang in there eup
  17. Oh, I forgot to mention, when DH got home, he said he had to wash their dog off. He tore up a container with blue stuff, and was covered in blue. Yikes, I really hope it wasn’t toxic.
  18. It’s been an adventure around here, the last couple of days. Saturday, DH’s “heart adopted” son came, with his son, just under a year old. He said his 2 girls were shipped to babysitters by mom, so we didn’t get to see them. (AZ doesn’t allow adoptions, beyond 25 years old, and he’s 40 now. We’ve known him all his life, so... we have him in our will instead.). Anyway, barbecued ribs, salad, ranch beans & smashed potatoes for dinner. While ‘son’ & DH went to take care of one of his friends animals, the little guy munched on a whole bunch of potatoes, a few bites of ranch beans and
  19. Yes, weird. Thank you, Miki & MidnightMom, for letting me know. I will have to issue a support ticket. It won't let me remove the side block on those pages.
  20. I will check it out in the morning. Got company coming for a BBQ, & I’m trying to prep food.
  21. "Share" now only lets you copy the URL to the post. I disabled all the rest. Side bar boxes are now at the bottom of our Home page.
  22. I’ve added Knox Gelatin unflavored to my ‘syrup’ jam before. Thickens it up. Had that problem with the Saguaro Jam I made.
  23. Lindi, nice to see you. I’m north of you, south of the Superstition Mtns. We have a Wise Co. bucket of freeze dried foods, not bad. DH says, if SHTF that bad, it’s food. We also have MRE’s. Not vegan. Sorry we are carnivores. I have heard Mountain House is supposed to be fairly good. IDK. Also, Sportsman’s on Ina Rd. near I-10, has a stock of the freeze dried foods, some are vegan. Same with Tractor Supply, at least the one in Coolidge does. I completely understand the lack of water. We stock that too, including life straws and Ber
  24. MM, I will check on the Share, it was disabled previously. Now days, everyone seems to want to share everything on the net. Not me. I thought the chat box was disabled too. I’ll check into that. Moving the side bar will put those boxes near the bottom of the page. I’ll check into that also. Thanks. Jeepers, you don’t have a “back” button on your Kindle, like when you misspell something when you are typing?
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