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  1. Canned 4 jars of green chili enchilada sauce. Made 2 pints for DH to “OK” the recipe. Thumbs up.. he said, “ That’s awesome!”. I think I scored. 1 jar overflowed and didn’t seal..... green chili chicken enchiladas and chimichangas for dinner in the next week or so. Still need to process 10 mor lbs. of tomatillos.
  2. Ambergris, take care. I’m sorry you have to return so soon. God willing, you will do fine. Miki, mmmmmmm...banana bread, tasty... Littlesister, it is acute bronchitis. Just got a call from, they who gave it to us, 2 month old baby, was hospitalized for bronchitis and he tested positive for rhino virus. Really!!! Sigh. God willing MIL won’t/didn’t get it. We are barely starting to feel better. It’s been tough. Trying to keep from overdoing it. But, stuff needs to be done. Processed 5 lbs of tomatillos, into enchilada sauce... and canned it. Still have 10 lbs. of tomatillos and another 5 lbs. on the vines. Thank God, a friend of DH, is going to get a bunch, because he wants to make his own salsa. Hahaha, what he doesn’t know, is how much I’m gonna give him. Trying to not over do it and relapse.... this crud is a bear....
  3. I love to see where prayers are answered!
  4. That’s terrible, Dee. “...why?...”
  5. 1. In my house, there are numerous personal protective items in every room. A perp, might be a little upset by getting pummeled with a letter opener, 3’ long metal ruler, or screw driver, until I can pull the concealed items, just in my office. Lol. The kitchen has the knife block... In the yard, I have various walking sticks stashed all over, jic I need one, then, garden tools etc. 2. Situation awareness. Parking, scan the area, noting vehicles, buildings, doors & windows, and, of course, people. Inside, keep scanning... exits... even shelter... The WM shooting in TX is still in the news paper daily. A constant reminder to stay alert, no matter how familiar I am with the stores or areas, and even the people. Years ago, our town had a siren that went off, whenever there was a prison escape. That trained me to always be aware (beware) of people and their actions. Since the town doesn’t do that anymore, it has heightened my awareness, because now, we never know...
  6. Awwwww, thank you, Mt_R, for the chicken soup. I made a big pot of old fashioned chicken soup last night, with celery and carrots freshly pulled from the garden, it was nice and comforting. Doc said no strep, but, called in a prescription, however, the pharmacy texted a “delay due to the insurance company “. I have no idea why, I need to call and find out. Hopefully, they will get it done by the time we go to get DH’s & I can get some supplies we need at the same time. Managed to get most of the laundry done, paid bills and added things to the shopping list. Tried to start the monthly book work, then, ran out of time. I functioned on autopilot most of the day. Today, my head isn’t as befuddled as yesterday, God willing I can get some things accomplished that were postponed. 42*, mostly clear skies, clouds around the mountains are pink/red, indicating possible weather change. DH said we might get rain tomorrow...
  7. You are so right, Jeepers, “You don’t want this”. Mine started in my nose, decided to move along into my lungs and turn a vibrant shade of green, with every bone in my body screaming at me, even my eyeballs ache. Lol. Trying to keep the fever in check. Doc got me in around 3 today & DH tomorrow. He’s beginning to catch it too. Now, I’m trying to move and get my work done, to keep my mind off of it. Beautiful crisp morning here. In the 40’s and warming up. It’s beginning to cloud up with a thin layer of grey. Laundry, from our trip is cooking, and I’m getting ready to do the month end paperwork and bookkeeping.
  8. Beryl, I’ll go upstairs and let you in. ....done.
  9. OOTO, I hope those storms don’t hit you too hard. When we got home, the puppy pool had over 2” of water in it. Pools of water along the road and mud everywhere. Our neighbor said he couldn’t see across the street. Hoping your DH will be OK working those longer hours & driving late at night, Mt_R. Thank you for rescuing Charlie, Kappydell. I can only imagine the adrenaline rush you had freeing him. Littlesister, I hope all turns out well for your DH & he starts feeling normal again. How is your shoulder, Ambergris? We2, any timeline on when you are going to be able to move into your newly remodeled home? I bet your Christmas decorations look wonderful Miki.
  10. No they don’t include shipping. MIL used to order the food, when she & Da were both working. She had the money, but not the time to cook from scratch, and she really didn’t/doesn’t like to cook. That’s the reason I prep 1/2 portions of food & bring it down to her, vacuum sealed, frozen & dated. Like 1 cup per bag of bean soup, 1/4 cup refried beans w/ 1/4 cup Mexican rice per package. 1/2 red beef & cheese enchilada per package or red chili n cheese enchilada. 1/2 cup spaghetti. 1/2 cup lasagna, etc. And I caught the crud going around. I will try to get a doctors appointment tomorrow, it’s that bad. I can hardly breathe, among other things, and am freezing with a fever.
  11. Thanks Miki, I will try it. It rained all morning yesterday then the sun came out. I went through the boxes of Christmas decorations and hung Mom’s wreaths on the doors & windows. Then, she asked me to put up the tree anyway, she said she’d be sadder if it wasn’t up. The rose I brought her began loosing its petals, but she didn’t want to throw it away yet, because it still smelled like a rose. Lol Then, I cooked, everything but the rice, came out well. The 1/2 gallon water bottle had leaked and emptied itself on the trip here, soaking the box of food and my BOB! I will never use it again for traveling, that’s the 2nd time it has done that. Lesson learned. Found out the BOB will withstand wet weather. I’m going to take it easy today. Achy from putting up her decorations. Mom collected all the catalogues she got in the mail and saved them for me to browse through, there’s at least, 40. Lol. I’m keeping the Neiman Marcus food catalog, to pick our Christmas dinner from. NO, I won’t be buying it from them, instead, I will be making it from scratch. There is no way I would pay their prices. Herb roasted turkey, $105. Green bean casserole, $60. Hickory smoked peppered ham, $150. Hickory smoked ham, $160! Turkey breast meal, $376. Vegetarian cornbread dressing or traditional cornbread dressing, $85. Good grief! I’m very grateful I know how to cook.
  12. Annarchy


    zzelle! So very nice to see you again. I have been wondering how you were doing. Sorry about the stress you are feeling. Praying God showers you with “something good”.
  13. Might check something I’d like to get Mil for Christmas is discounted for Black Friday. Other than that, we don’t do or go anywhere. Our go anywhere will be going home. Miss the traffic, if I can. MIL wants me to decorate for Christmas. Then, I will cut the cantaloupe into cubes, peel & dice potatoes & mash ‘em. Mom got a brisket from Sam’s, pre-made. I brought Mexican cornbread & long grain & wild rice, and will cook some mushrooms to complete the meal. We went to dinner today and brought home, beer battered shrimp, onion rings, TX beans, pineapple coleslaw, and bollio loaf bread. That’ll add additional snacks, if she wants. Cold here, 47* and overcast this morning, didn’t warm up, instead, it started blowing and raining the rest of the day. Mom has the house at 76*. Ack! Too hot for me, but, I’m ok. I opened the window in my room & shut the door. Keeps my room around 68-70*. Nice comfy temp for sleeping. It works for me. Post meno hot flashes don’t let me sleep well in heat. I’m not saying anything, she’s still coughing congestion from the flu she had 2 weeks ago. Sigh. Then, I’m upset at the people that came to our house on Saturday. An off comment about having the crud, from their kids... I got a major sore throat last night, then, today, a drippy nose, and headache and... irritation. I stuck my face in a book and ignored everything. Ugh. I took extra oil of oregano, trying to feel better and praying Mom doesn’t get it too. God forbid! Tired.. cranky... and know I need to buck it up, pretend everything is fine.
  14. I saw all the snow hitting you Mt_R. Brrr......
  15. The cantaloupe began to split and is ripe. And I harvested about 5 lbs. of tomatillos. I used a quarter for scale. Still more on the vines. Radishes, beets and carrots are all growing great.
  16. Runs in the family. DH constantly says he told me, or you knew that... I recognize faces, but can’t recall names anymore, forget where to go, get lost while driving, maybe just age catching up with me. I shouldn’t have said anything, sorry.
  17. Annarchy

    Star Link

    At least it wasn’t UFOs or Angels on assignment.
  18. Then, there is Alzheimer’s, which is starting to plague me. Really??? Never expected that...
  19. Annarchy

    Star Link

    DH was still up when I got up around 5 am. We took our coffee outside and were gazing at the stars. Crystal clear skies from the rain we had. I saw a satellite headed NNE. About a minute later another one going in the same direction, along the same path, then, another, then, they started coming sooner and sooner, about 10-15 seconds apart. During the ‘show’ , it looked like a string of pearls cruising across the sky. We counted 60 plus several others on different paths. Apparently, they released them on November 11th. We definitely have never seen anything like that before. It was neat. https://www.starlink.com https://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/what-is-spacex-starlink/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starlink_(satellite_constellation) https://broadbandnow.com/Starlink https://www.businessinsider.com/spacex-starlink-satellite-internet-service-when-available-date-2019-5
  20. What’s your opinion? https://jumpshare.com/v/z41fM8HDDhZxsLWiQLxu
  21. ....and it’s still raining.... Wow! We haven’t had this much rain since April. It’s awesome! The garden is proofing! This afternoon, I had enough time to open the washer, after that dust storm.. Yup, you guessed it, everything was coated with dirt, had to wash it over again. Did manage to have enough time to do another load and BBQ for DH, before the next bunch of clouds swirled over and started dropping water on us. It’s amazing! Rain, glorious rain! Except, we are gimping around, from the pressure change. DH is gimping from his knees & ankles & every arthritic joint on me is screaming at me. Lol, it’s worth it, as long as our water bill goes down from over $300/mo. Lol
  22. I’ve read that also. I take vinegar on a schedule. Once or twice a week, only, but I also avoid sugar, like the plague. If I have sugar, I can guarantee I will crash, go to sleep involuntarily, within about an half an hour or less. G-ma, mother & dad, were/are, insulin dependent. A friend of DH, brought a cheesecake, made with mung bean extract, that didn’t have any effect on me. I want her recipe. Sweet without sugar?!?!? Nice.
  23. Ouch, we had two with renal issues. They cathed them and dosed them with antibiotics, they lived 5 more years. Franklin & Jung were sweeties, then, both went bald with adrenaline cancer. Surgery requires microscopic surgery, because the are so small creatures. Not worth the pain or suffering they have to endure.
  24. Exactly, Jeepers. I don’t wash my eggs but all the eggs get refrigerated as soon as I collect them, my hens get thyme & oregano in their food & water, natural antibiotics. The people who snatch up my extra dozens, have been told to wash them before they crack them and to wash after cracking them. And, yes, they have quit laying for the winter. I only have 2 doz. left.
  25. Oh my, Littlesister, 20 some ferrets dancing around our feet. Yes, ferrets in the US only live 7-10 years, too inbred. However, the ones in England & Australia, have a 20 year lifespan. 7 ferrets, nice! I am in awe someone else is helping the little fuzzy faces. They filled me with joy, and a plethora of other emotions. My hardest was, doing surgery...it never worked to give them a extended quality life. Once adrenal, insulinoma, & other cancers set in, the best that can be done is to love them to the end. I still have remorse for one that had surgery... the vet said, it would extend his life.... no it didn’t and he was in pain. They didn’t stop all the bleeding on something, crushed my heart. one thing with ferrets, they bond with one, whether human or another ferret. If one bonded ferret passes, the bonded one will pine away. Extremely sad, but true. All but 3 of ours were rescued, it took time for them to accumulate to our household, but once they did, they were a riot. Harmony, took Inspiration, screaming, by the scruff, and treated her like her own baby. It was hilarious. From that point on Inspire Kitty, bonded with DH, because he saved her from Mama Harmony. Lol. So many stories, so many years.... lol
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