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  1. I hate when someone blocks a grocery aisle and just stand there. I yell, "Excuse me." It gets a lot of attention from a few aisles over. I dont care. I did say excuse me. I did get some good news today though. My DIL can work from home Tue - Fri. She will only have to go in on Mondays now. Son is working mostly half days, they go in and do the most important calls then go home and wait for emergency calls to come in, they share. Rotate the jobs.
  2. Both Wal-Mart and Target have big decals on the floor showing the six feet distance. I like that. But only at the check out lanes. BTW, most of the tiles on the floor in major stores are 1 foot square so you can sort of judge for yourself. It's raining hard and the wind is howling here today. Also the "tater wagon" has been rumbling up above too. Oops just dropped another tater. That one must have been round. It rolled a long way.
  3. Thats first time I've heard of one way aisles. Good idea. Any little bit helps. Wal-Mart and Target food aisles are so narrow to begin with.
  4. I know how you feel about selling a house right now. My plan is to try to wait it out as long as possible. Things will turn around; because they always do. But how long will it take is the question. The only thing in my favor (if you want to call it that) is whatever I get for this place, I'll be able to pay it off. I told my son I'm moving to Indiana this summer come h3ll or high water. Well, h3ll is here and the water is rising (in my basement).
  5. I haven't read this yet. I wanted to get it posted while it's still free. Homemade Hand Sanitizer Recipes https://www.amazon.com/dp/B086PYG5Q5/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=paspr-20&linkId=1724e4a3ae36c72a056e499c42842d87&language=en_US
  6. I thought this was a picture how-to book. It isn't but talks a lot about different masks and their uses. I haven't read it yet because I wanted to get it posted before the 'free' period expired. Homemade Medical Face Masks https://www.amazon.com/dp/B086R5GJGH/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=paspr-20&linkId=189dd79e3c67279ca38cc29adc5fbd08&language=en_US
  7. Welcome back Hazelstone. It does feel good to hear it once in awhile doesn't it? Or even once. My son has eluded to it a couple of times. We're getting there. I don't care to be right just as long as the making fun about my 'hoard' and 'preps' stops. And the thinking poor old mom is crazy in her old age.
  8. Cowgirl, you ain't lived until Kindle autocorrect gets a hold of your keyboard. Not only corrects your spelling but changes correctly spelled words to another word it likes better. But this time it was me. I've never heard of...that word TheCG typed. So I just put in the only word I knew that sounded/looked like it. TheCG, if you find some of that "euthanasia' in the grocery aisle, could you point me in the right direction? It could have come in handy a few times here. I'm just saying. Oh and, "I'm asking for a friend!" Not for me.
  9. Kappy, B.L.T. Cute way to remember it. Speaking of food...what is tp flavored beans, omelets and stir fries? Surly not toilet paper flavored. With all the talk of toilet paper recently that's the first thing I thought of. The soy flavored meat maybe?
  10. Littlesister I wrote about my shopping trip today, to pick up meds, in another forum before I saw this one. We wrote nearly the same thing. Empty shelves especially the canned fruit and vegetables. Spaghetti sauce and soup was nearly empty too. We had paper towels (limit 1) but no T.P. Luckily I'm good on paper supplies. Praying for your dear husbands health! Lovely pictures We2. Your potatoes look so nice. I usually get a little siphoning when I do mine. Yours look perfect. Did you blanch them first?
  11. I made it to the grocery store where my pharmacy is. I took the opportunity to get a few more fresh fruit and veggies and just a few other items. Hardly anyone wore a mask. Only the cashiers wore gloves but no mask. They do have the Plexiglas shields up at the registers though, I saw a couple of elderly people with a mask covering their mouth but not their nose. Sigh. I wish more masks were available Maybe more people would wear them. What floored me the most were the shelves. They were half empty and what was there was spaced out as well as they could. Still a lot of holes and vast empty spaces. Mostly the canned food was nearly gone.This is the worst I've ever seen it. Could just be from weekend shoppers. I have a feeling that isn't the case though. At 4:00pm the store was pretty empty. I noticed there was no toilet paper again. They did have some canning jars and lids. I didn't get any as I'm pretty well stocked in that area. l just had one of those little carts so no major shopping. Come to think of it, most people just had a few items in their cart. If I need more jars I'll order from Wal-Mart. Right now they are cheaper and delivered faster than Amazon. Plus I can get the Kerr jars. I picked up a bottle of that "Provolone Iodine" I don't remember what it's called. That's the closest I can come to naming it. There was two bottles but they had different labels and one felt sticky so I passed on one. I think I remember seeing it at Target a week ago.
  12. I just read where Great Britain's P.M. is in intensive care.
  13. Love the pictures Annarchy. Storm is definitely a keeper. That's why I asked about his voice a couple of months ago. I was hoping it had a deep warning sound to it. The Corona Curl. Lol. Could also be a line dance if the bars ever open back up. Sounds like TPTB had a lot of things in place in store for us. If you let the people 'in the know' talk long enough, things slip out. Glad to hear mom is settling in fine. I'm sure if she hadn't come when she did, she would have been pretty lonely. And you would have been worried about her too. So much for my big quarantine plans. I have a prescription to pick up at the grocery store. I thought I already had them all. I'll use this excuse to resupply my fresh fruit and veg supply while I'm in there. My bananas only last about a week. Apples last around two+ weeks. Our grocery store went from plastic bags to bring your own and now back to plastic only, in a matter of four months. Thank goodness for Wal-Mart's free plastic bags that I store up. Abby Girl. You must wash those paws. Yes, all four of them. Don't make mom get the bleach after them!. LOL Littlesister, do you think maybe your DH needs a little salt added to his diet to help regulate his B.P. We need some salt Just thinking out loud.
  14. Welcome aboard Momof5inTX. Nice to meet ya. Looks like a sweet setup you have there!
  15. Problem is much of the U.S. is still under snow or its too cold yet to plant outside. For another thing, most of the shopping at nurseries is done outside. I think nurseries are vital. Another way to keep us dependant or to shut down a small business? While I'm at it, all of the bigger stores have had to cut back on their hours of operation. So now more people crowd into one place between certain limited hours than ever before. I used to shop very late at night or very early morning hours at the 24 hour stores to avoid crowds. Now if I want to shop I have to go when everyone else is panic buying with cart loads while I stand in line waiting with the masses. The shopping population was much more sparse when there were more hours to shop. Imagine how much the 24 hour stores are now saving in overhead. Fewer cashiers to pay and not as much electricity being used. I know they have cut back on the floor people because the last time I was in Wal-Mart I kept hearing a call for help in the material aisle and for baby formula. It was happening very often because there were no 'associates' on the floor to help.
  16. I'm the same way Cowgirl. Right now the smaller stores seem safer and usually better stocked. Another thing about the bigger stores I've suddenly noticed, is you have to pass by other people in the aisles who may be stopped looking at products. That certainly isn't a six foot safety distance. I cringe when I hear someone coughing too. Even if it's way on the other side of the store. Oh, I need to put heavier spray bottles on my shopping list I have ongoing. Good time to get them in the garden area. I'll probably get them at the nursery. Likely more expensive but probably not too much more. Pick your poison, huh. I wish I had a green thumb. I kill everythinng. Usually by drowning. If I don't kill them that way then I under water them by trying not to drown them. And that's with mature plants. Forget about seedlings in my 'care'. They go from seeds to spindles to el morte.
  17. That's right Cecilia. Before G-son's school was cancelled they were teaching about table manners and bussing their own tables and washing their own dishes...in preschool. When my son was in high school they were taught sewing, cooking, laundry and cleaning and all sorts of domestic chores. I think how to change your own oil would be invaluable. I'm afraid so many kids are going to fall behind. Some parents don't care, or think about, continuing their education. At least most of the older kids are still getting assignments via the computer.
  18. I haven't been able to find Zinc anywhere for about a month. I have some but it won't last forever. I do have quite a bit of Zicam though.
  19. I forgot to mention that our Wal-Mart was doing that with the entrances and exits too. Ours has three of them on each building and only one door was open with a guy standing there with a counter and only one exit open. There was a small line to get in but it went fast. In other times it would probably have been considered a fire safety hazard. If Wal-Mart closes down many people will be in a world of hurt. The last time I was doing a major haul, after I paid, I noticed a bottle of liquid spray sanitizer stuff by her register. I asked for a squirt and she said, "Sure." She gave me two spritz of it and I didn't have to touch her bottle. If anyone goes shopping don't take a cart from the outside. They haven't been sanitized. Wait until you get inside to grab a cart. I guess that doesn't apply at Aldis. I'm done shopping for awhile. lf I get antsy I've got more paper to recycle and I need a car wash. All no human contact. I just want to get past this two week surge they are talking about. It might be nothing or it might be something.
  20. I just read where the U.S. Postal Service could shut down by June because of the Caronavirus. That is unless the government bales them out. There goes the cost of shipping and stamps again. I also read where Celine Dion has the virus. And Placido Domingo. I've always enjoyed watching him perform in operas on PBS. Especially Carmen and La Boheme. I have a CD of him singing love songs in English. It's done mostly phonetically, I think, but it's beautiful. Sigh.
  21. I picked up some seeds at Target when I was there a couple of days ago. I got cucumber, green onion and cherry tomatoes. I don't suppose I'll be in Indiana long enough to take care of a garden this year but I can save the seeds back for next year. They are just the hybrid ones. I'm saving my good heirloom seeds for when I can plant them and save them. I can live on cukes, toms and green onions in the summer. Mix with some Italian dressing or mixed in with some pasta. Our store sells Olive Garden salad dressing and I still have some unopened bottles of that.
  22. Good thinking Pixie. Hobby Lobby got into some trouble for staying open during the virus outbreak. They initially closed but reopened. Now they are being forced to shut back down over safety issues.
  23. Yep Littlesister. Japan and Taiwan was military. D-ex was a Chinese linguist and I helped him study so I picked up a lot. That was another reason we didn't hesitate going to Taiwan. He also taught conversational English in Japan. So, we made the best of it. It helped that we had a little blue eyed white haired baby too. Mexico, Greece, Turkey and Germany were a working vacation through D-ex job. On the Greece and Turkey one we were on a cruise ship.
  24. Yes I did Mt. Rider. We lived there a year. Our overseas tour of duty was supposed to end in Japan after two years. But the base closed so they were sending us back stateside. But we volunteered for our final year in Taiwan. Another couple was supposed to go but she was having a break down over it and threatened to leave her husband if he went so we took the assignment. We were on the same island as Nagasaki. Kyushu. Mao was in power then. Chiang Kai Shek was the leader when we were in Taiwan. Lots of armed guards in the streets and we had to be very careful about what we said. Anyway, I never saw anyone wearing a mask in either country.
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