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  1. Excellent video. Store bought beer, properly stored, usually only lasts between 4-6 months before going flat. So choose that wisely if expecting to barter with it.
  2. Ya know, nothing defeats a surprise attack better than telling people ahead of time a mock test is being carried out to see their reaction, than broadcasting it first. CYA I suppose. People won't panic if they know it isn't real and some people might actually panic or get caught up in a stampede. Might not be prudent. If the wind is blowing from the west then the toxic gas will most likely flow in an easterly direction. No wind it will likely sink toward the ground. Maybe do a computer generated test. Any teenager could program one of those. Adult? Probably not so much.
  3. Beryl, it's pretty much the same here but it seems some areas are worse than others. I haven't noticed that many more food recalls here. I might be missing them though. I have noticed clothing getting thinner and thinner too. In fact I recently bought some leggings to wear under my jeans. They really make a difference in the winter. Last year I wore a pair of pajama bottoms with the cuffed ankles and fell in love with the idea. So this year I got a 7-pack of leggings for $39.00. Cheap but I only want them for under jeans or under a night gown. Flannel night gowns feel like fuzzy cotton now. No weight to them at all. All of the declutter videos are probably meant to discourage people from buying things and not noticing the shortages. Sometimes if you aren't looking for something then you don't notice they are gone. Toilet paper and paper towels are missing again. I bought some more flannel to make more 'family cloths' just in case. When I get my toilets changed out I want to get a bidet put on. Cold in the winter though . And you still have to pat dry. Suppose commando is an option. Food shortages are hit-or-miss. Sometimes they have an item and sometimes they don't. Or one store may be completely out and another store may have a shelf full. We stock up when we can. Get it while they got it. Americans can a lot of food but this year it has been nearly impossible to find the lids locally. I still haven't seen any of them in the stores this year. Meat prices, especially on beef and pork have gone through the roof. Appliances are in short supply here too. Worse than that is furniture. Especially stuffed furniture like sofas and chairs. They say they can't get the foam padding from China. Our tax laws are pretty simple. If it's taxed then it will keep going up! I'm thinking the same about after Christmas sales. Sparse. That's when I buy wrapping paper and bows and candy canes etc. This year I went ahead to the Dollar Tree and got some gift wrap while they are still $1.00. I do want to get a couple of packs of bows after Christmas. You can use them on any occasion. I only buy for one person though. DIL puts a list on Amazon to pick and choose from for G'son. She and son get money. Pretty easy for me shopping wise.
  4. Home schooling is another good use. Also it might be a good refresher for a H.S. senior getting ready for the SAT exam.
  5. I thought this was interesting mainly because I had no idea what was involved. Citizenship Basics U.S. Citizenship Test Study Guide 100 Civics Questions Amazon.com: Citizenship Basics U.S. Citizenship Test Study Guide 100 Civics Questions eBook : BE Learning, Proctor, Ian, Proctor, Robert : Kindle Store
  6. Hard to believe this has been going on for nearly a month now. Here are two live links with sound that I watch: 🌎 LIVE: La Palma Volcano Eruption in the Canary Islands (Feed #1) - YouTube Último hora! canal 24 horas del volcán de la isla de La Palma - YouTube
  7. Lehman's sell similar type of fans. Maybe even that brand. Probably for a lot more? They work wonderfully. When you walk by them you can really feel the heat they throw out. Very efficient. Having experienced them first hand, at Lehman's, I would highly recommend one. I wanted one but they don't work for a fireplace insert. I really wish I had a wood burning stove. Or a place to put one.
  8. Thanks for checking in Beryl. I like to see how other countries are affected too. Especially from people who actually live there. Seems like we are all in the same boat. I always worry about the UK because I've read a lot about it during WWII times. Being an island nation and importing so much of their food, they suffered so much more from shortages. Victory Gardens indeed! I wish they had easier access to canning supplies and at a reasonable cost. I think that might help some.
  9. I have it running on my computer too. I check it often. I have two different views on. Last night it was horrendous. I think one of the walls collapsed. It seems to be worse at night. But that might be because we get a better look at the glowing lava. I've never seen anything like it. They say that because of the type of volcano it is there is very little chance of a tsunami.
  10. I had a very small IRA that was virtually earning no interest for the past many years. It came due and I cashed it in last month to help pay for the paint job at the other house. It didn't quite cover it all but it sure helped. That IRA was dead weight for decades. I finally put it to use. I was thinking the other day that I rarely leave Wal-Mart or the grocery store any more without spending $100.00. That includes paper products, cleaning supplies and HBA. I don't go every week but still...
  11. That reminds me of my aunt who lived on a farm. One day my grandma (her mother) said, "Pew, those hogs sure stink!" Aunt sniffed and said, "Smells like money to me" Perspective.
  12. Looks like there will be a 5.9% raise in S.S. benefits next year. About time. It didn't say which month next year though. The last 3-4 times we got a raise the Medicare rate also jumped up so our raise was pretty much negated. This time they say the Medicare rate is supposed to 'only' go up $10.00 a month. Hummm, It wouldn't let me copy/paste the link here. www.aol.com/finance/social-security-cost-living-increase-132106889.html Now that’s more like it. Older Americans scraping by on meager increases in their Social Security checks the past decade will reap a relative windfall next year. The roughly 70 million people – retirees, disabled people and others – who rely on Social Security will receive a 5.9% cost-of-living adjustment next year, the Social Security Administration said Wednesday. That's the biggest bump since 1982. The sharp increase is tied to a COVID-19-fueled spike in inflation after years of paltry consumer price increases. For the average retiree who got a monthly check of $1,565 this year, the bump means an additional $92 a month in 2022, boosting the typical payment to $1,657. "The guaranteed benefits provided by Social Security and the COLA increase are more crucial than ever as millions of Americans continue to face the health and economic impacts of the pandemic," AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins said in a statement. "Social Security is the largest source of retirement income for most Americans and provides nearly all income (90% or more) for one in four seniors." SSA bases its cost-of-living adjustment on average annual increases in the consumer price index for urban wage earners and clerical workers, or CPI-W, from July through September. The CPI-W largely reflects the broad CPI that the Labor Department releases each month. On Wednesday, Labor said the CPI-W rose 5.9% annually in September following a 5.8% jump in August. The COLA has averaged 1.4% the past 10 years – half the average over the prior decade – because of unusually low inflation, according to the Senior Citizen League, an advocacy group. During this period, tens of millions of Social Security beneficiaries saw much or all of their cost-of-living increases effectively erased because of sharply climbing premiums for Medicare Part B, which are automatically deducted from many Social Security checks. That shouldn’t be the case for most recipients this year because of the healthy COLA advance. The Part B premium is set to rise by $10 and prescription drug plan premiums are likely to increase an average of about 5%, says Mary Johnson, a policy analyst for the Senior Citizen League. Johnson has long complained that the basket of goods that determines the CPI-W index doesn’t reflect the spending patterns of seniors who buy less gasoline, electronics and other products that make up a big portion of younger workers’ spending. Seniors instead spend more on food, health care costs and other items that have seen sharp price increases during the pandemic. Johnson has called for the SSA to base its COLA on a proposed index for the elderly called CPI-E that would put more weight on health, food and other expenditures. Since 2000, Social Security recipients have lost 32% of their buying power as COLAS grew by about half as much as the cost of goods and services typically purchased by retirees, according to the league. With energy prices soaring this year, part of that dynamic is being reversed, with seniors, who don’t buy as much gasoline, poised to gain from the large COLA increase. “They’re getting the benefit of that,” Johnson says. At the same time, older Americans will still face sharply higher costs for some goods and services, including food, rent and prescription drugs. Seniors also could be socked by a 21% to 25% surge in home heating oil and natural gas costs this winter, according to the league and the U.S. Energy Information Administration. "Retirees have been pummeled by the rising cost of health care, and the CPI-W does not accurately reflect how much retirees are spending on health care," says Rhian Horgan, CEO of Silvur, maker of a retirement planning app. Although the COLA bump could somewhat narrow Social Security recipients’ longstanding shortfall in buying power, “it’s not going to restore it,” to 2000 levels, Johnson says. "While the high COLA is welcome, we have received hundreds of emails from retired and disabled Social Security recipients who say that the low COLAs in recent years have not kept pace with their rising costs," Johnson says. "That has made it more difficult for many to cope with the rampant inflation of 2021." And, she says, the more generous payment will subject some recipients to new taxes or bump them into a higher tax bracket, offsetting some or all of the increase. Also, many economists are forecasting high inflation again next year as supply chain bottlenecks continue to drive up product costs while labor shortages push employee wages, and related prices, higher. “The COLA is paying for inflation from last year,” Johnson says. “Not,” she adds, “for future years.”
  13. Last week I was in a Wal-Mart store in Indy and was so surprised. So many empty spaces. I took two pictures but I can't figure out how to get them out of the phone and into the computer. Sigh. They are from the deli section. One whole case of where the party trays and salsa etc. are was empty. It is about a 12 foot long case. Also the rotisserie chicken case was totally empty. The lunchmeat was nearly empty too. Just a few packs of turkey bologna left. I was really shocked. And this was on a Friday afternoon when things should have been stocked up for the weekend. The milk case was low and no 6-pack of eggs. I've also noticed a lot of smashed boxes on the shelves lately. Both on the food and non-food aisles. Not too long ago the stores would have never displayed those. I took a picture of a nearly empty case of macaroni salad, potato salad, slaw etc. with some of the cartons smashed in. For sale at full price. Meijers store, a few miles away, looked somewhat better. But they space their merchandise and shelves farther apart so it looks more full. In the Wal-Mart clothing area you can barely get a cart around the gown, panties, bra, socks etc. area. Meijers aisles are wider. In other words there is more open floor space in Meijers so it appears fuller. Plenty of Ball canning jars but not a lid in sight any place I went. Five gallon gas cans are hard to find too. WM was out. Meijers had some at $25.00 each. I passed. Will check out Tractor Supply next time I'm there. The cold and flu aisles are getting thinned out fast now. I can't find that med that starts with osc and ends with ium. Can't spell it and I can't pronounce it. I've looked everywhere. Also no zinc lozenges. Plenty of zinc tablets though. Unlike last year. There are miles of corn fields and soy beans in my area over there ready to be harvested. The soy beans are all dry now and ready. You can see the yellow of the corn under the husks bursting through in the fields. I saw one farmer already working his farm last Sunday. Empty equipment in his field but he was pulling out of his driveway with a big flatbed semi full of shucked corn. Don't know where he was headed with it. Probably the elevator to get it dried? I don't remember the ways of the farmers anymore. When I was young we lived close to a grain elevator. Very small town in Indiana. All during the fall we would hear the grain tumbling around in the dryer and being loaded in and out of the mill. And the mourning doves cooing their sad song. Memories... Anyhoo, I took notice of the truckers. There seemed to be fewer of them but that is because I was looking for them. Otherwise I probably wouldn't have noticed. There were plenty of semi's parked in the truck stops. I got behind a lot of barely rolling semi's on the toll road. I thought, "Oh crap, they called a truckers strike I didn't hear about it. I'm stuck behind a convoy." All I could think about was that Convoy song. 'Ah, breaker one niner. This is Jeepers. What's the 411 up there'. It was just a road construction zone. Shows where my mind is going these days though.
  14. I got sucked down the DIY craft rabbit hole. I don't know why I was there. I don't have time for crafts right now and I have no where to put anything else if I did. But there I was. TWO. HOURS. LATER. What I noticed was she was using a Chux pad on top of her table. She was doing some messy painting and gluing and glittering. The plastic backing and absorbent top was keeping the mess contained. They would be nice to use in a garage to lay greasy, oily auto/engine parts on while working on machinery. I sure could have used that tip when son was doing a brake job on his car in my garage. Puppy pee pads would work as well too. Which ever one would be the cheapest. I usually just use newspapers but they aren't moisture proof. Or absorbent. Glitter would stick to the pad a little bit too instead of sliding off of newspaper. A quick check at Amazon has them at 15 cents each if bought in bulk. Plus they can be used for their original purpose too. Amazon.com: Dynarex Disposable Underpad, 17 Inches X 24 Inches, 100 Count : Health & Household
  15. I managed to get a few errands run today. My body hurts so bad from the trip to Indy I could hardly walk. I started out fine but faded fast. I had forgotten how much being on the floor scraping that #%^& wallpaper I had done. Then the day I left I was back on the floor dragging out heavy appliances from the lower cabinets trying to find space for them on the countertop. Those KitchenAid mixers weigh a ton. Another thing I had was, I think, a Ninja Bullet mixer thing that has suction cups on the bottom. When you sit that thing down those suction cups grab ahold and don't want to let go. That thing fought me all day. I gave up when it came to putting the electric roaster on top of the fridge. Son can wrangle that up there. Everything can't live on top of the counter so I need to figure out what's going where. The final thing I need to buy is still a bread maker. I digressed. I heard the Dollar Tree is going to have to raise their prices soon. It probably won't be too much but I figured I'd go get the things I know I'll use before the hike. It looked like they had a truck come in. The shelves looked pretty full and there was merchandise all over the place ready to put on the shelves. It looked pretty good. Their juice aisle was still very low though. And no boxed milk left. I picked up some gift wrap paper for birthdays and Christmas. I was surprised by their paper this summer. It isn't the thickest but not as thin as I thought either. For the 1-3 days it had to cover a box, it worked fine. I also picked up some gift bags and fancy bows. So I'm set for gift wrap for quite a few years now. And on the cheap too. I want to pick up a few cards too. BTW they have their Christmas wrapping paper in and some of it was really pretty. Some more adult type like the kind with the little red truck on it and some that looked like gray flannel. Some with a nice cardinal on it and some subdued tan colors. I don't do any adult gifting so I didn't get any but I would have if I did. I also got some of their note pads. I really like them a lot. About a quarter the size of regular size notebook paper with a spiral bound. They are very thick too...lots of pages. Also got some more matches. I should have looked at candles too. Especially those tall long lasting ones. Next time...before they raise the prices. Stopped in Ollies for what will probably be the last time. I got a few sticker books and four big word search books for the bathroom. They were spiral bound so user friendly. I think each one has 200 pages . Their book selection has really dwindled. And I really noticed the store didn't look very clean. I wouldn't buy any of their food or anything to wear/sleep on from there. There is a newer one in Indy I might check out if I'm in that area. But for now I'm good. I still need a new pair of shoes but I was too tired to go shopping for them. I still have some Nikes and some others but I'm saving them back for leaner times ahead or doctor visits etc. They are my fancy dress up shoes LOL. Maybe some Skechers or something. Trouble with me is I buy something new then I don't want to wear it and wear it out. I saw a really nice pair of shoes in Meijers the other day. I got to looking at them closer and they were men's shoes. Not that I wouldn't wear them but sizing would be an issue. I need a few more little things but I'm just going to order them. I'm tired.
  16. Very nice. I'll look at it more closely when I get more time.
  17. I don't remember if it was low VOC or no VOC. I know it was one of those because we talked about it back in July. It will tell on the cans they left. It was all from Sherwin Williams. Even with my bedroom door shut all of the time, the windows all open and the garage door open, I could still smell it. Not too bad but after six days of it it was starting to get old. I still have to paint all the closets myself. I saved quite a bit that way. Garage needs painted too. I can do that except for the ceiling. I won't be picky out there at all. I noticed that all of my window screens have holes in them. Multiple holes really bad. I told son I'd like to remove them all and replace the screen material myself over the winter months and have them ready by next spring. I might be cutting back on air conditioning next summer. $$$$ It's amazing what all you don't notice until you start looking around. I knew there were things that needed fixed and planned for that and saved for it. But I keep noticing more little things. I knew the kitchen sink was leaking around the faucet but discovered it is also leaking down under the sink. I just hope it doesn't become a money pit.
  18. I heard about Augason Farms too. Grabbed my attention because I bought quite a few things in buckets from there. Most recently red wheat and white wheat. Ninety days doesn't sound too long but when you think of it, it's until the end of the year. Not much veggies will be harvested for them to process if they start back up in January. Wonder how many people were layed off? I've been waiting for their freeze dried mozzarella cheese to come back in supply forever. Guess I'll have a longer wait. I don't have any dry cheese.
  19. Thanks Miki. I'll get some to have in my arsenal. I didn't know what to get and I don't have Internet over there to look any thing up. I figured Benadryl might at least put me to sleep but didn't. I was watching to make sure my throat didn't swell shut. I know where the hospital is but not the walk in clinics. Suppose I should scope those out. Soon. You know you are a prepper if you get the hives and consider going to the ER just so you can get a prescription for an Epi-Pen. I feel for you!
  20. I'm so very sorry to hear about your Dear Mother Joyfilled! That must have been such a shock. I know you will miss her desperately. Especially during canning time. Sending you peaceful, strengthening prayers.
  21. I'm finally home from Indiana. I'll never catch up here but I'll try over the next day or two. I'm sooo glad that trip is over! Never again will I ever have people come to my house, working inside, all day every day for 6 days from 7:00am til 4:00pm. Luckily I was able to spend much of the time behind my bedroom door. As bad as it was the two man crew I had was wonderful! First the guys were both Mexican and only one spoke any English. He had the vocabulary but also the accent! Ay Chihuahua that was rough sometimes. His accent and my hearing issues were sometimes awkward. But we managed. I spoke a few pleasantries like please, thank you. good morning, good night etc. They smiled when I did. Probably my accent. Southern Hillbilly Spanish LOL. I really liked those two guys. They could have finished faster but there were only two of them. I asked and they said that's all they could get to work. I believed that 100%. They went way above and beyond their work detail. They were hired to patch small divots etc. and paint. They did that and repaired three huge cracks down the corners of three walls. They were not just stress cracks either! Really big separating type cracks. They also removed seven towel racks in the two bathrooms and spackled over them. They also replaced all of the ceiling lights that I couldn't reach even with a ladder. And they removed all of the curtain rods and redid the walls behind them. These two guys were so nice to me. I was nice to them too. I let them use one of the bathrooms, the microwave, the fridge and kept it supplied with cold drinks. They have to remove everything from the house every night and set it up again the next morning. I told them to just leave everything in the house since I was the only one there. It was no bother to me but a huge work load off of them. I recognized all of the extras they helped me with and thanked them. And tipped them accordingly at the end. We worked well together. The last day Gabriel (we were on first name basis by then LOL) gave me his card and said if I need any handyman work done he did that on the side on the weekends. Now I know how to get my toilets changed out, faucets replaced and light fixtures replaced. I will definitely call him when the time comes. We bonded. As hard as it was having them in the house all of that time...my issues not theirs, it was a successful trip. Next on my list will be to get the carpets and duct work cleaned. I think one company will do that. I hope. I wouldn't bother with that but there were mice in there and we are floor dwellers. Speaking of mice, I haven't seen any more since I started going back over there this year. I've looked for traces of them and I set traps every time I leave and nothing yet. Now will be the time for them to appear again though. Harvests are going on and some of the doors were left open for long periods of time. Oh, and I got four loads of laundry done. I forgot to mention that on Thursday night I got a case of the hives. I've never had them before. Crimony. I looked like I was covered in mosquito bites. Hundreds of them. And itch! About drove me crazy-er. Benadryl (pills and cream) helped a little plus a soak in the tub with Aveeno. Could have been the accumulation of the paint fumes? It 'only' lasted three days. I'm sooo glad that trip is over! P.S. The paint company I used was CertaPro.
  22. Lava has reached the Atlantic Ocean. No talk of a tsunami happening yet. I suppose the lava isn't enough to raise the water level. It's still spewing. I think an actual landslide would have to occur before that would happen. Or an earthquake. Neither one predicted. It has been a phenomenal thing to watch and learn from. 🌎 LIVE: La Palma Volcano Eruption in the Canary Islands (Feed #1) 927 - YouTube
  23. Annarchy! You sure are a sight for sore eyes. I was so worried about you. Dang it girl, you know how we Mrs. S mother hens worry about our chicks here. Glad you are all doing fine though! A break away from electronics is a good thing once in awhile. I get a good dose of that when I'm in Indy. I don't have cable or internet over there yet. Just my cell phone and only son, DIL and D-ex have the number to that. Ya know, after a couple of days I really don't miss it at all. I have other forms of entertainment over there in the evening. Books, Kindle, some off line games on the Fire, DVD movies, Old Time Radio MP3's and music galore. As long as the electricity stays on I'm fine. Being in a relatively empty house has reminded me of just how little I really need. A bed and a lawn chair has really served me well. Of course I'm going to furnish the place but seeing wants vs. needs has helped me see things in another perspective. That does not include my preps. I just need to get a better handle on those and make better use of the garage.
  24. You couldn't tell it by looking at my house, but I really like to organize things. Containers are one of my weaknesses.
  25. Oh my. 🌎 LIVE: La Palma Volcano Eruption in the Canary Islands (Feed #1) - YouTube DIRECTO | Erupción del volcán en La Palma - YouTube
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