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  1. Sheesh. I usually buy my onions lose. One of two at a time from a bin. No way to check those. At least Ohio wasn't listed in the recall. Guess I'll have to trust my grocery store to keep me safe..... Oh wait. They are the ones selling them. Salmonella huh? Guess people still aren't washing their hands.
  2. Saweeeet. Oh you lucky girl you! That is going to be so nice. Bet you are glad hubby said 'no' to sharing the garage. Please post after pictures when it's finished. Congrats on the restaurant quality finds too!
  3. I've always said if you are prepared for just one kind of disaster you are pretty much prepared for almost all of them. Slight modifications (add-ons) here and there but not not many. Get those basics and build up your supplies. I know I'm preaching to the choir here. Thanks for sharing your BINGO card. I have plenty of beans to use as markers. Stay safe friend!
  4. Littlesister, they are showing up unsolicited. Some of the packages are marked "Jewelry'.
  5. My Vit. D3 level was extremely low the last blood work I had. She gave me a script for 5,000 UI of D3. When the prescription ran out I looked at the OTC meds. Their basic unit amount is 5,000 too. They are pretty cheap. Often Wal-Mart has two bottles wrapped together...BOGO. At least they used to.
  6. Yes, I was just reading about that and was coming over to post.
  7. I remember back in the day, I used to buy smoked pork chops. Those things were so good. The Deep South Homestead built their own smoke house this year. They love their smoked cheese.
  8. Kappy and Mary ---------->
  9. I got up early this morning and went over to the grocery store. I was there a half hour after it opened so it wasn't busy. Three things I haven't been able to get in months are still out. Namely, small cans of Bush baked beans, frozen seasoned Brussel sprouts and sandwich size pepperoni. There were only a few packages of toilet paper on the shelf. I picked up one. I didn't look to see if there was a limit. Still no foaming bathroom cleaner or wet wipes for cleaning. The canned veggie aisle was looking pretty sparse with some empty shelves. Frozen veggies looked a little bit better but not by much. Campbell's soup was very low still and some tomato products sold out. The canned pop was getting empty too. I heard there is a short supply of aluminum cans. I believe it. Although they were running a sale 3 cases for $11.00. I got plenty of fresh fruit and veg. That has always been in good supply here. To be honest, the store looked about like it did when we first started seeing shortages. Still not fully stocked. The prices were very high too. I did manage to save $15.60 from my reward points. It's supposed to get up to 90° here today. Another reason why I went to the store early. I was sweating bullets by the time I got out of the store as it was. Those masks are so hot. Forgot to mention I still can't get the plastic wrapped Raman noodles in a bowl. The ones that starts with an 'M'. Can't remember the name. So I ordered a case (12) of them from Wal-Mart and they arrived Friday. That plus what I have will last me over a year. They are mostly for long term survival food.
  10. Praying for a safe hurricane season out Hawaii way! Not having a great day. Had a hard time staying upright. Sweats, shakes, dizzy, nausea, and trying to keep from passing out. I hate those days. I think I didn't eat soon enough this morning. I checked my blood sugar right away. It was 105. It should be 99 or less. It really wasn't that far off. My blood pressure machine was downstairs so I forgot about trying to go back down for it. I ate and now I feel a little bit better. At 8:47am the phone rang. It rang twice and I answered it. They hung up. I looked at the caller ID and it was from my nasty neighbor next door. He has never called here before. Ugh. #1 why does he have my number #2 if he didn't just dial it, why is it stored in his phone #3 he didn't 'butt dial' it because it only redials the last number you called. Has he been calling here anonymously (I get lots of hang up calls) and forgot and slipped up and used his house phone line? Idiot. Poor fellow misses his bouncing lawn mower babe. Covid isolation must be getting to him. One more time and his wife will find out.
  11. I'm all for masking up I guess. If it will help anything. At the very least in not going to fight it. Whatever. I'll look like I'm doing my part even though I'm not sure I am. I see people, mostly guys, get out of their car and tie a bandana on. Problem is, the bottom part is hanging loose. They look like the bad guys in a John Wayne western. Then they get back in the car and take it off. You know they are using the same 'mask' in the next store they go in. Probably using the same one for weeks at at time if the truth be known.
  12. DIL said G'sons pre school would start this fall. He is already registered. I don't see how they will manage that with 3-4-5 year olds. I feel really bad for the owner. Two years ago the school sold and closed down. One of the parents rented a building and hired teachers. He made it known that he is not a rich guy and he used all of his savings and second mortgaged his house to make it happen. He just wants a good education for kids. The last year he has been paying on the building and utilities etc. with no students. I just hope his 'real' job is keeping him afloat. It makes me sad for him. I'm sure there are so many more people in his shoes too.
  13. I live in the same county as The Cleveland Clinic. Today they mandated that CLOTH masks are not to be worn in any of their buildings. Only paper masks. You may wear cloth masks outside on the campus' but not inside. They said they are finding issues with cloth. I heard it on the news but couldn't find anything online about it. Here is my thought on it. IT'S ONLY MY THOUGHT! In looking for paper masks I kept reading that they were " non-woven". That seemed to be a major marketing plus. I think that might be the key. Cloth is woven so there are tiny holes. You can easily spread the fibers apart. With the paper masks they more solid. It's like the fibers are melded together. Also, the paper masks are three layers with one layer 'usually' water resistant. Just my idea. So, The Cleveland Clinic does not recommend CLOTH masks to the point of banning them in their buildings. Anyone sew here? I wonder if the fusible web fabric would be good mask matreial? It's pretty thick and non-woven. I think. Might be too heavy though? Just thinking out loud. With all of the places requiring masks, they could be hard to get again in the future.
  14. I have dear friends in Long Beach CA. And family in Tampa, Arizona and Mississippi.
  15. It's always sad when a loved one passes. Be it two legs or four. Give them the best life possible then let them sleep.
  16. Dang girl. I was going to suggest the gel knee pads like the ones Home Depot etc. sells for carpenters and floor layers. I understand about putting off doctor visits. I'm usually on my last leg or out of Rx before I go in. At least no one can accuse us being a malingerer.
  17. I just checked out the laws for homeschooling in Indiana. Law #1. Must do 180 days of instruction a year Law #2. See law #1 Check out your state https://homeschoolstatelaws.com/#:~:text=HOMESCHOOL LAWS FOR THE 50 UNITED STATES ,Virginia Wisconsin Wyo ...
  18. Jeepers


    If interested, May is having her babies. So far, five boys and one girl. No stillborns. The camera angle isn't great this time because of Covid. Check out some of the other channels while there. Lots of wildlife to study there. https://explore.org/livecams/service-dog-project/great-danes-indoor-room-puppy-cam She just had another little girl while I was posting this. Hopefully seven new service dogs to make someone's like easier. Free of charge.
  19. I have an extended family member whose daughter is a school principal. They have decided that it will be a virtual classroom until January when the second semester will start. They will reevaluate then. Another friend said they will have classrooms for middle school through high school. They will do it on a rotation basis. She didn't elaborate on how they would do that. She did say that no one is allowed in the building except for students and school personell. No parents allowed in the building. She said they will test all the students temperature four times a day. Everyone must wear a mask at all times. Those logistics boggle the mind. Both of these parents live in Maryland and are subject to change.
  20. Jeepers


    Lol. Hope #2 has an arm hole for getting things off of the shelf. Would be handy in the rain though. I read where all Wal-Mart stores require a mask now. Actually I think All major chain stores require them now. Note to self...order more masks. Yesterday I sent some child size masks to You-Know-Who. Getting him to wear one will be another story.
  21. So is the Bubonic Plague in Mongolia https://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2020/07/15/Teenager-dies-of-bubonic-plague-in-Mongolia/3461594832805/ And Ebola in the Congo https://www.ibtimes.com/ebola-cases-rise-new-dr-congo-outbreak-3013349 And with Covid-19 hanging on, it looks like the Pale Horseman is getting ready to saddle up. Oh, and Dengue Fever is in Singapore https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/other/singapore-grapples-with-deadly-dengue-as-fever-rages-alongside-covid-19/ar-BB16ZtAu?ocid=AMZN
  22. I don't know if I mentioned it or not but an insulated bedside water pitcher is nice to have too. Not only for the patient but for the care giver. Don't fall for the pretty glass ones. They sweat, won't hold a chill and break if dropped. Also, the plain stainless steel cost more than the colored stainless steel ones. Why? Just because some people like the look of silver colored stainless steel. Then best place I found and where I got mine is Wal-Mart. I like the one with a handle for patient use. It gives something extra to hold on to. Also the insulated ones have a tight-er fitting lid with a small opening where you can shop from or use a straw. They hold on cold pretty well IF you use ice in the cup. https://www.walmart.com/search/?query=insulated mugs
  23. I got some of the barf bags (Ebola again ) a few years back. It's been so long ago that I don't even remember what they look like. The last one I used on an airplane you folded the top down and there were tabs on either side to hold it closed. Sort of like a bag of coffee. Amazon has a lot of the kidney shaped pans. Look up 'Emesis Basin' and you will find a lot of them. They have a stainless steel one for $10.00. Or five plastic ones for $6.00. Those are the ones I bought because you never know how many sick people you might be handling at one time.
  24. These would be used if taking care of someone who is 'leaking'. Primarily vomiting or coughing etc..not necessarily for breathable germs but for splatters. I'd still want to wear a mask underneath it...assuming I had one available. They look easy to make and inexpensive. I have some that I bought (Ebola ) but could always use more. I like this doctor talking about what his office and hospital is doing. I like first-hand info. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pd-sZAQLomg
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