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  1. Sending up prayers for the entire Mt. Rider family. Bless her. She has been through so much this past year.
  2. I'm just so frustrated. I've been trying to figure out my Verizon bill for a month now. I can't figure out how to pay the bill. I've been to their store twice, had on line assistance twice, and just got off of a live call with them. I put in my credit card number over the phone and said the payment was accepted but they didn't ask for an expiration date nor the security code. So I don't think it went through. This has been ongoing for over 3 weeks now. The payment is over due. I don't care. I've only had this phone for two months. The problem is I can't register it. Girl on the ph
  3. I don't know but Mt. Rider will. She used to have ducks and knows all about them. If she doesn't see this in a day or so shoot her a PM. Lucky you!
  4. Glad Ball is aware of the fake products out there using their name. They said to "shop genuine Ball brand canning products" which is what people thought they were doing. How are you supposed to know who to trust these days. I was nosing around on Amazon the other day and saw a case of Ball jars for $70.00. That's price gouging and disgusting.
  5. I need some sort of storage system for my bedding too. When K-Mart went out of business earlier this year I got several sets of queen size sheets and a couple of blankets for 40% to 60% off. They should last me many years because I always wash the sheets and put them right back on the bed. That way I only wear out one set at a time. I'm not sure if I should wash them first of store them away in their original package. Maybe wash them and shrink them in a space bag and store that away? My hair is just below my shoulders and cut in long layers. It looks kinda cute when I use a big c
  6. I usually use spit. That might say something about my breath though. Perhaps I've said too much.
  7. Aw. Poor little feller. Wish we could make them understand the V-E-T is for their own good.
  8. After looking at the pan I'm tossing it. The outside of it is trashed and I found some tiny plastic particles inside that I missed. Sigh. It was a good old standby. Today I decided it's time to get the pantry cleaned out and rearranged. What a mess. It's pretty big. Like a closet with double folding doors. There are five shelves in there plus the floor. I got half of the floor done. I'm so slow. I didn't use to be this way. What happened? Oh yeah, I got old. Part of the problem is I get so dizzy when I stand up. Passing out dizzy. Which leads to nausea. If I could stay seated I'
  9. I have smoke detectors but it wasn't smoking. It was just sort of melting. The smell was from the spatula I think. The skillet held up very well especially considering how long it was on the stove. What was left of the spatula peeled right off. I'm really surprised because it is an inexpensive Wal-Mart skillet. I have two of them but I can't find them now. Glad your hubby got his wallet back and all intact! That is such a horrible feeling when you lose your wallet, purse, credit card, check book, bank card, keys etc. All of the above has happened to me and it's a sinking feeling i
  10. And just like that the butter powder is sold out on Amazon. Expected back on Oct. 24. I looked at the Hoosier HiIl brand but it's only 1 pound and Augason Farms is 2.4 pounds and in a can. I don't know if it will be the same price after the 24th. Alaska Prepper tried H.H. brand sour cream and said it was awful. I might order some of their cheddar cheese powder though. A lot of things are selling out fast now. Augason has three pages of items on their site and two of the pages are sold out.
  11. I don't have any butter stored sway. I figured I'd check out some of the powdered kind. At Augason Farms it is $36.99 for a #10 can. Way to expensive for me. Then I looked on Amazon. They have the exact same thing for $19.99. Big difference. Same brand and same size. Augason Farms is $36.99 and you pay for shipping plus they don't ship for 2-3 weeks! Amazon is $19.99 free shipping with Prime and they ship right away. I did the math. I ordered two cans of it yesterday afternoon and got an email today saying it shipped and will be here Friday.
  12. I guess I joined the 'burn em up' club last night. First time for me. I burned up a skillet. And a spatula. I made a fried egg sandwich. I distinctly remember checking to make sure the fire was off. I went upstairs and a little later I start to smell something. A normal rational person would have gone down to check it out. But we are talking about me now. I'm thinking, humm wonder what that is. Must be the neighbor burning something. After about an hour (!) I went down to get something to drink. The skillet was smouldering hot and the rubber spatula has melted in half. Half was melting in the
  13. Miki, I love my heated throw too. It feels so good. I even keep an extra one stored away, still in its package, in case the one I normally use breaks down. Did you get the room that your guests stayed in cleaned out and deodorized?
  14. Oh We2, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandson. That is horrible news. Yes indeed, his life will be changed forever now. As for your daughter...every family has one of those. Sorry you've had to deal with her bad behavior. Many prayers for your grandson!
  15. When my son was in high school everyone had to take half a semester of cooking and half a semester of sewing. They all had to make a pair of shorts. Just pull ups with elastic at the waist. He picked out the material and along with some elastic, I sent it to school. I think it was skull and cross bones or something a teenage boy would pick out. He loved those shorts! When they got old and raggedy he used them like boxers to sleep in. The next semester.They had to learn about running a household and doing a budget and basic child care. Very nice for a little township school with ab
  16. I was just going to post a link to that article, about Ohio, that you posted. Wal-Mart over here has all of their doors open again and they are no longer counting the people as they go in. And no one is standing outside making sure people are masked up. Carts handles are still being wiped down but that's about it. I was in a parking lot where I could see the front entrance to the Olive Garden. Two unmasked women came out and one was carrying an infant seat. I can't imagine taking a little baby in a restaurant right now. Especially when they offer curbside service.
  17. I used to work with a girl whose hair was thin and straight. It only grew about two inches below her shoulder. It would never grow any longer. I knew her nearly ten years and her hair style never changed. The thought of a perm triggers my post traumatic stress disorder. My mother gave me a home Toni perm right before my kindergarten school picture. It's still the family joke. About two weeks after 'The Perm' I looked like Little Orphan Annie with pupils. In my first grade picture my hair is board straight with short bangs. I look like two totally different humans. Remember the big
  18. I just noticed we can collapse a long quote now. Thank you.
  19. What a great gift. Very nice. I'm a straight line sewer too. I can do curves...one stitch at a time. I've made a lot of curtains in my life along with quilts and comforters. I can't make a buttonhole to save me.
  20. I just re-read this. I meant the Kindle in the horizontal/vertical position not me. I generally remain in the upright or supine position. I have on occasion rotated myself.
  21. I forgot and took the added potassium and magnesium tonight with my meds. I'm nauseous and faint. I had to sit down on the floor twice so I wouldn't pass out. Wish I hadn't done that. I'm going through my pill organizer now to get them out of there before I do it again. My neck has been on fire today. I rubbed some CBD cream on it and I think it might have helped. Could have just been the Advil and heating pad though. I'll keep trying it for a couple of weeks before I try the Bio Freeze I picked up this week. I need a new microwave bag for my neck. One with a removable
  22. LOL OOTO. The edit button is up in the top right hand corner where those three little dots are. You made a good observation about people staying home more now. Sprucing up their nest
  23. I dropped off a load at the Salvation Army today. They have huge boxes labeled and set up outside in the parking lot where you can drop your items in without going inside. Salvation Army is right in front of Wal-Mart so I went in to nose around. This Wal-Mart is bigger than the one I went to the other day. The food aisles weren't too bad. Some empty shelves but not horrible. Canned peas seem to be in short supply. Also canned carrots. BTW, if you are looking for the Knorr sides to store away, they are in two different places. Over by the hamburger helper stuff and over by the bean
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