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  1. While I don't do fish stuff, I did find many articles on the Alaska site interesting. I bookmarked it to read when I have more time. Thanks for the link Kappy.
  2. Very good article and I agree. I'm a prepper not a survivalist. I prep for the times I can't leave my home. Health, sickness, snow storm, power outage, no money etc. To make myself comfortable. I can't control what other people do but I can control what I can do. I'm prepping for my old age and if I become housebound. On the other hand, some people really enjoy prepping. It makes them happy and they enjoy it. There was a debate not long ago over whether or not prepping was a hobby. NO IT ISN'T most people shouted. Well, I think it can be for some people. Pffft, live your joy.
  3. I've never canned just ham alone but I've canned it in bean soup and ham and veggie soup and it did just fine. It was chopped up small though. Ham and veggie soup was okay but not my favorite. I'll can it again though just to have a variety.
  4. I've canned plenty of leftover cooked meat. Especially turkey. You can do it either hot pack or cold pack. On!y issue is to make sure your jars, meat, broth and canning water are at a similar temperature so you don't shock your jars.
  5. We got about an inch yesterday. Snow plow guy had to raise his rates. He gave the option of paying by the month or by the season. I mailed the check out for the season today. He does a great job but he always comes too often. So now he can come as often as he wants. And that bill is paid for through 2019-2020
  6. Darn Kappy, sorry you went through that. Glad you got it fixed though.
  7. Thanks Littlesister. I watched a video about it. Guess I'm not the only one who fears the Aldi carts if there are videos about them. LOL. I don't mind packing my own. In fact I'd rather. Makes it easier to unpack and put things away. They showed how to hack them if you don't have a quarter. Use the round head part of a key. Of course you have to push the buggy around with your key sticking out. But desperate times call for desperate measures.
  8. Right now I'd believe about anything.
  9. Definitely no more two stories for me, Littlesister! I was a lot younger when I moved here. I had X-rays on my back and spine and it said arthritis, stenosis and something else I can't remember. I asked for an MRI but they said because I'm on medicare, they have to do an X-Ray first. They also said my knees were okay. No they aren't they hurt too. I'm going to try to wait it out and when I get moved, get new doctors. I'm starting to have trust issues where I go now.
  10. Shipped to Indiana and Ohio. I don't have any but will alert DIL.
  11. Dee, I hate to see K-Mart go. We had one closer to my house than Wal-Mart is. I would go there to pick up small stuff. I really miss it for quick errands. Plus I get my summer shorts there. Nice weight summer denim nearly knee length and elastic waist. And cheap too. I really stocked up on them last summer and this summer. There is only one left around here that is semi close to me. The last time I was there a few months ago, they had strange tags on everything. Wonder if they are still there. I've never been to Aldis. I don't know how their cart system works. Put a quarter in and pull? Then how do you get it back when you return the cart? Sigh. Suppose I'll have to YouTube it. And do you take your own bags and pack them yourself? I know my cart will be the one that jams up the whole works. Never fails.
  12. I'm not sure how safe it is on the car battery to keep running a charge on it. I ran my hearing pad with the car running on long trips. It didn't take very long for me to have to replace the car battery. Coincidence? Maybe . But I don't do that any more and this battery has been fine for years. On second thought: I was actually using the pad and not charging it. Could have been the difference. Don't know.
  13. I checked out an electric water bath canner after seeing a woman use it on Youtube. They have a spout to drain the water. It boils the water and has a timer. Then I saw the price. I don't use a water bath canned enough to justify the price. It's $120.00 and only holds 8 pints. Maybe they will come down. In the meantime I'll use a pitcher to fill and empty my water bath canner. I don't lift them. Another thing that hinders me in canning is my kitchen sink faucet. It a short, low to the sink, old kind. It's hard to fill, empty and clean a big pot. I'd like one of those tall gooseneck types. It's on my to-do list at the new house.
  14. Good points Homesteader. Plus it cuts down on theft too. I heard another K-Mart and Sears store are closing down in Indiana. Might already be gone. I don't buy many clothes. I have plenty of socks and undies and night wear. Probably enough to last for ten years. You just have to watch for the elastic in them. It can go poof on ya. I get most of my tee shirts at either JoAnne or Michaels. They are three and sometimes four for $10.00. I have seen them for $2.50. Nice colors too. It doesn't pay for me to buy expensive clothes. I usually spill something on it anyway. Or sweat on it.
  15. My downstairs is very comfortable. The TV and fireplace are there. Plus the kitchen and half bath on that level. I also have the recliner. I use that word loosely. Ever have furniture in such bad shape you are embarrassed to set it on the curb for trash day. That poor chair should have been put out of its misery a loooong time ago. I don't want anyone else to see it. Yet I still sit in it. I'm thinking about another canner too. I'm short-ish. 5 foot 2 and I don't have a problem with the weight of a pressure canner. It takes little water and you load and unload the jars directly to and from the cannner while it's on the stove. I really like the kind where you can stack two levels of jars. I basically only can in pints so mine can stack 2 tiers of pints but one level of quarts. Can't remember the size but I'm fine with that. And wide mouth jars take up a little more space than the regular mouth jars. If you think you will be canning 2 levels you might want to get an extra (can't think of the name) bottom thing that keeps the jars off the bottom of the canner. Rack? Anyway, you need something for the top layer to sit on. I don't know if they will go sale or not. But sometimes if I put something in my Amazon wish list, after a couple of days, the price will drop. Just a little bit still.
  16. Thank you ladies so much! I had a long post typed out and lost it. I'm okay. I'm doing the steps one at a time and I will only carry stuff up with one hand. The other on the railing. Sigh. I had a talk with son yesterday. I didn't tell him about the fall. It just never seemed like the right time to throw it in. But he did say if I wasn't ready to move by May the first he and DIL are coming up and moving me out trash and all. Ready or not. Like it or not. He wasn't kidding. D-ex called today and said if there is anything he can do to help he'd be more than happy to help. He meant like helping to pay people and U-Haul rentals etc. He lives across country. Nice to offer but... Forgot to mention I don't have a downstairs bedroom but the family room is downstairs and I have a couch I can sleep on. I am going to take a blanket down and a pillow. I have a throw there but it's probably not long enough. I have extra bed linen stuff already.
  17. What Annarchy said! . He is greatly missed.
  18. Well, it finally happened. I went down stairs last night to get some supper and couldn't make it back up the steps. Thirteen of them. Sigh. This winter is playing havoc on my arthritis already. My knees just wouldn't hold me. And my back gave out too. Worst of all was/is my neck. It feels like it's on fire. You don't realize how much your body is connected until it's hurt some place or you have surgery. My neck screamed out every time I tried to take a step. Anyway, I slowly got up about five steps and fell back down. Didn't really hurt myself. I was able to grab on to the hand rail thing to stop the fall. I went down about three steps. Kind of scared me though. I don't know if it was the pain or what but I became dizzy and very nauseous. So I sat on the steps and ate my sandwich until I felt better. Then I inched up the steps backwards on my behind. Mostly pulling myself using the hand rail. Fortunately, that rail is the length of the stairway. I was carrying a bowl of tomato soup, a toasted cheese sandwich and a glass of sweet tea. Didn't spill a drop of anything. Tea had a lid and soup was thick but still... Glad my next house will be one story. Two steps to get in the house. Could even build a ramp if I had to. Steps are not my friends.
  19. Glad you were able to finally get out. Fix-a- Flat. Yes. I've been harping on that one for years. It has saved me twice. It really works. A regular size can works for a car but you need the big can for trucks, SUV's etc. I learned that on the Jeep Liberty old model, don't know about the newer ones. I had to use two regular size cans to get enough air to get to the tire place. So now I keep two big cans in the Jeep at all times. Also two quarts of oil. I learned that lesson with the car I had before the Jeep. Engine light came on and I was in another county. I got to the first gas station I saw and had to buy oil. It was a lot more expensive than at Wal-Mart too! Seems like the best lessons I learn are from the hard way.
  20. I agree with you all. If more of the wrong people get elected, we are doomed to socialism. They aren't even trying to hide that fact. The way Trump has been treated, I can't understand why he would even want another term. Like him or not... No matter who gets elected someone from the other side will probably start riots. It's probably already being organized. People even riot and burn down their own city when their own team wins a series. I pray I can get moved before the next election. I've been eating out of my pantry so I don't have to move so much food. One good thing about prepping food is you can always eat it. Even without a crisis. Plus it was cheaper when I bought it. But it's an uneasy feeling watching my cans disappear. Littlesister, I think you are doing a great job prepping. Foods and meds you have to have and it sounds like you are going good in those areas. Keep up the good work. Don't forget a supply of clean drinking water. That's vital. Extra blankets and a non- electric can opener or two etc. Mt. Rider, I've often thought about Bethany too.
  21. Since the big recall a year or so ago on spinach, I haven't gotten it on a sub since. I'm talking about raw spinach not cooked. It was even found in organic green beans. I looked up listeria. It starts in soil that has been fertilized with manure. Human or other. I'm thinking human. Workers in the field. Or workers not washing their hands during processing. Either way it gets in the machinery and contaminates everything being processed. That was a very quick synopsis. It can be killed by cooking. They didn't say at what temperature. Maybe it's time to start steam cleaning (or what ever they do) the machinery after every batch. As it is now even a disgruntled worker could introduce the bacteria.
  22. Gees, could they make the print any smaller or harder to read. Thanks for the post. Most of it is from Mann's or H I B and my store doesn't carry those brands. It's still something to be aware of though. I was going to go to Subway tomorrow while running errands but now I'm not sure. I get the spicy Italian with lots of veggies. Set another place out for me too Kappy/Mary. Will do dishes for food. <------------Jeepers.
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