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  1. Oh my. Keep us updated!
  2. I was searching for fruit markets in my area to see what time they close. It's 7:00pm here by the way. Anyway, I clicked on one of the websites near me called Cossel Farms, Inc. As I was reading it (trying to...bad colors) some of the content caught my attention. I'll quote one passage and post the link. The website is pretty bad because they used colored background where the words are. I almost didn't bother reading it but I'm glad I stuck with it. Bolding mine. "Our web site is constantly being updated. We are making an effort to present you with our small specialized product line. At Cossel Farms, Inc., a variety of mulch and topsoil products are available at really great prices. Last year our wonderful handpicked local fresh sweet corn was $4.50/dz. With all the crop losses this year due to flooding and cold spring weather dont be suprised to see $5-6/dz Our current firewood prices will remain the same until December 2019, when they might be raised, if the current diesel fuel price up over $.50 from last year - around $2.99/gal now keeps rising in Cleveland since that's the biggest variable cost to run our machinery and Ohio just increased the diesel fuel tax 20 cents taking affect in July 2019. The emphasis of our site is on our local farm market and the items that you can buy there or have us deliver to you in the Cleveland area." http://www.cosselfarms.com/ I read on another site that the cost of all vegetables would probably be higher this year because of the rain. I can't find that site now. Sigh. So while I was focusing on the price of corn, don't be surprised if the prices of all crops are higher. I reported last week that our gas tax raised .10 a gallon but I didn't know it went up .20 for diesel. If you eat a lot of canned or frozen veggies, now might be the time to stock up. Maybe dehydrate some.
  3. What a mess. And so frustrating. I have to Google/Youtube everything. Even if I THINK I know how to do something I look it up. My common sense isn't always so common these days.
  4. Poor Abby. Another reason I don't like them in neighborhoods. Honestly, some of them sound like bombs around here. Muffin used to do the same thing. I used to get on the floor with her too. No go. She would just drool and pace. Ohio has a strange fireworks law. You can buy as many as you want and all kinds. But it's illegal to fire them off. What do they think people are going to do with them. Put them in a china cabinet on display. Stupid. I wish they were banned except for maybe the professional ones. Maybe. But the people who live around those suffer too. On I don't understand how people can be so selfish and disregard other people's feelings. From the animals, veterans, elderly, sick people who might already be confused and little children. Off They say that thunder shirts for a dog is supposed to work. They calm a dog down somehow. I have no experience with them. If I had to do it all over again I'd get tranquilizers from a vet for the fourth. That's how we got her from Indiana to Ohio. She slept in the backseat the entire 5 1/2 hours. It made it easier on all of us but especially her. She often got car sick if she was in the car for more than a half hour. it's so hard to ignore them when they are in distress. BTDT. But that really is the best thing to do. When they see you doing out of the ordinary things like getting on the floor with them or staying in their face trying to calm them down, they think something is really wrong. Especially if mom and dad are acting strange or scared. They pick up that something is wrong...other than the noise. I couldn't do it though. If they can get in their cozy crate that sometimes helps. Especially if you cover three side of it with a towel or sheet. It gives the impression of a den. Best to do that way before hand so they can get used to it. Not the best time to introduce something new. It could be her age. Muff was almost 14 and the vet said she was becoming confused. Actually, he did use the dementia word. Sigh.
  5. I hear you about computers. I have a love/hate relationship with mine. It is so S L O W. I want to throw it out the window most days. It's an old Windows 7 but I like it because I've learned how to do what I want. No more no less. And I'm still on Internet Explorer for the same reason. I'm going to have to break down soon and get a new one. Especially since Microsoft isn't going to deal with Windows 7 now. The Nerve. One of the best things I did was to transfer everything on to an external hard drive AND on to a thumb drive thingy. All of my "favorite" websites are parked there too. I have a bunch and they would be lost if the computer completely died. And I have had to reinstall them a couple of times. User error. Sigh. Only issue is remembering to update all of my redundancies. Passwords...I has em. And my memory is not keeping up with technology. I do what you're not supposed to do. I keep them on the computer external devices. I know... I know. I typed them all out in a Word document and mislabeled it on purpose and hid it inside a folder inside another folder. I also printed them out and keep the copy in my lock box...which is stowed in a closet with the key IN the lock so I don't lose it. (I lied AGAIN about the closet but, unfortunately, the rest is true.) Now all I have to do is remember what I titled it and which two folders it's in. Uh-huh. Maybe I need to rethink...ya think? Nanny!!! Mice! Ugh. I hate meeces to pieces. Dirty rodents with their beady little eyes and skin tails. At least squirrel rodents have the decency to cover their tail with fur. And bunny rodents have fluffy little cotton tails...awww. Chipmunks are kinda cute with their little hands holding their food. But those skin tailed rodents have got to go. I get the shivers just thinking about that tail. Possum tails give me the creeps too. I have issues. Ya think...
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY + 1 DAY DOGMOM4 Good to see ya Dogmom! Sorry to hear about your moms confusion. It seems like quite a few people are dealing with aging family members. And what is it with the elderly and UTI? I hear that a lot especially with dementia people. Your veggie and strawberries look so yummy! Guess what? It didn't rain here today. Woo-hoo. But it did cool down. It's only 65 degrees here now. I'll take it.
  7. Yep, I'll share my nanny with you. She'll probably need a nanny after a couple of weeks with us though. Sorry about your pan. My grandma used to do like you do. Turn the fire on, put the pan on the stove and then turn the flame off. Only works if your forgetter don't though.
  8. Homesteader, for the first time I hired someone else to do it this year. I've mowed water plenty of times myself. Guess he doesn't want to get his baby wet. Its one of those front riding jobs and it sounds like a jet plane coming through. I spoke too soon about the neighbors. They saved their partying ways for today/tonight. Two of them seem to try and outdo the other. Its nice and quiet and all of the sudden...BOOM! I'm surprised someone doesn't have a heart attack. I also spoke too soon about the fan going out on Jeeps air/heat system. Uh, I had the dial set on defrost. It was blowing up and not out. I swear I'm getting closer and closer to needing a nanny.
  9. It stormed last night and it's raining again now. I don't know what to think. My back yard has still not nice been mowed this year because it's too wet. It's tall too!
  10. Jeepers

    Lose weight

    Wow Ambergris, that's awesome!
  11. He's 3 now. I remember that worrisome time like it was yesterday. I didn't hear about the quake. I've been sleeping a lot. I think the hot weather is making me drowsy. Forgot to mention that we had 2 quakes here last month. Pretty sizeable (for us) but I didn't feel them.
  12. Glad you had a good day Mt. Rider. Neighbors acted like they had a little bit of sense last night. Just a little though. Some years it sounds like bombs going off in my back yard. I hate to get startled like that. My poor dog used to cower and pant. I feel for our PTSD vets too. It's been really hot here lately. But the rain has not stopped. We are getting a storm now and it was raining so hard earlier I could barely see the house across the street. Poor farmers. I think the fan is going out on the Jeep again. There is cold air but no fan to blow it out. I'll need to get it fixed before I go to Indy again. We use my car when I'm there because there is more room for the four of us. Don't want any hot grumpies. This is the second time that's happened. Guess I shouldn't complain too much. It is over 13 years old. Grandson had a good birthday. He went to Chuckie Cheese and then the town threw a big fireworks display just for him. . Grandma got him his first bike with training wheels. Hot stuff now.
  13. It is pretty to look at...from afar. I have a couple of sound effect CD's of rain and storms. They are soothing.
  14. Best of luck with your new doctor! Hope he has some new trick to pull out of his bag. Or her bag. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SNAPSHOTMIKI is your roomie moving out or just going on a vaca? I finally got my quilt patterns all printed out and in notebooks. That took a lot longer than I thought it would. Most things do these days. I got my entertainment media all together and dusted off. I keep them in those wooden crates. They make really nice shelves stacked! Anyway, I got everything packed up in those so all I'll have to do is pick them up and carry them out. They have those crates in half width and they just fit a CD case perfectly. I make most all of my CD's by artist, from the library. Has saved me a ton of money. Plus I only have the songs I like. I love music. Except rap and head banger. Sorry not my cuppa. Oldies, doo-woop, rock, southern gospel, country, classical, blues, slow jazz even some Placido Domingo. I keep most of my movies in a zippered notebook. They make sleeves for the disks that hold 4 on each side. I did that with movies a long time ago. I got the Jeep loaded up with paper to recycle and I added some more stuff in the back to take to the Salvation Army when I get over that way. I'll bet people think I drive one of those hoarder cars when they see it in a parking lot. If they only knew. They added a 10 cent tax to our gas last week. That's a lot per gallon.
  15. I'll be home that day. But July 4th. Is grandsons birthday. They'll have his party on the weekend after so that's when they will be gathered. On the actual 4th. it is supposed to storm there. That doesn't hurt my feelings one bit. I guess I'm odd because I don't like fireworks or parades. Actually I don't like any holidays at all.
  16. I'm really afraid of lighning. A bolt went through a cousins house a few years back and knocked her DH across the room and caused a burn on him. My stepdad was a lineman for the city. Every time there was a bad storm and the power went out they would have to go out in it, climb the pole with metal spikes, and get the power back on. No switch flipping back in those days. Anyway, he got struck by lightning two times. Once his watch started spinning and broke. He said he could never keep a watch running after that. Don't know if that part is true or not though.
  17. Here is all I could think of; The sick horse in the stable is in stable condition. The b***h in the barn was being a b***h to protect her puppies. Someone stole her mink stole.
  18. Crimony We2, I have some of that already! I used it on my white ceiling when my upstairs toilet overflowed to the downstairs ceiling. It worked great. I couldn't even tell where I sprayed it. Sigh. Thank you for reminding me buddy. I'll try that first.
  19. Ambergris, not as textured as orange peel. You know how when you repair a place on the drywall and spackle and sand it smooth? Then that repaired place always has more shine to it and is smoother than the rest of the wall. It's really noticeable after you paint it. I looked again on YouTube but all found was something called 'knock down'. That leaves the orange peel look. The guy at Lowes said all I need is good quality satin paint. I don't think so because I've done that before with bad results. Maybe some kind of primer? I have a big door knob dent that needs repaired at the Indy house right at the entrance at the front door. It's actually pretty big.
  20. I'm a big fat liar. I own it. Sigh. I went to Subway. Every time the girl would ask me something I would have to ask her to repeat it. About five different times. My hearing is shot. Well, I sort of got embarrassed after awhile and I told her I'd been swimming and my ears were stopped up with water. Then I jiggled my ear to look like I was displacing the "water". I swear, I don't know where that came from. It didn't enter my mind. It just fell out of my mouth. It's been happening too often lately. Not the lying part. The going "Huh" part. Liar, Liar Pants On Fire. Looser. We finally warmed up here today. It got up to 90. Or as Annarchy would say...a little on the chilly side. We had storms off and on all day (no swimming for me . I didn't think about that at Subway. Wonder what I would have lied about. My indoor pool probably). I did get most of my errands finished up between storms. Got my meds and loaded up on some fruit and veggies and some snacks. I still need to go to the donate place and to Wal-Mart. I've been putting off going to Wal-Mart for so long I'm not even sure what I wanted. I just don't have it in me to go. I really don't feel like walking. Hopefully, I can go through my 'media' stuff this weekend and pitch some and pack up the rest. I got all excited. I saw a free video of the Rolling Stones Hyde Park concert on my Kindle Fire. I got some watermelon all cut up and was ready to do some rocking and rolling. Heaven. About five minutes in, my battery died. The Nerve! I ate my melon and sulked a little. The Stones make me happy. Tomorrow is another day...
  21. Miki, I think minimalism and prepping can sort of go hand in hand. Maybe keep a minimal house with one designated area for your preps and supplies. I'd like to do that but I know it isn't going to happen. Probably just set myself up for failure.
  22. I didn't get a lot done today. I went to take the binder back and I didn't have the receipt. He scanned it and said one penny. ONE PENNY? I paid 29.99 for it. He got the manager over and she said it must have been on sale at one time and they could only give me $20.00. A little better but sheesh. I knew I had the receipt because I put it in the bag. So, I came back home. Long story short, it had fallen out of the bag in the garage. I got the $29.99 back and got what I needed. This time when he scanned it it came out $29.99 and not a penny. Funny about that. It wasn't really very hot out but I was getting nauseous and my back was hurting. Lately whenever I walk a lot (for me) my hip sockets start to hurt pretty bad. I wasn't in the mood to be out. I got the bills mailed but forgot to get my meds. Dr. said I need to come in for blood work etc. but she keeps filling my meds for 3 months out. They had one major road blocked off for a parade or something. Everyone had to go way out of their way to detour. Of course I didn't know about it until I was in the middle of it. Not sure why they had a parade on Thursday. I skipped Wal-Mart, grocery shopping, donations and Subway. I did run into Lowes to look for a spray you can spray on your walls after you spackle and sand them so they aren't a different texture when you paint them. He said that product doesn't exist. I'm sure I saw that on Youtube. Will look later. I'm tired, achy and glad to be home. So much for my big plans today. Probably won't go to the recycle bin tonight either.
  23. Well dang, I read the bills wrong. They are exactly the same except one says Cleveland division of water and the other one says Cleveland division of sewer. Same size same color and same printing. I'm glad I saw that before I called! Guess I was the only one I gave a stern talking to today. I also get a water bill from my city. Pfffft. Sorry you had such a headache this morning. Nasty things. I'm getting ready to go run some errands since I'm finally up and at em. Bills to pay, mail to mail and food to buy. I need to go to Office Max and return a binder. I hate to return stuff. It is a huge 5 incher and still too small to hold all of my quilt patterns. I'm going to try two 4 inchers instead. The 5 inch one is super heavy so I guess two will be better for me anyway. Then I can store all of my craft patterns in one place. I ran out of sheet protectors so I still have to print off about 20 more. Then swing by the Salvation Army and unload. I'm getting rid of some of my d├ęcor and some more of my kitchenware doo-dads. Probably later tonight I'll make a run to the paper recycle bin. I'm over flowing again. A lot. And I need to break down some bigger boxes I don't want. Too heavy. Stop off at the Subway for a spicy Italian. They have one in Wal-Mart. I'll just roll over there. I have to get "you-know-who" a birthday card anyway. Next time I'm in Indy I'm going to get him his first bike. Sigh. Later tonight I'd like to get all of my media packed up. Tapes, cd's, dvd's etc. They should all fit into a medium/large size tote. They are so dusty. It's going to take me longer to clean them than to pack them. Crud, I just remembered some more in another room. I'm going to be ruthless though.
  24. for Mr. Miki! I'm so happy for him. We finally had a whole day with no rain. Don't know about the rest of the week though. I thought I have been paying my water bill often. I got another one in the mail today. I haven't paid last month's yet because it isn't due until July 2st. The one I got today is due July 10th. I will have to give someone a stern talking to tomorrow.
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