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    I love to quilt and crochet in the winter and can in the summer. I work on my family tree in between.

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  1. Go to Pinterest and look up Westbrook Rose. Westie left us a rich legacy of info. Emergency Preparedness is my favorite folder, but I'ts all good. Sure do miss her!
  2. Looks just like the instructions from NCHFP so I'd say it's the safe way. Violet told me she always used the boullion in each jar so that's the way I do it.
  3. Trudy

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  4. Trudy

    What Do I Want

    Before DH retired last year, he bought us all a Halo Bolt from QVC. It's pricey, but we have got our money's worth many times over. We got ours on sale for $80. I know that's a big investment, but we have jumped our cars several times, run fans during power outages (also CPap, charged phones, laptops, Kindles and many others I can't recall. I only charge my box maybe twice a year. They are small (about 7 inches X 11/2 inches) and easily fit in your purse or glove box.
  5. So sad to hear this. Praying for you Wormie...
  6. I really miss how easy the site was to use before our last upgrade. Its been a couple of years, and I have just recently figured out how to start using the site again. I've been having a lot if trouble with my memory, so it's hard for me to learn new things . I really miss everyone, so I'm trying to get started again.
  7. Thanks Kappy! Since this is my favorite dressing, I'll try it tomorrow. On the CHF diet anything to cut sodium is important.
  8. Thanks Midnightmom! I love seeing all the ornaments. 3 of mine are in the first picture. A felt Christmas Tree, a crocheted angel, and the bottlecap snowman from this year.
  9. So sorry this happened to Mrs. Wormie. We pray that God will ease her pain and also give her that peace that passeth all understanding. Prayers for you also Wormie for strength to handle the situation. Our world is full of chaos, but there's a better day acoming...
  10. I've seen people use the cut coffee filters or use a cupcake liner. I think it would be a good idea to do both. I've read a lot on the subject, but I still like to get info from someone who has actually tried it. I'm with you, I don't want to ruin a machine that I waited so long to get.
  11. I've heard a lot of people say they don't use their vacume sealer on jars with powdery stuff. Would sealing stuff like garlic powder be a good thing to do using the canister? Seems like having your flat and ring both on the jar would keep your sealer from sucking powder up in your machine?
  12. @ Jeepers- So you don't have to use new flats when you seal your jars like this? Isn't it funny that I just unpacked the box with my hand held sealer in it yesterday! I hope it still works. I have plenty of 4 oz.jelly jars. My silica jell pacs came in a couple of days ago so I will try using them in my jars that already have tight fitting lids. Thanks Sarah, I made sure they were food grade.
  13. I got mine from snapshotmiki also. Very pretty! I'm so glad you joined us this year Miki!!
  14. Sarah, I have always used loose rice in my salt shaker, but the holes in the shaker top are small sincethe salt is so fine. A lot of my spices are bigger pieces with bigger holes in the shaker top and I'm thinking the rice grains might come through. If not for that, rice would be the simplest solution.
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