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    Many. Varied. Right now, best to just say "Ninja in Training". :)
  1. Agree with everything Patriot Nurse wrote. Luckily, the people I'm working with had already declared that no matter who won, we were moving forward with our various plans and preps. In discussing matters beforehand, we all pretty much agreed that no matter who won, all that did was adjust maybe what exactly would happen, and exactly when, but not the urgent need for prepping. So we're all continuing on full steam. I thank God everyday that he brought us all together. I've felt His Hand frequently in the past three weeks, and am grateful for His watchful Eye.
  2. Oh goodness (((everybody)))! It is my hope that by the time I post this, tires are fixed, ferrets are feeling better, and humans are too! Jeepers-- I have that happen sometimes. Usually ,it's when I've been good about remaining hydrated, it's like I'm full up. I literally will bend over for something, and there's suddenly water dripping out my nose. So weird, lol. I started Krav Maga last week-- First class Tuesday evening, then a second class on Saturday morning. It's really intense and rough, but I'm falling in love with it! It's grueling, and I swear the warm ups alone nearly kill me e
  3. I'm glad you finally got some sleep-- praying your body doesn't decide that well rested means ready to be sick! Hope you're feeling better soon!
  4. Kinda nervous-- starting Krav Maga tonight. It's gonna be rough, but I'm kind of looking forward to it. I've been wanting to learn hand-to-hand combat/ marital arts for years, and things just sort of fell into place all in the last week. I formally signed up yesterday, and my first class is this evening. Praying for everyone, because life is. . . .life, yanno?
  5. !! I had totally forgotten that, had to rund a search on my old self to find it! I might actually go back to that-- I think when I re-registered, it pulled my general Gravatar icon, which is a favorite anime character. But yeah, that icon is pretty cool!
  6. Yes and thank you! My facebook feed . . . well, I thought it was rough before the election, but it's been downright brutal ever since. Glad that this place is one of the few non-political places where one can find some rest. . .
  7. No Bobcats around here, but there are spotty and increasing reports of the lions. Officially, there are no Mtn Lions in MD, but every farmer and hunter I know in the state says that's a load of bull. Likewise coyotes. Not to mention the wolves they released back into the forests out in western MD, who had no natural immunity to the various parasites and diseases and so are mostly all very sickly and ornery. We do get a fair amount bears, and they have a habit of coming into the more densely populated suburbs. . .
  8. I got a great view of the moon this evening as I drove back from my BOL. The skies were perfectly clear, and the moon perfectly lovely! As for the EQ in NZ, while the moon and some other planetary geometry have a certain effect, the electromagnetic connection with the Sun also has a huge influence. If interested, check out the work of the Suspicious0bservers on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/user/Suspicious0bservers). They've gotten pretty good at predicting the timing of magnitude 6+ earthquakes, and in that past year, they started to predict the locations as well -- with interesting
  9. thanks for the welcome, everybody! I'm happy to be back with you!!!
  10. Loved reading this. A great reminder of the greater reality behind and around everything.
  11. Hi everybody! Years ago, I used to post here kinda regularly (as Zophiel), then I moved into a new house and got really bsy for a while, during which time my email was hacked and some other things happened. I've joined some local groups where I'm suddenly the person everyone turns to for guidance, and so many times, I've responded starting "Well, I remember when I was active on a forum of really smart people, and they would. . . " So I finally got my crap together, and re-signed up, because I keep falling back to all the things I learned from you bunch, and it would be good to be back in
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