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  1. Luckily, Mom's not showing signs of dementia. Grandma...would tell you that she never did anything or went anywhere and spent all her time alone in her room. Got kicked out of 2 different nursing homes because they couldn't handle her. After she died, the nursing home staff at the one she'd been at for while started laughing when we told them that (the aunt and uncle who were local had checked into it while she was still alive) and pulled out the photo album showing that she was at everything all the time. She was always a live wire.
  2. The Grill Bible is now showing it's a $.99 book. I got all the others, though!
  3. Well, the good news is, after going through that with Grandma, I now have guilt-free permission to stick Mom in a nursing home if she gets that bad. Here's hoping she doesn't!
  4. No. Her dementia was too bad. One of the times when we was going to the hospital, they had to call OnStar to figure out where she was - 2 hours in the wrong direction.
  5. Grandpa died on Christmas Day one year. My job was to rush to Mom's filing cabinet and see if Grandpa ever signed the documentation stating that Grandma's dementia was bad enough that she shouldn't be on her own.
  6. I believe it said on its side, away from the wind.
  7. Mom and I were driving to Arizona one time and googled "How to survive a haboob" because the wind and dust were getting pretty bad. Everything we found told you to press your nose into your camel to filter the air. All our tests came back negative. We've still decided we're just not going to the big family Thanksgiving 2 hours away. Jury is still out on whether we'll go visit my parents.
  8. Hubby has requested chicken-fried steak for Thanksgiving. Family Thanksgiving has been canceled, as our family is getting tested tomorrow due to exposure to known cases and one of the other sections of the family has had known exposure. Instacart brought us groceries earlier (left them on the porch for us to bring in). Hopefully our results are all negative and I can go back to work and to the grocery stores again after tomorrow.
  9. They're still free today. Got them both. Thanks, Jeepers!
  10. I think I saw about 3 packages at ours yesterday. About a week ago, hubby was giving me crap about buying another pack when we still had "most of a pack" left. We had 7 rolls of a 12-roll pack. He doesn't realize that when I lived by myself, I was buying the Sam's packages and getting a new one once the first one got down to half. I don't like the possibility of running out of a toilet paper.
  11. I know some of y’all have been having trouble finding lids. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not canning anytime soon. Do any of y’all need a couple packs of just the little disc part of the lid? They were all bought pre-COVID, so not much worry of them being the Chinese fakes. Offer open to anybody who’s an active poster here - If more than one person says they want them by, let’s say Sunday afternoon, 3pm Central, then I’ll try to just divvy them up between y’all. If I’m not going to recognize your name...don’t bother. If you’d like some, send me a private mes
  12. Back when I rode a scooter and had to limit the amount of stuff I could buy, I’d pop the basket off the back and take it in with me and use it as the shopping basket. If it didn’t go in, it couldn’t go with me. Would maybe having a designated bag (or basket if that would be easier for her) that she takes with her, sets in the cart, and uses for the amount she can get work?
  13. If you have Amazon Prime, watch Pioneer Quest. It's fabulous. They basically send 2 couples into Manitoba to build a homestead and survive for a year.
  14. I baked ahead a bit today, from a new keto cookbook. Chocolate peanut butter cheesecake brownies (mostly put into the freezer) and a recipe for rolls that I did in a muffin top pan to use as hamburger buns later one. They're tasty split in half with butter as well.
  15. I read in a book set during WWII about saving the water from cooking potatoes to make soup with later. I guess it helps thicken it up and you don't lose the extra nutrition?
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