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  1. TheCG

    What Do I Want

    We have something similar to this: https://www.amazon.com/Portable-RAVPower-20000mAh-External-Nintendo/dp/B0829V9V7C/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=jackery+powerbar&qid=1594316927&sr=8-2 It'll recharge my 15" MacBook Pro about 75% if it's off. No idea how many times it'll recharge a phone, because I've never used it for that. I bought it before I went to a conference last year just to make absolutely sure my computer wouldn't die when I needed it (I used it to take all my notes!).
  2. This is why I PDF things if they have really good information: https://www.drbrownstein.com/there-is-still-hope-out-there........and-we-are-taking-time-out-to-re-group/ All of his blogs have now been taken down.
  3. Starting low carb again. I think my brain is convinced that if it tells me I'm not hungry for long enough, I'll go cook some rice. Punk. Had an AC guy out on Monday. He said that it might help if we add another air return before trying to upsize the unit, so he came out and added another air return right above the old one. My sinuses are acting up. I was running a temp yesterday, so didn't go into the office for a meeting. Fine most of today, but a definite headache tonight. I might go to bed pretty soon (and it's only 6:20 pm). I supposed I should at least wait until hubby gets home - he said around 6:30.
  4. I can answer that one! Some books won't work on basic Kindles because of the formatting or even videos embedded. I have several textbooks that I can read using the Kindle app on my computer or iPad, but NOT on my Kindle Paperwhite.
  5. TheCG

    What Do I Want

    Our Staples has them on clearance for something like $7 each right now, if you haven't gotten one yet.
  6. Dr. Pepper is the favored source of caffeine in this house. I’m working on switching to Zevia instead so I don’t have the sugar.
  7. Protestors are supposed to be in our area this weekend. The cops are down a whole dayshift because they're quarantined - someone has coronavirus, and I don't know how many or any other info. They basically have everybody available on call for this weekend. Y'know, I think after the farmer's market tomorrow morning, it might be a good time to kind of hunker down.
  8. They won't test positive until it's had enough time to build up in their system to levels that the test can detect. I'd be a nervous wreck as well, and pissed as hell at the selfishness of their "friend".
  9. Weeds are normally easier to pull when the ground is wet, right? I was working most of today, but I got in a new type of tea. I ordered the 100-pack on Amazon because it was only a bit more than twice as much as the 18-pack. Can I just say, I *love* chocolate tea? This one is called Christmas in Paris from Stash (the other reason I was ordering from Amazon - it's seasonal and out of stock everywhere!), and it's fabulous.
  10. Or people who can prove they have 7 kids, including a few teenagers, at home. A friend of mine is in that category, and she was having tons of fun trying to keep everybody fed when a bag of flour really only covers baking for a day or 3.
  11. Have y'all seen this stuff on blood type possibly affecting the outcome of COVID-19? https://www.newsweek.com/blood-type-coronavirus-covid-19-1492890
  12. Honestly, the best way to find out would be to cut out completely for a week or 2, then add ghee in and see if any symptoms come back. I *think* it's the lactose in most people, but there are definitely people who react to casein (and other things in milk) as well.
  13. This would depend on whether it's the lactose, the casein, or something else in it that's causing the problems. If it's the lactose, it would work. I pour off as much as I can without disturbing the solids on the bottom, then pour through several layers of cheese cloth. If it's the casein, that part is still in the ghee. ETA: They make butter-flavored coconut oil that works great for cooking.
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