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  1. I have a cloak made from wool military blankets and lined with fleece. Nice and toasty warm.
  2. I'm rather convinced that exemplifying the seven deadly sins, or at least a very skewed moral compass, might be required for the presidency.
  3. I'm tall as well. Good to know that It only requires 2 quarts of water. I'd not be cooking in it, just canning.
  4. Yeah, it's definitely a consideration.
  5. I think the time has come for me to invest in a pressure canner. I'll probably just get the 23-qt Presto one unless someone can make a convincing argument for something else. I'm half-tempted to just get the 16-quart one, as it'll be lighter, but it's more expensive. If I'm having to cut out nightshades and possibly more things, it's going to end up being basically impossible for me to find things ready made in the store, plus it would suck if the electricity went out with all my meat that's been delivered in it. Do pressure canners normally go on sale for Black Friday or other points in the holidays?
  6. Tonight should be our first hard freeze. Grocery stores will be crowded today.
  7. If they ever get the Costco built out here, that might be an option. As it is right now, we don't really have good options for cheaper organic/grass-fed/unicorn meat in stores locally.
  8. I've been GF for 15 years or so now. Celiac runs in my family, but I'm not going to eat wheat and be miserable so they do testing and tell me not to eat wheat because it makes me miserable. We're now figuring out that nightshades are a major issue for me (I had been getting nauseated every night for almost a month - cut out nightshades, no more nausea!) to the point that I just cleaned them out of the pantry yesterday, leaving just a few things for hubby & the kids. Meat is ordered from ButcherBox - it's a little pricey, but they deliver it frozen to my doorstop and it's grass-fed, organic, etc., and I don't have to deal with going and getting it from the store. I'm the only one who cares about food quality in this house, but luckily hubby doesn't give me too much crap about spending extra and having to cook differently. I've talked to him about possibly trying to reintroduce various nightshades after I've been off them for a while, and he's actually arguing for keeping them out permanently if that will make me feel better. He's also the one who opted not to have a separate gluten cooking area anymore after the kids kept trying to move things back and forth between gluten and non. Food storage is...what we have in the pantry, fridge, and freezer. We do keep a bunch of water bottles frozen in the freezer and figure it could go a day or so without power if necessary. I never started storing food again because we're still figuring out what to even eat for regular meals.
  9. TheCG

    diy fat lamps

    I wonder what the actual temperature is at which it does go solid. Mine gets the little wax balls in it pretty quickly in the fridge.
  10. TheCG

    diy fat lamps

    I'm pretty certain that if your olive oil doesn't solidify in the fridge, it's not actually oil. Perhaps I should test with my stuff that I'm pretty dang certain is olive oil. And yeah, I've pretty much decided that anybody who flogs 1 specific type as the holy Grail of _____ and no others can compare is likely full of crap.
  11. I'll probably get 2 of the Dietz Junior ones to play with. They'll primarily be used inside, but I'd like ones that still look nice inside. Might pick up some of the glass ones at Hobby Lobby - the Aladdin indoor ones are expensive!
  12. We lived in a borrowed RV while they were setting our house up...that then got moved down to my brother's land for them to live in while they were getting their house set up. I'm not sure Mom's quit twitching over the fact that we're both living in mobile homes yet. Housing is just too darn expensive out where we are! You could look into something like a POD or the U-Haul things that they just leave on your property while you load it and see if those would be cheaper. Or see if a friend has an empty trailer you could borrow. We bought a used shed and had it moved onto our property. You could do that, then either use it for storage or buy one you could then use as a potting shed or greenhouse or....
  13. We've just hit our first fall. Now we're going to be on the see-saw that makes my respiratory system cranky. I'm sitting here with pumpkin-spiced coffee (Dunkin Donuts brand) mixed with my regular coffee, and pumpkin spice stevia drops and cream in it. I found the gluten-free graham cracker crust that hubby requested for pumpkin pie at the 6th store (and 2nd Walmart!) that I checked, along with the gluten-free Red Lobster biscuit mix (heavenly, I tell you). Now, if only the kids had managed to finish dishes so I have a clean mixer and cookie sheets to start baking on....
  14. TheCG

    diy fat lamps

    I generally can't find non-hydrogenated lard in our stores... ...but I do have a few jars that I've rendered out of various meats!
  15. Oh! and I have permission from hubby to wander home with a few oil lamps at some point. Now I have to decide if I'm going to order good ones or just pick up the ones at Hobby Lobby
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