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  1. I made the mistake of trying to roll out sugar cookies on top of the dishwasher after it had ran once. Didn't work out so well.
  2. They sell them at Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, and a lot of other places.
  3. TheCG


    Yeah, there's a few stories running around out there. Apparently one guy's Dad fell down while he was out jogging and it notified him and called 911, and because he had it set up where he could see where his Dad was located, he was able to meet them at the hospital.
  4. TheCG


    My Apple Watch will ask me if I'm ok if I fall down. If you don't respond, it'll call 911 and give them your location.
  5. TheCG


    None of them can understand me if I don't focus on it carefully. They reeeeeally don't like the long "I" sound drawled out.
  6. Yes, yes, you can. If you have an immersion blender it's easy peasy: https://40aprons.com/whole30-immersion-blender-mayo/
  7. TheCG

    Lose weight

    We paid $300 for 28 meals prepped and ready to go. The ones she made for lunches have tortillas and fruit in them, but all the dinner ones are pretty low carb. However...she cooks with very little oil or salt, so I’m having to literally add those to the meals. There’s too many veggies in each of them, and when we asked her to leave out the cucumbers in half, there’s no way to tell which ones she left them out of. I think we’re using them for ideas and working on making on our for next time...
  8. MM, I submitted for approval to that group and was approved 2 minutes later, so I’m in. I’ll PM you since I can’t remember who’s who on Facebook.
  9. My contribution to the bacon discussion.
  10. We just ordered a short queen memory foam mattress for our camper, and I'm pretty certain that it would fit in the back of my Kia Soul if necessary...until we open the box.
  11. I'm starting to get really tired of stuff being actively destroyed through the carelessness of the kids. One of them decided it was a good idea to STRETCH the rubber seal of a bowl around the dishwasher pegs. Guess what will never fit back in its groove again now?
  12. I sat down and went through our debt spreadsheet again. (Exciting Christmas 'round here, can you tell?) With bonuses and other bits of "found" money, we've paid off $5500 of debt in 2 months. Once hubby gets his truck reimbursement for this month, we'll thrown some more at it. At least we're making some progress in the right direction!
  13. Jeepers, google "price list notebook" and you'll find some ways people track prices on paper. Our cell phone bill is outrageous - but we have 4 phones & 2 tablets, all with unlimited internet, text, and talk, and we definitely use the data on the tablets & 3 of the phones.
  14. By the way, if you're looking for more info on blood sugar explained in an easy-to-understand format, I LOVE this lady's website and books: https://www.bloodsugar101.com I need to go through it all again and get back to eating low carb. We've figured out that nightshades (ie, potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, paprika, jalapeños, etc.) definitely don't agree with my system. I was getting horrific heartburn every night until we figured that one out, so re-learning how to cook yet again.
  15. Merry Christmas! It's after 10:30 and hubby decided that both teens should be awake by now (one has been prowling about for over an hour). The one who is up looked under the Christmas tree at his one package and a journal for D&D and stated that it was all he got this year. Completely forgot about stockings. Hasn't remembered that they exist yet.
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