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  1. It could be, if anybody with power wants to move it.
  2. Psh. Only if he was ever the person who puts things away in the kitchen!
  3. You can ask the 16-year-old if it's baking POWDER or baking SODA and they'll answer wrong multiple times and think they're telling you the other one. Apparently, since there's always baking soda in the fridge, my husband thinks it might belong in the fridge all the time. Cornbread does not do so well when the aforementioned 16-year-old uses baking powder instead of baking soda. Came out denser and never seemed like it was cooked all the way.
  4. If it turns out I have to cut out alliums or dairy, I think I'm giving up on feeding everybody else at that point and just buying them flats of ramen and mac & cheese..
  5. I was going to order more Macadamia nuts. I like the little Moana Loa 0.5 ounce packets. When I ordered them in March, it was $27 for a 24 pack. A bit pricy, but for one of my go-to snacks that's shelf-stable and can live in my purse for weeks - sure. They're $43 today. I think...I need to find a new shelf-stable snack that can live in my purse.
  6. Ahem. Never use aluminum foil for your hat. They have done a study on it, and it actually amplifies the waves suspected of being the range for mind control. Only use actual TIN foil.
  7. I'm so tired of messing with food. Without doing gluten and nightshades, it greatly reduces my options. If I add in the fact that hubby won't eat beans, squash, or sweet potatoes, it REALLY reduces my options. How the heck am I supposed to build up a food stash when I can't even figure out what to feed us on a daily basis half the time? I mean, I'll stock up on things we can all eat, but mac & cheese and chicken Alfredo is only going to go so far.
  8. I noticed that at the hardware store, they’re out of Medium and Large in most of their gloves. Also, weirdly enough, at the office supply store, they seem to be stocking much less paper than usual.
  9. She’s insisting that she didn’t Brillo the pan, and only used the plastic brush and no soap. Still not sure I believe her. Hubby’s leg is getting better every day. He’s now using a cane and staying off it some, but he’s insistent that he needs to start getting back on it.
  10. Yeah, I'll just have to do that tomorrow night instead of making cornbread in it!
  11. The kids are now banned from touching my cast iron skillet. The one started cooking on high , which I’ve told them to never do, and the other decided to clean it with a Brillo pad. So...I’m not using it either until I have the time to re-season it again. Arrrrrrrgh.
  12. He is hobbling around better. Borrowed crutches from someone at church, so he can at least get around in the house. His boss told him to just work from home Monday and Tuesday.
  13. In the category of "Don't do that, that hurts," hubby played kickball in the sandals that you slide your feet into last night (the ones that just have a strap across the top). Managed to strain his calf. He's now using a rolling chair from the kitchen table to get around the house. If it doesn't improve pretty soon, he'll have to go to the doctor.
  14. Thanks, I’ll take a look at liquids. I don’t think it’s going to happen this weekend (I just made 3 types of puréed veggie soups to freeze, and have more to do still), but it will happen.
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