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  1. Some friends of mine have said that the tie ones are getting much more popular with the nurses, as there are issues with the elastic failing after being washed on high heat too many times.
  2. Y'know, I'm seeing a distinct lack of differentiation between people who were already prepped and people who go clear out all the shelves. A friend of mine posted this on Facebook. it's part of a grocery store manager's rant, supposed, about being nice to the grocery store workers. I'm wondering if she actually read the whole thing, 'cause I'm pretty certain her family is one that preps. Definitely part of why you don't tell people what you have available.
  3. Hobby Lobby said they'd been out of elastic and binding for weeks already.
  4. https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3563092 Talking about possibly using povidone iodine to reduce transmission.
  5. Nebulizer: https://www.drbrownstein.com/there-is-still-hope-out-there-v:-more-about-nebulizing/?cat_id=32
  6. Mom said that the ones they're making for EMS have the interfacing in them as well.
  7. Our area isn't under lockdown, or even an official shelter-in-place, and apparently ours is still closing down.
  8. Duuuuude. This one just uses a stapler. https://medium.com/@kuovonne/2-minute-no-sew-no-elastic-washable-face-mask-with-filter-pocket-6ec7ad7ee908
  9. Went to Hobby Lobby this evening to see if by some miracle, they had elastic cording for masks (they didn't). Was told that starting tomorrow, they're going to be closed for a month.
  10. I think I'll be running by Hobby Lobby after work and seeing if they have any elastic left. And appropriate cloth.
  11. I even have pumpkin seeds for in a few months! Hubby is still insistent that everything is going to die before I even get the plants we bought re-planted in the big pots. I told him thanks for letting me buy them anyways, and he said they'll be pretty while they last!
  12. Today is going to be my last day in the office for a while. I might pop back in as needed, but mostly just to pick up things & swap them out. I have more big pots to plan my onions and potatoes and all the rest of my plants in. I'll need to either make a trip to the store or order in some greens at the end of next week. I go through a ton with my green smoothies and don't want to start hitting my freezer stash until absolutely necessary.
  13. Our ground just sucks and I haven't been able to convince hubby to build raised beds yet, but I have a pretty good container garden started and more to go in (just need to pick up more pots - scheduled for pickup online through Lowe's, so I should have them tomorrow.
  14. Not as good as surgical mask, but here's a no-sew using a handkerchief and pony tail holders: http://blog.japanesecreations.com/no-sew-face-mask-with-handkerchief-and-hair-tie?fbclid=IwAR349nM_FSstmjxtLdEwHmoU_ggSMZdlgCGZOqhMsyUPNc5opifvL0UzXRA
  15. The USNS Comfort, a hospital ship, arrived in New York since NY is running out of hospital beds. So, proper reaction? Hey, let's go join the crowd to see the ship! Errrr....no. I think they missed the point.
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