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  1. Mom used to just juice them and freeze the juice to make lemonade later. I'd assume they'd require more acid to can.
  2. I read one article that said the Texas grid was 2 hours from complete collapse. THAT would have really been a mess. Hopefully, people learned that variable rates for electricity might not be to their benefit...
  3. Part of it was because some of the NG wells were freezing, and when they started the rolling blackouts, they cut power to some of the compressor stations. A nuclear plant shut down because a steam valve froze shut. Winter is when they do repairs and maintenance down here because that's normally when demand is lowest, so some plants were already offline because of there. Yes, renewable energy not working was part of it, but all the rest played roles as well. Practically nothing down here is effectively winterized, including power plants, residences, people, and water
  4. I went through this thread again, and figured I'd give a few updated links: Saving Money with Homemade Convenience Mixes: https://extension.umaine.edu/publications/wp-content/uploads/sites/52/2015/04/4029.pdf The 1940's Experiment 100 Wartime Recipes is now up to 193: https://the1940sexperiment.com/100-wartime-recipes/
  5. Uh oh. Hubby started commenting on moving the box of rice under the bed into the pantry...and on the number of mason jars under there. *whistles innocently*
  6. Today is cleaning up the mess in the camper. Blech.
  7. We had hot water again about 1.5 hours after the power came back on. Watch the pawn shops for generators. Ours came from a pawn shop for $200, and it's enough to run the camper (as long as we don't try for 2 electric heaters AND the coffee pot.
  8. I saw something going around that said 2020: The Year of Hell 2021: Hell Freezes Over
  9. They said yesterday that it was the longest period of time we've been frozen since they started recording the weather...and that was yesterday. We're not due to get above freezing until tomorrow afternoon. Oncor is down to 150,000 customers without power. I think they were over 2 million at one point. Our power stayed on overnight, luckily. We do still have 2 tanks of propane and fuel for the generator if it goes out again. The good news is, the random things that I tend to pick up multiples of because I can't remember if we have any came in (and then hub
  10. So, as of yesterday, we were below freezing for the longest time since they started recording. Power grid is definitely not reliable. Just because it's on now doesn't mean it will be on later. Ditto for internet and water. Yes, there are places you can go to warm up, but the operative word is GO - if you can't drive in it, you're not going anywhere. A single 20-lb propane tank and 2.5 gallons of gas in the generator (it holds 5) come pretty close to heating the camper overnight in sub-zero temperatures. 1 night, we still had propane in the morning, the next night, i
  11. *hugs LittleSister* (Digital hugs are socially distanced!)
  12. Power has been on all day, then went off for about 5 minutes. If we can finish drying the load of clothes (sorry y'all, undies are a priority!), I'll be happy. Going to spend the night in the camper again because we'd rather do that than have to go out at 2am and hook up the generator and all that fun in the cold and dark.
  13. Woohoo! I earned my salary today. Figured out how to send a congregation-wide text message. Now I'll be getting responses for the next 3 days.
  14. Psh. Pretty certain the problem is that we don't have sustainable farming practices for enough of the beef we eat. If we were all eating grass-fed pastured cows and used the manure for fertilizer, you wouldn't have the excess amounts of methane build-up you get from a feedlot.
  15. Even without being able to reach outside the affected area, walkie-talkies can still be useful to talk to the houses around you and see what's going on or find out if anybody needs help. We should probably run one over to the in-laws in case the cell phones go out again. Otherwise, I think you're looking at a ham radio at that point.
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