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  1. Those dang Germans ........skewed for accuracy.
  2. Another interesting chart. Germany's figures look strange ....... https://www.realclearpolitics.com/coronavirus/ Coronavirus (COVID-19) Global Deaths Coronavirus (COVID-19) U.S. Deaths Country Deaths Deaths / 1M pop New Deaths Tests Estimated Cases Confirmed Cases Confirmed Case Fatality Rate Confirmed
  3. Interesting to me how closely we compare to Western Europe, even with the inflated numbers from NYC. Germany/Italy/France/Spain/UK with combined population of 324 million has 742,823 cases. US with population of 331 million has 667,801 cases. NY and NJ make up right at 300K of the totals so about 45% of all US cases .......... ain't geography weird?
  4. So, are we saying that 22% of all cases come from a country with only 4.8% of the world's population? Or am I reading this wrong. PS-Have been pondering this for a few days now ............................... Is we being fed the excrement of large bovine creatures?
  5. This has got to end well.
  6. The virus is horrible and so is what is going to happen to the economy. Potential to be worst pandemic since 1957. And DW is beginning to find me annoying .........
  7. New job ........... Travel about 80% of the time and no time to do anything when I'm home. Hope all of ya'll are well!
  8. Neverending cough is so debilitating.
  9. Wow. I now know how to sew, kinda sorta. DW is an expert seamstress from way back, learned that early on when she made her own wedding dress. Youngest daughter, who is as big a nerd as me (Almost) decided to get me into cosplay way too late in life. So, at this point I am into second sewing machine in three years. Problem is, I only know how to sew leather. And new machine weighs (literally!!) 150 pounds.
  10. Wow. I never posted in this forum for some reason??? Walk a lot of uncounted "concrete" miles weekly for work. For last seven years, I walk for one hour three days per week as fast as I can, usually about 4.5 MPH which is as fast as my hips will let me go. So, 13-14 counted miles or thereabouts. Getting old sucks.
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