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  1. New job ........... Travel about 80% of the time and no time to do anything when I'm home. Hope all of ya'll are well!
  2. Neverending cough is so debilitating.
  3. Wow. I now know how to sew, kinda sorta. DW is an expert seamstress from way back, learned that early on when she made her own wedding dress. Youngest daughter, who is as big a nerd as me (Almost) decided to get me into cosplay way too late in life. So, at this point I am into second sewing machine in three years. Problem is, I only know how to sew leather. And new machine weighs (literally!!) 150 pounds.
  4. Louis1

    New Miles, 2020

    Wow. I never posted in this forum for some reason??? Walk a lot of uncounted "concrete" miles weekly for work. For last seven years, I walk for one hour three days per week as fast as I can, usually about 4.5 MPH which is as fast as my hips will let me go. So, 13-14 counted miles or thereabouts. Getting old sucks.
  5. I don't claim to be able to define "crazy". I assume it means "outside the norm", but how far outside the norm and how does one define a "norm" that is redefined in our culture every week or so? I don't recall any mass shootings by unstable elders recently, just by evil, young punks. "shall not be infringed" works for me.
  6. San Andreas, New Madrid, and Yellowstone ............. That's enough, no need to sweat the little ones.
  7. I'm where I always am ................... :duck 1:
  8. It's interesting ................ Godless communist scum take over a country's government, with the cheerful connivance of 53% of the uneducated/ignorant/moronic populace, and EVERYONE is shocked when the evil, Godless, communists act according to their nature. I'm shocked, shocked I tell you, to see gambling in Rick's cafe. Only the tip of the iceberg.
  9. Yes, THEY really are watching you!! Googling about those things ya'll do will have the Gestapo after you! http://pjmedia.com/vodkapundit/2013/08/01/michele-catalano-terrorist/ http://www.theatlanticwire.com/national/2013/08/government-knocking-doors-because-google-searches/67864/
  10. Well, if at this point (60 years after the treaty was signed!!), South Korea (Thriving economy, modernized, yadda, yadda) can't protect themselves from the starving hordes of NK ............ they probably deserve whatever happens to them.
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