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There was no raw milk thread started here though the controversy concerning it has been ongoing for years.  I bring it up now because of the latest info (true or not) about a connection between it and the bird flu.  

This link is to an article by Sally Fallon Morell, the author of Nourishing Traditions and major component and advocates of Raw Milk.  Thanks to Out Of The Ordinary for finding it! 



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I would prefer raw cow or goat milk, but it is cost prohibitive in my area.  That is a really sad thing.  Processed milk is 10x cheaper than raw milk based on extensive research in my area.  

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We can’t legally get raw milk for human consumption in Illinois.  When you do get it, it has to be direct from the farm in your own containers.  We have a friend who had an organic jersey herd and got raw milk from him for years.  It was $5 a gallon at that time and was about an hour’s drive there and back to get it.  It’s $10 a gallon now and he only milks one cow and has only enough for close neighbors.  We do have Amish in the area and are able to get beautiful deep yellow natural raw butter from them and we buy it ten pounds at a time at $5 a pound.  Well worth it. 

If I were up to milking again, I’m not, I would have a couple Nigerian Dwarf milk goats.  They are the jerseys of the goat world and give a good amount of rich but pure white cream. Big sigh, I sure miss raw milk. 

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I don't like goat milk/cheese at all. Wish I did, but I don't. I could have a goat in Indy. 


They are going after Amish dairy farmers hot and heavy now. There is one farmer in particular, in PA that they have been harassing for a couple of years now. He is a private farmer who only sells to certain customers who sign a letter of agreement about knowing what they are purchasing and the risk involved. Not good enough for the g'ment. 


Look up Amos Miller in Lancaster Pennsylvania. It's shameful. 

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I have been periodically following the Amos Miller fiasco for a while now.  I have been waiting for the PTB to go after our Amish butter makers.  They sell at the farmers market in Iowa though and that state has some recent better laws regarding raw milk and products.  We order it and pick it up there just to be more legal. 

A bit of lesson on goat’s milk taste…….  Goat’s milk is only as good as the goat and the milker.  Not all goat’s give sweet milk but generally speaking to get sweet tasting milk any milk goat needs to be healthy and free from parasites.  The feed they consume needs to be watched as some plants and feed will give the milk an off flavor.  Similarly fresh spring grass will make cows milk as well as goat’s milk have a ‘grassy’ taste.  And with goat’s, the milking needs to be seriously extra sanitary. My favorite milk goats are Nigerian Dwarf goats. They give an extremely high fat content milk but are not prolific enough to use in commercial dairies.  I have milked a LOT of Nigies and not one had bad milk. And in fact I have milked a lot of other breeds too and only one or two had off tasting milk….as long as I was super careful to keep them, the milk, and the equipment super clean, kept them healthy, gave them good quality feed.  I have had people drink the milk and never knew it was goat’s milk.  It is the same for goat’s cheese.  Now mind you, goat’s cheese is SUPPOSED to be different.  In general I dislike commercial goat milk.  The same with commercial goat cheese but I loved loved loved the milk and the cheeses I made with my own fresh milk.  And that was either goat or cow’s milk.  There’ was a lot more milk and cream with our cows though.  Lot’s more!!!  

Jeepers, if you don’t drink much milk it wouldn’t be worth keeping a milk animal.  But if you ever did consider it you probably would like Nigerian Dwarf milk if it was handled right.  


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It's true that I don't drink a lot of milk. When I buy milk it is either skim milk or 2%.  For some reason rrgular whole milk hurts my stomach. And it has to be ice cold. I would consider a goat for my family though if need be. DIL buys their milk at a local dairy. I assume she pays dearly for it too. They have an area there where the kids can pet the calfs and other animals so GS likes to go there.


To me, all goat or feta cheeses are just too strong. I always try to eat it when it's sprinkled on food but always end up picking it out. I'm more of a swiss, provolone or mozzarella kinda girl. That I can get behind.  🐄 



I didn't mean to imply DIL bought raw milk at the local. dairy. It's whole pasteurized milk. I wasn't very clear about that.


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It is illegal to sell raw milk of any kind for human consumption in Indiana. Pet milk requires a permit from the state chemist and is required to be colored. But.... it can be found... just hope they don’t get caught!! 

And... everything that Mother said!! Fresh goat milk/cheese/butter/yogurt... is COMPLETELY different than store bought. 

That said... I wouldn’t buy raw milk from any *dairy* that I don’t know INTIMATELY. There is no regulation or checks on cleanliness, disease, drug use, etc. I’ve seen some nasty milk rooms/kitchens. 🤢 

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I have a bit of a goat thing.  I love goats to the point where my husband and kids gravitate towards them for me.  Not as big as my squirrel thing, but close.  



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On 4/24/2024 at 7:08 PM, Mother said:

And with goat’s, the milking needs to be seriously extra sanitary.

Agreed!  I had to add an extra filter to my system and then.....as DH said, surprised, " It tastes like milk!"  Yep. 


I've had some goat cheese that I did not like at all.  But I made yogurt and a soft cheese from my Nigies!  (missss them but I couldn't find a breeder)  


MtRider  ....soooo cute, Euphrasyne!  The girl too. 

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