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OWWW!...today my arm, shoulder is "frozen/HURTS" again and I'm tired of dealing with it!!!  OK...whine is over.  Probably a good thing my horse ride wasn't happening today.  WOULD YOU BELIEVE that we got down at MINUS FIVE DEGREES early this morning?  :frozen:  That was a surprise for this weather watcher!  :scratchhead:  


Now it's been sunny and 40*  B)    We got about 4" of snow and it's melting rapidly.  CO always needs the moisture.  I especially like it when it melts itself so we don't have to sweep, shovel and pay for snowplowing.  :happy0203:    Remembering a 20+" snowstorm last MAY..... blowing into drifts.  That needed shoveling! 


Hope everyone can read the DETOUR SIGNS .....cuz Darlene's been rearranging the rooms and furniture again!  :rolleyes:  


MtRider  :whistling:

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28 minutes ago, Mt_Rider said:


OWWW!...today my arm, shoulder is "frozen/HURTS" again and I'm tired of dealing with it!!!  OK...whine




Does it surprise you that I’ve been in excruciating pain for about 4 days unable to move my right arm. 


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30 minutes ago, Mt_Rider said:


Hope everyone can read the DETOUR SIGNS .....cuz Darlene's been rearranging the rooms and furniture again!

Yep. I’m on a roll. Little by little :)

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I had a "fun" day off today painting an 11 foot ceiling. My shoulder hurts too so we are all in good company.  I still need to do a second coat but it got too dark to see were the patches were that needed a touch up. Used a light cream color but it looks whiter than I wanted but I am NOT doing it again I will just live with it awhile. I am going to take a break on the renovations once I get this done and work on the outside projects. 

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1 hour ago, Darlene said:

excruciating pain for about 4 days unable to move my right arm. 


 :girlneener: .....can't help it.  I'm laughing. :behindsofa:     NOT at your pain or mine, of course.  But this twin thing!  Yeah, my RIGHT arm.  Ever since Boisterously Gleeful Dog spun and clocked my chin with her rear.....weeks ago.  It's been fragile and I've had multiple set-backs.  The root of my fragile  neck is a very old Karate injury from college era.  This too shall pass!  Again!  :motz_6:   Wasting time not being able to do things....cuz thru some of this week, I have not been able to move my arm/shoulder AT ALL.   :sigh: 


MtRider ... Yeah.  We can have a SORE BODY CLUB ....but that would be depressing!  :gathering:

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Wow, everyone having shoulder and arm pain.  Never thought it was contagious. :laughkick: I think we are all just getting too old to do things like we want. But we don't listen to our bodies. :busted:Though I did get GS to clean his bathroom today. Now he is washing his clothes. 

We both went and got haircuts this afternoon.  And he said he is going with me to church tomorrow. I am so glad about that. He used to go with DH and me when he was little. So very glad he is going to go again. 

Fixed chicken for dinner and GS wanted me to baste honey mustard on the top when I baked it.  It wasn't bad. Gave the chicken a different flavor.  

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It is so cold here. We are in a winter advisory. Could get up to 3-5 inches over night. And the wind is howling. It's 23 but feels like 7.  I believe it too. It's already snowing.  :frozen:  


So what does any prepper worth her salt do? Yep, I went to the store. I have been going for the past three days to pick up a few things that I keep forgetting, but today I wasn't fooling around. I made a list and went down all of the food aisles. I have had troubles carrying it all in at one time so it has been sitting in the Jeep. Today I took the bull by the horns and parked in the over hang thing in front of the building and got one of the luggage carts and put my groceries on it and wheeled it to my room. I am supplied. And I got the cranberry juice...finally.  I stopped at the desk and was talking to the girl there and really thanked them for having a decent size fridge/freezer in the room. I was expecting one of those little under the counter ones. There is a cabinet for canned goods too. I store the excess drinks on top of the fridge. I had to pay $1.49 for the two boiled shelled eggs but if I want a boiled egg that is my only choice. Luckily I only eat about two a week so it's okay. Now I really understand why stores sell the little mini variety packs of fruit and veggies. Not only for seniors and single people. I bought one single potato to zap. Something in there has to taste good. Even if it's just the Jell-O.


                   Not bad for hotel living. 


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2 hours ago, Jeepers said:

I stopped at the desk and was talking to the girl there and really thanked them for having a decent size fridge/freezer in the room. I was expecting one of those little under the counter ones.


The size of that fridge is amazing! I can see why you were thankful and passing on the praise to the hotel!

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I finally got around to using my CGM! (continuous glucose meter)


I've had it and the supplies for it since either Dec or Jan, but I never go around to reading the instructions and learning how to apply the sensor and adding the app to my phone. When I finally took the plunge (about 10 days ago) I couldn't get it to "work." Turns out that the supply of sensors that I had were expired and the phone (app installed) wasn't able to read anything for that reason! Oooops! And here I thought that I would be able to build up a supply in case of .........................  :hidingsmile:


I fussed and I fumed and I finally got the "Quick Start" sheet out to read it, put on a fresh sensor and tried again. For some reason the app on the phone wasn't working correctly (I'm blaming it on the app, not user error!  :whistling:  ) and in my haste to get out the door for an appointment, I totally screwed up my phone! I'm going to have to go to the AT&T store and see if they can help me out.  :ashamed0002: :sSig_help2:


In the meantime, I found the "reader" that goes with the system (it's like a hand held glucose meter) and have been using that successfully! Hooray! I hadn't been using it since (I think) the manual said you can't use both "readers" for the same sensor, and since I always have my phone with me I thought it would be the wisest choice for reading the sensor no matter where I was. I may just have to get used to carrying another "appliance" with me. :gaah:


Anyway, I really like not having to poke my finger every time I want to know how I am doing - especially after testing (eating) a new food. :thumbs:

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It is an amazing fridge for a hotel. Even for an apartment really. It's almost five feet tall. I always try to thank people when I'm grateful. I look at it as feedback. Example is she told me they will eventually have to replace them and that she will pass along the fact that they are an asset to the hotel. It won't help me in the future (I hope!) but maybe someone else who will be in my position. I have enough food to last me the remainder of the month that I'm here.


I can't imagine being in this situation with kids. But there is a Red Roof Inn right down the street and I notice little kids waiting there for the school bus in the morning. That is a pretty rough hotel for a family. It breaks my heart that they are there but at least they do have a roof over their head, a warm bed and running water. So maybe they are the lucky ones after all. 


I've seen those meters advertised. What a blessing to not have to stick your fingers. I hate that. I put off checking mine simply for that reason. I'm just 'pre' so it isn't as important for me. But it still needs to be done occasionally. Hope they can fix your phone so you don't have to get a new one. I'm bad about buying things 'for the future' only to have them expire. I think I'm planning ahead, but I'm not. :unsure:

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Jeepewrs I laughed out loud when yoj commented about "this place looks like a pill factory"....Me toop!  Only mine is eye drops right not.  Been going to docs to get all the "checkups" they all want...the cardiology surgeon, the spine doc, the eye docs (especially him, he is doing my upcoming eye surgery).  I have written out my "list all surgeries" list and :"list all meds" list so many times I finally just made xerox copies and write "see attached".  My running joke is that I have more spare parts in me than a 65 Toyota.

But it will be nice to have everything done under the hood so to speak for another year.  I do wish the docs would share into though.  It would cut down on paperwork for all of us.  My eye drops are my biggest item now...I put in drops 6 times a day, and take pills 3 times, all for the eyes.  Im hoping once the surgery is done we can cut some of this stuff out, the co-pays are really piling up. 


I had Mary take a pic of our new garden greenhouses in progress too.  If you look close (or make it bigger) on the un-covered (so far) greenhouse you can see the fencing trellis we put up over the entire thing...both walls, and the ceiling, too.  Trellis goes on inside the framing, wall cover outside to avoid punctures.  Our cucumbers loved ilast years trellis so much, and they were very pretty, nice & straight, no blemishes, all from trellising, and NO VINE BORERS!!!  Since zucchini is the thing we have the most vine borers problems with, this year I found seeds for a climbing zucchini and we will trellis it.  Hopefully it will work as well as the cucucmbers did.  We eill have three greenhouses total on the raised bed this year. 


Snails we conquered with copper tape, but it did not weather well, so I got some copper mesh to staple around the entire garden perimeter which will work just as well, plus will allow water to drain away.  The only garden pest we have to prepare for is the tomato hornworms (also called tobacco hornworms) but a quick trip to pick up some black light flashlights at Harbor Freight will allow us to take care of those with some hand picking.  The chickens should love them.  I have to trap or shoot a possum that keeps getting into the cat food for the outside kitties.  Supposedly they do not bother cats, but we have found where food is involved they will fight them and they generally win.  Messily.  Ditto for chickens.  Possum posse patrol a night or two should work.  I wish they would not go after the animals food...they eat ticks, and are otherwise harmless.  Oh well.  





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That's a great greenhouse that you are building @kappydell!  Pretty kitty, too!

I'm glad you are stocked up @Jeepers!  One can prep anywhere.

I wish all our shoulder problems would resolve!  Mine is still from my fall back in October.  It is getting better, but sometimes keeps me from sleeping.


Church first this morning. Made two coffeecakes last night for refreshments. It is our first time to meet at new location. Methodist fellowship hall. We will pay a designated amount for utilities and a small amount for a pastor to come from seminary. This will help the Methodist Church as they only have 10 or 12 members, I am told. Details still up in the air about sale of our original Church building and monies. Only the preacher who pushed for the sale knows anything. Sigh.
Later, will walk dogs.
Purge laundry room shelves and be done with that room.

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Kappy, my grandma had glaucoma and had as many eye dropper bottles sitting around as I have pill bottles. Best wishes on your upcoming eye surgery. May it be a total success.   :pray:     :hug3:     :pray:


Your garden always looks amazing. You and Mary work so hard at it and I know it pays off in food for you and your friends. Sweet helper kitty. 

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Friday DH took me grocery shopping to the Food Lion in Suffolk.   It is only 10 minutes away, but it is further than the other FL.  It was much better stocked than the 2 closer to me.  I got a lot of junk food and easter items as well as DH's beloved chicken biscuits.   I still want to eat down the pantry, but taking stock we are doing well in that vein.  I intend to replace the commercial items with healthier options and do as much scratch as I can.  My health is finally starting to recover to a point where I can be effective in the kitchen again.  


I'm considering buying a whole pig from Central Meats for $400.  Its 116lbs meat broken down into :

2- Sugar Cured Hams - cut in half with their center slices.

2- Pork Loins cut into - 2 Roasts - 2 Country Style Ribs - Center Cut Pork Chops

2- Sugar Cured Picnic Shoulders

2- Slabs of Pork Spare Ribs

10- 1 lb. Packages of Sliced Bacon

10- 1 lb. Packages of Mild Country Sausage

10 lbs. of Assorted Seasoning Meat


I need to make room in my freezer first so I'm thinking about defrosting the turkeys and canning them as cooked turkey or turkey sausage.  That would free up an entire shelf.  In that vein, I was watching one of my favorite youtubers can turkey.  I love the way Becoming a Farmgirl cooks because it is extremely similar to the food I grew up with and some I currently make.  



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Nice video. She sure covered a lot of subjects. I really liked the sprouts. She talked about snacks and the Super Bowl. That might also apply now as March Madness is going on. Probably even more so during the Sweet 16. Maybe not snacks but beer. (Basketball)

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Jeepers that's awesome you have a big fridge I've never seen a full sized one at a hotel. 

Kappy love the greenhouse. I have one but it's not set up yet

Euphrasyne I need to get stocked up on meat too. That seems like a good deal.

Miki hope your shoulder feels better

Midnightmom I'm surprised your Dr's office didn't walk you through the CGM and help you get it set up on your phone. I hope you can continue to make it work they are super helpful.

Littlesister sounds like things are going better with your GS glad he's recovering from his illness enough to pick up after himself.

I have book group today and plan to put a second coat on the ceiling of paint. May be able to get away with just touch ups we'll see how it looks and go from there. I will paint the walls next weekend I was so tired yesterday from the painting it's clear I can't do it all in one day anymore.

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3 hours ago, Becca_Anne said:

Midnightmom I'm surprised your Dr's office didn't walk you through the CGM and help you get it set up on your phone. I hope you can continue to make it work they are super helpful.

They offered, but I didn't have it with me. Besides, I was still in my lazy phase of "putting it off" until I felt like doing it.  :ashamed0002:

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That is a big fridge for a hotel room Jeepers.  I would be praising them for having that size in the room as well. 

Miki, I hope and pray your shoulder gets much better soon.  

Kappy, that is a really nice greenhouse. And cute kitty seems to be supervising the setup.  Hope you are doing it to her satisfaction. 

Euphrasyne, that is a great video. She covered a lot. 


Went to church this morning. Nope GS did not go with me. Seems he stayed up all night and didn't go to bed till 6 am this morning. Hopefully, he will realize he needs to go to bed early if he wants to go somewhere. He's working tonight so not going to church dinner with me. He goes in at 5 pm. 

Went to church this morning and going back this evening for a covered dish dinner. They haven't had those in a long while so it will be nice to start having things like that again. I have my dish and dessert ready to take. I am trying to get back to doing church things again. With everything that has been going on and the church is closed for covid and me not being able to go sit in the parking lot for service during 2020 as I needed to be here to take care of DH. Things at church and at home starting to get back in order again. I am trying to get more active in Church again. Though I am still not sure if I will work in the food ministry again as with my neck and shoulder, I don't think I can lift heavy bags and boxes now. But there are plenty of other things I can do. 



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(((((((Annarchy and MIL)))))))) 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏. I’m so glad you got home safe.  :hug3:

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:blink:        :hug3:   :pray:  :amen:    


Ya did good, Annarchy!  Keep the distance, indeed!  Sounds like a whole lotta folks did not.  Hard at those speeds not to get passed and then cut off when other vehicle pulls back into your lane.  :tapfoot:    Used to drive commercially in Twin Cities ...with disability vehicles.  Those are heavy with the lifts and ramps.  Harder to stop but not as bad a semi loads. 


How is MIL?   :pray: 


Annarchy has had a bit tooooo much excitement lately.  Illegals.  House clearing for MIL.  A trip for her.  Time for GOD'S PEACE!!  :amen:  


MtRider  :pray: 

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It was either a possum or a fox that tore off a good part of my cat Stormy's face one time, years ago.  The vet said probably possum.  Possums never bothered full-sized cats around my place, but they would fight teenager cats for food (or whatever reason) and kittens were on the menu.


Stormy recovered, by the way.  Lived a long life, scarred but not scared.

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Dinner at Church was great.  We all had a wonderful time.  Glad things are starting to get back to normal with Church again.  Been a long time coming.  Yes, we had been looking for a new pastor for a long, long while and now that we have one, things are starting to get back to a normal state at church.  We have had interim pastors ever since our last pastor got transferred with the military. He is a military pastor. He was with us for 5 years before getting transferred. That left us with interim pastors for the past several years. They were all great but were only temporary. 

Cleaned the kitchen early this morning and then swept the floors. GS brings in a lot of dust on his shoes from the warehouse. I keep trying to get him to take his boots off in the garage but that is a losing battle. 

Going to start pulling the dust out of the furniture and other things using the space bags. I really hope that works well.  I just need to figure out how to get it all from the box springs on the bottom. I think it must be loaded in them as under the beds is a losing battle dusting under beds. Those were brand-new mattresses on both beds. GS helped me to set them up and vacuum them after the construction was done and we were putting furniture back in place. I am thinking about removing that black cloth and replacing it with sheets. I have a staple gun and it's not hard to do. But thinking even though I vacuumed that cloth down, the sawdust is still up in there. Removing the cloth will help me to clean up under that better.  


Anarchy I am so glad you and your MIL made it home safe. That was a scary trip for sure.  

My DD is a rehabber.  She had several baby opossums she was bottle feeding and had them in a cage set up for opossums out in the backyard. The cages were double-wired and very sturdy or so she thought. Seems something tore through the thick wire and shook the opossum by the neck. Most were killed and one she had to put down. There is still one that stays in the house that is now fully grown and she swears it has PSTD.  It has the run of the house at night and is potty trained. She keeps a puppy pad on the floor in the bathroom and he goes in there every time to potty. They are very clean which I didn't know about them. This one is scared to go outside and will crawl up in your lap and go to sleep. So now I am GMom to an opossum. Who would have thought?  So now she has a squirrel that is a non-release and an opossum. The squirrel stays in a cage. She cannot grab hold of anything as whatever happened to it messed up its paws and such and it cannot climb trees and such. Though she is still working on it. That cage stays in the house as well. 

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