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The Summer of Running Behind



Well, if last summer was the Summer of Canning like a Crazy Woman, this summer is the Summer of Running Behind.


Last summer, I had come off of a 4-month cleansing fast that, while I was riding-a-broom cranky, I did have tons of energy which I promptly channeled into canning everything under the sun - because I could and needed to. I'm finding that the time was well spent and it has been a good gauge for what we use and don't use, and how often we use something.


This spring, I've had a flare-up again, and my energy is flagging. This, combined with intensive remodeling (tree removal, fences discussion, trash removal), chicken husbandry, gardening, etc. has landed me back where I was last winter/ early spring. Run down with flare-ups. Ick.


So. I've let some fruit feed the worms and compost, and haven't done much canning for me at all. I do have a list...one that seems to grow longer each time I look at it. BUT, things are getting done around the house and I honestly have been dealing with clutter, cleaning, and other necessary things.


Life goes in cycles. This week has seen me do another cleansing fast, and while not nearly as intensive or as expensive as the one I did over a year ago, it it still highly effective and I am so looking forward to being done, if only for the reason that I don't have to go do daily colonics. It has served as a reminder that I will ALWAYS have to watch what I eat, look for the hidden items that set off my flare-ups, and have back-up plans for when I'm laid low. (BTW, I've learned so much from you ladies in the prep department!)


So, maybe the running behind isn't so bad in some ways...it lets me gain perspective . renew my energy, and encourages me to approach things from a different angle. But still, I feel like I'm running behind. :rolleyes:

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Sounds like your accomplishing lots to me! :)


I wonder about people who are bored? I can't imagine ever running out of something to do! :D

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