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Of Strawberries & Garlic



Okay, who would put huge cloves of garlic INTO a loaf of bread and then put said bread next to french, wheat, and sourdough? Fred Meyer. Why am I not surprised? Every time I walk into that store, something stupid happens to me. What am I, flypaper for freakiness? :shrug:


As you well know, I just finished using up every half pint jar in the house making jam and had 2 cups of strawberry that didn't have a home. Oh well, I just poured it into a measuring cup and will store it in the fridge. It's good incentive to eat fresh jam, yeah? :feedme:


So, while I was out today, I picked up some fresh bread from Freddy's. I normally check labels for EVERYTHING, but I was with my sister-in-law, her 6 year old and her boyfriend, I was slightly distracted. I get it home and spread two slices - the small heel for me and a larger one for my sweetie. I bring it to him, looking forward to that wonderful strawberry taste on lovely bread... and it tastes.... odd. It has an unusual bite. Definitely weird. I thought I got french or sourdough.


As this is running through my mind, my dear, dear husband queries, "Honey, did you know this bread tastes like garlic? Um, oh man, there's a HUNK of garlic in my bread. Ick... This is definitely weird, like the time I accidentally put ketchup on my taco. Garlic and strawberry do not go together!"


Now, lover of jokes that I am, I would NEVER, EVER, in a trillion million years make someone eat something weird. As you well know, there is no way I could have planned this if I had tried.


I had to agree, bread that had garlic chunks with strawberry jam was unusual. The bread would be great toasted with cheese with a pasta dish....but with strawberry jam, not so much.


Then again, that's what people were hesitant about lime and chili chips or ranch doritos or teriyaki burgers with pineapple. I could have hit on something here. But wait, really. Who wants the reputation for a mixture like this? Um, unless I can read the future and make tons of cash, I'll let someone else take the credit, thank you.


So, I am heading out to the store for bread. Again. Maybe this time I will get the right kind.Sigh. :0327:

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