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Making Lemonaide from Lemons...



I now know with great clarity what it means to get up BEFORE the chickens. Yes, yes, I do.


Since my DH had to work a night shift Sunday night, he's getting back to days and was up until 3 am last night. When he did come to bed, he flopped like a fish and snored like a lumberjack. Finally, I just got up. What do I need sleep for anyway? It's not really THAT important to life....


Then I looked at the clock...It was four-freakin'-o'clock ...in the MORNING.


So, I read some e-mails, played a computer game and realized, with some grumbling, that I was awake, WIDE awake. :blink:


So, I thought, what could I do before 5 AM that was away from the bedroom and needed to be done, besides laugh at a facebook post from my best friend "are you okay? It's 4:30 am there!?" :24:


Like a song from the heavens, I received inspiration: "Clean the study! If you hurry, you can have extra recycling and garbage removed before the haulers come."


So, I got dressed, pulled my hair back, and sorted....and sorted...and sorted...I realized I wasn't really messy, just that I hadn't been taking time to stay on top of things.


Found some missing phonics and language books and sorted some more. Emptied two shoe boxes of school supplies (from my teacher's desk) back into the general office supplies (where I got them in the first place). Discovered I had more pens, rulers, and scissors than I started with! What blessed things!


Arrrggghhh! The closet! In putting coats etc. away, I had discovered that the kitten had gotten into the kitty BOB and it spilled into the closet...she had skated across some papers and decided to try and open a small sample of crunchies. There was spit-out, cat-chewed plastic and crunchy bits adhering to my long winter fleece coat...that had been pulled off the hanger, kneaded into a nice nest and COVERED in black cat hair. I had found her secret lair and snack supply.


Sigh. I should be grateful there weren't real mousie parts.


I now have a great huge bag of shredding a more piles for sorting.


I had forgotten the carpet in here was pink. :ashamed0002:


The bittersweet thing was that I also found a couple of things of my sister's. She died in early 2001. I've been tripping over a tote that had her favorite CDs in it. Sigh. It's time to sort it. I just incorporated them into our huge CD collection. Now the tote can be used for something else. I also found her business card holder...it was just as she left it...so, it is terribly useful, but all the business cards were obsolete. I recycled them and will use it for my own stash....and yes, I kept one of hers in the front pocket 'just because'.


In the midst of all this dust and frantic cleaning, it made me ponder. If life is this cluttered, how was my soul? What was I holding onto for a while that was cluttering up my soul so I couldn't commune with God? Hmmm. I thought of a few things. As I paused, I looked through the window and saws the sky turn pink. The sun was rising. I couldn't remember the last time I had seen the sun rise.


I was reminded again - the sun always rises. I thought back to that terribly dark time when we lost my sister. It was so dark and depressing, but every day the sun rose. My eyes turned glassy, for I realized that even in the chaos of dark grayness and acute sorrow, the sun rises. Darkness flees and light creeps across the earth, peeking into the windows, doors, and homes; waking us, rousing us, bringing us another day - another day to live, to actively choose how we use the precious gift of life that we've been given.


The sun rises...and I am grateful.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Weds. 9/16 - I am happy to report that this cleaning has resulted in some good things....my DH and I are finally sorting through our VHS, CD & DVD collection. It's just chaos. BUT, we bought some organizers and are slowly getting this dealt with. One more area of order....may it spread to the rest of the house!

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