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Harboring RESENTMENT 'n

Have you ever been upset with someone at work? Perhaps a promotion you had been working for was given to that person, and you know they don't really deserve the reward. Very soon your anger over the situation can turn into resentment that grows and blossoms into something you never imagined.

If left to fester resentment spills over to other areas of our lives.


To harbor resentment ,to not forgive, can affect us physically.

It affects those around us.can Grows to bitterness.

"We make believe we are at peace,while venom lies just beneath the surface"


This message spoke to my heart .I don't know about you ,but I've had to deal with anger 'n resentment over circumstances in my life.

we all have hurts and angers we have to deal with sooner or later and,if we are honest,find it very hard to truly forgive those who've deeply hurt us or the hand we've been dealt in Life.


"Resentment is like a Cancer it keeps us chained to the Past"


"Love keeps no Record" I Corinthians 13


It's an excellent message.by Dr.David Jeremiah on Slaying the Giants in our Lives.



Listen Here to this message on How to Deal with Resentment.




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