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Hi, I am Nini203a, a mom with too many allergies to an adorable kid with too many allergies.


Last week, we had a very late paycheck and so I broke into my emergency stash to see about rounding out our food. I discovered that almost everything we had stored, we have since found out we're allergiic to. Now I had other stuff stored, but have had a good friend who went thru a family crisis and I filled the trunk of her car with food 3 times in the last year. So anyway, discovered I needed to give away the foods we had stashed, and start over basically from scratch.


I have looked at emergency prep sites and foods, basically, they all seem heavily stocked with our allergens, (gluten, casein, soy, corn, eggs,poultry) and although I don't currently know how, I would love to learn to can our own allergy friendly foods.


I do have an Excalibur dehydrator and we already eat alot of beans and rice, so I imagine most of our stock pile will need to be based on that instead of all the other foods we can't do. I am not sure how much to aim for though. We are a family of 5, although 2 are currently in college, but one would hope it the SHTF that we would be able to get them both home with us. One is an hour away and one is 10 hours away by car (but looking to move to a closer college).


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