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Faith & Provision



Originally written in May of 2008.


When bad things happen all in succession, it makes me wonder – it makes me wonder many things - but also realize where my faith lies. It is so easy to focus on circumstance and forget about who our Abba is – that He is the ultimate Provider.


Over the past two weeks, the front and back brakes have needed repairing on one of our cars, we paid thousands of dollars out of savings for our sidewalk construction bill and our washing machine died - just this week.


Paying a huge bill alone would put most people in a foul mood for months. I was thankful we had the money to pay it and were given a break on the overall bill. When things like car repairs happen, it's an inconvenience, but not a show-stopper for life's happenings. However, I can't recall when we had to replace BOTH sets of brakes on any car at the same time, within the same week in addition to a HUGE bill.


Earlier this week, when the laundry machine went south, I couldn't believe it. I got out the repair manual and with my husband, we diagnosed that the agitator needed the belt tightening, for it was barely moving the clothes around. All the electrical circuits were fine, it spun out, but the agitator wasn't moving. As the belt was being tightened, some bolts fell off the engine mount. Other screws were so old and rusty, they wouldn't come loose. As we worked, the engine swung back and forth and my husband, with his usual dry engineer's humor noted, "Hmmm. This shouldn't be happening."


After a few more pokes and prods, he realized that the belt was driven by a transmission and that was toast….so we 'pronounced' the washer dead. As I thanked G-d for the use I got from the set, I remembered the day I bought them over eight years ago. It was my first washer and dryer 'ever' and I bought it with some tax money. I was so proud of this late model GE pair.


Back then, the front loaders had just hit the market and I so wanted a set, but my budget was clearly set and there was no way I could buy a NEW set for over four times my budget. I remember shopping with my Mom. We looked and looked, and finally at a used appliance store, I found a gentleman who sold refurbished sets. After some discussion, I got an extended warranty, free delivery, and a great price. The hand of Adonnai moved on my behalf, and I was exceedingly grateful. I got a wonderful set of appliances that I desperately needed.


This time, eight years later, my budget was only slightly larger. My husband and I went to some appliance shops and quickly discovered with great shock that only appliances worse than the ones we currently owned were available to purchase for our 'budget' price.


We still realized that we might be able to find a used set, but loved the features of the newer energy efficient models. At the last minute, we called some used ads. Ironically, it was the stackable model of front-loader we were admiring in the used section of the appliance store that we couldn't afford. The man who we bought it from was an appliance repairman who refurbished it and sold it at our budget price.


After cleaning the new one I realized why it was being sold so cheap. It had spots of mold around the door and in the bleach/ soap containers – the unit hadn't been stored properly. After a cleaning and some wash cycles, it disappeared. The unit runs fine! What a blessing!


This experience had taught me a few things – no matter how small the desires of your heart, Adonnai hears them and delights in answering them.


As I am churning out load after load of clean laundry, my heart is filled with joy and gratitude at the provision of Adonnai.


All it takes is faith the size of a mustard seed and Hashem will take it, use it, and turn it to His glory, even if it is for the practical needs of laundry.


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