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    Thanks for stopping by.................
    I had hopes of putting the story I wrote here in a new blog but just couldn't get it to work?
    So you have to go to the fireside forum and look for it?
    SUMMER DAYS by Michael

    Sarah Johnson's Story about the summer of 1881
    at the Family farm on the Prairie  

    Mainly a book for kids but you all will enjoy it - only 7 short chapters long.
  2. Amishway Homesteaders
    Well you see last year we taps a few trees to make maple syrup. . . .
    And this year we are helping our Amish Friends Family (Ben's) tap the trees on their hill. So far there are 550 taps (plan is to get 700 befroe the flow starts). AND yes they are not using pails but running lines. Saturday we need to go and get a big (1000 gal.) Tank from a Engish friend to store the sap as it has started running already and the sugar house is not done yet. HAve the evaporater set up but still need to close in the walls. Had some samples the other night (cooked on on the wood stove) and it is so sweet.
    So now when we are not working at the Greenhouse (we have seedlings in 3 greenhouses going already) we are over at Ben's taping trees and setting things up, or we are helping David get his workshop built, or running plants and seeds between the othe Amish greenhouses, or just hanginf out with them enjoying life in the winter time.
  3. Amishway Homesteaders
    Today (Thursday) we have to be at the Amish Greenhouse by 7 am (up at 5:30 am)to start work for the day. There is a Amish Wedding in town and everyone will be going so we get to run the Greenhouse for the day. Have a shipment of plant plugs coming in the morning so that will keep us busy most of the day replanting them. Also need to get more Herbs going and more onions too seeing we will have a very busy year again like last year with everyone wanting to start a garden for the first time. With it still be so cold outside I will spend the day keeping the wood stoves going in all the Greenhouses. But I tell you - nothing bets having to drive there in the cold and snowy winter and then getting to go inside to work with the warmth of the greenhouse and the sweet smell of promix in the air.
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