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  1. Quote: Uhmm. OK here is a dumb question. What is apple butter ? I mean how do you use it. I see it everywhere and I think my grandma made some when I was little. But for the life of me I cant remember. (I guess my memory is the first to go) Smeared on buttered toasted Raisin Bread is best!! Now where is that diet book? Oh yeah, I ate it with some apple butter!
  2. How nice! Looks great, you are going to have a lot of fun playing in the dirt! My greenhouse should have been finished by now, but DH appropriated it for tools. It will be a matter of supreme diplomacy in getting his tools out, and my plants in. Will have to take all of my southern lady charms! Congratulations to you!
  3. Don't stay away. Yes, it will be painful for her, but she will need a friend. I spent many years trying to get pregnant. The whole gamut, fertility drugs, surgeries, shots, pills, temp every morning, charts. I was constantly in a depression because nothing was working. I was envious of all my friends who were having babies, but I still supported them. I bought baby clothes for showers, oohed and ahhed. There was always a sadness and a sense of loss for me. It was very hard for me sometimes. I was having miscarriages, friends were having successful pregnancies. It is not going to be easy for her to see you. She will need to mourn. I think you are a sweetheart and thoughtful and she will need your friendship.
  4. Me, too. looks as if it may be a good read.
  5. My resue last winter was a part lab stray I named Buddy. He had heartworms and a severe respiratory infection. He had been abused. I have a great vet and locals who assist financially with a rescue program here, so we began his treatment. He did not make it through the second phase. It was devasting, and a miserable death. everyone, make sure you have a stock of heartworm preventative on hand.
  6. Thanks! You all are so sweet! I am now 51 years old. Oh My!
  7. A Very Happy Birthday (late) To You. Hope you had lots of cake and a really good day
  8. One of my watch dogs 110216-Coco.jpg
  9. Jamica, That cross stitch you describe sounds so cute! The singer sewing machine and curtains. Where did you find the pattern? My Mom taught me to sew and I would love to do one like that for her. Cross stitch is a great activity, very portable. I always do cross stitch when we drive the 400 miles to visit my mom. makes the trip much shorter!
  10. I agree, take him to the Vet. So many things need to be checked, not only a worm test so that he is being treated for the correct type of worm, but heartworm medication is a must. The vet will listen to heart, lungs, trim nails, check ears for mites, watch him walk and check for hip, back, knee, problem, check for malnutrition issues, which could have caused rickets, on and on. Please take poor baby to the vet. Discuss the remedies given by others here, and let the vet recommend the best ones for your puppy based on his weight and general health. I do recommend capstar, I do some animal rescue and use capstar as an immediate answer to remove fleas on strays and rescues.
  11. Thank you all! Such nice greetings! I had a really good birthday. The ladies at work went in and got me a 75.00 gift certificate from Pier One, I got flowers and cheesecake, Strawberry! Yum. My Niece got me flowers, too. She is 16 and has a part time on weekend job, first time she has worked. She is so proud that she could buy me a present all on her own. DH and I are going out to dinner on Friday to Charleston. I had to stay home tonight so I could watch Jericho. LOL Thanks again to all of you for these nice birthday greetings
  12. The body guard was Ving Rhames. You ae right spider, he would make a good Tank. (I looked it up). The movie was Striptease.Funny movie. Good book by Carl Hiassen. I am a fan of his. I am a also a big fan of Janet Evanovich, love all of her books. I thought Sandra Bulloch would be great as Stephanie, but I am wondering how Reese would be, especially now that I have seen her in the Johnny Cash movie. She was excellent. You are right Dee, the part of Ranger is critical. Glad I'm not a casting agent, that is going to be a tough part to cast. The scenes with Ranger make me swoon, imagination is a powerful thing. lol
  13. Here are two light hearted books I recommend. They also have some good recipes. "Being Dead Is No Excuse" (The official Southern Ladies Guide to Hosting the Perfect Funeral), By Gayden Metcalf and Charlotte Hays "God Save The Sweet Potato Queens" by Jill Conner Browne Let me know what you think.
  14. We're all going to be just like Monk! I had not considered someone in our food and hospitality industry not using toilet paper!! OMG!!! I do use hand sanitizers in public areas. I wipe my phone off with disenfectant after co-workers use it. Pass out tissues when some thoughtless co worker comes to work sick. Never thought to pass out toilet paper! Think I'll rent some movies and just stay home.
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