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  1. I am mostly concerned with the storm surge from a hurricane. I wonder how far in it could push the oil. Much of the oil is sitting on the floor of the Gulf, how much of it will slowly drift it's way inland. I am pretty close to the Gulf and Vermilion Bay. I'm worried about what's going to happen years down the road. How's it going to effect our local economy as much of the area's money comes from shrimp and oysters.
  2. I also have noticed. My husband and I were talking about 2012 just the other day. We're both on the idea that maybe it'll be the second coming of Christ.
  3. I'm in very South Louisiana, the heart of cajun country. About 1 hr from the Gulf. The area just minutes south and east of us got hit really bad from Rita and Ike.
  4. I just paid $4 for a gallon of milk at Walmart. On the bright side, gas was 2.21 at the corner store.
  5. umm....I think I need to go buy some more foil.
  6. I'm often thinking of this. Mine freak out on me too if we don't get outside. I'll be watching this thread.
  7. on the ox tongue bit, think about it this way...you eat those eggs that comes out a chicken's butt so whats the diffence eating something out of a cow's mouth.
  8. yep.this works. 1tsp baking soda in 1c of warm water. stir and drink.
  9. I'm in LA and relatively new too.
  10. mrsc

    Let's Vote

    dh and i voted this morning. it's my first big election. i voted for Ron Paul and was excited to see he was on our ballot. no lines. we live in a small town and went at 6ish with the kiddos.
  11. It is cold this morning. We reached our high today of 68 at about 5am and the temp has been dropping since. It's 9am and 57 and windy. That's not normal here at this time of the year. It feels like it should be January. Our average in Jan is 62 so it's chilly. At least it's finally gumbo weather This weekend I will be spending the money on the thicker jackets I've been contemplating. I seriously need to buy myself some clothes too since the last 2 winters I was postpartum and pregnant. That's one of my biggest holes in my prep. Who else in the south is cold this morning?
  12. It's a little chilly here this morning. My ticker says it's 50. It's still only 73 in the house. It was beautiful this weekend. I love when the weather is like this. It's suppose to get up to 79 today. I still wish it was a little bit cooler but I'll take it over the 95s we were getting a few weeks ago.
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