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    reading, videogames, art, nature, animals, dark chocolate (yum!), and everything in between.
  1. Lizzy


    i'm feeling random and crazy today... ... here's some smileys!!! mmkay? k i'm done. good night!
  2. Lizzy

    vacation time!!!

    has my last blog post really been since the begining of the summer!?!? and i'm going to school in 9 days! I've just gotten back from vacation. mom, dad, sis and i went to mammoth caves, the biltmore mansion, and myrtle beach in the same week. mammoth caves was cool as usual. we had to big of a group to have a good tour but it was still cool. the biltmore mansion was amazing!!!!! my favorite part was probably the gardens. what i didn't like was the huge downpour at the end of our time there. luckily we made it to the green houses before it got too bad. poor sis had the only rain coat and got soaked while trying to find a way for us to escape without getting too wet. i saw the ocean for the first time!!! so pretty!!! now i'm going to want to go back every year from now on. lol
  3. Lizzy

    Haven't posted in a while...

    i haven't been on mrs. s for a while. only 2 more days of school! just a friday and then a tuesday (because of memorial day). The year has gone waaaay too fast. it's such a relief to have a break off of school. it's been stressful. saturday i'm selling nelson's chicken for a church fundraiser and then a little after noon were gunna leave go to visit my grandparents 2 hours away. Then the next week we're going somewhere for vacation. gotta go to bed!
  4. Lizzy

    field trip!!!

    i just got back from a school trip to chicago. it was to the field museum and the rainforest cafe. it wasn't very fun at the museum though because we had hardly any time to stop and look at each exihbit. i did like the rainforest cafe! it's so cool because it's roof is all leaves, there's moving robots made to look like animals, and every so often there's a " thunderstorm". they make thunder sounds and flash lights on and off and it's awesome. there was even a waterfall! i spent waaaaaay too much money at their gift shop! i was really happy too because after we got back home my mom and i went out and hunted for morel mushrooms. because we didn't reciently go out to hunt we found TONS of them. it was like a whole bag full (it isn't really much except in comparison to what we normally get) AND we found alot of big ones. yum! i dont know when were going to eat them. hopefully soon!
  5. Lizzy


    Finally i got my dsi!!! i`ve already taken like a million pictures with it. it`s sad though cuz the internet on it is slow and you cant use any flash, java, etc. kind of programs on it. Whatever. (yes i know i`m a little too happy...ok maybe a lot...)
  6. Lizzy

    super happy!!!

    in a little more than 8 day's i'll be able to get my new blue DSi!!! info about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nintendo_DSi my big bro is going to buy it for me we pre ordered it yesterday i'm really really really REALLY excited!!!
  7. Lizzy


    Super mom to the rescue!!! the problem with me logging on was fixed!!! the problem was that mom and i had the same email at the time. since i joined i've gotten a new email so i switched it to mine. i'm really happy!! Thank you Mommy!!
  8. Lizzy


    this is very aggrivating for me whenever i log in it says it's the wrong password... then i have to say i "forgot my password" and get a new one. mom says the program might have a "flood control" feature. this would mean that when mom and me are logging on on the same computer the system would stop us from logging on. ...or something like that... i dont know... i hope it will all be settled soon.
  9. Lizzy


    oooh this is a really cool program. recipies, blogs, lot's of different designs for the theme... what more could you want? I can't wait till spring!!! especially in late may when the mushrooms pop up and we can fry them up to eat. i get tomorrow off of school ok this is becoming pretty random thoughts... i'm drinking hot cocoa. chocolaty. ok. the only reason i did this post is so that my blog wouldn't be empty. bye everybody
  10. Hi Lizzy! Just stopping by with a hug and a hello! I'm going to get Jesse and Josiah to get on here today and try out the new set up !


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