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A Monday to catch up



Well, I think the stress of the last week caught up with us all yesterday. DH was sick most of the day, I was exhausted, and Monkey1 had a tummy ache all day and whined about it non stop. At least it's Monday, so DH is back on routine, and Monkey1 says the tummy ache is gone. Now I can maybe try to catch up on everything that did not get done.


1. get stamps & mail out an ebay item sold.

2. vacuum Monkey rooms

3. roast coffee

4. put the kids tent away

5. slay the laundry beast

6. pay bills

7. sweep the floors

8. if feeling energetic, I could mop the kitchen

9. homeschooling the monkeys


And yet here I sit on the 'puter...suppose I ought to get my backside in gear & do something constructive.


I also want to thank you all for your prayers and condolences. They are much appreciated.




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