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Got some stuff done!



Well I managed to get a bit of stuff done yesterday, though not as much as I wanted.


1. get stamps & mail out an ebay item sold. **DONE

2. vacuum Monkey rooms--**DONE, though it needs it again in one of their rooms... :o

3. roast coffee--**DONE

4. put the kids tent away--**DONE

5. slay the laundry beast

6. pay bills--**DONE

7. sweep the floors--**DONE

8. if feeling energetic, I could mop the kitchen

9. homeschooling the monkeys--**DONE


Also managed to vacuum out the van from the road trip, and get two thank you cards sent out.


Today I need to work on #5,8, and add more thank you cards, school, folding laundry (tough to do with my shoulder...), list more stuff on ebay, and try to figure out dinner.


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Oh Vic...I just realized - vacuum the 'monkey rooms'....you've got kids. Here I'm thinking *COOL* she's got MONKEYS!!!! :24:


It is indeed a never ending battle.

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